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Update to my health.

Posted By: bigtar

Update to my health. - 10/20/14 03:55 PM

This update is in regards to my previous post

Brief History: Received handjob, Massage & Nipples Sucked at a massage parlor. I apologize for graphic details.

2 weeks later came down with a viral infection resulting in mouth rash and enlarge lymph nodes.

4 weeks later started having issues with joint pain, GI, mouth ulcers change in vision and PROSTATE related symptoms.

6 weeks later went to ID doc who says I have Reactive Arthritis.

I'm on 60 day doxy for to ensure bacteria is killed.

Two weeks into Doxy - All my joint pains stopped suddenly. Everything back to NORMAL.

Two weeks later Joint pain return, this time with back and spine pain.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm to see ID doc again to do more testing but How was I even at risk for STD?

Clearly, I've contracted sort of a viral infection / bacterial.

I was really concern with STD so following STD test was done.

Chlamydia & Gonorrhea - Negative.
HIV 1/2/0 - Negative
- Tested at: 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 13 weeks. Pending 14th week results.

Hep B & C - Negative
- Tested at : 12 weeks post exposure.

Syphilis - negative
- Tested at 4,6, & 8 weeks post exposure.

Urine is normal.

Medicine taken so far:

2000mg of Zithromax & again 2000mg of Zithromax = 4000mg of Zithro.

Doxycyline for 60 days.

Clearly, Zithro & Doxy would kill of any bacteria, right??? I'm not feeling well.

I feel like crape.

Any help?
Posted By: bigtar

Re: Update to my health. - 10/20/14 03:56 PM

I feel this is becoming more chronic.

Should I test more for STD??
Posted By: bigtar

Re: Update to my health. - 10/20/14 04:56 PM

What is causing Joint pain. I've read RA can turn into AS?
Posted By: SouthernMoss

Re: Update to my health. - 10/21/14 02:33 PM

You need to see a rheumatologist. An infectious disease doctor probably doesn't know very much about joint pain.
Posted By: bigtar

Re: Update to my health. - 01/28/15 01:15 AM

Hi All, I want to update what is going on.

ID Doc - Put me on Doxy and Flagyl for a month. The start of Flagyl, instantly stopped my lower back & si joint for few weeks - only for the pain to come back. However, its not mad as it used to be.

Addition, I went to go see Rheumatologist - great guy. This guy is requesting SI Joint X-Ray along with MRI. Is this normal?

ID doc for now as a temp is saying to start Prednisone. Is this good idea?

I heard prednisone has bad side effect.
Posted By: dannydan

Re: Update to my health. - 01/04/19 08:07 PM

Did you ever find out what was the actual cause of your joint pain? I’m going through the same exact situation as you!
Posted By: Lacan

Re: Update to my health. - 01/17/19 03:23 PM


I'm also going through a very similar situation. I'm getting treatment for AS since 2017. Last October I started getting painful urination and an inflammation of my eye. I suspected this was an STD so I went to my family doctor. At that time, I didn't think of a relation to my AS. Neither did my family doctor. She suspected chlamydia which had somehow also infected my eye (apparently that's possible).
I ran tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea and they came back negative. I got my urine tested for the typical bacteria that cause urinary tract infections (E. coli etc.), this also came back negative. They only found microscopic blood in my urine. By this time urination was so painful I couldn't pee without taking a combination of paracetamol, naproxen and tramadol, and even then it was very difficult. Because my doctor still suspected some atypical form of chlamydia, she prescribed a single dose of Azithromycin + some anti-bacterial eye drops. My eye inflammation was already coming down though, but the azithromycin didn't help at all... She then put me on a 2 week course of Ciprofloxacin. Finally the inflammation in my urinary tract came down.
But a week or so after that, my left knee and ankle + foot started hurting. It was a weird, constant burning pain, not at all like the joint pain I'm used to from my AS. NSAIDs didn't seem to have any effect at all. After a while this pain went away.
But lately I started getting intermittent pain in my lower abdomen (bladder area) and scrotum again, as well as pain in my left foot. So my doctor finally referred me to a urologist. The urologist suspects Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, but doesn't rule out something arthritis related. I'm getting an ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys, but I'm almost sure they won't find anything...I already had an ultrasound of my scrotum to rule out anything related to the testicles, and apart from a harmless cyst it was all clear.
Thinking about the symptoms I had: The very painful urination, the eye inflammation, the asymmetrical pain in my knee and foot, I suspect it must be Reactive Arthritis. I really hope the urologist will see this too, as my family doctor wasn't convinced about this.
Posted By: DadCue

Re: Update to my health. - 01/17/19 04:31 PM

I'm not a doctor so I refrain form any kind of diagnosis for anyone else. I know better than to try to diagnosis myself too. Antibiotics are said to be beneficial for reactive arthritis. Who treats you for AS? Family doctors are not always qualified for that kind of diagnosis. I would suggest a rheumatologist if you don't already have one. There is a high degree of overlap of symptoms between reactive arthritis and AS ... I think it is very difficult to distinguish the two.

I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis long ago. My symptoms were somewhat suspicious at the time. A urologist i saw once wasn't that helpful because I was "all clear" too and just prescribed narcotics. I never went back because it was somewhat humiliating. I discarded the the narcotics and took prednisone instead. I don't recommend going down that road. I should have gone to a rheumatologist. for better guidance but didn't bother.

How are things in The Netherlands? I spent two wonderful years there. Welcome to the forum. I'm more of an example of what not to do.
Posted By: BigDaddio

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 01:42 AM

Hi, Lacan, welcome to the forum! I'm new myself, and have already discovered there are some really supportive people here. Did you see an ophthalmologist for the eye? Hard to tell based on your description but it could have been uveitis which is linked to various forms of AS diseases.
Posted By: Lacan

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 04:45 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Things are great in the Netherlands! I live in Utrecht.

I'm seeing a rheumatologist. He couldn't give me an official diagnosis yet, because I don't meet all the criteria for AS. I'm HLA B27 positive, I have pain and stiffness in my spine and joints (mostly my hips and ankles), I've had some pretty bad flare-ups too. My father has AS and psoriasis, and my aunt had pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis, so this definitely runs in the family. But last time I got an x-ray, my SI joints seemed fine. My blood work is normal too. I'm getting an x-ray of my neck next month, because it seems I've lost some mobility there since my last bad flare up.
I was prescribed Arcoxia to control my pain and stiffness, and before that Naproxen. But since I started the NSAIDs, I've had stomach issues, even a long time after stopping them. I'm going to see a GI doctor to get my stomach and esophagus checked, and to see if I can safely take NSAIDs. Could it be that NSAIDs can cause long bouts of gastritis, up to 6 months after stopping?
Posted By: DadCue

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 06:55 PM

I was stationed at Soesterberg Air Base (Camp New Amsterdam) but lived in Soest from 1973-1975. It was a great experience for me. As an American I would sometimes apologize for our presence but was always told how the presence was welcomed. I returned once, probably about 2000 and the presence was still there.

Sounds to me like you would meet the criteria for AS or an associated disease. This web site has information about a new criteria for AS and also explains the the various types of Spondyloarthritis (SpA). I'm always reluctant to make any recommendations because my experience wasn't textbook. I was diagnosed long ago with reactive arthritis on the basis of uveitis, back pain and being HLA-B27 positive. There could have been an enteric trigger because of severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea at the time I presented. Those symptoms were discounted and attributed to all the ibuprofen I was taking. There was a question of a chlamydia infection because of exposure but that was never confirmed and was only treated with antibiotics just in case. . The exposure was 5 years prior to the onset of back pain so I have doubts that had anything to do with it.

There are many people who have more knowledge about AS than me. I am relatively new to the forum. I posted a brief history and based on the responses, I got the impression that I likely have AS and not reactive arthritis. Practically everyone will stress the benefits of a TNF inhibitor to prevent long term damage even if there is no damage currently present on x-ray. In my case, it has already been long term and damage has already occured but not the typical fusion. I am told that fusion is no longer part of the criteria and the purpose of early treatment is to prevent fusion from ever occurring.

I would suggest starting a new thread and hopefully you will get more information.
Posted By: achala

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 08:04 PM

Originally Posted by Lacan
Could it be that NSAIDs can cause long bouts of gastritis, up to 6 months after stopping?

5 month after starting NS diet and elimination of sugar + sulfasalazine gastritis symphtoms stopped.
Arcoxia did nothing for me. 90 mg.
Beer creates stomach noise
Posted By: DadCue

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 09:24 PM

Originally Posted by achala
Beer creates stomach noise

I can't imagine Heineken being any problem ... stay clear of American beer though.
Posted By: achala

Re: Update to my health. - 01/18/19 10:36 PM

That makes me think I shall try To rub Amol tonic into my Achilles. Thanks DadCue!!
Posted By: Lacan

Re: Update to my health. - 01/19/19 06:33 PM

I quit alcohol about 9 months ago, prior to that I preferred the stronger Belgian beers myself. Duvel, La Chouffe, Vedett etc smile
Posted By: achala

Re: Update to my health. - 01/20/19 09:42 AM

That’s why I smiled when we read that bit on Heineken wink
Though duvel, la chouffe are quite popular Belgian brands. There is a eco shop in Breda where I used to get the Belgian craft beers limited editions.
But nothing compared to the craft beers I had in Chicago;) which tasted a bit like pines in best case scenario;)
Posted By: DadCue

Re: Update to my health. - 01/20/19 05:59 PM

Originally Posted by Lacan
I quit alcohol about 9 months ago

I quit alcohol about 900 months ago. Good first step. I do indulge whenever in Europe which isn't very often.
Posted By: Lacan

Re: Update to my health. - 01/29/19 01:52 PM

I had the bladder ultrasound last week. Everything looked fine. Also did a bladder test and I can empty it without a problem. So the diagnosis is chronic pelvic pain syndrome (AKA chronic non-bacterial prostatitis). The urologist referred me to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic pain. He said the chronic pain may be caused by earlier inflammation.
I must say I'm quite relieved with this result. I've been stressing out a lot lately about my health. I'm also no sleeping well anymore, waking up with back pain or not feeling well rested and stiff in the morning. These chronic health issues can be really challenging!
Posted By: worldofme

Re: Update to my health. - 01/30/19 01:24 PM

The truth is you might have undetectable infection slow growing not culturally. Chronic pelvic pain is a bs term for them to say we dony know live with it.

Check your private message .
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