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Posted By: CB in CA Plantar fasciitis - 04/07/19 02:05 AM
The heal pain is in both my heels and it is a Biiatch! I walk like the pavement is on fire or maybe I look like I have a severe case of hemorrhoids LOL.

I've tried putting ice packs on them, heating pad, stretching them, bed rest for a couple days, new memory foam shoes and nothing seems to help

Its been 3 months now and the only thing that helps is when I take a prednisone (which I only do when I need a mental day off from the pain). I currently only take Sulfasalazine. I stopped taking Taltz injections in December because I wasn't getting any benefit from it and my GGT liver enzyme counts were at 300 for the past 9 months. (I was in a study)

I have had AS for 19 years and this is the first time I have had Plantar fasciitis in my heels like this. It feels like I have badly bruised heels. The first step in the morning is a doozy!

I am waiting for my liver enzyme counts to return to normal before starting a new medication which most likely will be Humira. (this is my choice because my Doctor didn't seem too concerned about my liver until 2 months after stopping and my liver counts still had not come down)

Any advice until then? Do you think the Humira will help with the heel pain? I read Camerons posts about Tape a while back in a search. I will try this because I am desperate.

Posted By: Tacitus Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/07/19 04:30 AM
Hi, CB in CA:

I posted this before, but I was bedeviled by this for almost a year and it was worse in my right foot but then I got hip bursitis on my left side. I kind of walked by falling forward and catching myself on my right knee; it wasn't very graceful.

There was some odd incentive for me to be able to walk, in addition to the obvious, so I fasted and took down the bursitis but the plantar fasciitis was still very painful--it was hurting me, so I decided to return the favor and hurt back!

My solution was to climb into a cement-lined jacuzzi pool and beat my heels against the hard surface, striking at every angle. Initially painful, it quickly became numb, so difficult to tell after the first session but after about the third time I awoke to a foot I could stand. A naturopath friend of mine recommended I eat pineapple while trying to eliminate the spurs, but today I might just take enzymes and increase my magnesium dosage (I take the cheap stuff--citrate).

I think that scared off that PF because not even any hint of it in the 20 years since.

Posted By: theyoungestmuse Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/08/19 01:53 AM
Just a quick note. It has been a long time for me too. Prescription orthotics correctly made helped me. I remember using a home massaging pedicure type tub after work. I took naproxen and had steroid shots more than I should have. I was taught to stretch and I remember I had spurs as well.
But I remember the orthotics as saving me. It went away after a pregnancy but then the sacroiliitis came. A coworker had the surgery for PF but was still in pain and ultimately had to leave retail pharmacy. Danielle
Posted By: CB in CA Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/22/19 10:56 PM
John - you crack me up. I think I will skip your advice of climbing into a cement-lined jacuzzi pool and beat my heels against the hard surface. I think having my feet amputated will work too but I'll keep that as a last resort. I will try taking Magnesium as see if that helps.

Danielle - I did buy some sort of compression socks on Amazon (SBSOX) and they do help partly so I can see how a brace of some sort will help. I'm icing them, stretching twice a da, resting them , trying anything can to not take a prednisone (well-except slamming against a wall LOL) . I see my Rhuematologist in middle of May so I will see what she says. I will try and post her advice.

Posted By: Ken Delano Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/24/19 01:29 PM
I've been dealing with the exact same thing since October. Nothing seems to help at all.
Posted By: Rach Re: Plantar fasciitis - 05/24/19 11:24 AM
Hello CB

I haven’t posted here in forever! Nice to see some familiar names. Hope you are getting some relief since you posted in April.

Here is my experience with plantar fasciitis.(read on, there is a good ending!):

For years, I would recover pretty well from bouts of PF by doing stretching exercises, as recommended by rheumy, and by using shock-absorbing insoles (Sorbothane, which is an engineered shock absorbing material, works best for me). But then 5 years ago I had a crazy bad flare in both feet, and was getting no relief from my tried and tested methods, so I went to a foot doctor. Well, you would hope that an actual foot doctor would be able to help with a foot problem wouldn’t you?! Not a bit of it! Worst experience possible - he gave me steroid shots in the plantar area while wiggling the needle around to “promote healing”, which made things worse. Then the doc said I should have both feet in plaster casts, use a wheelchair for 6 weeks and not put any weight on my feet. Yikes! I opted to keep the weight off of one foot at a time and to use a removable cast. They also did ultrasound treatments, which were very painful and helped not one jot. And keeping the weight of the foot? No improvement at all (also the cast caused probs with the tendon at the back of my heel) Doc then wanted to do a surgical procedure but I was not keen on surgery, so I continued hobbling and hurting, and looking for options. It’s so debilitating when your feet hurt like heck, even just to stand.

Eventually a friend recommended a different foot doctor an hour’s drive away, so I went there and was told to do mucho mucho stretching. Like loads! And they said that surgery was absolutely NOT recommended. Well all these stretching exercises that they told me to do turned out to be not much help, but there was enough improvement to see that this might get me somewhere, so I went to a physical therapist. The therapist said I was “quite the pronator”! After years of ankle problems, I tended to curl my feet inwards while sitting or lying down to relieve my ankles and keep the pressure off my sore feet. But the knock-on effect was that my plantar fascia had tightened, which was causing the foot problems. After many PT sessions where the main aim was to get those ankles to bend (trying to get the outside edge of the foot to go upwards), I realised that I needed to have steroid shots in my ankles to free them up. By this point, steroid shots in various joints had become a routine part of my spondy treatment, so I checked in to the injection clinic at my orthopoedic specialist’s office for shots in both ankles. Well the PT after that was swimmingly successful, and my feet improved dramatically. Yay! Relief at last.

Since then, when my feet get a bit stiff, I do a few stretches, and if my ankles have stiffened up too much for the stretches to be effective, I go to the injection clinic and get the ankle shots again. My mobility has improved a great deal as a result.
The unexpected part of getting the now-regular ankle injections is that along with the obviously reduced ankle pain and the aforementioned plantar fasciitis benefit, my knees are a whole lot better, and so are my hips. It turns out that my stiff ankles were having a knock-on effect and putting extra strain/misalignment on other joints. Result!

All the best
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