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relief with hot weather?

Posted By: Alice10

relief with hot weather? - 07/04/19 12:40 PM

Hello everyone,

I live in the North of France, where the weather is rather cold. But we've had a few days of very hot weather last week. My symptoms were very low during these few days of high temperatures. I was feeling so great! And they all reappeared (pain, extreme fatigue and mental fog) when the temperatures cooled off...
It really looks like the high temperatures were preventing the inflammation. Has anyone ever experienced that?


Posted By: Winston

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/04/19 12:48 PM

Bonjour! I live near the Gulf of Mexico in the Southern United States. I find that both extreme hot weather and extreme cold weather aggravate my symptoms. Increased fatigue, in particular, is a problem for me in summer. It could be that the high humidity in summer, as opposed to the air temperature, is the problem.
Posted By: KatherineL16

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/04/19 04:07 PM

Hi from Mexico! My symptoms get a lot better with hot weather. In the winter months when it's cooler here, I like to go to saunas a few times a week to control the inflammation. Maybe that's an option for you? I like to stretch out in a hot bath or shower each morning and night, too. Helps me a lot.
Posted By: Ken Delano

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/05/19 11:41 AM

I live in Minnesota. This past winter was rough. My AS symptoms were bad this past winter.
Posted By: FayeK

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/06/19 09:11 PM

I live in the season-less southwestern US. I do notice that travel to colder, damper places makes my symptoms worse. I've always blamed it on the travel part. I'll have to rethink that. Especially since my family wants me to move nearer them, where its cold and damp.
Posted By: jtmak

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/07/19 05:01 AM

I lived in Oregon, mild-cold but humid during the first 7 years of my diagnosis and had much pain. Given that, while SI leg pain was chronic - and untreated beyond naproxen, my bilateral uveitis did come in waves. Those waves seemed stress related which I did share with doctor. It wasn't during the stressful events but afterwards- similar to folks getting sick when on vacation - after leaving the steess behind them. I say that since both hot and cold weather can contribute to stress in different or ghe same ways. Worth looking at your routine. Do you drive more or exercise less during extremes? Eat differently? Drink different beverages? Sleep differently? Less fresh air inside the house? I now live in the hot southwest - same stress related coorelation is noticed but I continue to work on trying to maintain walking, sleep and hydration routine. While i am on Simponi now and SI joints are fused, still see waves of pain in thoracic/lumbar/neck - after stressful times. Am often surprised when I rediscover the correlation. My uveitis does seem zeems better in the warm climate with more1-2 flares and less 3-4 flares :--). While we might not be able to change the diagnosis, but we can try to aim for lifestyle habits that support all bodies. Oh, and I love baths! They have saved me more times than I can count - in both locations. Including at night when pain prevented sleep. Is it the bath or the relaxation that comes with being in the tub? Or the belief that there was something I could do to address the night time pain we know too well? Worth looking at what you can change. Believe in the potential of small steps.
Posted By: BigDaddio

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/07/19 09:16 PM

Warmth definitely helps me: hot showers, mowing the lawn in the summer (movement AND warmth!), getting in my car after work in the summer (LOVE the warm seats on my back and hips).

Meanwhile, it seems my worst flares have occurred during winter. I will say that even the A/C at home in the summer can sometimes make things too cool for my back and joints (never thought I'd say that!)
Posted By: RAHMBA

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/08/19 08:28 PM

Hello, Temperatures are relatively mild-hot in Los Angeles. I personally haven't noticed impact from weather.

I've heard people say the heat increased their inflammation and I've heard that cold increased their inflammation.

TY for such interesting question. Wishing you less inflammation days :-)
Posted By: Alice10

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/26/19 04:23 PM

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your comments on my question. I find it amazing how the weather can affect AS. In France, the humidity is low all year round, so I don't know if high humidity would have an effect on me.
Following that discussion, I have another question: has anyone tried some kind of "heating jacket" to relieve their pain? I'm thinking about buying a jacket that works with a charging battery. These jackets are quite expensive but I think they might be very efficient in reducing pain. Any thought on that?

Thank you again for your answers, it's always nice to hear feedback and tips from people who can actually understand what daily life is with AS.


Posted By: KatherineL16

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/27/19 12:50 AM

Hi again! Yes, heating jackets are expensive, so I use a low tech version of hot water bags. Maybe start with those since they are cheap and see if heat helps you before investing in a jacket?

I will lay on my stomach and put a few on my sorest areas in the morning and night and found that often helps calm and (hopefully) prevent flares. I love Fashy brand. They are super durable (no leaks) and don't have a chemical smell like many other brands. I even lay on them sometimes and they have never opened. I know that's risky, but I like living on the edge smile If you do end up getting one, I recommend also buying a knit cover for the bottle. It'll help prevent burns (you can place directly on the skin like that) and is much more comfortable to the touch.
Posted By: FayeK

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/27/19 03:26 PM

Hi! I'm not familiar with heating jackets but like Katherine I came up with a low cost alternative. I filled a few socks with rice, stitching them closed. I microwave them for a minute or so then place them inside my clothing or drape them across my neck and shoulders. Used several different size socks, small fits inside pants for my sciatica while tube sport style fit into sleeves to ease the pain in my elbows and wrists. To keep them clean I cover them with another sock that slips off and goes in the laundry.
Posted By: Alice10

Re: relief with hot weather? - 07/29/19 12:54 PM

KatherineK16, thank you for your advice! I'm already using hot water bottles and I find them really efficient. I use them mostly to relieve the pain on my sternum when I start to have some difficulties breathing or on my belly when I get cramps/pain at night. I really like the idea of adding a knit cover, thank you! :-)

FayeK, I love your idea! Unfortunately, I don't have a microwave, but I think it is such a nice idea :-)
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