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multiple sclerosis/neurological signs.

Posted By: nsheth

multiple sclerosis/neurological signs. - 06/04/18 03:02 AM

Hi all,
anyone has neurological symptoms like tingling/numbness or weakness with biologics. How did they get diagnose?

I have been noticing some weird signs of tingling/numbness bil L.L. , weakness signs.

Not to scare anyone off. just need some information.
Posted By: Banana

Re: multiple sclerosis/neurological signs. - 06/04/18 08:55 AM

Why don't you see your rhuematologist? I had minor problems on very high dose of Remicade, nerve pain in my face and weakness. It left pretty quickly as soon as I stopped the med.

Posted By: Winston

Re: multiple sclerosis/neurological signs. - 06/04/18 02:36 PM

You should talk to your rheumatologist about it. He/she will likely refer you to a neurologist.

I developed unilateral numbness and tremor in my right arm and hand last year and then started experiencing headaches, which I had never suffered from before. I take Enbrel. Because biologics can in rare cases cause an MS-like demyelinating syndrome, my rheumatologist sent me to a neurologist who ordered an MRI of my brain and nerve conduction tests on my arms. The neurologist also did bloodwork to check for B12 deficiency and a few other things. The MRI and nerve conduction tests were normal, but my vitamin B12 level was low. So the neurologist attributes my symptoms to B12 deficiency, and I now take B12 shots for that. Note that, as Banana said, when biologics cause a demyelinating syndrome, it usually goes away when you stop the medication.
Posted By: nsheth

Re: multiple sclerosis/neurological signs. - 06/04/18 02:42 PM

by rheumatologist, i stopped taking biologics. Got neurologist referral next month. I am going for abdomen ct scan and other test to rule out carcinogen syndrome. Both lower limb tingling and numbness is not stopping and getting worse.

thanks for your answer banana, winston.
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