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Posted By: jrprusak Gabapentin - 10/14/20 12:35 AM
Has anyone with AS tried gabapentin. It seems to have loosened up my joints and relaxed tight muscles giving me more flexibility.
Posted By: RAHMBA Re: Gabapentin - 10/14/20 01:33 AM
no, I haven't tried it. Glad you find it helpful. I do see a lot of results when I search for the term 'gabapentin' on these forums.
Posted By: Winston Re: Gabapentin - 10/14/20 02:13 PM
I used the similar drug pregabalin (Lyrica) early in my disease process. Both drugs are anti-convulsants that are also used to treat nerve pain in, e.g., MS and shingles patients. No one really knows how they work. They are sometimes prescribed off-label for chronic back pain, although there is little evidence they actually work in that context. They are not anti-inflammatories; so I don't think they can actually "loosen" your joints. What I found was that Lyrica helped me sleep better, which may have had the effect of reducing inflammation and making me feel better. It may also have just been the placebo effect, which I'm completely okay with. If it works, it works. I stopped using the drug when I started a biologic because I started to experience some side effects. In particular, I found that I had trouble recalling words and names and started having trouble with short-term memory in general. So be careful with it. They are addictive drugs with potential for abuse. Work with your doctor when going off it, as you can't quit it cold turkey.
Posted By: theyoungestmuse Re: Gabapentin - 10/14/20 10:43 PM
I used gabapentin for awhile for meralgia paraesthetica(a type of neuropathy) caused by taking a statin. I then went on to use it for a severely frozen shoulder. It was the only way my arm would stop throbbing so I could sleep. Danielle
Posted By: FayeK Re: Gabapentin - 11/29/20 08:20 PM
I was taking gabapentin for over a year about 6 years ago. It helped tremendously with peripheral neuropathy. I had to go off it when I developed side effects. It has been around for a long time and has many off label uses. I also tried Lyrica but even the weakest dose available caused vertigo.
Posted By: sdot Re: Gabapentin - 01/27/21 01:18 AM
The problem that everyone has with Lyrica is that it blows your short term memory. It helps with a lot of the constant pain that drives you nuts, but that one side effect is bad. I used to find myself in a middle of a conversation only to forget what i was talking about.
Posted By: SadieP1989 Re: Gabapentin - 02/11/21 04:35 AM
I have found that gabapentin is helpful for neuropathy as well as the overall achiness, it doesn't help me with the bad joint pain or back pain.
Posted By: mpc2012 Re: Gabapentin - 08/13/21 12:31 PM
I took it for a while but found it didn't help much. There is a new version called Horizant which is a new formulation that is extended release so it works throughout the day. You may want to check that out.
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