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Posted By: bwoods Hello from the Desert - 01/27/20 04:01 AM
After 50 years I moved from Seattle to the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona.
I have taken toxic level of ibuprofen for decades now, and my doctors were aware, but not much choice - addiction was not an option. I refuse pain killers because I have enough problems that I certainly don't want addiction.
I am having to adapt. I told my doctor that I was making a concerted effort to cut down on ibuprofen and really monitoring the use given the extreme heat here in Tucson. The good news is I was able to cut back. I was excited to say I'd gone 2 days without Ibuprofen!
There were times I took ibuprofen (4 at a time) every 2 hours (not until) and days looking at the clock at hour and a half in.
My doctor told me it's great I made it to 2 days without ibuprofen, he said he wanted me to make it to 3 or 4 days without, to protect my kidneys and liver. Goal is to get me to 70, then I can do whatever need to do to take care of my health. I agree.
So I am in the desert, and been bitten by fire ants. I often wonder if any medical value in inflammatory condition as I really wasn't overly concerned though doesn't feel great being bit.
I am also experimenting with magenta (cactus juice) high in beta kerotenes and antioxidants (during season). I am looking into wolfberries (berries that grow natural) and looking at some other natural remedy stuff.
Doublt I'll find a cure for AS out here, but cutting back on ibuprofen is a start. Extreme heat helps, and was part of my plan of attack, a strategy if you will.
While we have rattle snakes and scorpions, the desert isn't for everybody. I live on 5 acres currently in the desert, literally. It's so awesome.
But I am like a kid in new surrounding in fact checking my scorpion trap is always exciting to me.
But then again I've done research on AS and venoms....not that I want to get bit...contrary....but there was this article in National Geographic that put an AS patient into remission!
Always in back of my mind when I go out to the shed!

I've come close with a scorpion with my hand in a wicker basket when I moved down. Just didn't realize scorpion would make it in my pennies in 3 days of a move into the shed, but was close. But....if AS were to go into remission, oh darn! These are the laws of nature. I am bound by natural law. And I respect it. But the law is the law.
Posted By: CB in CA Re: Hello from the Desert - 01/30/20 06:50 PM
Dont get stung! I hear it really hurts.
I came across one in Texas when moving a floor mat. It moved slower than me so I was ok
The tarantula that seemed to jump out of a box and ran faster than a mouse just about gave me a heart attack. I have a new respect for natures small creatures.
Posted By: FayeK Re: Hello from the Desert - 02/17/20 02:12 PM
Hi bwoods
I'm in the desert also, CA not AZ. Venom as a treatment for AS? Interesting topic. I remember hearing years ago about research on bee sting treatment for MS. I wouldn't want to purposely get stung by a scorpion though.
My understanding is there are 2 types of scorpion here. The native one is smaller and lighter in color with a sting similar to a bee. Only deadly if you have an allergic reaction. The non-native is larger and has a sting that is significant, more like rattlesnake venom. It can kill you and at the very least make you very sick.
Local lore says to check your shoes before inserting your feet.
Are you living full time in AZ? We were full time the first five years we lived here but have left for cooler temperatures a couple months each summer now.
Take care.
Posted By: Stickgal Re: Hello from the Desert - 12/26/20 12:17 AM
I love Tucson!! Hubby and I toured the west spring before last and Tucson was my fav!! I want to live there but way too far from my grandkids.
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