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Posted By: crustyhermit Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 06:31 AM
Ms. Jay,
I've been wanting to ask you something very personal. I thought of asking you by e-mail or private message, but that isn't as private as here! I have noticed we have many things in common, singing, the mother ship, music, pain. Could it all be coincidence or could we be related? My middle name is Jalvis and your Elvis love child is Javis..is it possible?? Not trying to distract you from the band like I did with my chicken story. Maybe we both are test tube babies on the mother ship and that would certainly explain the antenna's on my head and the tail. Your loving family member, brad
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 02:16 PM
OMG! I can't believe this! I have been up since 4 a.m. brainstorming for a band name (have a good one too), and you take away my glory with this story about being related to MsJay? How low will you stoop? (sorry, no pun intended there)

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 03:11 PM
Oh, I'm sorry Linda. Please tell me your band name. this is a big secret so don't tell Ms. Jay..you know how fickle she is..in the band, out of the band, now back in the band. I'm secretly taking applications behind her back. You never know when she'll just drop us and we'll need replacements lined up. Honestly, what is all this airtime in a tank in Mexico or Texas. Did you buy that. I think she's going to collect the cattle, land, my ball of string, glue stick, footless chicken, biting dog in a wheelchair (named Piggy)and just skip out on us with the cash. She'll run and grab the airtime, which is in HER name and promote herself. Maybe I just overly suspicious, but we should keep our eyes open.

I think the news of our possible family relations was too much of a shock to her. I'll have to find out where her birth mark is. All us aliens have it in the same place..the bottom of our feet in case anyone's mind was wandering too far. B :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 04:01 PM
Well, well, well....just as to be expected...you take a couple of minutes off...what happens? but of course, they turn on you. Like a bunch of vultures. Like with that diversion re the poor chicken, I don't believe a word of it. This Crusty character has somehow tapped into my data banks....knows my weaknesses...my huge electronic heart, my proclivity toward any sub species (and there are just soooo many) to aid and assist them, I've changed chips three times this morning trying to reactivate the evil thinking banks we put in archives, due to the pregnancy and all. More and more I am thinking I will have to resort to them if this band thing doesn't turn turn turn turn }!(_-\ (little glitch there.) Now Jeremiah was a bullfrog, and was a good friend of mine, till Crusty came along and took him out and got him drunk on wine. It's been nothing but a three dog fight ever since. I have been in constant contact with the mother ship, they are at this moment scanning all crustyborgs created in this millenium. We'll soon know if this is real, or just one of those things... Could this be magic? It's impossible....oh I am just at a loss, excuse me for a few...hmmmmm normalcy...show thyself...now...pill form? sure, thank you.
me? related to him? oh please don't let it be, let it be...
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 04:06 PM
Oh and yes, important for all my loyal supporters to know; I'm going to put this "lewd"
assumption of Crusty's that we are related to rest, as soon as I can find someone to look at my birthmark!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 05:13 PM
If you do have a birthmark on your foot, the mother ship can zoom in with their satelites. That's how I found mine. At first I thought I just stepped in something, but it wont wash off. I'm not so bad to be related to. I run a little 2 faced, but thats only because while I was growing in the test tube, the scientist accidently spilled some copy machine toner in with me so my face copied to the back of my head. I'm the nice one and haven't made any horrible comments at all, they guy behind me causes all the trouble. help, help, he's trying to spin me around so he can type.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 05:27 PM
Crusty if you had two faces, you certainly wouldn't wear that one. That evil you're thinking of is in your head, not on the back of it. I must warn you. I have heard well whispers...from members of the MS (Mother Ship for earthlings) that the Master is quite angry, in fact mad about you. Thinks you have divulged way too much information regarding our business here. I asked them to please please ***ure the chief that I of course had absolutely nothing to do with much of these ludicrous ***umptions you are displaying. I think mama's got a brand new bag, yeah....
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 06:01 PM
"If I fall you're going down with me, going down with me baby if I fall". No offense intended by quoting the Dixie Chicks. I am extremely patriotic, but the song applies. Ms Jay, you wanna hear about a chicken we use to have named stitch..named because missy had to sew her up one day after a dog attack. She did it with cross stitch thread. You know your a redneck if your wife pulls out the sewing kit when you or the animals need a mendin'. smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 07:54 PM
Can't believe you can't type ***ume, hope the asterisks in my previous message were understood, I didn't put them there....just word parts...probably the gremlins again. Lots of words have doube s's in them. Probably Crusty's doing..wouldn't put it past him.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 08:43 PM
I realized it was asure with 2 s's and asume with 2 s's. This site would not be compatible with george carlan. Words such as ****, ****, ****, *****, ****, ****, etc. would not be accepted as polite behavior. Wonder if there is more restrictions since the uprising a couple weeks ago. It's raining here again and I have to run to town. Missy ordered a book, "***** and stitch" or was it "stitch and *****"? I can ***ure you, opps, guarantee you that the chicken stories are true. Stubby really is in the yard, stitch went to another home. I did tell you about the skunk visit in the middle of the night and the show down on the porch, didn't I? See ya later. You're right, I am responsible..I responsible for most things as I try to overthrow the world. My first step is to add plenty of stars so no one can understand your cries for help when the master comes for you because you've been a bad girl again!! Being the mother of the prodigy child, Javis will only get you so far. laugh Take care, Brad
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 09:04 PM
MsJay, you have not yet approved my name for The Band. Please advise at your earliest possible convenience so that I can get my attorneys working on this. I think the name I suggested came from the mothership....what else could it be with an epiphany at 4 am? What am I becoming? Please help!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 09:38 PM
Well Crusty, hope you are happy...got called onto the tartan...yeah..no carpet allowed on the mother ship...fire danger and all...I can see clearly now, the brain is gone...are you happy. they have me on a battey operated transient infusion mobile system and am under house arrest,well they call it personal protection, but I know a rest when I see one, even more when I get one. Now this stitched chicken...I have this image....it has do do with a major holiday earthlings celebrate,and they stuff this uhhh bird, sometimes to the extent it has to be "stitched" while it cooks. Now please***sure me this is not what happened to Stitch. In my delicate condition, and wires running every which a way,I just don't know how much more I can bare, or is it bear, come to think about it, am feeling pretty grizzly. The head of ship security has let me know they are sending someone to shut you up, said your ramblings are making them fear that either your antennae is being scrambled or you have some other malfunction. I told them you lived at the corner of function and malfunction, so look for superiors at any time. Please put the temporary quarters in the best possible order, you know how they are about space..use it or lose it. I don't know why I feel the need to notify you so that you can be ready for their visit, considering the recent deceit I have encountered,but then again, live and let live, so in the spirit of old St. Louis I am trying to forgive. Let me know when the ship sais in.
Posted By: rusty Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 11:03 PM
Sorry for buttin' in here,I've been trying to keep track of this witty convo. but just can't concentra........
what was I saying? Anyway without a word of lie,when I was 14(24 years ago) I played drums in a high school metal band, our name was FUSION.
Can't remember if there was a trade mark.You might want to pick a new name,just to be safe.
Maybe "PERMANENTLY STIFF" your first single could be called "ERRECTION" good luck
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 11:41 PM
Trademark, Schnademark.....WE don't care! We surpass all boundaries and laws. I love FUSION and I'm stickin to it! Guess you liked it too, huh, Rusty?

Now, if I could only get MsJay's approval, all would be well. Don't think I will be able to sleep until that mission is accomplished. <fret fret>

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/12/04 11:57 PM
Even though your response was probably purely innocent, it presents a theme we aren't really going for. In our imaginary band, we want it to be a family show where people can bring the kids. We don't want parents covering their kids eyes everytime they see the back of our shirts. In my 'starry' post, I added all the stars myself to keep minds thinking and imagining. With your post, there was no wondering about anything. With your directness, you too must be from the mother ship. do you remember your life in a test tube? Have you met our green master? Do you think we all watch way too much Sci-Fi channel?? I went in to have surgery today for the removal of my antennae and the tail. You might think I use the antennae for receiving messages from the mother ship but actually I received the messages through my tail. Now with it trimmed off to fit in better with humans I can hide from the master when he comes to punish me for spilling the beans.

Ms. Jay and LindaT,
We went to pick up Missy's book and it rained and hailed the whole way to the post office. Once we got back home, lightning was striking all around our area. Then, I had to run back outside to take care of something and BAM. Missy was waiting at the door and we both saw the close blue flash and a static kinda sound. I ran as fast as an AS'er can to the door. Very Scary. Regarding Stitch, she was attacked by a little dachshund who tore her neck open. Missy cleaned it all up and sewed her up at the kitchen sink and she never made it to the dinner table. If a bird lives through that, she deserves to live. She didn't do a cross stitch though, just a regular one. She healed up fast and we kept packing it with antibiotics. We had a friend that was an old style country vet. He taught missy a lot about fixing things at home with the stuff you have on hand. When we went into his clinic, he would be in back and say come on in and there he was doing a surgery while talking with us, then showing us how to spay and neuter. Small towns! He was great fun. Gonna go lay down. The storm is not helping me any and I'm sure the lightning was attempts at my capture by the master. Take care, brad cool
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 12:03 AM
I think we can get her to agree to it. her hormones are really running high right now with the birth of Javis so if we catch her while she's weak and have lots of chocolate, she'll agree to anything. She may just agree if we babysit for awhile so she can get some sleep. Eventually she'll have to get some sleep! Fusion, Fusion, Fusion!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 12:57 AM
As all of you wannabes know...I was concerned about oneupmanship...then here's this diva business, but I do believe that it was not an epiphany at all. I think it was divined that we be called Fusion. Our first recording is going to go something like.
Everybody's doing a brand new dance now...
come on spondys do the local fusion..
if you don't join in now, there's always the
old transfusion, oooo oooo ooo the fusion stays
never never goes away...
so...get the papers, attorneys, whatever, we are
finally making some progress, we aint using...we're fusing oh yeah oh yeah, fusing beats musing, do tell do tell....I'm in love with the name...I was just sure it was meant to be one word.. And as lead singer...remember
DIVA is also one word.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 01:02 AM
.dsajafd ksldasa tiu aa;fj;ja UH OH
was wiping chocolates off the kb sorry
excuse post please. Yes, always master,
I know, will be no further eating in lan
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 01:06 AM
YES YES YES......my purpose in life has been fulfilled. MsJay, the song is perfect and fits us to a tee! We've really got some creative juices flowing now. I can feel it. (may be the Soma I just took). YES, it WAS divined and I was the vessel. Do you realize what this means to my life?

You know all this talk that Crusty is shoveling out about chickens and such reminded me of my baboon attack. Yes, right here in the heart of Houston, Texas! And MY story is TRUE!!!

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 01:51 AM
I am being totally honest about the toeless chicken! Honest engine. Am I going to have to send you girls a picture of my chicken's feet? I hope she doesn't get her feelings hurt over her stubs being sent through e-mail, but I must protect my good name. Stubby will understand. Please, continue about the baboon story..I'm all ears, now that the antennae are gone!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 02:03 AM
Linda T:
Sure you weren't in San Francisco, at the zoo, wearing sandals....a Stone's throw away from a
Komodo Dragon? Just wondering...we don't want to get earthling reinactments mistaken for our true beings. It's getting so hard for many of us to blend in to the earthly population day in and out while we continue our work, which is, in my case of course, to bring forth a strong, healthy, handsome little chunk of Elvis, so he can grow up and become the true hunk his father was while dwelling amongst this galaxy. It's so hard to believe, I just have to pinch myself, that he chose me, can you understand my total enthusiasm? Well, I want to thank you, thank you very much, Linda...fusion is crusin now...it's only just begun...
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 02:03 AM
And on to the baboon story...

One day my neighbor called me and said "Linda, there's a monkey on the fence between our houses." So I'm thinking monkey, funny, cutesy, cuddly little monkey. I looked out my window and there was a huge baboon on the fence. I love to take photos, so I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity, so I grabbed my camera and went out my side garage door. When the baboon saw me, he started down the fence and jumped down to the ground. He then came over to me and had me pinned to the garage door. I was trapped! I was absolutely frozen with fear. This thing was mean. Fortunately for me, he had been declawed, as he began to scratch my legs and slap them around. I just knew he was going to jump up on me and I freaked. I started screaming "someone get this thing off me!!!" My neighbor's son came over and chased him....all the while the baboon was showing his teeth and growling. Scary! We had Animal Control, SPCA, Harris County Sheriff's Dept and the Houston Zoo out here that day trying to catch the baboon. They chased him from house to house until they were finally able to shoot him with the tranquilizer gun, and off the fence he fell. Now, this may sound unreal, but I DO have pictures of the baboon, if anyone would care to see them. There's another part to the story, but I will save that for another place, another time.

I mean how many people do you know who have been attacked by a baboon???

With Sincere regards,
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 03:38 AM
Incoming message from the master..he has given me his little black book of aliens and alien/human hybrids who have already started lives on the planet Earth. Many are waiting for instructions that we are to deliver to them through our music and subliminal messages. Others are totally unaware because of implant malfunctions also. It seems that Rusty plays a big part in this plan. He has a top secret message for us. Rusty, we are waiting...! Elf was head security on the mother ship so her current position is no surprise. Tire Goddess was some kind of musical siren who could manipulate people to her own will just by singing. She can enslave humans in the masses just by singing. Ms. Jay's purpose..obvious, the mother of the prodigy. Linda has the power of an advanced alien mind. Since her baboon attack, she absorbed some baboon dna and is now part baboon even though she remains as lovely as a super model, just like before the baboon attack. Charlie is the key and can open the door between our alien world and earth. She plays her bass and a worm hole opens for travel. Ms. Noah, AKA Disco Dolly has the power of crust, but she hasn't explored exactly what this means yet. Cher, Tired Shrimp, Ken Prather and many others are waiting silently in case we need reinforcements to put our wicked plans in effect. Mikwondo is unfortunately busy fighting off a horrible human throat virus, but I'm sure he'll join the ranks of insanity soon. Okay, I'm tired now. See ya tomorrow. Brad smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 05:34 PM
Well, I hope I was not hasty in tapping Fusion as the name of our band. I know there will be hurt feelings, probably others had names in mind for the band. So, to be sure, you will all have an opportunity to vote on this matter of naming the band. It's very simple really. Just come here and make your choice...You are either pro-fusion or con-fusion. Let us your voice be heard, we are trying to practice the earth's vision of democracy, so let your choice be known.
Since it is getting nearer and nearer to the birthing time, I have been ordered to spend the day in the DDC. They feel it is necessary for me to properly care for little Javis upon his arrival. Oh the DDC? Sorry, I forget, that's the Dumb Down Chamber. So when I return, if you hear like 10-4 good buddy, or that's a big 10-4, or neato...you will know my session was successrul. Wish me luck.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 07:04 PM
Good Morning. I think I may be out of ideas on this whole mothership/Javis thing. I have no thoughts at all. Maybe I should spend the day watching the sci-fi channel for new material. Here's some not so good news. Missy's back has been bad since she fell in the yard. She still cant lay on her left side at night because of the hip swelling. It started to get a little better I thought but today, nose dive. Nerve pain shooting all about, barely walk. I guess the un-nerve back pain goes unsaid. I hate dealing with back docs. Round and round we go in circles. Guess it's gonna be an mri month. This all really stinks. When it isn't me, it's her and we get nothing done. We need to hire some help, but have become too withdrawn to want anyone else around...well, except for you all. You're always invited. Can't wait to hear the 2nd part of Linda's story. b
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/13/04 08:22 PM
Good afternoon fellow Fusioners (if I may be so presumptious). Ms. Jay, I agree that the vote should be democratic (can it be like Floridian democracy?). Anyway my vote, of course, is pro-Fusion. I just hate con-fusion, although I am well acquainted.

Brad, I'm sorry Missy is feeling sooo bad. I hate those days, and it's scary too, for you feel that nothing will ever be the same for you. Tell her to hang in there (nerve pain sucks) and I will say a prayer for her that she feels better soon!! I know what you mean about being a recluse. I think I could go for days without being seen, but I've made a sincere effort to get out of the house at least once a day, if for nothing more than to lift my spirits. I am alone 99% of the time, so I need human (or alien)contact.

Now, on to the Baboon Story, Part 2:

My family found the entire baboon story hilarious and I was, needless to say, the brunt of many jokes after the traumatic experience. One afternoon, my husband arrived home before I did and he called me at work and said "YOU GOT SOMETHING HERE AND WE NEED TO TALK AS SOON AS YOU GET HERE" and hung up! I knew he was angry, but I really didn't know why. I just freaked out, sick with worry about what he had found (not that I ever have anything to hide wink ). I left work immediately and I know my blood pressure was sky high all the way home. When I pulled into the garage, there sat a stuffed monkey with a card. Hubby said it was left at the front door. The card read "It was very nice meeting you the other day and I hope to see you real soon. Signed: Julius"

My husband thought Julius was the baboon's owner and he had sent the monkey, but it was my brother's idea of a joke. His joke sure got me in trouble!!

And THAT is the rest of the story!

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 12:12 AM
One more thing I forgot....about that baboon dna, do you think that could be why I eat at least 1, sometimes 2, bananas a day???? Also love Ben & Jerry's Chunkey Monkey ice cream. I think you might be onto something....

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 12:13 AM
that was a very good story. I had stories to tell but most are forgotten. the pig story cant even compare to the baboon story. I did come up with another possible song though, "Hey Mr. Rheumy, how do you suggest I get these eye drops in?" Thought of it last night when I couldn't look up. Decided to manuever on the bed.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 02:12 AM
well, well, howdy howdy, been a while. Been on down the road here today, but feel like there has been a load took off my shoulders, but I looked back there best I could, load's still there. don't see much action, guess we are all just making sure we know what it is we want. Oh, and what we don't want. Seems like Fusion it's going to be, so, just shows me when the MS put the bug in an ear, the other followers just don't mess with it. That's okay. I'm working on some ideas, thought since the chartreuse shirts would be best to start out with, that perhaps purple markers shuld be used to add the band's name. If there are any good printers in the group, could use some help. Must be able to spell fusion too. We can do all the chartreuse shirts, done up in purple, that way, when we get ready to change to another color, we can just trash those, probably be pretty sweaty by the end of the first tour. Got to work on some medleys...need dancers, would like a Tina Turner lookalike for Proud Mary, we want to perform both versions. Credence Clearwater Revival one we got down to a science....now the Tina version is pretty tricky....gonna need some leg room. Well, please keep up any duties, ideas, songs, venues, etc. that you are working on, and we will resume after further instructions from the MS. The DCC chanber was so crowded, and I recognized several other people and am sure they recognize me, but we held it together and never never acknowledged one another. Keep up the good work, carry on, do yo thing, git down, and more importantly, git back up.
MsJay and co.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 03:32 AM
Ms. Jay and co,
Does the the baby look like you with side burns? I am totally for fusion, but I think the others are in hiding before making a decision because it's friday the 13th. Let me tell you a story about...lets say her name is Pat. She is a family member, but names have been changed to protect the innocent, and missy promised we'd never release this hysterical story. Pat got dressed one morning and made the 45 minute drive to the closest town. She went to the grocery store, saw a few business contacts to generate work for her home based small business, then went to the bank. She felt a little drafty on the legs all day, but didn't think much of it. While walking up to the bank, a man stopped her and told her there was a split in her pants up the back. The pants had a blow out right a the rear end and the whole seam was torn out. She was mooning the world all day and I do mean mooning because there was nothing between the split in the pants and her skin. Could you imagine? No one told her until she was on her last errand.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 05:47 AM
Poor Pat, had a blowout right there in the A&P, in front of God and everybody else. Hope she was not a vain person, could set her back several years. Have only seen images of little Javis, he's adorable of course, they can let me stand and have him stand inside. It's not too uncomfortable if he just stands still, but like his daddy, those legs and hips just want to go. less than two months to go, pretty well prepared.
You might tell the lady aka Pat that you know a lady who went to work with her pants on backwards one day...and same woman was walking up the aisle another day toward her office, someone noticed a bulge in her back knee, when she got to her desk, she pulled out a pair of perfectly good panty hose, so she had one to wear and one to spare. totally true...g'nite...I hope this lack of posting is due to a general malaise or not feeling well, or else just all in deep thought and the daunting job ahead of us or could be both. I have had two things wrong at the same time,several times. Need my rest, and please Brad, my best to Miss...hope she is feeling better....I am concerned.
MsJay & the power to be
Posted By: rusty Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 12:08 PM
Hoset how aveh wakena, het umansh ustm eb almedc,ntilu het irthb fo AVIST.
Sorry to report this message in AS code,but we must use care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 12:10 PM
Thank you for the message Rusty. Message received and in process of decoding. over and out
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 12:15 PM
Well, Brad, you reminded ME of a story about a woman at church one day. Of course, this was NOT me...let me make that perfectly clear!!! This woman....shall we call her "Bea" came into church and walked all the way to the front of a full congregation with her skirt tucked into the top of her pantyhose!! OMG, let me tell you, it was NOT a saintly vision. I think everyone was so shocked they couldn't move. If they did move, it was to cover their eyes. Finally some kind woman came up behind her and pulled it (the skirt) out.

Now I will be going to a Mothership Forum, uh, I mean Lupus Forum today, so DON'T talk behind my back. No plotting for my demise! I AM the creator of Fusion, remember?

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 04:53 PM
Message received and crpto-ing was easy, course on the MS we had several courses n crptology..I agree....caution is the word. I am a tad worred about the forum Linda claims to be at today...wasn't anywhere in my main plan sent down, could be lupus dupus...must remain vigilant. Back to the medleys, wow, never knew it would be this hard to come up with an entire show. I am more used to guest appearances. Hope all is calm on the Western front, well, northern, eastern and southern too. Somebody must have upset the master in the extreme southern area...he is really rumbling...hope he calms down before he gets much further north...we are freezing here in Tennessee,,50 degrees in August..unheard of.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 05:16 PM
I tried to decode the message, however my secret decoder ring seems to be inoperative. Since my anntennae and tail have been removed, to blend with those nasty humans, I cannot contact the MS. Please help!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 08:45 PM
Rusty ...in a general term..just said that earthlings should be kept well "kool" until after the big event...sending new decoder ring via
sat...look for it to Zoom in via monsoon in your backyard. It has been programmed specifically for your use...please do not let it get into the hands or fingers of others..especially dogs, cats, chickens with stubb feet..etc.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 08:47 PM
Now I have to put all the dang cereal back in the box and pretend I just ate a bowl of it, man what I do for this bunch.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 10:08 PM
Ah ha!!! I see you HAVE been talking about me and my MS meeting, uh...Lupus Forum. I learned so much but if I told you I'd have to kill you. laugh Crusty, didn't you take the Decoding 101 class? No more of that antennae excuse, you hear? Carry on...

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 10:27 PM
Linda T:
Who you be...telling others to "carry on"...just watch your step Missy! U2 can be replaced.
Does that sound too rough oh it does okay,
carry on it is.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 11:12 PM
Yes, I do seem to be empowered since my "Undifferentiated" Forum today. Makes one wonder, doesn't it? Now....carry on

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/14/04 11:57 PM
It feels like the women are taking over and I'm afraid, very very afraid. Linda, I have to confess that moles have been planted all around you..and I'm not talking about the beauty mark kind of moles. All of us overheard the meeting today and know exactly whats going on including all the details you left out. It's also obvious from the conversations we heard that you plan to be the lead singer, but you have not yet achieved the vocal range of Ms. Jay. I heard that her lupus forum is actually "le resistance"! I found my new decoder ring in the back yard..had to wash it off because of what it landed in but it works just the same, just a bit smelly. I did take the Decoding 101 class, but slept through it since I already know everything.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 12:50 AM
Crusty, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Catchy, huh? I may have to trademark that one smile I cannot believe that you are now spreading gossip about my Undifferentiated Forum (hereinafter referred to as "UF") (which is better than FU, right?). Anyway, I digress. After all my years of loyalty to you AND the MS, how could you turn on me so quickly? I do understand that fear can make people do some funny things and your posts are starting to concern me (and the MS). Please stay calm. Everything is fine in Chernobyl.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 02:48 AM
Here's a funny story for you. We went to Las Vegas a couple months ago. It was a total nightmare if you have trouble walking or have airway issues with all the smoking. The Star Trek Experience was very cool and so was Penn and Teller. Teller does talk, but only to one of our kind! Anyway, we were playing around in the Hilton, not that we are rich or anything..it's just that the hilton has the best smoke ventilation of the hotel/casino's we visited. So we are playing around and then go find a bathroom. Missy finishes first and goes to sit down on a bench outside the bathroom and waits for me. The carpet was a very dark color like purple or blue or something where the color white would really stand out against. She looks at her shoe and there is a stream of about 6 sheets of tp attached to the bottom of her shoe. I come out and sit next to her and she is shaking all over doing something with her feet. I thought she might have been practicing some type of dance move, but then I saw the sheets and she was trying to tuck them underneath her shoe so she would not be noticed by the crowds that passed. That didn't work. There was too much paper and the seat was too uncomfortable to sit in all night. There was a gap in the crowd so she pulls the tp off her shoe with the opposite foot, then we both slide down to the other end of the bench so no one would think it belonged to us..which technically it didn't. We thought we were safe from humiliation, but the big white pile on the dark carpet seemed to draw peoples attention and of course we were the closest to it. We may have had a look of guilt on our faces. We got up and left the tp behind. We got gutsy and walked by a few hours later and saw it was still there. We tried again to not look guilty. You'd think this kind of thing only happens in the movies. shocked
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 08:31 AM
you are welcome to join in on the fun if you like. We aren't clickish at all. The more the merrier in our insane games. Brad smile
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 03:33 PM
Redhead et al...we welcome ALL into our band. That is one of the reasons it is called "Fusion". Come one, come all and join the fun. (geez, doesn't that sound a bit like a freak show?)

Brad, how is Missy feeling? Tell her Linda said "hey".

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 04:55 PM
I'm having some labor pains, no no, not THOSE labor pains, don't be silly, far too early...ooh
there's another one. That's what happens when you try to walk in a room with 9 chocolate lab puppies. Dogs, Dogs everywhere and not a single bite. Well, now that I look closer I see there are some black labs mixed in there too. Would be nice to be able to move like these puppies can. I hope I can be a soft place for my grandson to fall when they start disappearing. I pity the people who come to buy them amd take them away, probably get stoned on the way out of the driveway. Tried to get permission from the master to keep one..you know, make me look and act more human, absolutely not, told it might affect sterile environment they are trying to maintain for "the birthing". Oh well, I can see the point, well, I see a lot of points, but this one is probably a good one, as are the other ones to those who have and need them. I have made several other small purchases I felt necessary for the band. Don't worry, you will all get a full accounting, cough, as soon as Ken Lay's accountant can spare the time to get us a little statement made up. Funds are needed, desperately. Does anyone bake? No no, I mean like cakes..no use to ask about crocheting, that's out. We need input...serious input on fund raising. All the good fundraisers have been sent to the Bush & Kerry camps, MS says they have none available, I am open to all suggestions and options. It is imperative that this be taking seriously...I really need to shop, so much to do, so little time, and they will only take earth money, claim this white stuff on a roll is not acceptable.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 04:56 PM
Dear Msjay, The decoder ring you sent via monsoon morphed into a hurricane and instead of leaving me a ring it left several live oak trees and assorted debris. From now on the state of Florida asks you to please keep mother ship fly overs to minimum and find another way for ring delivery as the wind is from the ship is very destuctive. thank you, Thakman
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 05:06 PM
My apologies...we rarely make "fly overs" when this atmosphere is troubled, it was we thought a necessary trip. Will pass this along, see how we can help "resolve" this damage and keep future occurrences to a minimum. Gives "diggng out" a whole new dimension. Hope everyone is safe, and attempting to do our best to send it back out into the ocean where it belongs.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 05:32 PM
Thakman, sorry about the unforunate turn of events in Florida. I live in Texas and can relate to what it is like. I never want to go through another hurricane OR tropical storm. I lost a co-worker in Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. My thoughts are with you.

MsJay, I am a baker. Cheesecakes, cakes, fudge nut pies, and my speciality - mint chocolate layered brownies! I'd start today but having a bit of trouble with a joint in my hand. It's always something, huh? As always, I await your command.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 05:45 PM
well, well, she's a baker, a shaker, maybe even a midnight faker...ssshhhhh don't waker. Steve Miller got nothing on me.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 05:46 PM
Oh heavens, I just crack myself up, literally.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 05:56 PM
I worked in the Port of Tampa for a couple of years, named of all thins Hookers Point. But I was a cost accountant for a Shrmp Company, honestly. Nothing like a Florida rain, let alone the hurricanes..I don't miss them. Here in Tennessee we do get quite a few tornado warnings, and sometimes they hit, but the mountainous area breaks most of them up if we are lucky. I wish there was a better mode of travel for the MS..but we have to stay at a certain speed...as most of you know.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 06:16 PM
Ms. Jay, I got so excited about the labor pains, then you let me down again. I was thinking it was more like gas. With all the IBS going around, it's amazing we don't kill ourselves with our own stinch. Missy is fine all. She lays flat on her back staring at the ceiling. I took a look at her low low back last night, yes I was careful of the IBS, and I know this is going to sound highly intelligent..you know at the bottom of the back where you have those 2 ball like things off to the side of the spine that get really sore? One of is dipped way in and doesn't feel like a ball anymore. The other one comes way forward. She said it feels like her hips aren't sitting right like she is shifted at the low, low back where a part of the hips meets the low low back, not the actual leg hip joint. Does this makes sense? I may have to go look at my picture of the skeleton to explain it in earthly terms. As I run my hand down her back, there is a big dip in at L5/S1 and it looks nastier from there. She said it feels like the tailbone is going to come out to play. Ouch. It's going to be a few days to see the primary care doc. He can start things off with x-rays and maybe the mri, see the rheumy in sept. The back docs up here are booked up for the next 3 months and longer and they aren't very good either..except for one surgeon who is fantastic and wears a mickey mouse tie and socks. Must go do my good husband duties and cater to her for awhile. Ms. Jay, as soon as missy is moving again, she has the knitting machine. We are accepting all yarn donations. Signed, slljfji OPPPS, I mean Brad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/15/04 09:06 PM
I meant stench! Didn't want the potency left in doubt. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 12:34 AM
Trust me Crusty, I doubt anyone had any doubt shocked
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 01:07 AM
I was right! The mother ship is over the house. I can hear it rumbling. We had a top secret meeting and I was told that Ms. Jay's baby isn't of the parentage she believes. They knocked her out with a blow dart and implanted her with an embryo from father: Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley, mother is unknown. They've also decided that I'm a much better leader than all of you so now I'm the lead singer. Now I just need to learn to sing. They also gave me special glasses so I can see our race in their natural form moving about among the humans. I'm gonna go watch men in black so I can get more material.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 01:24 AM
You just do that, Crusty, you mean spirited, lie spreading, piece of shinola. The master said now that he knows you are one of those who stand for nothing and will fall for anything, his suspicions were true. Lead singer my....couldn't lead a horse to water. Let alone make him think, I mean drink, or stink maybe. Well depends on whether the water was to bathe or drink, but that's not important. And you can take them Mickey Mouse glasses off too, nobody's fooled by them, much less impressed. Geez...this job is getting rough, I may be forced to take a leave of absence. My delicate condition is far to important for me to upset myself with tivial drivel. The lengths to which some will go..power grabbers...self-involved, just me me me me...and that's not from the scale. Put that in your pitch pipe and smoke it.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 01:56 AM
Actually I can lead a horse to water and she does drink whether the water was for bathing or drinking. But she'll only drink after she's done blowing bubbles. True story. She's a black and white paint horse named Star. You are so very very funny. You make my cheeks (facial) hurt from laughing and smiling too much. I'm starting to get scared. Missy is over there laying down with her craft supply catalogs filling out order forms. Hide the check book!! That girl could fill up a whole room with yarn. She's a firm believe that the person who dies with the most yarn wins. :rolleyes:

Serious question real quick. I've been looking at pictures so I think I know the names of where missy is having trouble and the back is obvious, but have you ever had trouble where the pelvis meets the sacrum? She said it feels like she's walking lop sided and occasionally this area starts to grind as if movement is there, shifting. I think there should be some movement there, but if cartilage is in between the sacrum and pelvis and it's gone a bit brittle, maybe that's the grinding? I guess there should be some ability to move in there since the hips move for pregnancy/birthing stuff, but I'm sure it wouldn't grind..would it? Any thoughts?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 02:15 AM
Don't tell anyone. I am a member of the resistance and am helping the humans. I secretly plan to steal the mother ship and that Ms. Jay is so busy being outraged that her singing title could be stolen that her and the master wont even see it coming. Are you with me? Remember, don't say anything. Viva Le Resistance!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 02:45 AM
Serious Answer, Crusty:
No, there should not be grinding there. Never had it, and I have a broken tail bone, twice I think, told me it would only be a problem during birth, which is way past for me (except for the well..you know the best is yet to come. I don't thnk she should walk very much until she gets that checked out. Seems to me she has broken somethng, and may be a fused spot. Connie, who normally posts on here, just not lately, had a fuse break in that area and it required surgery, so let her look at her craft books all she wants, fill out forms, don't worry you just handle the "mail" or "male' thing....Hope she gets to a doc tomorrow...That's an order...even if it is an ER...better than nothing...truly does sound pretty serious to me. The "ball" type thing may be water...edema..rushed to the area to protect it, course I am sure you have already thought of that. Good Luck...I'm around...lurking, sometimes somewhere always...nothing gets by me and I mean nothing nothing nothink. Seriously, if I remember, Connie's was from a fall too.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 03:37 PM
Crusty, I am with you! My husband is coming home tonight and I will use my powers of seduction to implant a global tracking device (and some of that baboon dna). He travels all over the U.S., so we will use this power to our "ability". By the way, I'm an excellent singer with an amazing vocal range. I taught myself how to play the piano....true story. So MsJay, you'd better watch out! I feel the POWER!!!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 03:39 PM
Now about Missy, I agree with MsJay. A trip to the ER would not hurt anything. They can at least X-ray Missy and see if anything drastic is going on. I know the place you are talking about. The research rheumatologist told me that the major source of my pain (and I pointed it out to him) was that lumbar/sacral junction where the bone is growing up funny. Very scientific explanation, I know. Let us know how she is.

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/16/04 04:18 PM
Way too much dissent...

...(busy passing out chocolate truffles, ice cream and fudge brownies...collecting pails; shovels and sharp objects)

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/17/04 12:03 AM
Hi Elf. Good to see you again. I'm the only one that's been good around here! The girls are very bad, very very bad. They've been chasing me with shovels! What did I do? :p

I read about your hip. Yikes. Missy gets something like that. She says it's sort of like it's, the joint, isn't seated right when you stand on it. She gets lots of joint fluid and has commented that it feels like the joint grabs a bunch of nerves sometimes and pitches. Electric jolt! She told the ortho about it and he said it was entirely possible for that to be happening along with the joint to not be seated right when weight is on it. She gets kenalog shots in the hip, not right in the joint usually, just around the hip and that usually backs it off after a few days. I get something like that too, but it doesn't bring tears to my eyes and leave me stuck in a position long usually. Hope it stops soon.

Back to the fun, Linda..the resistance will be meeting thursday night to plan our attack. I have already taken possession of the mother ship and I hid it under the 1978 Dodge in the yard. How did it fit? I loaded it into the computer and compressed it with Scan Disk! Bye

Missy's fine by the way and so far the doc is puzzled. Waiting to see the specialist. She's a little better, painwise today. Hope all are well. smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/17/04 04:59 PM
Yes, much too much animosity brewing...that's the human element at work. Master is concerned that I may have become a little too humanized,
with all the hormone shots, DDC sessions, it's likely I may have to go into seclusion for a few days, maybe two or three weeks. I hope you can get better so you can aid me to keep these wannabes in line while I am doing the work I was sent here to do. It is regrettable that even the most unhumane still have a desire to act human. I am counting on you to take names, keep track, make lists, you know, all the things a snitch..well harsh word but let's say a "helper" does to keep everything running smoothly. Don't concern yourself with this so called meeting planned, it's a setup, but rufus and dufus are just pawns,poor things, and I fear for the wrath of the commission when they hear of this attempted "revolt". The ship they took was merely a cyber image of the MS...virtual but unreal..so get well soon, we, well I am counting on you to be my ears and my eyes, well any parts you can spare while I am away. I will give you further instructions as they are given to me within the next couple of earth days. Big doings in the works, everyone is busy, and I would not be at all surprised that you have been implanted with a GPS but never fear, it will be lasered...as are all the little earthly gimmicks they come up with. Sad really.
Now get better, for yourself first, then your family, and then me me me me me..Good luck.

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/17/04 10:07 PM
Well, Crusty, now that MsJay is away, we can proceed with our plan. Meeting Thursday night under the Dodge (?). I will be there, and you will recognize me by the horns (ooops, I mean antennae) on my head. I have been on a Mission for The Master today, which we will discuss at our meeting on Thursday.

Now, what do you mean telling Elf we been "chasing" you???!! I couldn't chase a snail!!!

Proceed...in deed ? Carry on...

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/17/04 10:58 PM
MsJay...away? I don't think soooooo. Not yet anyway...so don't get too confident there ye cohorts in chaos.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 12:29 AM
Linda, I know you haven't been chasing me cause I haven't been running either. I was trying to gain sympathy from Elf to lure her to our side. Do you think Ms. Jay will ever join the resistance? I thought when she was becoming more and more human, we had a chance but I don't know now. Did you hear she is pregnant with "Squiggy's" baby? Could you imagine what little Javis will look like? Or will it be named Jiggy now? Half alien with antennae and tail and half human with greasy hair with a curl..and the voice! Coming out saying "hello" like he did on laverne and shirley. hehe laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 06:02 PM
What resistance? Gotta have some strength to resist, duh!
You are so dreaming Crusty. d r e a m....
dream dream dream..old Everly Bros. me thinks,
maybe you are morphing retro. Everything else about you is backwards.....
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 09:04 PM
d r e a m, dream dream dream that I once knew,...california dreamin'....I like dreamin'. there are too many dreamin songs. Big storm so I have to cut this short. Already had one close call with the lightning outside a few days ago. Don't want to fry the electronics "when" the house gets hit. Bye
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 09:40 PM
All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray
I went for a walk on a winter day (on a winter day)

Aren't I good??? Thanks, Crusty, now I can't get that song off my pea brain (no comments on the pea, okay?). The resistance is alive and well on this end, as more are being recruited each day. There's just no telling what MsJay may come back to. She just better be careful!!

It's about to storm here too, so I will close for now. Had to visit the doc today, so I'm off for at least 2 more months. Like someone's going to cure me in 2 months? ha ha Also got x-ray report from the AS study. Looks like lumbar has some fusion too, but cervical not fusing. I was not aware of the lumbar fusion!!! Ce la vie...

Linda T
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 11:29 PM
And they'll have fun fun fun till the master takes their pea brains away....
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/18/04 11:56 PM
Alert! Alert! Right from the master's keys (those are his version of earthly teeth). He reared back, howled nsync with a very ugly creature, and I have never ever seen him this angry. Called all the loyal to meet at an island right off the coast of West Iddily Ididilly, best I could garner from this totally distorted garbled sputum (he was reallly mad!) was expect a complete overhaul of the entire segment in and around the western area of the U.S., plans to totally usurp the authority given to members of the so-called resistance. I will be leaving immediately on my broom, err make that zoom machine. It's all so totally secret, I have no clue where this place is, the climate, the temperature, what to wear, what to wear...never ends. All I know for sure is he is liked the most p.o.ed I have seen him in this millenium. What with Mars rising higher and higher to an apex as of 8/27 (sent to me by a member of the loyalist)with this red planet, going to be a lot of red faces too. I can only suggest if you got the message, get moving, if you didn't get the message, so long, been good to know ya! Now back to the broom...uh zoom mobile, hope they have lots and lots of shops, course...shouldn't buy clothes until after little Elvis is born...might be a while before I can get back into haute cuisine ohh my worrying about clothing at a crucial time like this, it's got to affect my work trying to crash the grass ceiling...hut hut..well at least this beats the mundane duties I have been subjected to in the last few earth days. I just can't wait to see what goes down, gonna be fun, and you know old Cyndi was right, girls just wanna have fun...latah..maybe...maybe not. If your're hot your're hot, if your're not, your're well cold I guess.
And she's off^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^and aint going to see the wizard. (He hates that name)
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/19/04 12:39 AM
Pssssssst!! Everyone, please note that MsJay's request to attend a "meeting" was just that.....a request. The Master secretly intends to have MsJay committed until she is more mentally stable. It appears that earthlings have blown her mother board and she will be for repairs for quite a while. Now....carry on

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/19/04 04:05 AM
Oh, I want to go on a trip! I know I know, the resistance...but I want to go on a trip to this idy or Indy place. Does it have a race track or just a beautiful tropical setting. I went on the last vacation planned on the other Forum and came back with a golden tan. I know there are important things to do and Ms Jays mother board thing, but I cant help but think of myself. The master wont miss me. I'll fly under the radar on my magic rug.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/19/04 03:55 PM
I miss vacations most of all. I used to travel a lot....love the mountains of Colorado. Since hubby doesn't like to travel (understandably so), I would just go alone most of the time. About 4 years ago, I flew to Sacramento, rented an SUV, then went to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. One of the best weeks of my life <sigh> Now look what you've done, Crusty! I wanna vacation too!

Of course, you realize that while MsJay is "indisposed", we must make haste in assuming our roles in the Resistance. Time is of the essence!!!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/19/04 04:44 PM
Master won't miss you? Hurumph, hard to miss something that aint there, know what I mean.
It's beautiful here...white sand, warm sun, even a nudist colony listed in the brochure, not that I will be visiting that, you know, in my delicate condition. But this must be near Belize, or that general area, lots of black coral, jewelry for sale everywhere, pure vanilla flavoring, wow..I could get used to this...oh well, I see another loyalist has arrived...I have been designated official"greeter". Oh,
you had your chance to join, tough...see ya in a couple or three earth weeks:)(And I will have a golden tan).
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/20/04 11:35 PM
Is she gone?? I wasn't sure if she was trying to trick us and then snoop on what the resistance was up to. Here's the scoop. Ms. Jay isn't pregnant with Javis. Javis was born months ago and we are his foster parent. The master was concerned about Ms. Jay raising a half alien/half human child because she was becoming so humanized. He didn't want the child developing any of those trivial human emotions. Ms. Jay isn't an alien, but she thinks she is. She was a alien dna transfer experiment and her human dna killed the alien dna so thats why she is becoming human again. The male donor was in fact Elvis and he is an alien. She's gone back to the mother ship for a few weeks for more experiments. Everytime they experiment on her and cause any damage, her body fuses the problem and our race is puzzled by this.

Here's a true story. Back when I worked, I got called to an interstate rest area for a woman in labor. The woman seemed to have some emotional problems and the hostile boyfriend/father was behaving oddly too. She lifted her shirt to show me her belly tighten and said it was contractions. I didn't know if it was the real thing or not so here comes an ambulance. They acted concerned and loaded her up. She was taken to the hospital and all the staff was buzzing around her for about 30 minutes. She wasn't pregnant. She faked the whole thing and her and her boyfriend had both decided that the other hospital they called home for so long wasn't good enough and they took off. Yes, mental patient escapees. You should have seen the unhappy and already hostile father when he found out. She was chubby so she just pushed her belly out and flexed for contractions..had all of us fooled. I understand me getting fooled. I'm not a girl, I don't know since I've never been pregnant or had a baby..but to fool the hospital staff for a half hour is pretty funny. This wasn't a half hour of waiting to be seen either. It was at least a half hour of people surrounding her hospital bed including and obgyn! ha ha
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/22/04 02:23 AM
Crusty, that pregnant mental patient story was hilarious! She had the doctors fooled too....so funny, especially in light of the fact that we see so many doctors!!!

You know, last week when I went to the Lupus Forum, I went to a session entitled "Mind Over Body, Taming Your Pain". The whole theory was that if we meditate and visualize walking through a meadow toward a stream with our backpack of pain, we can leave the backpack at the river (if we choose) and return home, thus leaving the pain behind. Imagine a bright white light coming in through your nose, vacumming the pain away. The whole time we were practicing this meditation, I kept thinking "my neck is killing me!"

Now about MsJay, I'm a bit concerned. If she is NOT pregnant, do you mean she has been deceiving us intentionally? You know the Master would not be pleased and I fear for her safety. What to do...what to do...

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/29/04 02:57 AM
I need to make a scorecard, I can't remember who's who anymore. My one last active brain cell is taking a nap.

I do remember...Dream Lover though...I wanna dream lover so I don't have to dream alone.

I'm gonna sit in the corner and munch on the chocolate truffles and watch the show. I might even get some caramel corn. YUMMMMMMM

Serious note:It's for sure, I'm gonna have to have a hip replacement, sometime in the future. It just depends on when I've had enough and can't take the pain anymore.

But I'll make sure they don't implant a tracking device. Or try to change my DNA. I am gonna ask for a clone to be made with all the defects removed. Then I can have a brain transplant. That shouldn't be too hard, how long can it take for one brain cell to be transplanted?
Elf :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/29/04 03:09 AM
I forgot to tell you my hospital storys.

A woman brought her twins into the ER. The clerk went out to call them back for an exam. He read from the admit sheet, "Lemonjello and Orangejello". The mother stood up and indugnantly said, "That's Le'mongello and Oran'gello"!!! No lie, she named them after jello flavors!

Another woman thought the hospital named her daughter.....Female' (sounds like Tamale)!

Another one named her daughter Vagina because she thought the name sounded pretty.

And yet another named her son (sounds like) Sha-theed (spelled) s_ h_ i_ t head!

Ain't life grand?
Elf eek
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/29/04 08:02 PM
Speaking of tracking devices...

Oh where, oh where has the Mothership gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?

Spinning like a top with it's shiney lights,
Oh where, oh where can it be??
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/30/04 04:00 AM
Hi, I've been on an extended recon. mission on the mother ship and now I'm back. I have had Ms. Jay under surveillance to see if she's up to anything. I haven't been able to find her. I think she's gone underground. Elf, I will donate a brain cell for you if you like. I'm not sure it will help you any though, but at least you can say you have all your brain cells, or just one. Here's a joke for you:
A policeman arrives at an accident scene where apparently three blondes have leaped to their death from a very tall building. Suddenly, the officer notices that one is still breathing so he approaches her and asks, "Why did you three beautiful girls leap out of the building?" The blonde answers in a very weak voice, "WE wanted to try out our new maxi-pads, with wings...."
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 08/30/04 09:25 PM
Ok Mr. Chrusty,

Hmmph! No brain cells for ME???? I'm highly insulted! mad

Me thinks YOU are the Master alien who controls the Mothership. eek

What do I get to keep this quiet? :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/01/04 05:37 AM
Ms. Noah, okay okay, YOU can have some brain cells too, but there is no guarantee on them. Maybe you can get those stupid cells to work. You are very clever to figure out that I..AM...THE MASTER! I knew only the smartest would figure it out. You made a lovely little poem a couple posts up. We'll have to put music to it and see how it sounds. Here's the latest scoop on Ms. Jay - she's an assistant for the Chippendales dancers. She also does a side job for them as a "towel girl". She tried to jump ahead of us and get her foot in the door of show business. Ms. Jay, If you are back, I wasn't up to anything while you were gone. I was on my best behavior. Really! laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/02/04 03:05 PM
Hey All,
I'm going north for a week, the great Chequamegon national forest in northern WI. I'll try to find some more recruits while there. But since it'll be after labor day, there are only one or two people left up there. Maybe I can get the forest ranger to join and then he can get Smokey the Bear. Everyone knows Smokey, he can do a national commercial for us! laugh

Anyhoo... I'll be busy supervising the painting of our cabin! Rough job but hey!, someone has to do it. cool

So practice up your singing for when I return. We are going on the road aren't we??? confused No one has said anything about our tour. Did you get a bus yet? And who is our lead singer? Who's writing the songs? I got my T-shirt ready to go. It says, "Out of Estrogen and have a weapon...any questions?" LOL
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/02/04 07:12 PM
Hey Elf,

I love to paint! I'll be with you in spirit (a good glass of wine), hehe laugh

Have a wonderful time up north and please come back in full voice, ready to go AND with an XXL T-shirt with your logo (for me). cool

Love to all!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/03/04 07:23 PM
Where is Ms. Jay, tap tap tap (foot tapping with impatience). I'm ready to hit the road to. She has probably ditched us for the chippendale dancers. Dough Rae Me Fa So La Tee Dough. I've been practicing but I sound more like Bobby Brady in puberty. I'm not sure It'd look right if I had on an estrogen shirt...but what the heck! I'm gasing up the bus and preparing for our tour departure as soon as Elf is back and Ms Jay shows up. I've been modifying my cane into a mind control ray gun to control the crowds for one reason or another. It will also help keep some of the flighty band members in line who take off to tropical islands for 3 weeks and then hit the road with the chippendale dancers. We can't risk exposure. Brad
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/07/04 02:30 PM
Well, well, well...
Just as I expected. Not a thing done to prepare for the road. Gassing up the bus, yeah right. it doesn't use that kind of GAS you dodo head.
Got to find someone to fix the entire engine now, we have to use it traveling incognito as we are. I hate to come in the room like a witch, but you just can't get any kind of help these days. I might add that Javis is now about six foot tall. The master used HGH over my objections. It's hard for him to get the hip movements down with a diaper on. Master is working on bringing intelligence up to physical speed, apparently Javis inherited some of his father's traits, uh huh...but he's a lovely child and the fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches are the joy of his life...that and his guitar. Now when he learns it's to be strummed instead of drummed, progress will indeed be made. I am jogging 20 miles a day, doing pilates, using the medicine ball, and trying to spend an hour or so under the sun lamp to keep my island tan, I think it makes me look much more exotic. I brought tropical shirts for all, so watch for them to appear, left it up to some of the other loyalists to tend to the delivery of these shirts and skirts and such. Now for the balderdash regarding the chippendales...I wouldn't know a chippendale from and airedale, course all true loyalist knows that the way you tell that Crusty is lying is his lips are moving. So much to do...we are so far behind schedule...him out there reving the engine just let that stoopid gas get though the entire bus and now it has to be totally rebuilt, mechanically. The interior was not damaged, the green and yellow pattern with the red and purple accent colors are in tip top shape. We need willing workers, and it might entice you to get busy if you knew we were kicking the tour off in the islands. That's right, I knew you would be excited. We were invited to do one of those, no shoes, no shirts, no problems type of tours, so may be necessary for any of you with the webbed feet to make a trip back to the MS to humanize them before we take off. The boat to the island will hold the bus in the lower decks, we will have one deck for practice and Lord knows we need it. The captain (no,the boat captain silly) is one of us, so that helps. Will try and continue to clean up this mess made by some, names of whom I will not give but initials are Crusty. Why oh why do I continue to work so hard to keep this bunch together and make something out of them. I deserve better, I really deserve better. Better players, better workers, better trained, better voices, just better...all way round! I truly believe I was born for martyrdom.
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/08/04 02:04 AM
Regarding those bus colors:

Come on along,
there's a song we are singing,
Come on, get happy... eek

Um, Ms. Jay, can we talk? :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/08/04 01:20 PM
Now MsNoah, don't you be getting hostile just because we are going a tad retro, retro is the way to go right now..Anyone named Donnie, or Susan, or Shirley which you meet up with, please be more than a little nice to them...they don't have a clue, but we need them. Thanks for your understanding.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/10/04 02:04 PM
Oh Ms. Jay, how I've missed you. There has been all kinds of talk around here and I've tried to keep the rumors to a minimum (are my lips moving). I couldn't stop that Chippendales one though. I thought, what the harm though because I watched the Chip and Dale cartoon chipmunks all the time when I was younger. If those cartoons where still on, I'd watch them now. You cant beat good tv like the Chip and Dale show. I was wondering how the bus was going to get to the island. Are we going to have to make some hover craft modifications? Those Partridge Family colors have to go. Did you know that on MTV or VH1, one of those music channels they have some show about making a new Partridge family? From what I gathered from a very disgraceful advertisement, the singers need some work compared to us. Oh, and your reference to the Captain..I'm the self appointed Captain. I even have the cool hat to prove it. So glad you are back. Hasn't been the same without you. Hope things went well. Brad Missy says hi and she'd like her pitch pipe back that you stole out of our toilet!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/10/04 04:54 PM
I don't have her stinking pitch pipe (and considering where it has been, that is an apt description),if you recall I gave you something to smoke in it, and it wasn't anything in the line of normal or abnormal smoking material. The bus colors stay...the damage you done with the engine precludes any redecoration of the interior, and after all, how much time are we going to spend in it. On the islands only...and then, back on the boat it goes, as we go rolling on a rivah..dooo doop doop. Hope you haven't gotten a new job in the city, working for the man every night and day...would hate for you to miss the trip. Please tell this Missy person that her ptch pipe is where ever you left it, the last time you misplaced it and put it in a safe place so it wouldn't happen again.Now think man, think!
Re-trace your steps (be careful, don't fall off)and check every nook and cranny...yeah that's cranny not Granny...oooh...to the moon it's gonna be for you before this thing is over with. I hope I make a lot of money, so I can put you up in a place you well deserve to be, then you can just be captain today, Tennille the next day, Madonna the next, even pretend to be Javis's dad, you can be king, just have to find the right place...but first, the tour has to succeed, I just have to contain myself until this tour is over. I changed the words to some songs...it won't be come on baby do the local fusion....it will be come on baby do the lackofmotion...isn't that good? Well, back to the old drawing board as they say, now, hmmmm, where did I put my crayons, oops, someone has stolen my purple one. I gotta go.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/10/04 08:04 PM
Oh, I missed that boat part all together. Maybe because I wasn't using my decoder ring while reading your message. While you were gone, we received a ransom note for our pitch pipe. There are some serious demands if we ever want to see our stinkin' pitch pipe again. The first demand is to paint the ugly bus from the 70's something a little more current. I know, that all seems so convenient, but it's true (lips are moving). The other demand is that our bus is turned into a hover craft! These sadistic demands are obviously coming from someone on the inside. If we don't meet their demands, they have assured me that my sweet smelling pitch pipe is a goner. I was thinking about going outside and getting some vitamin D. Swimming would be nice, but it's been a little chilly here this last week. In Phoenix where there are pools in every backyard, steps have been taken with the nasty green pools to reduce the mosquito population because of West Nile. Pools that aren't cleaned up and are breeding grounds for mosquitoes are having fish added. I think the city is doing it, or the health department. These have to be some nasty pools if mosquito larvae are living in them and the pools are suitable living environments for the fish. The swamp smell alone would make me clean the pool. What if they put some catfish in the pools, then you could fish in your own back yard! That's a cool redneck idea. Told you all this so you'd know I'm keeping up on current human news. One more thing..Stubby the toeless chicken has started a nest with 3 eggs. There's no rooster so I don't have the heart to tell her that her eggs will never hatch. So, I'm going to get some fertilized eggs from a neighbor with a rooster and slip them in her nest. I may inject the eggs with a little alien dna first just to see if the babies turn out to be super chickens. :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/10/04 08:17 PM
I've been experimenting with the "power of the crust" and discovered (quite by accident) that CrustyH. and MsJay are, respectively, the male and female halves of the Master! eek However, me thinks this is tres cool cool . Crusty's "Got the Power" from Black Box and MsJay, well, is just talented beyond belief. However, Disco Dolly has her own songs to sing:

First I was afraid,
now I'm petrified!
Can no longer shake my booty,
from side to side...
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/11/04 01:43 AM
Wow, that would be something if you could slip some alien dna in her eggs, man I hope that works, you realize the potential? Woweee...we coud put them in the act, since they would be trainable, I can hear the cackle now. Could add a lot to our gig, course on the islands, they eat a lot of chicken, could be a security risk, I'm sure they could do the funky chicken for one thing, and with their ability to glow, well, just whoa..too much. Man I am excited now. Get on this project pronto, asap, immediately, well, as soon as you can since I know you get stubborn when I give you a direct order, coddle coddle coddle, all I get done is coddle. As far as that stupid ransom note, probably sent it home wrapped around the pitch pipe, you wouldn't know the difference. Yep, I am excited about them chickens, man, the audience would lay an egg on that one. By the way, have you seen a purple crayon in your search for the pipe? i hear spiders like to write with purple crayons if that's any help. Oh what a web we weave....
Back to the scales (no sily not to weigh) to make sure we don't get in trouble with ASCAP or BMI, gotta be sure I redo the songs just that little bit to make them "original". Well, if the moon is out you can go out and watch the mosquitoes over the pond, or just sit and sing ooh ooh ooh, looking out my back door. I got work to do...please get with the program, we are on a critical time table.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/11/04 01:48 AM
Oh Disco Dolly...forgot
how are you at bending over and shaking your tail feathers? Can you still do that? Practice will you please...I can't do it all...and as Seger said, you just can't have it all, not that you are a beautiful loser or anything, that's not to say you are not good looking I am sure you are, just speaking extemporaneously. After this I think I will go into politics
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/11/04 03:00 AM
Oh, here's the purple crayon! You wanna know where I found it?? eek

Ms. Muffet, Ms. Muffet! Where are you? I found your spider, but since you were frightened away the spider doesn't know what to do but sit here on the tuffette (sp) and color pictures with a purple crayon.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/13/04 03:31 AM
Nah, that's okay Crusty, I can figure out where you found it. You can have it,I invested in a new box, since most of mine were down to stubs (oops, hope the chicken doesn't get offended). You know we have to be careful on those island beaches. One fellow stepped on a pop top, blew out his flip flop, ended up in the ER in Margaritaville. Some environmentalist tried to claim it was trash to blame,but he knew it was his own dang fault. We would not want to "parrot" his actions, so we must spend money on heavy duty flip flops. Yeah i know you flip flop but I am talking about the kind you wear. I sure don't want to be wasting away in Margaritaville. We may be starting out as a little river band but we will take Manhattan...time is on our side. Back to the mixing board. Proceed just as if you knew what you were doing.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/13/04 03:18 PM
Hey All,
I'm back from the great north woods. I painted between the raindrops! Got it all done too. I thought I saw someone drive the bus past while I was painting. Maybe that's how it got painted funny colors. I can finish the job now that I'm home and resting, just need someone to drop off the bus at my house. And someone needs to pick out the paint and brushes, (I left mine at the cabin.) Or if money is short I can go to the paint store and buy the cans that have no labels and use my dogs tail.

Oh blah dee oh blah dah life goes on.....and on...and on. Take me to the river...boat. Say mister tally man, tally me bananas, daylight comes and me wanna go home.

I never thought about using crayons to "Paint" the cabin, interesting idea. Would last longer. I don't like painting, and I hate heights!!!

Lets get the show on the road! What's the hold-up? Who are we waiting for? We got the bus, the boat, we got the island, we got the roadies, we got the singers, we got the songs....we are ready!

Elf...Security Leader laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/13/04 05:45 PM
Day old..oops I mean dayO, dayyyO, daylight coming and I wanna go home.Elf, watch for the bus, it's being well, let's just day "delivered" to you area. Wasn't room in your driveway so we parked it at the corner of walk an don't walk. Please don't make it so modernistic and blase' that it looks like every bus you see, from the Judds, to Tobey Keith to Alice Cooper. We need a modicum of artsy and some retro, you know, kind of mix it up. Winona Ryder has volunteered to shop for anything we need. Boy George has offered to help out, in either capacity, male or female...such a chameleon, that one. I have appointements with several agents, trying to get Liza Minelli's if possible, her career is booming. If he's unavailable, my next favorite would be Anna Nicole Smith's. Look what he's went and done to or shall I say for her. Now I can use a person like that, bet we all could. But the problem is, they ust can't produce a brain, but that's fine, we already got them. I'm ready...ready ready reaady, I'm ready, ready ready ready to rock and roll..But right now, I must go to the ophthalmologist to check the hemmorhage behind my right eye..wish me luck and hope it has sealed itself off, I don't want any surgery ever again if possible. Later.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/15/04 06:01 PM
Well, it would appear that this show is going nowhere fast. I am at my wits end. I cannot get any help, no input, certainly no output, and everybody will be ready to jump on the "bandwagon" after it's successful. But success is not attained for an entire group by one individual. I am now in therapy, asking, please, please, where did I go wrong? How did I alienate all those excited participants? Dr. Joyce Brothers doesn't seem to know, but then, having to speak to her through a bull horn may cause some misunderstanding. I believe I need to try someone else, can't be that egotistical Dr. Phil, oh maybe Dr. Laura can help me. Lord knows I am in dire straights. I can't promise you for sure, but I might, now remember I said might, just do something desperate. sigh, yawn, nod, nod, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/15/04 08:16 PM
The bus is painted, I let my dog do it. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself. Lots of sweeping and swooshing, broad tail strokes of color. Kind of reminds me of Dahli's work. Could be worth a fortune. The dog looks just like the bus!

It's gassed up (the bus not the dog), my bags are packed (got 6 t-shirts and 6 pairs of jeans and 6 bras, can't find my underwear though, do I need socks? Oh yeah, got my hat too)and I'm ready to roll. Who gets picked up first?

Who's gonna drive? I'm riding shotgun! At least 'til we get on the boat.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/15/04 09:22 PM
We might just have to go it alone. If Wynonna and Naomi could do it, why can't we? We'll take turns driving. You can drive while I color with little/big Javis, then you can color with him while I drive. His favorite color is purple, so I got lots of crayons, all varying shades of purple. How much longer do you think we should wait for all those who were so gung ho before? Seems like they have scattered like roaches when you turn the light on. I wouldn't know about that roach thing, just read about it you know.
Dueling Divas...that could be us.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/16/04 08:41 PM
Sounds great! We can put out a general call...do they call them cattle calls? And if we get no response, off we go! How old is Jarvis now? Must be getting big. I'll have to stock the bus with more stuff. Chips and liquid libations won't do for a little one. You said he's into banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Cool!

Hey, I think we got purple on the bus. Mixing red and blue paint, Roxy got some great tail coverage while painting. Poor dog, now she's mostly purple. (Along with the black and tan).

Pack your bags and get ready to roll. Let us know where to pick you up and we'll put you one the list.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/16/04 09:59 PM
Well, my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
I'm standing here outside your door, already I'm so excited I could die. We're leaving on a bus,
just might be the three of us, that's okay, gives Jav more room to play. If nobody wants to join us, we will indeed have a cattle call in every town we pass from here to where the boat is parked, or was, what with the hurricanes, I might need to check on that. Do you remember which port The Minnow leaves from? Elf, if 'ts just us, then less of the profits have to be shared. And when people realize they are going to get to see Elvis's son, lordy lordy, we are going to rake it in, well, we might have to rake it up, but it's going to be a joyous trip. I can feel it in my bones, or something in my bones, hope it's the excitement seeping in. Let me know when you want to leave, might need to wait a day or two for the rains of Ivan to pass...you be da judge.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/16/04 11:31 PM
Don't forget me!!!! I AM the lead singer, lest you forget. I've been doing some extensive voice training....what am I saying? This voice needs no training. It's lovely as is and I'm going on the tour. I do have one request however. I think my picture on the side of the bus would certainly draw the crowds.....kinda like the Ted Bundy type attraction, not that I look like Ted Bundy, but you get the drift. Now Ms Jay, don't you be planning on splitting up the profits so quickly!!!! I certainly want MY share. Besides, you know it's all about me me me me me! Seriously, you were dearly missed when you were away. Just wasn't the same without you. Welcome back!!!!!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 01:33 AM
Thanks LT..Crusty's missing again, same old Crusty, when there's work to be done, he can't be found. Should we ask for an APB on him you think? Or let the master put a beam on him, you know, shine the light on me. Just don't know.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 02:33 AM
MsJay, I heard a rumor that he had changed his name to FlakeyHermit, so we may find him incognito. He'll wait until all the work is done, show up and try to claim a greater percentage of the profits. Now that I think of it, what IS it he has done for The Band?

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 11:24 AM
Is all the work done yet?? I've been in hiding recovering from the virus Ms. Jay sent me threw the computer. sniff, cough. I am in no singing condition, but of course I couldn't sing before the virus so no biggie. I heard the cattle call and came running from the field..well, hobbling. I know my name when I hear it called! MOOOOOOOO! Now that I've worked out all the plans to the trip, I'm ready ready ready, ready to run..I mean go. I want my share of the profits too. I know Javis is a money pot..even if his hair is carrot top red. Where did that color come from anyway? Again, I question the father. None of my business. As long as the world believes he's the spawn of the king. Now, don't forget to head west. I'm in cactus country waiting by the front gait for my ride.

Missy totally trashed her knee tonight. At least we see the doc on monday for all the months accidents and injuries. I'm pretending we will leave the doc good as new. Don't destroy my illusion. So, I'll have to pick up her slack, but I've been doing Linda's anyway so I'm used to it.

Irish, I think underwear are absolutely necessary and I'll tell you why. My sister in law ripped her pants once and didn't realize it. She didn't listen to mom and follow the rule to never leave the house without clean underwear because you never know when you'll be in an accident or something. She went to the store, a couple work contacts, then the bank. While at the bank a guy went up to her and told her that her pants were torn. She felt behind her and only felt skin! You don't normally see a full moon during daylight hours, but that day there was a bright one. You just never know. eek
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 02:37 PM
OK OK I'll go buy some new undies! BUT NO FLOSS!!!Need to get more food anyway while I'm out. And more liquid refreshments. What does everyone want by the way??? Might as well make a list.

Got bananas, peanut butter, chips and dip, barley pop, sodas, lots of water, we can buy fresh fruit or pick some when we pick up crusty, are we gonna make margaritas? need strawberries then.

I found a wood bat. Will come in handy if anyone tries to steal Jav! As in beat 'em off with a stick...LOL Raid (I hate bugs), pepper spray, my boots(I hate snakes too), Crusty?? are you bringing your chicken? We need some eggs. We can also have a side show. I can bring Roxy the wonder rockhead. She's painted pretty colors. She was just out back doing some gardening. She pulled up an old yucca plant for me. She can help me do security work. Sniffy the wonder dog she ain't, but she can bark real loud.

I'll be hitting the road in a couple of hours. DH is going bow hunting so it'll be a good time to sneak off. He'll never know I've been gone. I can suprise him with all the money we make over the w/e. We'll buy that island we've all been talking about.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 03:57 PM
Irish, my only request is Dr Pepper. I cannot survive without it. You take that away, and I'm nothing!!! Well, of course, we have to have chocolate too. I'll take care of the DP and chocolate (I have stock in Hershey and Godiva), so don't worry yourself with that.

Well well well, did I not say Mr. Crusty would show up when all the work is done? I suppose we do need him for the chicken though, don't we? What else.....

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/17/04 05:50 PM
Well, I've got jav all set up with bananas, peanut butter, bread and a hot plate. Also all personal items he needs. I can't keep him in purple crayons, don't know where they go, could he be eating them...I did see a little purple ring around his mouth but I thought that was from the apartame I've been putting in his cereal to keep his weight down. So I will get more, he's just a coloring freak. Color color color...and he don't give one iota about staying in the lines.
So that makes me think he's going to be unique, in that he is not scared to play "ouside the box" you know. Well, let me know the route, probably 66, but I want to make sure...I'll be there with jav and his pink doon buggy. Let's rock!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 12:36 AM
NO FLOSS NO FLOSS NO FLOSS. I don't know how people can wear those. I'm gonna need some Snickers, but can pick that up here. I also require a very high starch diet. Ms. Jay, Homer Simpson was x-rayed and crayons were found in his brain. Once they were removed, he was highly intelligent and enjoyed things with his lovely daughter Lisa, no not lisa marie. Something happened and homer decided to put the crayons back in his brain..I think threw his ear. Maybe this is what Javis is up too. Arizona has Old Route 66, but we also have the triple 6 too. Thats right, highway 666. I think it was renumbered a few years ago because people were afraid to drive it. Everyone still calls it the triple 6 though. I'm sure the things that happened to all those poor folks wont happen to us on that highway. And YES, Stubby, Stumpy whatever you want to call her will be part of the show. She's molted already and white feathers are all over the back yard. She has some bald patches, but we'll get some spray paint and fill the white in. She's been grooming her feathers all day in preparation..and doing an excited cluck cluck cluck cluck. The old girl cant wait. That's right Linda. The show is nothing without my toeless chicken! NOTHING! Stubby is the Star. :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 01:37 AM
Well let's get on the road, waters have calmed where the minnow is docked, we are all prepared,
first show is almost sold out, sure most of it is advance notice of Javis, but who knows, after they hear us, they may add a couple of chairs and make it a six seater. I hope Elf has the tickets, that's part of security, and I am sure I am going to have to calm Linda down when she finds out about this lead singer business. Everybody has to bring their own instruments, I personally play the harmonica, and of course my keyboard. My best number on the keyboard is Amazing Grace, and man we may need that. Waiting for pickup:
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 02:08 PM
I'm on my way...

Got the tickets from the printer, I ordered plenty. They came out purple! We can write in the dates later (in crayon). Thought that would be a good idea in case we didn't sell them all.

Installed a hammock for the chicken. Didn't know if she could perch.

I'm bringing my whip and handcuffs. Might need them along the way. I also brought wax paper and a comb to make my instrument. I can humm a mean tune.

See you soon.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 08:05 PM
tapping my fingers, pacing pacing, Jav is getting very fretful, and when a six foot two, 220 lb. with a five year old mentality gets fretful (the HGH made his body grow, the chemicals they are using to bring him up to speed intellectually are just taking a lot of time, but I have him trained to throw up his arm and say uh huh, and he swivels, you know some things can be learned just by rote, so I'm not concerned. Oh wow, here comes Elf, finally, thought she went right past me, don't know how she could miss Javis and his pink doon buggy. Man that's a mess of a paint job on that bus, holy moley, a dog could have done better, oh well...let's let it pass...at least it's running. It's ready to run...so am I...we're off.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 09:07 PM

I told you I was letting Roxy paint the bus with her tail! I thought it looked pretty good considering.

At least no one will miss seeing us coming.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/18/04 09:58 PM
Son of a gun, Javis is driving me nutz. he wants to drive the bus, might as well, could do as good as Elf is doing, already been lost three times, she can't read the GPS, be glad when we pick up someone else to help me out here, at least Jav is afraid of my laptop, got that "growl" when you open it up, scares him to death. He scares easily. I believe Elf is getting the hang of driving now, not as much jerking and stalling, I would ask her who's next on the list, but she's in a real bad mood, dyed her hair purple and Jav is crazy about it, wants to run his hands through it...I got him his purple crayons out, he's settled down now, think I will try and take a little nap, I hope it's safe, she seems to know what she's doing, we are getting a lot of stares and many horns blowing, I know they see Jav...poor thing he doesn't know what a celebrity he is already.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 12:17 AM
I'm ready. I've got all my stage outfits ready to go....pretty heavy with all the rhinestones and jewels. With me being the lead singer, it's only appropriate that I be the one to wear the outfits, don't you think? Oh, of course you do! I rock!!!

Just head toward the light....that would be me cool
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 09:38 AM
Oh Linda, I am so sorry. Ms. Jay and the elfin security drove right past huston and came to Arizona first. Now we will have to turn back an go get you. It wont be that much longer. These ladies have been so busy being mad at each other that they didn't even notice javis coloring on the map so they took the wrong road..they took the purple road instead of the correct road. My chicken is loaded up on the bus. She is so "fowl" tempered that Ms. Jay and Elf will stop their bickering and have to join together to deal with the diva chicken who is the star of the show. Stubby has claimed shotgun and keeps pecking and Javis' crayons and Elf's purple hair. She is practicing her singing "cluck cluck cluck, chirp chirp chirl, peep peep peep." There were stubby fans all around the bus cheering for her. She loves her hammock and has loaded it up with her nest and eggs. She refuses to leave her children behind and they may come into this world on the road. She insists that the San Diego chicken mascot is the father, but has been having some very intimate conversations with the master. Something odd is going on because all the eggs are purple. Oh, I hope little Javis leaves the eggs alone. The chicken is demanding a pedicure now! The nerve eek of her. Did you know that she hopped on the phone before the bus arrived and leaked that the bus was coming here to pick a super star up? I looked at the local weekly newspaper and also saw a full page ad to promote herself. She's been song writing too.."stubby's gotta new pair of shoes, "feet don't fail me now", "these boots are made for walking", "lost my toes one winter day", "black toes falling off", and currently she's writing "shew fly, my toes are botherin' me". Okay, I've loaded my horse on the bus, cant leave her behind. We have to have a horse to sing country western. Stubby insists she's a pop singer. My boots are loaded up, my dietary needs were packed in a box along with some caviar for the diva and off we go. Oh no! I forgot my underwear. I was planning on wearing my boxers around the bus and on stage because it can get so very hot in Arizona and in front of the bright lights. Darn. Elf, can I borrow some of yours? I promise I wont get them dirty at all and I'll give them right back. Oh no..were's missy? We left without here. Ms. Jay, Elf..Missy's hanging off the back bus door flapping in the wind as we go down the road. Stop the bus!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 09:49 AM
I meant for the little purple graemlin to be at the end of my post. That chicken is sabotaging everything!! The color purple seems to excite her! Watch out Ms. Jay!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 03:16 PM
I didn't dye my hair purple, it's PAINT!!! Roxy got excited when she was painting and I got hit square in the head. I guess it's a good thing I had my head turned or my face would have been purple.

I'm not cranky, just never drove a bus before. Was I supposed to get a special license to drive this thing? Maybe the chicken can drive. I need a drink! Break out the barley pop. Crusty brought his horse???!!!??? Who's gonna clean up that mess in the back? Maybe I'll go and join Missy and hang off the back of the bus, gotta smell better than in here!

Here I come MIssy....and I brought you a barley pop too!

Quit yelling MsJay. I might have made a few wrong turns, but it's hard to drive with Jav pulling at my hair. eek Feed that kid something will ya?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 06:26 PM
The horse is on the top of the bus. She perfectly comfortable up there, but she is being naught throwing her muffins (poo) at passing cars, missy, and elf. While she rides inside the vehicle, we have no reason to worry about messes or smells because she knows how to back up to a window to do her business. We'll need to post 2 signs..one warning about touching the window which has become a potty, and the other to warn tail gaters of flying feces and urine. You know that milk commercial where the black and white cow goes "moo"? That cow lookes like my horse..the coloring of course. I think of milk everytime I see her. She is lounging on top of the bus sipping the barley pop!

Elf, I have a commercial license which is required to operate a bus! I don't want to drive though, so I'm passing my license over to stubby since she's been asking to get behind the wheel. Oh no! Stubby is loosing control. The wheel is spinning while she holds on with one wing an flaps the other while screaming for help. We are all goners! I told you all we shouldn't have taken highway 666. Oh wait, the drunken horse's leg has come threw the drivers window and she is trying to steer the bus with her hoof....
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 07:01 PM
Maybe since the bus is camoflaged, we won't get caught. I'll drive! I've only had ?? barley pops anyway. I wasn't counting. The horse kept stealing them anyway. That's some straw you gave him. Move over chicken and stop pecking at my head or we'll have fried chicken for dinner. Poor Linda is getting impatient waiting to get picked up. We're only a couple of miles from her house now anyway.

I'm renaming the bus....it's now The Purple Ark. Kinda like Noah's ark but with a bunch of really wierd people not related to each other. 'Cept of course Crusty and Missy.

I built a neat rumble seat in the back while I was out there. Missy is sitting securely now. Got a windscreen and everything. Brought my power tools with in case of problems cropping up just like this one. Crusty got so excited about bringing his chicken and horse he forgot to make sure Missy was IN the bus. Poor Missy! You are getting a spanking tonite Crusty!!! And Missy's using the handcuffs and the whip too.

And NO you can't borrow my undies! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW You can borrow a bra though.

MsJay got awful quite all of a sudden. So did Jav. Are they still on the bus or did they get off when we picked you up Crusty? I sure hope we don't have to turn around and go get them. We'll pick up Linda anyway as long as we're here. Maybe she's got a map we can use. Jav ate one and there is chicken poo all over the other one.

Everyone settle down now.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 07:50 PM
The purple ark has become a madhouse! You can't drive elf! You've been eating those liquor filled chocolates since I got on the bus. Javis is going to have to drive. I was thinking we could get a stick, a long one and hook it to the top of the bus so that one end hangs off the front of the bus. We'll tie a purple crayon to that end and Javis will follow his crayon.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 08:22 PM
Well, if I live through this, I think my career as a singing star will be over. What a zoo. chicken is cray as a loon, don't know what makes her think she's so special, like she's the only chicken in the world with no toes, and how was I to know Elf's hair was painted. I'm. starved to death but between the crazy drivers and the screaming Javis saying "I want my daddy" as he flings crayons left and right, and that dang horse, at least Crusty could have put a diaper on him, finally got Elf and Missy in the bus, and I have come to believe Missy is the only sane one here, I know my sanity is out of order, waiting for some help from the master maybe he can beam me down a battery and something to calm Javis down. What kind of shape are we going to be in to perform? Tell me I say! Maybe when we get Linda, and we get on the boat, maybe the soothing swish swish of the water will calm all of us some, at least the bus will be in park. If the master doesn't give me some help with Javis soon, I am going to take a ball bat to his head, oh if I could just find one. Oh, don't mind me, this is just post partum I am sure. I'll pop a couple of anti-depressants, everything will be fine, just fine, just a matter of time, but fine, fine fine, oh yeah, yawn, yawn, swishing, swishing, nodding nodding, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 09:41 PM
Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road. We're off to play the island...

What the......
where the heck am I??? Where did everyone go? Where is the bus? It's dark and I'm scared!

Who are you? Why did you bring me here? What do you want? Where are my friends? O....M....G
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/19/04 11:06 PM
What is going on here? You are all getting outta control. When you arrive here in Houston, I have pills for each of you!! In the interim, you all need to "go to your happy place". Repeat after me...."everything is fine in Chernobyl."

I have spent the afternoon at Walgreens, creating packets of purple crayons, separating out the colors we will not need. This will keep Javis happy for awhile, at least until the meds take effect. The people at Walgreens, however, were none too happy....said something about security cameras, HPD, blah blah blah. Don't they know I am on a mission from The Master?

I am also bringing some incense, as it appears the entire bus must be reeking by now, with the horse, the chicken, Javis w/o his diaper, and Crusty. Poor Missy....she does have her cross to bear, doesn't she? Don't worry Missy, we are here to help you through this! Hope the bus has a good a/c system, as it's hot as hades here in the big H. :p

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/20/04 12:19 AM
Oh Linda, are you sober? You are! Thank goodness,
guess we are the only two. What a catastrophe this is turning out to be. Crusty brought the chicken, which, if she hatches, could add to the act...what the dang horse is along for beats me, hse says it's for the country/western "beer for my horses, whiskey for my men" type routine. Elf and Missy are both buzzed and Crusty is heaving muffins from his horse out the window, while I try to drive and pacify Javis. You would think they would try and help out with him. He cannot help it that the master insistes on using HGH without proper thought to the brin and main talk about drain. He's the king's son, and I love him dearly. and I'm the last one to question the master, but I know he could "mature" him quicker, I think he's just enjoying the shambles he's making of everything. If I see one more thing,hear purple rain, or "mommy I luv puple" I will scream, literally. Course no one would hear, So Linda, it's up to you now. You want to be a diva, show me some respect. Which is it going to be, you going to drive us on down to the dock, or are you going to get out that purple feather boa you perform in and keep him occupied, it's your choice. I want to get to the boat tonight, and I notice traffice is light...well actually after a second look, they've all pulled off the road, lots of them are waving and taking pictures, oh I see we have a caravan behind us. I just looked in the rear view and there is the grateful dead bus, the John Tesch bus, Yanni, oh dear heavens, we will just have to do a concert on the deck of The Minnow. No way we can bring all these people along. Now I just wonder who leaked this...hmmm one guess, but of course, Crusty, had to be, never satisfied, got to muck up the works every time, well, he can just deal with them, so Linda which is it, Javis or the wheel? That old boa been around the neck looking for the adam's apple for twenty years, just give it to him, puleeze, I beg you, shut his mouth up, anyway you can...oh glad you got a thermos, start sobering this bunch up too, or if you drive I will, what coffee they don't drink I'll pour over their heads...I am so very very upset, when I get to that boat, I'm grabbing Javis by the hand and dragging him into a state room and if push comes to shove I will tie him in with purple twine. That might work for a while. Lord I need help.
Master, master, show thyself. And that dang chicken cann land somewhere anytime now, I think Missy and Elf are just egging her on.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/20/04 02:54 PM
I have been to see the Master and he's none too happy with this whole situation. The MS is really cool once they turn on the lights and turn up the heat. I got to watch you all on a big screen. He's got smell-a-vision too, and WHEW! what a stench! I brought back some Glade fan plug-ins and some Wisp. Boy do we need them.

We are all being reprimanded!
Repeat after me...
I will be good...I will be good...I will be good!

Master is sending home the chicken, the horse, and he'll send Javis to daycare if he doesn't stop hitting. He said to take the pills that Linda has for us. Everything will be better now.
Elf laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/20/04 05:42 PM
Ohhh, sweet relief. Peace at last. All's quiet on the western front, southern, eastern and northern too for that matter. Now, we will be at the dock soon. Has everyone got their act in gear? Who's doing rollin on a river (ccr version) I know Linda will insist on the Tina Turner version. I think Jav could get through Don't be cruel, not sure, he may break down, he's so sensitive. So let's all get in our little corners and practice. We could let John Tesch go on first at the dock, that would assure us being a hit, now that grateful dead got a lot of dead head fans, even without Jerry, so they could give us a run for our money, but it's our show, we will run it as we please. Pleae don't let the master down, we need to succeed in the islands, there is material there that the master needs,, not sure if it'surf sand or water, but master never goes to this length for nothing, we all know that. So let's not let him down. I am plannng to do my renditiion of "Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter" Hope no one else had that in mind. Go forth and succeed...we are the world, we are the people, and I pump um up when they need it,got a special gift that way. let's hit it, big time is on us, here and now!!!!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/20/04 06:09 PM
MsJay, I can entertain Javis with my purple boa. Babies and kids always laugh at me. Hmmmmmm, now that I think of it, so do adults! I've been practicing my song "Rock and Roll Never Forgets", but I keep forgetting the words. Oh this may be a disaster. I mean, I SOUND good, but oh those words. I figure if we get the volume loud enough, no one will notice. Besides who can sing over this screaming kid??? Did you give him his meds? He may need a double dose wink

Speaking of meds, Crusty must have crawled off in a corner to sleep it off. Doesn't that just figure?

Elf, I've been meaning to ask you what in the heck is a barley pop? I don't think we have those in Texas, as everything here is just called a coke, regardless of whether is a DP, Mr. Pibb, Coke or Pepsi. However, if you think I might need one, bring it on.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/21/04 03:42 AM
Well your a little bit older and a lot less bolder than you used to be...You used to shake um down, but now you stop and think aout about your dignity...well sweet sixteen's turned 31---so does that help you any Linda? I hope so, doesn't Javis look cute in that boa, look how he rubs his hand up and down ever so softly...that was an excellent idea. Elf says master is upset, well her John Barley corn got them all buzzed...except me and Javis, so I think they will be okay by tomorrow. Do you agree we should send out John Tesch first? We will be hitsville after him, if we can wake the audience up. Try to get some sleep now, so nice that little Jav acts like he's found his security blanket with that boa, isn't it? So cool that child, he's his daddy's boy, he is TCB for sure. Long day tomorrow, but it's gonna be fun fun fun till they take the microphone away....sleep quickly.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/21/04 12:09 PM
A barley pop is beer. LOL

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/21/04 06:16 PM
Well, we've made it, finally. How we going to get out of the bus, with people jumping up to see in the windows, completely surrounded, rocking the boat, I mean bus, all yelling Javis! Javis!Javis!, we want to see the King's son. Elf, get your security team to work, use the bull horn to make them take note of who is behind us, tell them The Grateful dead is giving out tee shirts, John Tesch is giving away Cd's and Yanni, well he's meditating right now. Tell them to get to the boat and find the best seats possible,(they can't get on, no passes,) this island has went to a lot of trouble for us, we can't let them down now. Man dirty or not, I could sure use that pitch pipe right now, I need too tune my keyboard, wow, can't believe it is right on us now. It's put up or shut up, and man I am going to let her rip man, git er done. Are you with me gang? Only two hour sail to the first island, so we will be on stage this very night, unfreaking believable!@!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/21/04 08:21 PM
I am SO ready for this! I think I've finally got the words down to Seger's songs, but I do experience a lot of short-term memory loss. Now that I think of it, I experience a lot of long-term memory loss. I feel secure, however, just knowing MsJay's only a footstep away and she remembers everything!

Elf, I do not like beer, but I've made some really nice brownies that seem to be going over real well.....at least it has calmed some people (whose names will remain anonymous right now). Bring it on...I feel a song coming on

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/21/04 10:40 PM
Well, it's the good ship lollipop, nice boat huh? We got a bunch of people sleeping right now, better rest while they can, gonna hit that stage with a Ted Nugent Wango Tango type introduction.
Just can't wait...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 01:17 AM
narrator speaks:

"Everones asleep and crusty rises from his sleeping back tip toeing across the bus..squeek squeek (that was his knees, not the bus). He pulls the tarp off of some contraption that's remained hidden. It is a distillery and crusty is injecting the finished product in everything he can find..the water, the food, javis' bottle. Javis has already started hickuping because of the purity of the product. Very very bad crusty. He must be a lush, or is trying to drunken everyone up to steal the show for himself"
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 01:30 AM
"Don't cry out loud"..wow, I'm having trouble with that high note. Here ms. jay, I was keeping the pitchpipe in the back of Javis diaper so I wouldn't loose it. Shake it out a little. It may be clogged. Wow, how many brownies did I actually eat? I may have ate the whole plater and while I was busy chewing, my horse and chicken were taken away. Oh, thank goodness. Missy is still here..hickuping. Oh look, Javis is still sleeping and slept all threw the night for once. My special brew in the bottle must be working (sinister laugh). "Don't cry out loud".

Saw the doc yesterday. Missy's getting both knees scoped and cleaned out, then the doc will work on the left hip and left shoulder. The right hip and shoulder aren't as bad so those will wait. This may be good news though if she improves enough to go back to some hobbies like gardening that she left behind because of the knees. Well, the docs will have to pull their head out of their....and get the tailbone/pelvis squared away too so she can lean over. First hope of improvement in a long time. Wanted to share it. Maybe the good luck will run our way too and we all will see improvement in sight. I'll check into my knees after we get her's taken care of. Ms. Jay, are all the puppies gone? confused
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 02:24 AM
Well well, John Barley Corn Crusty Hermit. There were others ways we could have gotten them to sleep you know, just the waves can swish you right off to neverland, (oops, Wacko may be there)
so guess this is better.

Crusty: Glad Missy is going to get some relief, albeit the hard way, I wish her the best. We have two puppies left,a little fat black boy and a skinnier black girl lab. The male is a pain, but the little girl is very laid back, very calm, going to make a fine dog for someone, especially if they intend to keep her inside. I think the boys are wanting to keep the boy, guess they will get him neutered, and I can see how they play, that two dogs will entertain themselves, almost better than having one. Guess it depends on whether anyone comes along that wants black labs. Everyone wanted the chocolates, but these two black ones are like satin, beautiul dogs.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 05:35 PM
Oh, you're awake Ms. Jay. I forgot to put some of the you know what in your sippy cup. Darn Darn. Well, I guess I will have to do the show with one more person. Wait a minute. Where is your sippy cup? Its on the ground next to javis. He drank your portion and his own. He's still breathing, but he will be out for a long time. Hope he didn't take anyone elses. We can see what direction Javis is heading for with the taste for the white lightnin' he's developed.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 05:38 PM
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, hickup white lightnin! I've picked my song to sing. Mr. Jones is okay with it too. He's offered to come sing part of the song since I can't get the ew, hickup part right.

With the brownies, the barley pops, and of course my "stuff", we should have quite a snack bar. We are turning into a regular rock and roll crowd.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 06:22 PM
OK...I've got a perimiter set up. It should be safe to get off the bus now. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it until Crusty spiked everyone's drinks. Jav kept mooning everyone, the cameras were flashing like lightning. Everybody thinks "The King" was in hiding and he's back now. SHEES!!

I've gotta confiscate all that "stuff" the brownies that are left and the barley pops. NO more til after the concert. We're on in just a couple of hours. I wonder if anyone will be awake?

Oh well, the show must go on! Even if it's MsJay, Crust and me with my comb "kazoo". Tickets all are sold, I deposited all the money into our bank account. Then pay all the bills. The food bill for Jav alone will almost break us. If we keep him asleep long enough, maybe we'll break even. But the cost of those adult diapers is huge!

Gotta go and re-check on the perimeter now.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/22/04 08:10 PM
Oh Elf:
Is this outfit too bold; it's the one I normally wear when I do a Ted Nugent song...you know black cowboy hat,black negligee, combat boots, M16 slung over my shoulder like a guitar...I have my music taped, thought I would start with Great White Buffalo: Whaddya think huh? Oh good job on the security...I'll be checking those receipts too, nothing passes by me dearie:)
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 12:59 AM
Wow, that is a bold outfit. :rolleyes: To keep our audience, we must always keep their attention though and that outfit will definitely do that. Ms. Jay, did you just hickup? Javis get out of the food! Ms Jay, when you aren't overfeeding that kid, he's overfeeding himself. When will it end. He stole my M&M's. I was saving those for when I was on stage with the chicken..a side show act. Yes, the chicken is still here. I've kept her in hiding. She has a temper though and I think she might go right at the rhinestones in your outfit.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 03:29 PM
Just a Rhinestone Chicken.....oh wait, that's cowboy.

Great outfit MsJay. The crouds will love it. I have the deposit slip right here. I knew you'd want to see it. And we didn't have to spend hardly anything for the paint job on the bus, so we really are in pretty good shape financially.

Where did Linda go? Is she still sleeping. We have to get her ready to go on stage.

I have an extra bag of M&M's Crusty, here ya go...

OK everyone, break a leg,
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 05:42 PM
Oh my goodness! I think I've had WAY too many brownies. I just feel.....righteous, man cool

I'm really jealous of MsJay's outfit. She's outshining me, and we can't have that! I do have some rhinestones on my big toes. Perhaps I should just go onstage feet up. Hmmmmmm, now if I could only figure out how to do that.

By the way Elf, last night I was bombarded by some fans. They are just crazy!!!! Not to worry though, I only have a broken arm and a crushed ankle, but you know what they say.....the show must go on!!!

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 05:44 PM
Elf, pass the M&M's too. I do hope they're the plain. So many demands, so little time

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 05:56 PM
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up. As I stepped off the bus after "WHOEVER" it was that said break a leg, I must have taken it literally. Okay girls help me up. Heave, heave! I know you're all fused and hurting, but heave heave. Someone get the chicken and pass her a rope to pull, heave heave. Where's the horse when I need her. I hope you girls don't mind me practicing my scales while you're heaving me to my feet. Me me me me mememe, lalalalalalalla, hickup.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 06:25 PM
Got the M&M's right here and yes they are plain. Linda...you aren't supposed to leave the bus alone! You know how the fans are!!!

Crusty, you know that's an old show biz saying...you weren't supposed to take it literally! Get your butt up and on the stage!

SHEES!!! The onstage talent is making me crazy! I'm suprised they didn't send me to Vegas to get purple M&M's at the M&M store. OH man, I hope they didn't hear that. And now Hostess is declaring bankrupcy...what am I gonna do without my Twinkies???

Where the heck is the road manager??? Why am I doing all this stuff??? I want more money! I want my Twinkies! I want my teddy!
Elf :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 07:32 PM
AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!, now Linda, you go out there and wow them like I did and we might just make national headlines...sorry I'm out there wowing the crowd, but you know if you call yourself a diva, you gotta dress like one. Go on, do well, please don't murder Seger, we might end up in Katmandu, hic.
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/23/04 10:11 PM
Road manager???? HELLO! Y'all forgot to pick me up in NY! mad Just like a wayward hurricane, y'all made a sudden turn for the worst! eek . Hmmmph! I turn my back on you! Fend for yourselves. I can handle horses and chickens but big babies and pooie diapers are NOT my thing anyway, BLAH! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 12:26 AM
Why would the road need to be managed? MSNoah, don't be mad, we've had some errr lil problems,
you just never know people until you've traveled with them, you know,habits, good and bad, addictions, restrictions, afflictions, things like that kind of...oh please come help us, I beg you, oh please.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 02:17 PM
You forgot to have yourself put on the schedule. I'm on my way already, had to drop off the talent anyway for the first concert. Got the bus off-loaded to pick you up. Will be at your door in a couple of minutes.

I NEED YOU!!!!! The talent is making me CRAZY!!! H E L P!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 03:30 PM
You think Elf will come back? Oh Javis honey,
we could be stuck here, where is Crusty and his chicken? Where is Linda since she got up there on stage and suffered through all those boos and "get off the stage", she must be humiliated. Could it be that they all took off and left me and litle Jav to fend for ourselves, oh I hope not, Elf's got all the money, surely she wouldn't. Shame on me in doubting such a trustworthy soul as Elf. Worry, Worry, Worry, never ends. Now they are yelling for me back on stage, and who's gonna watch Javis..I'm in big trouble. HELP HELP
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 03:55 PM
YAHOO!!! Got a lift back from the MS. They must have known how much we needed MSNoah here! Now I can go about my own work.


Whew! thank goodness, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Or what's left of it anyway.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 04:06 PM
Would you be so kind as to tend to Jav and bring MsNoah up to speed. I gotta get back on that stage,you hear them? Please find that dang chicken, they are yelling bring back the cluck cluck, we want the crazy chicken, she really sizzles. (Could be she is off hatching someplace, which could be a bonus) No telling about that Crusty, might have got into the "long island" iced tea..you just never know.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 04:20 PM
Ah ha! You thought I wouldn't catch that bit about being boo'd and humiliated???? MsJay...shame on you! Jealousy does strange things to some people. I'm a SUPA-STAH!!!! My fans love me, little children love me, chickens love me, birds love me, women love me, MEN love me, cats love me, dogs love me...all God's creatures love me. You love me, you really really love me!!!! (sob)

MsNoah, as you can see, we NEED you. Everything is chaotic and we need to have some semblance of normalcy if this tour is to continue and, as you see, my fans NEED me!! Please come back. If you come back, I promise to dedicate my song to YOU YOU YOU YOU!

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 04:51 PM

I'm getting requests from everyone. They all love you both and want a duet from Linda and MSJay with chicken keeping time. This is GREAT!


Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 05:29 PM
Well, never heard any of Seger's songs done in "duet" Kenny Rogers and that Easton chick did that "we got tonight babe, why don't you stay", but I can't see Linda and me up there doing that song. How about Roberta Flack's "Killing them softly..with out song. Might be truer than the words sound. First let it be known that on the applause meter, I shot way ahead of Linda, and that I am doing this as a favor to her, cause you don't have to be a star baby to be in MY show laugh
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 10:24 PM
Ok, just got back from the Doc's! No, I was not sittin' by the dock on the bay, heehee. Got everyone's meds - flexeril, darvocet, mobic, bextra, prednisone, nexium (gotta protect the tummy, ya know), mtx, um - did I forget anything??

Anyway, ya gotta love those LI Iced Teas! Crusty!! Stop that!! Javis, NOOOOOOO! That's not good for you!

OMG!!! I just broke a nail!!!!!! Sorry, I got a hair appointment, gotta go...Damn, the LANDSCAPERS are here, WHAT TO DO?????

Um, forget that last bit, I forgot I'm on the road now. Brain fog, ya'know?

It's not easy being cheesy but you gals go on and sing your hearts out. I'll take care of things backstage.

JAVIS....No more iced tea for you!!!! Oh God, the puddle he left is encroaching on the lighting system! {zztzzztzztzztzzztzzt} eek

DR. PHIL, where are you???????????
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/24/04 11:05 PM
OK, great to have you here MsNoah! I know you will have this group in tip-top shape (figuratively speaking) in no time. Welcome to our little world.


P.S. - Please pass the LI tea, please :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/25/04 03:16 AM
No, Stubby says she is not playing second fiddle to anyone else, even if it's just to keep time. She wants her own show or nothing. She said that her and i make a good duet couple thought because my low voice and her high clucks are a perfect match. I'm next on stage everyone. Linda, I thought you were great. I didn't hear one boo, except for Javis crying loud enough to be heard over the singing "BBBOOO HOOOOO". What a brat. Listen to the crowd roar!! Glad your here Ms. Noah. Here, hold on to my tea while I perform. Somebody carry stubby on stage. I cant carry her and use my crutches at the same time. The roadie doctor said I broke my leg on the steps. I don't feel anything though. No pain at all. Hickup! cool
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/25/04 03:43 PM
Oh, Crusty, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in my entire life! I was good, wasn't I???? wink

I think you and Stubby would make a great duet. I do like the clucks and she's got great rhythmn. Your voice is music to my ears and the fans are loving it! Sorry about your leg....that's what happens when you've had too many brownies and teas. Hmmmm, speaking of brownies, I think I'll pass some around. Okay, one for you, two for me, one for Elf, two for me, one for MsNoah, two for me, one for MsJay (oops, better give the boss two), and one for me! Don't it feel good?

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/25/04 06:14 PM
So, Road Manager/Scheduler, how many more shows we gotta do here? I'm ready to sail, so who wants come sail away with me? I have ADD, oh, you've noticed, but I have enough attention to know we are repeating our materail and that just won't do for much longer, don't we have a gig farther out, as far North as possilbe, anything South, re-schedule, when we leave we want to take the next gig we have which is the farthest North, it's in the contract...we can juggle the schedule since we put the date in with dear lil Jav's purple crayons. Let me know something..Down the way where the lights are gay....
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 07:30 PM
Linda, that was in fact the nicest thing I have said my entire life. Okay band, lets pack it up and move to the next gig. I've brought some fresh sheet music with me, it's in the bus. I picked out the best stuff for myself and you all get whats left. Pass the brownies please. eek
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 09:13 PM
gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp. :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 09:18 PM
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 09:19 PM
I making a new batch.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 09:32 PM
Is that chcken flying around where your cooking? Something about chicken feather brownies just don't sound right. Horse feathers, maybe. Our road crew are all missing guess they think they are supposed to get Sunday off. Now we are definitely behind schedule, oh well, guess I'll take a nap, dream a little dream of me.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 09:50 PM
I'm not making brownies silly. I'm making cookies. And the chicken is done molting so not to worry about chicken feathers. She can't fly by the way, but don't say anything to her, she's sensative about it. Hey, are those chocolate chips or bird droppings. It doesn't matter, add 'em to the batter. Another rhyme.

My Henry Thoreau book arrived Friday. He's talking about people. I let you know what he thinks. Unless you'd like to read it when I'm done in which case I wont spoil it for you.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 11:20 PM
Well, he was the original hippie, so who wrote the book, him, or is it a biog. by someone?
Crusty, seriously, do you kknow Thackman very well? He and Brnysl I think it is both live in Florida, I am concerned about them. I wish he would post, but then maybe he's in an area with no power and it is nothing too much worse. I hope so. Such devastation...Hard to believe, should make all of us be thankful I guess. Dont tell me more than what I asked about Thoreau frown
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/26/04 11:26 PM
Wow....all those brownies really did me in big time! I'm just waking up, about 20 lbs heavier I must add. Wish I could remember what happened to me the past 3 days (sigh). My voice is fresh, however, and ready for those left-over songs, Crusty, so bring 'em on. I'm sitting on top of the world (hmmmmm, think I'll write a song about that).

I do believe I'll pass on Crusty's cookies (no offense, Crusty), but something about chicken and cookies just doesn't sound right to me. Brownies maybe...Oh gosh, I'm hungry AGAIN! :p

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 01:10 AM
Linda, the last three days are all on tape. When I make copies, for a price you can have one. Here's some songs to try and some blank paper and a pencil to get started on your own song when you stop eating.

Ms. Jay, the book is the works of Thoreau. I've been reading one of his stories called Walden. Yes, the original hippie for sure.

I don't know Thakman or brneyznfl that well. Haven't really talked. I've been watching hurricane after hurricane and have been really worried, afraid for them and other folks I know. I know some people not on this forum who live in Florida and they have been very afraid. I pray they all are safe and we'll hear from them as soon as they are able. It's just been one after another after another. They all must be at their wits end. confused
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 03:28 AM
Man I got to figure out how to get these two songs joined somehow, they're running through my head like a horse with shoes on, you guys probably don't remember Jim Croce Or Sam Cooke,
Croce sang "bad, bad, Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town, badder than old king kong, meaner than a junk yard dog" (just a portion of one of is hits, he was killed I think in a plane crash) Then there's Sam Cooke going around in my head with "well it's Saturday night and I aint got nobody, got some money cause I just got paid, how I wish I had someone to love me, I'm in an awful way" Then I am trying to decide who's the best guitarist...between Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. I am having a musical nightmare,but I'm awake. Must have been the brussel sprouts, you suppose? Oh well, perhaps I'll somehow merge all this really important information by morning and wake up with my usual genius. Don't count on it. And Linda, who told you it was okay not to show up today, we had to cancel...you hear...the worst word in musicdom..c a n c e l !
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 01:45 PM
Today is my birthday, Happy Birthday to me. Da Da Da Da Yes we're going to a party party. Yes we're going to a party party....

I really am 53 today! YAHOO I made it. Another year older. My DH gave me 20 red roses! They are beautiful.
Oh by the way MsJay, I liked Ginger Baker.

Have a good show today. NO We didn't cancel, just moved to today.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 03:20 PM
Happy Birthday Elf!

Today is your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
la la la la la la la

It's amazing what those brownies do to your memory! Crusty, I ain't afraid of no tapes, so don't you worry about that and don't EVEN try to blackmail me. It just won't work!

MsJay, I'm so so so so so so so sorry about the cancelled show. I'm sure it will come of out MY pocket anyway. Have a brownie and mellow out.

Slurp slurp, oink oink....anyone know where you can purchase a scale for, oh say, someone the size of Manhattan? Pass the brownies please. Oh no.....I really AM Stevie Nicks!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 03:43 PM
Lah dee dah, lah dee dee
Litle ole Elf is fifty-three

We are looking forward to a party
We are going to dance and party hardy

What? No Invite
Is that out of spite?

Oh well, happy birthday anyway
and them old roses died yesterday!

Seriously, happy happy birthday, enjoy@!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 06:44 PM
Happy birthday Elf! Hey Ms. Jay, you want to see a really interesting tape?? I have a couple offers on it, one from Girls Gone Wild. They are willing to pay a pretty penny to get he smut on Stevie Nicks. Pass the brownies please. Now, don't get all upset Linda..it's just a business deal, nothing personal. You did sign a release during those 3 days. I think you would've signed anything for a brownie or tea. You're a real party girl!!

I read your singing a few posts up Ms. Jay. You either think you are older than what you are or I'm younger than what I am because I know what your singing. I like the first one better.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 09:08 PM
Crusty, I signed a release? I don't remember that! Of course, I don't remember the past 3 days either. Must be the brownies....I mean my meds.

Pass the brownies, please.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 10:26 PM
If there's money to be made, I want a tape, Crusty. I live to do two things and you know very well what they are; make money and spend money. Will you be shipping it in brown paper?
Be sure to take proper precautions. What are you selling them for? Of course I want to know so I can undercut you. Business is business I say!

I wish one of our Florida posters would post...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/27/04 10:44 PM
I'm raising money to start my own AS support group website! I don't think there can ever be too many of them. On mine of course, you will have to choose which imaginary world you'd like to play in...the party, the vacation, the band, the family fight, or the cure is here. I think it's a fabulous idea, don't you? We can sell brownies on imaginary thread..and other stuff and these profits will be ours, all ours to fund the promotion of the band!! I've always been told I had a brilliant business mind. Yes, the tapes will be sent in plain wrappers. I do want to protect linda's privacy. LOL Bad, bad leroy brown.....
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 04:46 PM
Crusty, I am willing to do anything (ANYTHING) for the sake of The Cause. That's just the kind of person I am wink I figure the more money we bring in, the more brownies I can make. The more brownies I make, the better we feel. The better we feel, the better we sing! Perfect! You may have to change the title, however, from "Girls Gone Wild" to "Old Ladies Gone Bad". Kinda catchy, huh?

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 05:57 PM
I love the name!! It's perfect. I'm glad you're with me on this. Anything for the band. I've been in touch with some "contacts" to see if I could make a tape of my own or just get a couple pictures taken, but the big magazines done want to make all their other models look bad by using me. I guess I can understand that. cool
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 06:04 PM
Can anyone use a Thoreau book?? No, I'm not finished with it yet, I'm just done!! I don't like books that don't have pictures I can color, preferably with a purple crayon. smile
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 07:31 PM
Okay, Crusty, I guess it's just me and you now. MsJay, MsNoah and Elf have abandoned us!!! WHERE are they? Why have they left us alone? Where are WE? I feel so confused and forsaken. Why....why.....why??????? I don't think my life will ever be the same without them. I had been doing real well with limiting my brownie intake, but now....what to do, what to do?

Linda frown
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 07:40 PM
Boy am I glad I was hiding from Crusty and his camera! No blackmail from me!

I was hiding under the bus munching on my Jalepeno chips and Twinkies.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/28/04 08:52 PM
Linda Linda!! Do I have you slap you? What's wrong with you woman? I'm right here, Elf will be right back, Javis is coloring, let me look in your eyes....hmmmmm just as I thought, yep, you are a teacher, got a pupil in both of them. Now enough silliness and you lay off them dang brownies for a day or two, get clear eyed, and you look terrible, bedraggled, when was the last time you slept? More like it, when was the last time you was awake? Geezzz all I do is coddle, well I'm a coddler, I'm a doddler and a midnight wobbler, make my livin on the run....Little fat boy got nothing on me, so just keep on rocking us Stevie...
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 02:58 AM
LINDA, LEENDA, LEEEENDA...you silly girl! I'm backstage tryin' to fix the lighting effects Javis shorted out piddilin' and runnin' around as the naked bandit! You see, I'm not one for the spotlight but my background vocals are on track 4 which is played during most songs.

I also have a lead vocal on track 2 which is exclusively used for our disco numbers. I have divided them equally between you, MsJay and that silly chicken of Crusty's. I'm an equal opportunity singer, you know.

Anyone for more Iced Tea from Long Island??? :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 05:38 AM
Pass the tea please and a brownie. Hickup! eek
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 02:25 PM
<peeking out from under the bus>

The coast is clear. Man, those Divas are worse than the crouds. The chicken was in such a snit, the only place to hide was under the bus. Anyone want a Twinkie? That chicken is so jealous of MsJay and Linda, I don't know what I'm gonna do about that. Maybe Crusty can tame her, the chicken I mean. If she doesn't calm down, we may be having fried chicken for dinner one of these nights, star or not.

Gotta find MsNoah and see when we hit the road again. I wonder if she got us a driver? I re-enforced the rumble seat in the back of the bus. It will be nice riding there with Missy. Speaking of Missy...What the heck happened to Missy? I havn't seen her since we got on the boat. Did Crusty lock her in their room? He should be glad they got a room, I'm sleeping under the bus. It's not bad except when Jav decides to run around without a diaper, shees! The bus leaks!! I have never seen a kid with such a big bladder. I wonder if they all know that's purple too?
Purple, HMMMM...One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater? NAH!!! But that kid can sure eat. I had to hide my chips and Twinkies under the bus, now they are in a plastic box so they won't get wet!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 04:32 PM
Thanks, MsJay...I needed that! I don't know what came over me. Elf, you'd better watch out. Crusty has a tape of YOU now. Yes, you are under the bus gorging on chips and twinkies. There's nothing the man won't do for money, so a word to the wise should be sufficient.

MsNoah, I really need that tea now. The withdrawals from the brownies are hitting me hard today, so the tea will help "take the edge off".

Can we go to the mountains today? Every year about this time, I go to Colorado to see the aspens. Not able to do that this year, so I thought it would be nice if we go there. I think it would make a great publicity shot with the bus and entourage with such terrific scenery. What do yall think?

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 04:40 PM
I take a tad bit of offense, just a tad, that you would consider me to be one of the "problem" divas. Linda is just getting too fond of those brownies, and you know Crusty, anything for a buck,and I just feel like he may be "leading her on" so to speak..no no, not romantically, like, get crazy woman, have fun, as he adjusts his cap with the camera in the front right in the headlight of that pickup picture. I caught on when he turned his cap around and started wearing it the right way. I miss nothing, nothing I say!
Linda better just stop! and think it over.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 05:39 PM
This all has taken some amazing turns in the story line. I'm gonna go watch soaps all day..the good ones, Dial, and Dove, and watch for ideas to use in my next post. I can't use the camera for forever. Arizona has aspens. I'll take a picture for us Linda and we can overlap our faces into it for our album cover. Gotta go. the soaps start in 2 hours and 20 minute and I have to make sure I have my cheese puffs, soda, and a note pad handy..this could take awhile. :rolleyes:
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 05:50 PM
Ms Jay, how did you know I'm wearing a ball cap? I wear it every day. Is it the redneck thing? The current cap isn't an advertisement for auto parts like they usually are. It's an advertisement for Star Trek. I'm not a Trekie but I'm a big fan even though I slept threw it last night.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 06:13 PM
You're asking me how I know you wear a cap? You got to be kiddin...shall I divulge more of the things I know about you..hmm, what do you think?
I can't believe you have forgotten that I am a "know it all". ...geez memory like a dead elephant.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 07:41 PM
LOL. I have a memory like a ....., like a ....., okay, I forgot again. I've located my notepad, a crayon, the cheese puffs and soda and am ready for the soaps to starts. Pull up a chair Ms. Jay and lets see what shocking things daytime tv has come up with this week. OH YES, I remember now..the memory of a dead possum which can also be used as dinner if it can be found at the right time. Road kill souffle is the best.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 09:12 PM
I KNOW Elf is not referring to me as a "problem diva", is she? No way!!! Crusty must have given her a subliminal message, as there is nothing diva-ish in my behavior. Devilish, yes...

Speaking of dinner, fried chicken sounds good to me. Everyone? Here chickey, chickey, chickey...

Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 09:24 PM
Elf, Linda! See what we got to deal with?? Grrr... They stole my cheese puffs again! And for what?? Soap operas! Here I am booking our next gig (TOMORROW, by the way), runnin' around cleaning up after that big dorph Javis, and I get my favotite food stolen out from under my nose.

Elf, pass me a twinkie please (pretty please)?

Sorry guys, but we're off to the green mountains of Vermont for Fall Foliage season. I got lot's of quality color film (for those not in this century with digital cameras wink ). We are booked at all the greatest Fall Festivals, so tune up and tune in (pass a brownie please, here's your Iced Tea, hic!).

After that??? Get your snow shoes out - The Paradise Inn at Mt. Ranier! eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/29/04 10:34 PM
My Javis is no dorph, and I think he's getting blamed for a lot of somebody else's work...His feelings are so hurt, he's cried and cried, soft hearted just like his daddy. Gotta take a quick trip to Graceland, drop him off for a "spell" with the King. Man, islands one day, Vermont the next, has this road manager ever heard of giving entertaners a little bit of notice, going to have to come up with a wardrobe befitting the area, what to wear, what to wear. Guess I could ask Darryl, and if he don't know I can ask his other brother Darryl to ask his other brother Darryl, hear they got real rich off someone named Newhart..ahhh problem solved again.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 12:54 AM
MsJay, you are a genius! You must get it from hanging out with me me me. Hope little Javis has regained his composure and will be able to continue on with us on our journey. Thanks to MsNoah, we have some amazing places to visit. I can't wait to see the fall foilage and I've charged my batteries on my digital camera. As long as we're visiting mountains, I think we should drop by Katmandu.

That's why I'm going to Katmandu,
That's really where I'm going to
If I ever get outta here,
I'm going to Katmandu!

Oh I love that man! I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him. Bob, if you are reading this, please take me with you.

Linda cool
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 01:33 AM
Aint got nothing gainst the west coast..yeah, he could go with us...out on the road I see the stars, feeling the breeze,passing the cars, yeah, these are the momories that make me a wealthy soul..YEAH travelin man...
do what I can..I have that, well have had it several times, first on 8 track, then on cassette, now on cd...wow, they don't come better than Mr Seger and the silver bullet band. Oh Linda, call him, ask him to join us. I know you are on a first name basis with him, sang back up for him on couple songs, didn't you. Just stiffen your spine, and say, I'm calling! Wouldn't that be just about heavenly? :p laugh shocked
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 03:47 AM
Oh no. I fell asleep again. Darn Darn. Now I don't know how the soap ended. Is whitney going to marry fox so no one finds out she is pregnant with a child of incest with her half brother? Did alister kill katherine? Did pilar die? Will Meme tell Rex she's pregnant or just get the abortion? Oh, that was the other soap. I'll have to wait to find out tomorrow, or next month. I'm thinking I want to renegotiate the terms of my contract!

Missy was found bound and gagged with horse hair. Star is missing and so is missy's pitch pipe! Keep your eyes open girls! A Diva horse may sneak in to steal the show. Run stubby run! They want drumsticks, run girl run! (Stubby ran as fast as her stubs would take her, but it was just fast enough to hop on a passing train that will take her to safety in the next town. As the train moved almost out of sight, stubby hung a wing out the window and lowered all her feathers except the middle one.)
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 01:26 PM
SEE...I told you that bird was a problem Diva! So is the horse! HARUMPH!! Getting flipped off by a bird!

Here ya go...I hid the Twinkies so we'd have plenty.

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside the door, hate to wake you up to say good-bye...I'm leaving on a bus tour, don't know IF I'll be back again. Man, we are hitting a lot of states. I don't do foliage tours, we got plenty of that at home.

Got our first frost last night. The garden is done now. Gotta gather all the veggies that are left. Got a cold front coming in over the w/e, supposed to be in the 20's or 10's for the lows! The tropical island looks better and better.

Stubby left her outfits, maybe MsJay or Linda can wear them. I can't believe that dang horse was still here. No wonder we were missing so much food! Crusty, you hid the horse didn't you? It was the horse apples that made us all cranky and crazy! And all that chicken sh-tuff all over the bus. I told you to clean it up Crusty! I'm not getting in there, it smells ICKY!! Gotta go get the roadies moving.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 02:17 PM
Now the stage is all empty
Let the roadies take the stage...

Hmmmmm, maybe we could get Jackson Browne to join us too, as long as we're dreaming big!

Crusty, you need to get a grip and get with the program, and I DO NOT mean your soaps!!! Snap to boy. We need you, so don't be wimping out on us with all that soap bull.

Bob Seger is officially on-board and I'm riding in his lap. He wants to absorb all shock from the bus so that I will feel good when we arrive at our next destination.
.............................................................................................................................................................................. (oh my, oh my, I'm gonna love this leg of the trip) Gotta go, Bob needs me wink

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 09/30/04 04:52 PM
Okay Linda, if that's how you want to be. Take him, he's yours. I must tell you Eric Clapton has contacted me....
Is Missy going to be all right? Horrendous thing that happened to her, and the nerve of that chicken dipping all but one feather, the gall. Oh, forget about the soaps, I have all of them on dvd for the next two years, all you have to do is change a bit of color, a few names, a little plot twist...it can all be done electronically.

Oh lay down, Sally....
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/01/04 05:39 PM
Wonder how many pages we'll end up getting here. I wanted to let you know that it is now 10:40 am, I have not eaten breakfast yet and I can honestly say that I smell toast cooking. I checked the oven and all is well so don't worry about a fire..but I honestly can smell toast..and I haven't taken any meds yet except synthroid. Care for a piece of toast anyone?? LOL
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/01/04 07:07 PM
I smell stuff all the time. I chalk it up to overactive sense of smell. I think about a food and I swear I can smell it, or it just comes out of the blue!
But I'm wierd anyway...yes I do know it!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/01/04 07:55 PM
Hey Crusty:
Has the chicken showed her beak around your place, or has she still flew the coop? I wanted to mention to you (if she is out of listening distance) that you were going to switch eggs or inject them with some dna from the MS. Has either of these things taken place? Oh, also, the toast was delicious, could I have your recipe?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/01/04 09:12 PM
Well, lo and behold, I looked out the bus window this morning and there was Eric Clapton and Layla. Got me on my knees!!! wink

Thanks to yall, I had to eat some toast today, not to mention the dozen or so brownies I ate. Sorry sorry sorry. I did try hard to kick the habit, but as Eric says "if you got bad news, wanna kick them blues...."

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/02/04 08:10 PM
Just answer a simple question Linda..if you are "lucid" enough to concentrate...do you have to have everything and everybody? Well, do you? Do you need another slap? I think maybe you do.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/02/04 11:57 PM
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 12:55 AM
MsJay, YES YES YES!!! It's my life goal to have everything and everyone. If I don't get my way, there's usually a scene. Trust me, you do not want to see it.

I have not had one brownie today. I've had 7! If I could just get MsNoah to give me some LI tea, I'd be in great shape. Maybe we could drop by the Betty Ford clinic on our tour....

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 01:44 AM
You continue this behaviour and I can certainly make that happen. A no "seen". You are embarrassing the entire group and the crew is threatening to quit if you don't keep some clothes on. And I thought I had problems with my poor baby Jav., who by the way is loving his visit with his daddy. Says his daddy has taught him some smooth moves and how to TCB...so, when he gets back he will be well equpped to shake um up baby, twist and shout! Imagine, a trio with Bob, Eric, and the king's son. You wouldn't want to miss that now would you little miss clothes resistant, scene stealing, brownie bloated, "has been" or is it "never was"! Viva the diva, viva the diva.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 02:10 AM
Please MsJay, PLEASE.....don't put me in the briar patch!!! I'll do anything to stay with the group. This group IS my life. I promise to behave, keep my mouth shut and my clothes on. I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Hmmmmmm, did I say needle? wink
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 05:38 AM
I see no problems with our intake, whatever it may be or clothing. There are however some personality conflicts going on and who made Ms. Jay the manager?? Who is supposed to be the manager anyway?? Linda, I may be aiding you in your problems, but I don't see any problem with your lifestyle. It seems fine to me. I think Ms. Jay wants to get rid of the competition!

Hi ms. Jay, I've missed you. Hold on while I lick my fingers. Been having some drumsticks. Yum. NO, I really really haven't seen stubby/stumpy anywhere. She hopped on a midnight train to Georgia. White feathers make a really good pillow by the way. Regarding genetically altering her eggs, it's done. I've had the eggs in an incubator since she's flown the coop and they've just hatched. I've never seen chickens like these before. They are black feathered with side burns. They keep dancing around moving their hips! I guess we know who the father of these little birdies is. I've already selected the pick of the flock. The rest of the chicks will go up to the mother ship so they can begin their special forces training. The one I'm keeping, who can sing by the way, I will name...Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck unless there is another name suggestion that is better. She has blue feet, maybe because her dad wore blue suede shoes. She is healthy and that's whats most important. Three toes and a thumb on each foot...just like it should be. Now I have a very important question for you Ms Jay. You've always been a special friend in the many years (or is it days) that we've known each other and I want you to be Miss Pricilla Cluck Clucks God Mother. I think its the only right thing to do. You've been so good to me and never stabbed me in the back even though it feels like it right now, and of course I would never talk bad about you, stab you in the back, or side against you ever. What do you think.

Linda, you've been such a good friend. Ms Pricilla cluck cluck needs a god mother.....

Elf, you've always been such a good friend...god mother....

Ms. Noah....You've always.... god mother... cool .
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 03:15 PM
YIPEE!!!! I'm gonna be a God Mother! Almost as good as being a Grandmother!
I am a Grandmother in training ya know. No grandbabies on the horizon, but I'm training anyway.

Now cut out the fussing girls. You all are stars. We need you to keep the customers happy.

MsNoah is the manager. She's in charge. She's got all the brownies, LI tea, Twinkies, barley pops, etc, etc. She's be doling them out from now on. And no more streaking, it's freaking everyone out! I tried that once but everyone told me that my clothes needed ironing.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 05:33 PM
This "god mother" business...well, I need to give this some serious thought. It sounds to me as if you are insinuating that mizz pricilla just may be akin to my Javis, and call me an old hen if you wish but I just have to cluck cluck cluck about the idea of that. Its, well, like, maudlin, and I have a headache just thinking of how I would ever ever explain this to myself, let along poor Javis. Boy is just finally getting his act together and to have to deal with this. well it may make him have a "set" back....should I make him as nest you think? Oh, and Linda, I am having a carrier bring you a package for a one week vacation to the Briar Patch Nudist Colony. I understand this is the best type of rehab for your problem. And Elf, I suggest you think long and hard about this god mother thing too...how you going to "splain" that to your own, when they get here. Lots of things to ponder, makes one wonder.
So, my loyal friend Crusty, let me get back to you on this, after the meeting I have with the AAGCC (American Agriculture & Geonome Cloning Commission).
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 06:37 PM
Thank you Crusty! You are my very best friend in the whole wide world. MsJay, I WON'T go to no nudist colony! Kinda takes the fun out of it, don't you see? I've also reconsidered my plan to go to Betty Ford too. I WON'T go! Did Janis Joplin go? nooooooooooooooooooooooo Did Stevie Nicks go? nooooooooooooooooooooooo So there! :p

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 09:21 PM
Ms. Jay, as you question whether Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck is the child of Elvis, here is something to think about. She has a tail, not just any tail, but a duck tail just like Elvis had..excuse me "has". Elvis isn't dead, he just went home! I learned that watching Men In Black. Her blood has already been drawn and the tests are being run to prove her parentage. Just be patient. If you get all nasty about this because you aren't the only mother of a love child (not counting the other alien child who married Michael Jackson), please remember that everything you do affect Miss Pricilla and you don't want to cut the ties to a relationship with her. She is after all Javis' half sister. It could make him have a set back, on the other hand, he will be the big brother and it may help him to mature having some responsibilities for his sister..like cleaning up the coop for example. Things could turn out really well for Javis. They could grow up together, get really close, then when adults marry and have a nest of their own and have children. This will keep the bloodlines pure. Things to think about.

Linda and Elf, I'm so glad you are going to be there for Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck. She needs some strong female influences to teach her how to be. She doesn't like clothes either, loves brownies, and strongly admires authority figures with painting dogs. She's a real gem. I have to go. She needs to be fed and is screaming for a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Just like her dad!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/03/04 09:43 PM
Well, Crusty, you've given me a lot to think on. I'll start as soon as I can find my thinking cap. I do not want to be judgemental, have absolutely no use for bigots, so I need to think long and hard. After all I haven't done much to crow about. Yes, that's right, I have some skeletons in my closet, I know I know, it's hard to believe.
But I was a teenage vampire, then I got lost in the sixties for a while, little things like that. But I am proud of how I have evolved, and would not want to revert to my previous ignorance. I'll try to hatch some type of arrangement that is workable. You know for sure I will always do what is best for "the family". And the chickens always come home to roost...yep, always.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/04/04 04:38 PM
Well Crusty, I think I have a solution. Are you ready? You sure? Okay, here it is?

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/04/04 06:52 PM
Being a God Mother has a lot of responsibility, but custody, even if shared is not one of them. I am Ms. Pricilla Cluck Cluck's legal guardian while her father is off doing what he does and her mother is on the Midnight Train to Georgia. I don't thing she'll be returning. I heard she may have run into some trouble with a crockpot. I pray for her safety. Anyone have a toothpick? She left in her will that Ms. PCC will stay with me. Me Me Me Me! cool
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/04/04 07:15 PM
You really think you would have a chance against me in chicken court? I don't know about the pot but what a crock!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/05/04 02:14 AM
If you two don't settle your differences, Miss Priscilla cluck cluck will have to live with me temporarily. I bought a new crockpot today and I'm dying to make my chicken stroganoff. Yummmmm!!!

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/05/04 01:37 PM
Miss Priss is out here with me in the guard shack, we've bolted the door and no one's getting in. She heard about her Mom and is clucking mad.

Her wardrobe designer was here and she's been fitted with lots of beads and spangles on her outfits. She may be young, but she's really smart. She paid for her outfits herself with chickenfeed. The show must go on....
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/05/04 09:37 PM
Well, I've spent the whole day with the Master, in court. This custody business gets hairy, what with being the "paternity" of Miss Priss is just one of the several things to be settled. First, the core of the chicken, her authentic self must be explored, as Dr. Phil says. She is the only one who can decide who and what she is. The court did pick a jury today. Animal kingdom was well represented, considering the situation of this court ....a great big rooster I think he called himself foggy...maybe he said outside looked foggy, not sure, and of course, the kangaroo was there, it is a court. Will know something soon. I am sure this will go in my favor, if the jury doesn't chicken out.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/06/04 09:12 AM
Horay, the court has found in my favor. Miss Priss however likes Elf better! She has filed for emancipation (sound it out if the spellings off because I lost the dictionary) with one stipulation...1) No Crock Pots, Frying Pans, Ovens, Roasters, Grills, Hatchets, or any other chick threatening device. Even though you may think we ate stubby, it was KFC, not stubby. Very possibly a relative of stubby's though. We thought she had met her maker, but we just received a telegraph message from her saying that she is now on her way home. She ran out of money and is hitchhiking home from Georgia. I think without any toes, especially thumb toes, it may be a long, long trip.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/06/04 03:51 PM
It's not that she "likes" Elf more, she just feels secure being out of your reach. The first time she looked at you she was totally freaked out, then you start grooming her like she's some kind of a person, and she doesn't even know what she is. She needs time..time to find herself, and you are just soooo greedy, you put your needs
to exploit this poor thing far above her need to find security and discover who she really is, and what she wants to do and be. You should be ashamed, but you know no shame, word is lost on you, and from the master's mouth to your ears "this matter will be decided in due time, and no one will hurry this decision. This is a delicate and personal matter, and when we find out who put it all on the front page of Rolling Stone can expect, to begin with, seeing a change in the color of their finger nails and toe nails from clear to a noticeable purple. This is just the beginning of what will be a rather long and brutal makeover for this traitor." Beware, the worst is yet to come.
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/06/04 09:25 PM
HA! While y'all argue, Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck hid away with me.

I enrolled her in "The Swan." Let's see which one of you recognize her when she's done!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/06/04 09:58 PM
Well, I hope Crusty is happy now, Javis will never know his little chickie sis. Happy are you with your two- faced backstabbing pathological lying, you asian diaper, you you sackapoopoo!
I'm sure you are!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/07/04 12:19 AM
Crusty, look how you've upset MsJay now. Shame shame!!! You are in time-out so go sit in the corner. Getting back on track now, let's not forget why we are here. We are the world, we are the people, we are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's keep giving. Hmmmmmm....I should write a song. Oh yeah, getting back on track - now what was I saying? The brownies have taken a toll on me, but I do my best song-writing and chicken sitting after a few.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/07/04 12:36 AM
Oh Linda, he doesn't care about anyone else, just me me me me me. Same old Crusty. Glad you are not too upset about not getting to be godmother to Ms Priss. You will get your turn, trust me.
And Linda, as much as I hesitate to bring this up, you know I would never ever say anything except to help you. So in that vein, would you do me a favor and listen to your singing, and the songs you write after you have been brownie free for 72 hours. Can you go 72 hours without a brownie. I have faith that you can. You are strong, and I know you will take this with the sincerity it's given.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/07/04 05:40 AM
I'm not one to just sit back and take this like a man. No way! NOT ME. I hopped in the car and drove right over to save Miss Priss from her unpredictable fate that The Swan had to offer. She could have had so much plastic surgery that she'd have a permanent smile! Imagine that on a chicken for goodness sake. Anyway, part of the swan change has already taken place but was not completed so she looks a bit more like a goose. Where are her beautiful sideburns and duck tail?? What were you ladies thinking when you came up with this idea?? I've upset Ms. Jay??? I'm the one who should be getting all the attention because I'm upset and I will not sit in the corner. NO No NO! Make me! Besides, the only thing that ever worked on me was a good swat, not a time out. What a joke! All I'd do in a corner is color my way out of it with a purple crayon.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/07/04 04:10 PM
Man? You have the audacity to call yourself a man after what you've done? I would rather have had her finish the swan song than to be back in your greedy little paws. You will only exploit her for the many things she has no control over, while you rake it in...money that is. You got gall, to crow about what's been done to you. Why don't you go to church and sit with the skunk, since he always sits in his own pew.
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/08/04 03:29 AM
Goodness Gracious! You're complaining about a permanent smile? Isn't that better then the frowns most chickens have??

AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!! I feel like the Aflack duck listining to "Yogi-isms."

Smiles are tres-important when singing, ya know!

Geesh! (go figure x6, or is it 7 by now?)
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/08/04 04:40 AM
How is she going to be able to go to her mothers funeral with a smile?? Wait a minute! I already convinced you her mommy was still alive after I had thrown stubby in the crock pot....where will this story go now?? :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/08/04 08:34 PM
That was crow you were eating in that crock pot, sonny boy!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/09/04 02:01 AM
MsJay, did you say crow? I am the President of the SPCC and if what you say is true, Crusty is in some big trouble. We are talking jail time. Abusing crow can be costly.

Courts in Session:

Crusty, what say you to the charges against you?

No response? Then I will have to find you GUILTY!

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/09/04 06:20 AM
Oh no! I'm in jail in maricopa county..home of pink boxer shorts, tent cities and bologna sandwiches thanks to the honorable sheriff Joe Arpaio! I don't think any of this is fair because I never received a subpoena. Miss pricilla has already come to visit to support. She's a wonderful young chick and I've taught her well. This is a false allegation anyway do to the fact that there are no crows in arizona! There are only RAVENS, a larger version of the crow..but not a crow! HA! It is therefore impossible for me to ingest crow in our beautiful Grand Canyon state...Arizona. I've contacted the governor with this information and she is filling out the paperwork so I will be released first thing in the morning. Na na na na na na. :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/10/04 04:42 PM
There is a stipulation that says crows/ravens are considered one and the same, and therefore you will need to come up with something better to get out of jail. I could give you a "ge out of jail card" if you made it worth my while. But then, I believe however, that one flew over the cuckoo's nest and landed smack in the middle of j a i l. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to jail he goes, what kinda bird can't fly, yep you got it, jailbird!!!!!your reputation was in shambles, now it's just gone, Crusty. You may be a legend in your own mind, but then most cuckoos are. Oh, stay as long as you wish, I've taken Ms. Priss, we are having a lovely visit, we are going to let her meet her brother in a couple of days, just need to let her sort of see what real livin is like first.
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/10/04 11:32 PM
Crusty, the REAL Miss Priss is with me hidden away very carefully. Even Elf and Linda don't know where she is. I sent a clone to scout out Ms Jay to see what she and her alien master have in store for the rest of us. Evildoers, they are! EVILDOERS!!!! eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/11/04 12:03 AM
Moi? Evil? MsNoah, I'm shocked that you would malign my good name in such a manner. What have I done that would give you such a low impression of me, MsJay?
I'm going now to look in the mirror and say, "it's okay, you are mahvelus, mahvelus"...but I have little doubt that you have just now sent me running back to the shrink's couch. Woe is me, alas, woe is me. Why do they insist on doing this to me....why me, oh heavens, why me? Now I'm internalizing, self esteem is in the toilet, along with my feelings of self worth and empowerment. On your conscience MsNoah...Your's and your's alone.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/11/04 03:32 AM
Well looks like ms jay is cracking. The master delivered the paternity tests to us..yes "tests". Elvis is not the father. Yanni is Miss Prisses true biological father. The mother on the other hand is confusing because Miss Priss seems to be related to all of us. She is some kind of genetic mix. She has the best qualities from each of us. I don't know how they determined my genetic material was on the maternal side, but it is. I will be out of jail soon because missy slipped me a file and shovel in a cake. I wont use the file because it will take too long. I'll use the shovel and dig my way out. It shouldn't take long because the ground is very soft. Just have a car waiting at the fence.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/11/04 04:53 PM
I think you are in a stable, and it aint dirt you're shoveling!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/14/04 07:24 PM
The plot thickens...

Just received word that Miss Priss and Javis have eloped!!! When no one was looking they snuck off to Vegas! They are legally married and off on their honeymoon. Miss Priss had herself legally emancipated and so did Javis. They tied the knot on Sunday!

OH MY GOSH...what next??
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/14/04 10:40 PM
Please excuse me for a time. I'm sorry but I'm in mourning, and looking everywhere for my black shawl. Be patient please.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/15/04 01:22 AM
I don't know about all this. What I do know is that Ms Priscilla and Javis have disappeared, and SO HAS CRUSTY! Anyone make that connection? I just knew it! He's probably got them featured in a Vegas show about right now. It would not surprise me one bit to find out that HE had married Ms Priscilla. He's awfully crazy about her.....or maybe that should be "he's just awfully crazy". MsJay, don't you worry your pretty little head about this. We will get this all straightened out. We can, of course, have the marriage annulled, since Crusty is NOT of sound mind. eek

Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/15/04 03:22 AM
Prissy and Javis are here with me and my broken computer. I've councelled them against the upcomming nuptuals. I hear Crusty yelling here and there for them but we keep real quiet.

Stay tuned...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/15/04 05:34 PM
My voice just carries. I'm still in jail! ..file, file, file, file... The shovel handle broke. ..file, file, file, file.. When the jailers ask what I'm doing, I tell them I have really thick toe nails I'm filing off. ...file, file... While in jail, I don't get access to the internet every day so you'll have to be patient. This is after all one of those country club jails. Bologna sandwich anyone?? Caviar??
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/15/04 08:11 PM
Crusty must be in there with Martha! LOL Watch out for the curtains Crusty!!

I just got an email from the "kids". They snuck away while MsNoah wasn't looking, stole her car and made it to Vegas. This time they did get married and won't tell anyone where they are. They told me to tell MsNoah she can retrieve her car behind the Mirage. It does have some tickets in the glove box and it has a flat tire.

OH MY!! Get the hankie out for MsJay, she's gonna need it now. What to do...what to do eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/15/04 10:06 PM
Oh Elf, thank you and you too Linda for your concern for me. I found my shawl and have wrapped it around my cold cold empty arms, and I will rock and think, think and rock and draw into myself to find somewhere that inner strengh to get through this. Rev.Jimmy has come to help me, and I must say Rev. Baker has been a great source of solace. I understand he had something similar happen to him. I just keep rocking to the rhythm of why, oh why, why, oh why, it's just may be too much for my fragile soul to bear.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/16/04 07:04 AM
Yes, Martha is my neighbor a couple cells down. She's already decorating and put a foo foo comforter on her bed. She definitely isn't going to make it in here. We plan to do special things to her food tomorrow and see if she like it. I'm in charge of the lemonade! shocked I am drinking lots of water to prepare.

Ms. Jay, I should have been more sensative to you all these years. I didn't realize how this would affect you. Here, have a few sheets of my toilet paper to blot your tears. T.P. is expensive here in the big house, but I give my afternoon ration to you!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/16/04 02:11 PM
Poor MsJay, don't grieve. I got another email from the kids. Miss Priss found out that you are very upset and she told Jav that they are coming home to live with you. She doesn't have her own Mom, so you are Mom now. Isn't that great. You not only have a son, but now a daughter! And soon you'll have Grandbabies to tend. Just imagine...Purple chickies with sideburns!

Crusty, watch out for Martha. I hear she can get very snappish! Special lemonade huh? Remind me never to eat or drink anything you make or bring to a picnic! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/17/04 01:16 AM
I just got some awful news! They are condemning my house immediately..something about a drive-in going up. Will give you a forwarding address as soon as I get there.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/17/04 03:57 AM
That sure is convenient once the incestuous couple is heading to your home Ms. Jay. I guess I'll have to prepare a of spare bunk/coop in my cell now that I'm having visitors. The master said that he saw ms jay loading up her car with a stick with a hobo's back attached, a big lazy boy, her bag of meds, and a mysterious sparkly box. Wonder what's in the box??? The plot thickens again!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/17/04 02:39 PM
I just heard that MsJay left a message in the local newspaper for Jav and Miss Priss...

I've moved...no forwarding address!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/17/04 06:22 PM
Return to sender, address unknown,
no such number, no such phone...
Going underground is not just a matter of finding
a hole to hide, you need assistance, which is being supplied by the Master, he has many many bunkers. Waiting right now in hiding until my ticket to Afghanistan, please offer my apologies to my dear dear son and that prissy thing Crusty has produced is not his sister at all, but Jav is a spitting image of me, and he will be removed from that hawkish situation ASAP! What can she ever offer him? A peck on the cheek, some scrambled eggs, certainly nothing to crow about, and there will be not one peep out of her!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/18/04 03:59 AM
But Miss Priss is his sister Ms. Jay! The paternity tests showed all of us are part of her genetic makeup..she's a mutant! So Ms. Jay, sit down, take a deep breath! Ms. Priss is your daughter! Your son and your daughter married in las vegas! Sorry to break the news so harshly, but you haven't been facing the facts. If the facts weren't so funny, I probably wouldn't rub your nose in it! laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/18/04 06:18 PM
I know who's the mutant here and it's not Pris, or the Ninja Turtles.....It's you!You!You! Who injected the eggs, who handled the DNA testing. Yep, look in the mirror, if your heart can take it. Shameful behaviour, probably got hanging chads all over you from the last fiasco!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/21/04 07:07 PM
I've found a new career. I've been hired by a major media mogul to oversee his comic book division. I know i will thrive in this intellectual atmosphere. Just what I've needed, I knew time would lead me to the right place, oh yeah...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/22/04 01:52 AM
Well, I guess everyone has been looking for me, HUH? Life isn't as fun with crusty in jail. Honestly, we've been expecting snow this week and got it today. Neither of us have felt very good and finally forced ourselves to go get groceries today and got home before the big snow started. It rained and rained this morning. Water running everywhere. Now snow and it's really snowing hard and it's the real wet snow too. I love it. I don't like the cold but I love how beautiful it is. Last week the leaves were changing and now it's snowing. The dense clouds interfere with my internet service (satelite) so if you don't hear from me for a few days, the clouds are passing over us. Love and kisses (as if you were family of course) to all, crusty
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/22/04 03:56 PM
Okay Crusty, since you are still slammed, and sick too, I am going to break down and send you the complete set of "Loomer, Space Hero". I know I know, it's a big gift, also valuable, but you deserve it. All first editions and signed by Loomer himself. You're welcome.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 02:21 AM
What's a Loomer?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 02:56 AM
Ooooh, just think about it, Loomer, he comes from the root word LOOM..Master thinks he is psychotic, I know better, but he's the biggest thing to hit comic books since The Phantom. Oooh, watch yourself, don't dogear any of the books, he gets real mad and he sometimes reacts. Some say that's how he got his name. but with Halloween almost upon us, I would not want to mislead anyone or do anything to upset him or his cohorts. If you do, you take your chances...beware. Loomer well, he l o o m s. mad eek
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 04:57 PM
Hello, over here in the "silly" section LOL anyone willing to me a "wee" insight to this posting,I have a quick "keek" now and again but I still can't quite work out this one!! but " I WANT TO PLAY TOO" please or i'll spit my dummy out.

The translation from Scottish to American is avalible for a one off payment of $1,000,000, see I'm feeling better and really mischevious :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 07:05 PM
Laura, Sure, you can play with us. Somehow this involves us all being in a band that isn't talked about as much because of all the fighting over lead singer and who was the best. So much back biting! Ms. Jay is the mother of Elvis child..(yes "the elvis") and she never lets us forget about it. Elvis is alive and well on the mother ship. He's an alien with the rest of us and Ms. Jay wants to overthrough the world. I'm part of the resistance. Oh, I have a chicken who was part of the band and had no feet. She accidently ended up in a crockpot, but I still had her eggs that I injected the genetic material of everyone here including you Laura. I keep one of the chicks and names her Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck. She ended up marrying her brother in LAS VEGAS. Ms Jay didn't take that well. These are some of my favorite parts to the story. Anyone care to hit the parts I left off? Maybe this will serve as a refresher so we can get back to the band tour. Now that we have another new singer..LAURA..where will the plot go??

Ms Jay
OHHH. I thought you were talking about some kind of weaver, loom operator for fabric and rugs. I never know with you if you've just lost it again and I have to tie your bib on until you return to reality or the guys in white suits come.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 08:01 PM
Oh oh can i have a white jumpsuit sooooooooooo 70's and some spangly bits too, oh please don't inject eggs with my DNA you'll get a mutant for sure!!! Now about those aliens tell them they can't whizz me about to fast in the saucer or I'll look like something out a crockpot!! eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 08:01 PM
The "men" come in purple costs now....geez, get with the program would ya?

Normally you can tell when Crusty is lying, his lips are moving, also his hands, head, well, you get it...oh...do you hve bobbleheads there too? Join right in, just don't think you can be the DIVA, maybe a diva-in-training, how's that sound?
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 08:20 PM
oh obviously i don't get to be the DIVA for a good while yet I need to watch the more experenced in action, catch the groove and all that, pick up some moves; Hows Miss Pricilla Cluck Cluck eggspecting the patter of tiny webbys yet,...Oh I want to be an Auntie, I'll get the incubator and bread ends ready. Oh am I allowed to model myself on someone like maybe a "Doris Day" with attitude!?! laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 09:12 PM
Oh yes, Laura, you will need training. Just think of it as me being...say Barbra S. and you being say Courtney Love, see where I'm going here...good. Now if Linda T comes along and tells you that SHE is the diva, don't listen, we just let her labor under that illusion. No babies, like I said, Crusty is in jail, how does he know what's going on. Start working on your moves and I'll be advisisng you when you need help. Just let me know. Welome to our band, FUSION. Our theme song is "everybody's doing the locofusion"
Senora MsJay
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 09:27 PM
Oh dear what will I do that LindaT is a good friend of mine, I'll need to be in denial and not let on, sure theres no room for two DIVAs? oh silly course theres not.......... eek Oh but do I need to be like Courtney I know I look hellish in the morning, but that was a sharp blow to the sacroiliac ouch :p eehhh thinking I want to be a bit of a siren, you know I don't get out of bed for less than $10,000(or without strong painkillers) it'll not be said I'm cheap...no save that for Miss Pricilla (and in a bird like fashion) i would never insinuate anything else....No I think I need to model my self on Tammy Wynette or someone, maybe even good ole Dolly...small and violent, and whys my uncle Crusty in jail...What's the bail set at, he wasn't caught peddling those black market COX-B inhibitors again after them being banned, honestly.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 09:52 PM

Oh wait, that's me...nevermind

Glad you could come join the circus Laura. Oh, I mean the "band". LOL
I see you jumped right in, that's good. None of us really knows what's going on here, but it is a heck of a lot of fun isn't it?

Got another email from the "kids". They'll be arriving ar your house in a day or two MsJay.
Did you move yet? Comic books huh? Sounds like you found your niche.

Crusty, they let you out of jail for lack of evidence. Didn't they tell you? Maybe having your door unlocked has escaped your attention. It also might have been some bad chicken that has got your mind all "wacko". Or you got feather on the brain.

Where the heck did MsNoah get to? Did she go off to find the "kids"?? She's been gone for days. I hope she didn't get lost.

Linda, where did you put all your outfits? They are missing from the bus! Did Jav and Prissy steal them to go to vegas? Or maybe they sold them in Vegas.

You ought to check your costume locker too MsJay. They may have looted the whole bus.
I gotta go and see if my whip and handcuffs are still there. I think Jav is kinky and may have stole them too.
Gonna have a huge insurance claim from this!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/23/04 10:06 PM
Well, well, another Linda Evangalista, who would have guessed....$10,000.00 to get out of bed. I bet I could put a snake under there, and you would move it in a hurry.ooh I'm sneaky. I have a very suspicious feeling that Linda just may have stole her costumes, someone fitting her description was seen trying out for Cirque Soleil, (I have spies everywhere, when Crusty comes towards his cell door we make a clanging noise and he thinks it' "light outs". He is soooo easy. Now that Linda, she just may be with my baby boy also, would not doubt anything when it comes to her, she is soooo starved for attention..Stick with me if you want to go places, I mean, really go places...No, that is NOt a threat.! mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 12:17 AM
I was just talking to the master and have some shocking news. Javis has been really busy with the human abduction machine that takes people when they sleep. It may just be rumor, but the master said that almost all the women on the planet are carrying Jav's offspring. Laura is carrying twins. Guess what Ms. Jay..you too! How are we going to feed all these children? Can't you control your son Ms. Jay? He's getting into everything and I mean everything! They know he did it because he left his purple crayon on the abduction machine! If he wanted to take over the world with his offspring, he could have just donated at the banks,but noooo! He has to be all dramatic about it! I left a clone in my place at the jail. He's a little dumb, but he is a warm body. I've been doing some spy work for the master and this is the evil plot I've uncovered. The secret is now out. It's too late to take the day after controversial pill because he did it a week ago!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 11:25 AM
oh No this just won't do I was safe when I just stuck to the other side(of the message board) Ms Jay you can tell that Jarvis I'm coming after him for ever last nickle he's got for child maintanence...I had a career there the bright lights on broadway were calling me, I'd ordered my spangley suit and was going run that Dion DIVA out of town............But now I carrying the Kid's from V!!!!it just won't do no no no...And as for you Crusty you just get back to that room I wallpapered for you in that very PADDED wallcovering, no sharp objects now, and lay off the E'numbers, no more coco pops for you boy............ :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 05:41 PM
Calm down, Laura, calm down. It's a totally new kind of "with chick/child". much more light and fluffy, much like a souffle, or a good omelette. The master manages the entire pregnancy, and it will never show. I don't know how he does it now, but he lets you carry all the various molecues in varying parts of the body, then brings them together out of the pores at the perfect time. Whoo, I'm really getting "out there".
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 07:55 PM
Okay, so you are saying that Jarvis is really no different than a popped pimple when he is removed from your body?? cool

I like FRUIT LOOPS better Laura, could you please make that change to my scheduled meal? Otherwise I'll continue to throw my food, both digested and not digested, around the room for you to clean up! How do you expect me to act when I'm being held captive by a Mad Woman.

I have a secret internet ring that I hide on me (yes think about that)and I can still have internet access to sceam for HELP! HELP! I'm being held hostage! frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 08:00 PM
Why you ask Crusty? You got a lot of pimples? Could be you've "contaminated" yourself. Would that be justice or what? I love it.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/24/04 08:02 PM
Oh, you scared me Ms. Jay! I was editing and BAM, there you were. No, I have no pimples, but your birthing process sounds a lot like popping a few or several in Javis' case.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 01:03 AM
That is utterly ridiculous. The Master deals in science, not poor hygiene and poor eating habits and bad heredity and eating too much chocolate, and such. His breeding expertise is NOT something he has told me much about, be glad you know what you do, and be very very careful, you could be a first for something. Pimples indeed!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 01:36 AM
Thank goodness I don't sleep too well. I'd have seen the kid coming! Roxy would have bit him in the tookus.

Calm down everyone, Crusty has just been reading one of MsJay's new comic books. Poor Crusty, he gets things all confused since his unfortunate incarceration. No one's expecting, at least not by Jav. That poor kid doesn't even know about the birds and the bees yet. He's been trying to balance on Prissy's back. What he's REALLY been doing is sending purple crayons to thousands of people all over the world.

Who stole my handcuffs and my whip? HUH?? WHO??
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 01:55 AM
We are the world, we are the purple..uh, I mean people..
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 02:26 AM
Okay people, I go away for a few days to rest my lovely and talented voice, and now I return and yall just seem to be incoherent (or is it me?). First, let's get this straight: I AM the #1 DIVA with the most beautiful and outrageous costumes. I look like JLo but younger and with a much smaller butt wink Also, let me put to rest the rumor that I left the band for Cirque de Soleil. That is OLD news and I have been there, done that! They have begged for my return and offered me a multi-million dollar contract, but my heart is with The Band. I have no stolen costumes, nor am I in possession of Miss Priss, Javis or the purple crayons. I also want to point out that I WILL do anything for attention. Does anyone have a problem with that??????? I didn't think so.

Laura, welcome to the bus. Please keep all hands, arms and personal possession inside the bus at all times. Believe me, Crusty can be a very reckless driver and I've heard a rumor that MsJay has "obtained" a lot of new costumes from an unknown source. So, a word to the wise should be sufficient. Again, welcome. Sit back and enjoy the ride if you can.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 03:05 PM
So, you are out of rehab huh? Doesn't sound like it did you much good. Have you taken care of that other little problem, uh, the nudity thingy.
And please, don't scare our latest member off before I get her trained. She is my diva-in-waiting and she's working on her songs, moves, and all as we speak, er type.
She's an adult, don't be telling her to keep her hands inside the bus, she learned that riding the school bus.
I can see there will be more trouble ahead, and I dont need that what with my other career, this multitasking gets harder and harder, and i wish you would be a help and not a hindrance. Please try Linda, for the sake of the band. Also, if you sooperate, I will share my Comic Book earnings to help back the band in slow times, like we have had since you got us run off the island. Remember that?
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 03:35 PM
Please no fighting or I'll go back and sit in the duck pond !?! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 05:05 PM
That gives a whole new meaning to "cooling it", but we thrive on fighting. It keeps us going, and going, and going, oh that's the energizer bunny isn't it?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 05:26 PM
MsJay, I will do my best to be sooperative (?) in making The Band the best it can be. However, I cannot promise that I will eat no more brownies, nor can I make any promises regarding nudity. I do have a problem, I will admit that, and I am working on that. I will take one day at a time and be all that I can be. We are the world, we are the children.....

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 05:28 PM
They aren't fighting, it's good natured fun. It's been going on here since the beginning and no harm is meant by anyone. Just jump in and have fun yourself. It's more like role playing, we have all taken on a "personna" and are "in character" as it were. Find a "personna" of your own, I like the feisty one you had when you jumped in on the last page. That was great!

We are all friends and would never purposely hurt anyone's feelings. This whole off topic post is "tongue in cheek" jabbing. We are allowing ourselves to be someone we are not in our real lives. In real life, I am the nurturer, little sister, big sister, shoulder to cry on...etc. Here I can be a nut! and I take full advantage of it.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 08:40 PM
I'm now sitting in the duck pond too. The dogs ate all my ducks, but it is still a duck pond. Don't worry, I have my swim rings on so I will not drown. I did have to go to the bathroom, but not anymore. Hope you don't mind laura!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/25/04 08:42 PM
One more thing..I don't want to have to take sides in this on going conflict between Linda and Ms. J, but I will if I have too!! I side with anyone who didn't get me thrown in jail!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/26/04 09:51 AM
Hi, elf its ok, i relise those two loons opps! eek I mean tallented people are "at It," it all just Diva talk.

:p Crusty you dam stinker don't you dare gas my ducks again or you'll be put in huggies, i'm telling Ms Pricilla on you uck uck cool

Yes Msjay I think "time out" in the duck ponds a good idea, and if anyones real bad it can be after Crustys' been in, I wish someone would just by him a spa bath, And please cancel the order for baked beans, its no wonder hopalog lost a leg LOL

Now i've been in touch with "Cartier" and got us a couple of items for the "Caeser" show, and Linda I've manged to get you a dimond incrusted thong, so for heavens sake cover that area at least. I'm affraid they are small dimonds so'll you'll just need to try your best LOL
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/26/04 01:53 PM
WOOHOO Linda...you got sparkly bling bling!!

Crusty, that's just nasty! We don't swim in your toidy.

Laura, glad to hear you are having fun with the rest of us. Keep Crusty in line for us, OK?

I'm closing in on the culprit who stole the handcuffs. I think I heard the whip crack.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/26/04 08:22 PM
Oh Laura, you've gone and done it now, we will never get a top on her again. I wished I would have explained her lil uh problem better, too late now. I have started a new song, a slow one, I thought it would be a good change of pace, so see what you think...now I'm not done and I am open to suggestions:

I wish I was a bird who could sit outside your window...
Just like when the coal is burned it becomes a
That's how my heart burns when you leave me honey,
And even more, when you leave me with no money.......
Catchy huh? man writing is such hard work, I need a rest, this intellectual work is much harder than just singing. Maybe a short walk in a nice autumn atmosphere along with a little Walt Whitman or Henry Thoreau, sitting by the pond, pondering things like when did fingernails
stop being a utility and became items of beauty, oh the wondering and pondering never leads me to the real answers I am looking for. Sniff, I need to go now. Git outta here ducks, go go!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/26/04 10:39 PM
How come everybody picks on me? What did I ever do? I know I've made a few small mistakes, but I don't understand what the big deal is about peeing in the pond! What do you think the ducks and fish are doing?? I guarantee you..its more than peeing!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 02:30 AM
Oh Crusty, get over yourself already! ME ME ME.
We got bigger problems. You got all kinds of time now, so work on my song, do something constructive instead of destructive for a change,
I'm having writers block (my purple pen died).
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 11:26 AM
Poor Crusty! It's just that you keep doing things that are icky! I don't mean to yell, I'm sorry we hurt your feelings. <passing Crusty a sucker and patting him on the head>.

MsNoah stole my handcuffs and whip! I just wonder who she's gonna use them on?? eek

<grumbling> gotta get this crew back in the bus somehow! This is going to be a monumental feat. What with all the costumes, livestock, food, and ego's, there won't be room for anything else. Who's been buying all this stuff??
Elf confused
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 01:30 PM
Elf, the girls have been blowing all the money around here. There was a casting call for fembots in the new Austin Power's movie and they all got parts. Laura, Ms. Jay and Ms. Noah wont give the studio the bra pistols back and keep scaring me. Linda, OF COURSE, gave her's back right away and walked of the studio with only her sparkly you know what on! I may be icky but at least I know when to keep my clothes on and am not running around in a fembot bra!! They've been shooting the bras on street corners for a few bucks racking in the dough! I thought I saw stubby on a KFC commercial last night. I immediately called the master to see if we can rescue her from the deep fryer.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 03:11 PM
Oh Crusty:
Please don't make stubby leave a job she loves. I heard from her and she is so so happy. She's got a long term contract with the colonel to do advertising, has met one cool rooster, and seems to have really got her life going in a good way. Says her rooster love carries her around on his back, they go shopping for health food in the chicken feed store, go look at feather extensions, just really having something to crow about. Think about it please before you involve the master.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 05:28 PM
Okay, if that's what stubby wants. BUT, what about the fembot bra?? Are you going to give it back to the movie studio before someone gets hurt? You've been shooting live rounds you know! I have a hole in my cowboy hat.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 05:40 PM
Oh take the dang thing...it misfires anyhow!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 05:49 PM
That's what MsNoah needed the handcuff's for!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/27/04 11:10 PM
I can't turn my head for 5 minutes without yall fighting amongst yourselves. Come to think of it....I just can't turn my head, ha ha ha ha ha! Anyway, I'm back and it's time to settle down and get the job done for The Band. Regardless of what has been said, I do not own a thong or a fembot (whatever THAT is), but I do have some, as we call it in Texas, blang blang on my thang thang!!!!

Soooooooo, back to work. Who's on first?

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/28/04 03:34 AM
No, who's on second? HAHHAHA. couldn't resist.
Now to the big question....uh, why are you being so nice, Linda? What's going on? You mean, like, you accept me as #1 Diva Mamma? You settling for #2 without a dueling diva fit? Oh, your sneaky, this is NOT, I say NOT the Linda I know. What's up? What you mean?What you pulling? Fess up now. Let's get on with MY song and you know you gonna feel all better when your clear your conscience. Come on now, it'll be okay, just tell MsJay, okay? It'll be all better, I promise. Just do the right thing. smile
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/29/04 01:42 PM
Now I thought we'd better get some material together for the show.With a little help from my friend mark....

Here comes Crusty and he'll tell you the story
Hand me down mu walkin' shoes
Here come Crusty out the shower in all his glory
Backbeat the talkin' blues
He got the action, he got the motion
Yeah, the boy can play
Dedication devotion
Turning all the night time into the day

We’ll do the song about the Spondylitis
We’ll do the song about the knife
We'll do the walk, we’ll do the walk of life

Here comes Lindy singing oldies, goldies
Be-Bop-A-Lula, Baby What I Say
Here comes Lindy singing I Gotta Thong
Down in the Las Vegas, trying to make it pay
She got the action, she got the motion
Yeah the girl can swing
Decidation devotion
Turning all the night time into the day

And after all the nonsence and double talk
This is just a song of our trouble and our strife
We do the walk, We do the walk of life

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/29/04 03:41 PM

Laura's a song writer, way cool Laura.
I love the song.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/29/04 03:51 PM
Well well well.....looks like we got ourselves a song-writing Diva!!! Love it, Laura! You do realize that now we'll have to change your name. How about Shauntiqua? Zeyonce? We have some time to think about that and we are open to suggestions.

How MsJay, what would make you think I'm devious? Nooooooooo, not me. I'm just a good-ole girl never meaning no harm. Ohhhhhh, I feel a song coming on. Take it away, Zeyonce!!! Zeyonce??? It's just too early for me I guess frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/29/04 04:07 PM
I could be hurt that you made a big fuss over Laura's song, and totally ignored mine, but I am way above such trivial drivel.
Congratulations, Laura (sniff) guess you just need a few more of those "bed days" they might become very productive...oh I mean nothing like that, I am speaking of your writing. why's everybody always picking on me (starting to sympathize with Crusty)!!!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/29/04 09:25 PM
I'm not picking on you <patting head now and giving you a sucker>.

Here you can have a huggie blankie too! Don't worry, we ordered you all some;


It's being shipped out today!
That ought to help with the writing! Nothing like a sparkly thang thang LOL
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 12:04 AM
WooHoo and YeeHaw!

I can't tell you what I've been up to with those handcuffs and whips but...

Anyway, Linda please write some more songs for us and Elf, I need some underground agents. Are you up to the challange (you'll NEVER guess what Miss Priss and Javis have up their sleeves, um feathers, um, uh...oh whatever the heck they are)? Oh and Linda, if you would encode some info in your lyrics for us you will be greatly rewarded!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 01:36 AM
Earth to MsNoah! Earth to MsNoah! Master wants you to be checked, thinks your wiring may have gone awry. I will overlook the fact that you did not even bother to mention my song, let alone, give LINDA the credit for our new and dear Laura's song sniff, sniff...I am seriously thinking about having Master give me a new assignment. You people (taking a little liberty there) just do not appreciate my genius! Ah, but the Master does...Might just find those cuffs on your own wrists, might just have to whip you into shape., yep..good possibility, very good possibility.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 02:59 AM
MsNoah, while I appreciate the compliments, I cannot take credit for Laura's (aka Zeyonce's) songs. I'm just the muse laugh

Now MsJay, don't you be getting your feelings hurt. You know you are NUMERO UNO in my book. You rock my world, etc.

Geez, these creative types are so sensitive. It's not easy being me me me me me......

P.S. - Hope you have made the appropriate alterations to Crusty's blang blang for his thang thang. :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 03:59 AM
Oh, good thinking, Linda. You are really on the ball!
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 04:35 AM
Aw hell, you all know I get names mixed up! I ment to say LAURA... OH LAURA.... Please don't get insulted...I'm SO not good with names (uh, DUH!).

Anyway, gotta go. Not my computer. Mine's broke.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 02:17 PM
Underground?? What you up to MsNoah??? Do I have to dress up again?? I love my jeans, don't wanna wear anything else.

Crusty's blang blang has been ordered special. And he better wear it once it gets here. That's one I really wanna see. We already KNOW YOU CAN WRITE MsJay! Keep up the good work!!

Where did Laura get off to? She writing again?

I told you all MsNoah took my handcuffs and whip!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 04:15 PM
Well Elf, if you're sure I am properly appreciated, guess it will be okay for me to take a little time off from this tough writing schedule and take my baby for a walk. She's been chirping all day, and yesterday too, begging to go for a walk. I am so afraid for her, that crazy Pricilla cluckity cluck may be hiding out somewhee around here, can't be too careful, and my baby, Paris Parakeet just wouldn't have a chance. She drags me so when we walk, that is another drawback, but oh well, I do love her so. :p
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 07:18 PM
OH MsJay, you crack me up! I just can't wait to see Crusty in his blang blang!!! Do you think he's hiding out to avoid the "display"?

WHO is Paris? Did I miss something while I was in rehab.....uh I mean while I was on vacation?

P.S. - Write on!!!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 07:41 PM
Linda...we havn't been able to find Crusty anywhere. As soon as we talked about the blang blang...he hi-tailed it. If he wants to be on-stage talent, he's gotta dress the part. Maybe he's hiding Missy again. Notice she's been absent for ages? I think he duct-taped her into the rumble seat on the bus.

Glad you are back from your extended "vacation". Are you well rested now? Looks like you lost some weight. Your blang blangs kinda hangin', have to call the seamstress.

Real life note here...I'll be gone Tuesday through Thursday. Be back on Friday. Gotta go back to Mayo.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 08:08 PM
Oh Paris is not part of this band, Linda, just my little baby bird, you know Maya, Maya Angelou, "for whom the caged bird sings" well she suggested it might help to inspire me to have some melodious sounds near me as I write. Just everyone thinks I named her after that Hilton girl, just because she has yellow hair, I mean feathers.
Now, seriously, Elf...good good luck on the Mayo appointment.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/30/04 09:32 PM
Oh Elf....I'm so glad you noticed my weight loss. Once I quit the brownies cold turkey, the weight just seemed to melt off (another good thing about this message board laugh )

Yes, I'm a tad worried about Crusty. I would hate to have to wear his blang blang, but if I have to I have to. I could always stuff it with a sock or whatever guys stick in there, not that I know anything about that. Think I saw it on a show or something wink

Elf, good luck at Mayo and let us know how it goes.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/31/04 02:16 AM
Tah DAH! What do you think Girls?? Darn, forgot my sock even after Linda reminded me. Good luck at Mayo Elf. Off to watch scary movies with missy. Here, hold on to my costume Linda. I don't want to loose it before the big show. Now I know the true meaning of "FLOSS"! smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 10/31/04 01:29 PM
<giggle, giggle> Crusty...you supposed to use the dressing room!!!

now you all know why I won't wear one of those things! I refuse to pay good money to put my undies where I have been digging them out of since I was old enough to remember. eek

Glad you are holding his blang blang Linda...I don't want to touch it! EWWWWW :p

Thanks for the well wishes, everything will be OK. It's pretty much a follow-up but I'll be asking about the hip replacement too. I'm not sure if I'll be having it there or here. There is a doc here who does only joint replacements. He did my BIL's knees last Nov. Did a great job too.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/01/04 02:16 AM
Why in the name of heavens did Missy take him to see scary movies. She knows he won't take his head out from under the cover now for days, plus she will only be allowed to leave his side to re-check the locks on the doors and keep him fed, well, he does give her pit stops. Always been like that. The reason the Master never gives him any REAL responsibilities. Now a wedgie is the least of his problems, first he will have to get up the nerve to venture out from under the bed. Bet she's coaxing him right now. mad
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/01/04 04:34 PM
Hello was suffering from burn out having written our number 1 hit. But honestly Linda its the audience that normally flings the underwear at a group not the other way round! you nearly took that wee mans eye out. Mind you I don't know if it was the thong or the spectacle of you that nearly caused the blindness LOLOL get some clothes on girl, you'll get a chill! oh and buy Ms Jay the way what we're the heavy duty manacles hanging out your bag the other day??? are you joining the police or is there something we should know... shocked Also Miss Turner's not please with you steeling her summer/autumn collection from the hotel lobby, I think its enough that we can hardly get Linda to cover her bits, if you start I'll be sending over heavy duty kilts knitted from very jaggy itchy wool!!! :p

Ps good luck elf x wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/02/04 08:16 PM
Managles for Maniacs, that's another group I gig with when Fusion is on hiatus, which seems like
most of the time anymore. I'm just a struggling singer/songwriter, We'll be really lucky if we don't get sued by that man over his eye. That Linda claims to be "clean" but I think personally she's back on the brownies bigtime! You weren't on tour with us when she was on them,
you don't know what it's like trying to conrol that "person" she becomes. It took Elf and MsNoah both to hold her down just to put in her purple contacts. She's a handful all right!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/03/04 08:20 AM
Hello all. No, I'm not out from under the bed. It's too scary in the real world. I've pulled the laptop under the bed with me. I've been living off of old brownies linda sent me for days. I still haven't figured out how to get to the bathroom without the monsters getting me.

On a serious note..Missy had an ortho visit on Fri. He said that her right knee does need surgery to move the knee cap back to normal since it's off to the side and been chipping away at her femur, then scope to clean up the cartilage. He wasn't sure of the extent of femur damage, and knee cap damage and said that he wasn't sure that this surgery would relieve any pain at all. He said it will not give her back mobility that has been lost. He wants to do this first because she is so young!? What? Why do they say she's too young for a knee replacement? If it doesn't work, we'll go to knee replacement. So, is this how it works..try the scope then the knee replacement even if the likelihood of scoping wont help? Any thoughts? Anyone done this before because this is our first time at it and 2 docs have said the same thing..try scope first because she is too young for a replacement...even though a lot of damage is there.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/03/04 05:53 PM
I don't know about knees, but know that they love to do things "piece meal" they make more money that way. There might be a legitimate reason, maybe because she is so young, it would require a second knee replacement later on? Just a thought. Either way, best of luck to Missy and please explain what's the use if it isn't giving her more mobility or relieving pain? Sounds almost like a useless procedure unless it is going to save her bone and ligaments etc. from further damage, so that they can do replacement in the future. Not much help I know..best wishes to you of course. smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/03/04 07:10 PM
He's wanting to stop the damage to the femur and knee cap. That is the only sure benefit. We have another appt before the surgery so we'll talk further. I wondered if age was to avoid a second replacement too. I saw a website that said they start to wear out at 20 years. Don't know what the knees average lifespan is though. Thx Ms. Jay.

Im back under the bed again having no intellectual thought at all. Pass me an ice tea please..thanks Elf. You must have already had them made in your frig.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/03/04 09:45 PM
First let me put to rest the rumors about my rehabilitiation, or lack thereof. I am clean and sober for 2 days now. Crusty has stolen my brownies and crawled off under the bed with them. I can't get him out! Now, as for my lack of clothing, I do admit I get a bit "friendly" after a brownie binge. But those days are behind me now. Today is a NEW DAY and life is good. Hmmmmmm, I think I do have the ingredients for another batch of brownies. Bet that'll get Crusty out from under the bed.

Now, on to Missy's knees. My family has had numerous knee replacements. My cousin who's about 3 years older than me has had both knees replaced and she cannot believe she went all those years in pain! I'm not sure why the doc's hesitant about the surgery. Maybe he is saving that for a future date. The way I look at it is she needs to feel better NOW. Who knows what they will come up with in the next 20 years? I would certainly ask him when you see him next week. Tell Missy I hope she feels better soon.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/03/04 11:46 PM
Don't do it Linda! The temptation is too great!
And you know Crusty can smell brownies wafting through the air for at least 1000 miles, you know he has that Pinochio (sp) nose. And if you think yu can bake them and not partake, well wake up dearie, be the shortest "clean" stint in history of brownie addiction.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/04/04 07:12 PM

Got back this afternoon, I missed you all. My doc's are very pleased by the progress I've made since starting the Remicade. I still have to get a new hip though. Gonna do some surgeon shopping after I read all I can about the new procedures.

Crusty...My son had a mis-aligned patella at age 17. It was congenital the ortho said, and that is knee looked like that of a 47 year old instead of a 17 yr old. He was a catcher on JV in high school and that made it worse. They said his tendon was pulling the knee cap off position and everytime he bent his knee it wore on the femur. They did a "lateral release" (cut the tendon to allow the patella to move back over the femur), and cleaned up the cartiledge. He was off it for a few weeks, had PT and at age 27 that knee is doing great.
I think they do all they can possibly do to prevent a complete replacement. Replacements do not last forever, and all subsequent replacements aren't as effective as the first or the original equipment.

Glad to be home, thanks for all the well wishes,
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/04/04 07:53 PM
Great News Elf! Glad you are doing so well, now you can go shopping for a surgeon. Hmmm, gives a whole new meaning to shopping...do you look for sales, or watch for specials, what? Just kidding of course. Seriously glad you got good news.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/05/04 02:25 PM
Thank you,
I still have a way to go getting all my blood values back in order. But considering that the c-reactive protien, bun and creatin ratio and electrolites are getting better, my doc is happy. And my P is almost clear now. My PA is not bothering me much either. Just the hip.

The surgeon I called has a great reputation, but no "bedside manner at all"!! Most consider him a "butthead". I think I met him one time when I was looking for someone to do surgery on my hammertoe. I can't remember though. Been too many years and my one remaining brain cell is still asleep. I still may just go back to Mayo since they are one of the "centers of excellence" for hip replacement, according to hubby's employer. They cover hip replacement there, no lie! My big concerns are the distance. Would have to ride in a vehicle 4 1/2 hours to get home. Might be a bid uncomfortable right after surgery. My Rhumy did say that hips are not as complicated as they used to be and much more chance for success than before.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/05/04 11:44 PM
I'm thinking I may not ride the band bus for the next few trips, what with all the people, gear,various "necessities". Think I might ride my Harley if it's all right with everyone. I like to get out there on the road,seeing the stars, feeling the breeze, passing the cars.you get a real feel of the land and you can really get up close and personal with the fans. Course, I was hoping that I might travel incognito, so I can see the fans but they won't see me so to speak, see how they really feel about us, ya know? Anybody got a problem with that?

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/06/04 03:06 PM
Don't know if you can be ingognito riding a purple harley and wearing spangles and blang blang on your thang thang. The purple hair might be a dead give-away! Also playing chicken with the bus might draw a tad bit of attention too. Otherwise, I don't mind. It would mean that I might get to ride IN the bus this time.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/09/04 04:57 PM
OK...what's going on? We mention getting back on the bus and everyone disappears! Now where the heck did everyone go?
SHEES! It's like riding rough shot over a bunch of unruly kindergarteners.

Now get your spangly thang thangs on the bus.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/09/04 05:10 PM
OK ok ok! I'm here now and ready to rock n roll! Just take those ole records off the shelf....oh how I love that man. I love him! I love him! I love him! Bob, if you are reading this, please come take me away <sigh>.

All right, I drifted off that for a moment in my little fantasy world. I have my blang blang for my thang thang. Might need two to cover this brownie engorged butt now. (Can I say butt?) Seriously, I have not had a brownie since last week and I worked out yesterday, so all is well here. I'm looking gooooooooooood! I just think I may need 2 seats on the bus for awhile. I promise to get back to my svelte figure (although I've never even known what that meant) in no time and we will rock the world.

Bob, please send me a private email and I will give you my home address. Just kidding about the butt thing wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/09/04 05:52 PM
Hey Bob,
All Linda wants to hear is:

We've got tonight babe, why don't you staaay!!!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 06:16 AM
Hello. Thought I'd write to let you know I'm alive and still under the bed. I've been embracing a box of candy bars this last week and am sure I will be feeling better soon. Don't leave on bus without me. Soon the candy will take away all of my pain and I'll be in tip top shape. (Hurl) Maybe not! Pity party at my place tomorrow night. It's a pot luck so bring a dish. The bed is high enough (on really tall blocks) so all of us can fit under it and hide.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 02:14 PM
I forget...why are we hiding? No matter, we're there to support you Crusty. It just might get crowded under that bed. I gotta be near the edge, claustrophobic ya know.

Sing away Linda...we'll be the butt sistas! You remember Bertha Butt? One of the butt sistas??? LOL Anyhoo, fat bottom girls make the rockin world go round...get on your bikes and ride!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 06:44 PM
I'll bring my sore ankle and bad eye to the party, oh, and some nacho chips and jalopena pepper cheese. Hot hot hot!!
Scary ovies are all gone, Crusty, monster gone bye bye...come on out...promise, it's safe.

Yeah them Butt sistahs...gotta have a woman gotta have a woman, oooh those cro-magnom men were something else. That was back in the good ole days... mad
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 08:44 PM
Elf, it's funny that you mention the Butt sisters. Just last week, a girl that I worked with 20 years ago told me that she remembered me for signing a check request "Bertha Butt". You just gotta love the butt sisters. Does anyone remember the "Wide Ends" from SNL?

Someone please pass me a brownie. I'm in major withdrawals today and I need my chocolate or else. I can't sing like this!!!!

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 10:50 PM
Here's a candy bar Linda. ELF! DONT TOUCH ME! We can have a pitty part under the bed, but you must remember I'm a germ-a-phobic! There is plenty of room under here for all of us to hide without any touching.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/10/04 11:11 PM
Oh boy, now all we are going to hear is,
"you're touching me!" and "I'm not touching you!"
Sorry, that's one of those tv commercials that drive me nutz mad
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/11/04 05:05 AM
HEY!!! That wasn't me...I'm all the way over here on the OTHER side from you. Why am I always getting blamed?

You want my bottle of disinfectant? I'll shove it across the floor.

I'm getting outa here anyway. I'm claustrophobic, way too many people here for my liking. I'll sit on top of the bed and bounce! LOL That oughta make you squeal some. He He He
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/11/04 06:25 AM
Ahhh! Help! Everyone get out from under the bed quick! Elf's gone nutty on us again. I'll spray her with my can of disinfectant and see if it brings her to her senses. She's going to bounce so high that her head goes through the ceiling
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/11/04 04:23 PM
Told you he'd squeal!!! He He He
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 01:00 AM
I'm okay now. I was afraid all night but I finally stopped screaming. I've gone back to thumb sucking again.

We had to make the horrible trip to town today and grocery shop. The pharmacy's regular people all quit and the replacements really stink. It's been 2 months so you'd think they would figure out how to do things. Missy ordered mtx and synthroid last week. We never were notified by phone or email that anything was ready. So, we go there today and were told that mtx finally came in but they cancelled the synthroid since we hadn't come in sooner to pick it up. They coundn't figure out on their own that if the whole order isn't ready, we wont be making the 1+ hour drive to pick anything up. The old group knew this! Then there's Walgreens by mail. It took them a month and a half to get enbrel to me and 2 months to get Missy's humira sent (arriving tomorrow). We just got letters in the mail that they will only be providing enbrel and humira in one month quantities through the mail. How much sense does that make. NONE! Our insurance changed 2 months ago so I guess I should be more patient, but this is irritating me. GRRRR!

Linda, happy aniversary tomorrow.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 02:28 AM
I think we should go back to St. Bernard's with baskets around their necks, or carrier pigeons. This technology is getting just too expensive, takes five people to do what one pharmacist used to do. I had a similar experience today, well, last month too...Remember when I had the swelling in my feet and lower legs, went to vascular surgeon, all that, he had my doctor change my BP medicine. Well, for three months now, when I go in for my scripts I have my new BP medicine and the old one. I just take it back and tell them since they can't put it in stock to please use it for someone who can't afford it. I seriously doubt it gets "given away" but my intentions were good, can't help what they do. I called back today, told them to please go into their computer and erase any information that I ever had taken that drug. I already need a wheel barrow to carry my medicine home...well that's a little exaggerated, guess a shopping cart would do eek
Hope the two of you are feeling better and are you still dealing with snow in your area, going to take us a while to get the tour bus in there, if we ever get all these "so-called" professionals to act in that manner sniff sniff,
just not they way I am used to having things done, not at all mad mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 04:33 AM
I am sorry to say that we are snowing tomorrow then again sat/sun or sun/mon. The beauty of my surroundings is getting really old and I'm ready to move back to the island we all had our first concert on. Things were so peaceful here..no crime except for linda the voyer, all the food and drinks we could stuff in our bellies, pleasant natives who didn't shrink our heads or hunt them, and the warm sandy beach. Ahhh! I long for the good old days when it was "just about the music"! I had to quote that because I've been watching this show on bands who have fallen apart and it seems that they stray and then start to fight when it becomes more about money, drugs, women (or men) and not just about the music. There is a lot of confusion and stress in the band. It's like Van Halen all over again..break up, get back together, break up, get a new singer that gets fired too and opens a bar in mexico where he sells his own tequila! (sammy hagar sp?) I don't blame them for firing the first guy. All those spandex pants, getting naked on stage and doing a dance that was more like a prance! LOL

Ms. Jay, Walgreens did that to us. We tried to stop the auto refill because it was getting out of control. A med dose would change and we would be getting 2 doses of the same stuff, or and old and new nsaid at the same time. It was crazy. I asked them to stop it at the pharmacy, tried to stop it on their website and finally wrote a naughty letter about how dissatisfied I was with their service. Then it all stopped! Now the problem is that the online pharmacy doesn't keep in touch with the local one and it leads to confusion. I gave the online pharmacy all of our new medical insurance info when it changed, then they had to do it all over again at their local store. Where they really messed up was with missy's humira. It was right when our new insurance started and they couldn't get the insurance to pay for it. They told missy that humira wasn't on our insurance's formulary. I have to admit that missy does make sure that our insurance covers our meds before she signs up for it. It's the big determining factor of which insurance we pick because our truck load of meds can be really expensive. So Missy asks how they know it's not on the formulary and they say because they called. Missy had the formulary they sent us the week before in her bag and pulled it out then told them she would not be returning to the pharmacy again. Well, we did return because we don't have all the meds switched over to the mail way yet, but they didnt' know it was us because we were in the drive through! Ha The mail order way saves one copay in case you didn't know ms. jay. You get 3 months at a time for the price of 2. It's expensive at first, but we gradually switched things over so it wouldn't hit so hard. The enbrel and humira come fedex and the other stuff can come US mail or ups. I haven't been charged for shipping since I started using it last year with another insurance co. It saves money in the long run. But if you do it this way, you can browse the toy isle and find a slinky (no, I'm not talking about linda) LOL or a colorful sparkly purple marker or crayon. I so much wish they would sell crayons individually so I could replace my old one that is stuck in my nose partially lodged in my brain. Same thing happened to Homer Simpson!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 04:52 AM
I sometimes wonder where they get these people who work in pharmacies. Maybe they are the failed lobotomy patients? Ya think? It's so frustrating! If you think civilian pharmacies are bad, you oughta see the ones on military bases, YIKES!!! I used to have to drive my Mom to get her meds. It was in Illinios, about an hour drive just to get there. They it was wait in line F O R E V E R! It was always a day trip. I never looked forward to going, but at least it was only 4 times a year.

Maybe the crayon fusing to your brain is what is causing the irrational emotions Crusty. Try taking it out will ya? Be careful not to pull out your brain with the crayon ok?

Happy Anniv. Linda!!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 05:09 AM
I am so glad I don't have to get my meds from the military pharmacy. Things can always get worse. I noticed that when all the good employees disappeared..about 4 of them just gone so they must have all quite at once because the new employees wont discuss it except to say they don't work there anymore. Oh ya, almost lost the thought, I noticed that the girl with black and hot pink hair that used to work the checkout front counter in walgreens was now working in the pharmacy. It seems like they have one or 2 pharmacists working and maybe 3 people that don't know their head from their as?. I want my good pharmacy back NOW (stomping my feet)!

I refuse to take my crayon out. I watched what happened to homer when his was taken out. He talked all smart. Can't have that happen. He ended up reinserting his crayon. Lets learn from others and not repeat mistakes. The crayon stays! Plus, it's a good possibility that my tiny brain might slip out my nose with the crayon. I have a hard time trying to keep it (my brain) in place when I sneeze. Have to be careful!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 05:22 PM
Perhaps a noseologist could devise some type of wee net or screen orthotic to ensure your brain stays put. That would probably make you a very rich person if you could invent it. (I get in on the profits, my idea, dea? cool
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/12/04 06:59 PM
Sounds good Ms. Jay.

I have some news to announce. I've already told those very close to me and wanted you all to know too. There is going to be an addition to the family. I'm ordering Triassic Triops and am going to raise them as my children. They look like a shrimp/crab to me, but I don't care. They will still be my children. I'm gonna have to be careful though because they eat each other. I'll have to teach them different! Thanks in advance for your congratulations. I'm not sure if I'll have a baby shower. I'll let you know.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/13/04 06:59 PM
Yeh I'm going to be an auntie, whats there names, suppose there Crusty too(?LOL) X
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/13/04 09:20 PM
I will name all of my children after band members. Since they do eat each other, I wonder who will be left in the end?? When they are old enough, I will release them into the wild by flushing them down my toilet. Then they will begin their mission in taking over the world. Oh wait! I have a septic! Hmm, have to rethink that. Everyone has been so quite since the announcement of my children. I thought they disapproved. I'm so glad you're behind me laura. I'm going to go out and buy clothes for them tomorrow. I know they wont need them for a while, but eventually some will live to be 3 inches by consuming the others and maye I can buy some barbie dresses and ken sport jackets. I can't wait.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 04:02 AM
Oh please don't buy ready made clothes???They deserve tailor made, and I insist that you allow me to at least contribute that. I'm so excited, been so long since we had a new addition, brings back the days when Javis was born, but then I get that awful feeling about that Old prancy Pricilla Pluckity Pluck that ruined by poor baby, oh but this is a happy post, forgive me. I will buy lots and lots of purple ribbon, purple yarn, purple pipe cleaners.
I am sooo good at curling ribbon, and pulling yarn apart so that it is so flimsy they won't even know they have it on. And the pipe cleaners, I can't wait. They will be for very special occasions when they need to have something that they can really twist and shout in. I'll get right on it, oh happy day!! smile smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 04:39 AM
Congrats Crusty, your family is getting bigger. Little bitsy clothes, so cute. You think they'll eat the clothes?

Tell Momma Missy congrats too...oh wait... She is the Momma isn't she? LOL

Nice to hear from you Laura, thought you were in hiding.

It's late and I'm so very tired, I'd better go before I make anymore spelling mistakes.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 05:01 AM
Well, I was thinking I would let you all guess why I chose the clothing I did for the little ones on the way. But then I said to myself; Self,they just might not be old emough to catch that little diddy, so are you ready to hear what Missy & Crusty's new additions are going to be chrstened?? Well, drum roll please-------quiet please this is going to a big surprise, see, cause nobody is going to guess it, shush now, cause it goes way back, so now without further adeiu I give you the name of our soon to be, on their way, any day now most welcome additions:

THE PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS!!!!!!!! never never would have got it, never, am I right? Am I good?. Now say yes MsJay, oh yes MsJay

You are all so warmly and truly welcomed, I love doing these things for those who don't have my talent for coming up with just the right uhh shall we say monniker...waltzing matilda, waltzing matilda hmmm hmmm hmmm such a feeling!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 09:43 AM
Been lying low for a few days, Elfy, been exhauseted, and had the stonker of all headaches yesterday, although I should admit i was on the "otherside" kicking AS, lucky someone told me pretty straight away what to take, so laugh not to bad this morning and actually going out to do some Christmas shopping, but in "me Buggy"!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 06:49 PM
Purple people eaters??! I love it. You are good. Yes Ms. Jay, Oh Yes Ms. Jay!

Laura, I'm going to try to do the Christmas shopping over the internet. I hate the crowds of people. They are in such a hurry and I'm so slow. I feel like a little bug getting swept away by water when I enter the crowds. Don't worry about getting the triops Christmas gifts. I'm going to turn them loose on an uncharted desert island so they can all do the Lord Of The Flies thing. I'm going to drop them off before the holidays. If I don't, all the food will be gobbled up before my plate is loaded up. They eat like pigs.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 07:53 PM
cursty, christmas shopping is the perfect opertunity to find foster parents for your children. just slip them onto people as they pass you by. they will spread and spread and spread. before you know it they will be ruling the world. we all want our children to rule the world don't we? laugh

have you considered sending them throught the mail? might end up bent spindled and stapled but children are rezealent. it could even be and educational outing for them. as they say on tv no opertunity wasted

sorry it took so long to post here. had to read through 15 pages to get this far. :p
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 07:55 PM
as ya'll can see, still cain't splel
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 09:50 PM
No problem with the spelling..but we do have one requirement:
You just gotta like PURPLE smile smile
And may I ask..you sing, dance, mime, in other words, think how you can help out band, and welcome :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 09:59 PM
spenser, something about your post reminded me of the anthrax mail terrorism and this preview for a new small pox movie I just saw! You are wise. We could handle some of the worlds affairs with our purple people eaters. Should we include the warning though?? Don't feed them after midnight and don't water them! I suppose we could leave the warning out just to see what happens. Sorry about the 15 pages. It should only be 14 pages, but Ms. Jay is so wordy! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 10:06 PM
Spenser/Spencer, that was not an intentional misspelling of your name, I promise, so please don't be offended...Old mean Crusty is dangerous, puts hexes on people and dwells alot in the shhhhh occult...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/14/04 10:10 PM
Hocus Pocus, Zipidy Zap, let all my foes get a bad case of the cl_p! Since I got a beginners magic set from toysrus, I've been out of control.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/15/04 12:25 AM
clickity clack clickity clack,
hope your cough makes you hack

mad see, I am much nicer than old mean Crusty.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/15/04 01:02 AM
Yes, you are much nicer than I Ms. Jay. We are like oil and water, lemons and strawberries, the wicked witch (or demon) and the good witch. Eventually, since my triops do not eat our kind, they will have to bring you over to the dark side! MMMMWWWWAAAAA!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/15/04 01:14 AM
Do you have to talk about that right when it's my bedtime...You know how scared I get. Now I got to go get my garlic and my silver bullet and my favorite purple sword! I'll probably end up having to call the scared hot line.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/15/04 05:30 PM
I didn't sleep at all last nighttttt
I was tossing and turning, turning and tossing,
tossing and turning all night!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Crusty, and of curse of all nights the scared hotline was overwhemlmed by some type of malfunction or dysfunction or conjunction and we all know you would have absolutely nothing to do with that, oh no, not our crusty...never. mad
Just for that I am taking back my purple silk stockings with the matching shoes. I want them back, now!!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/15/04 07:06 PM
Oh no! Then I will have nothing to go with my lacey purple dress. Take your stuff! Just take it and see if I care! Sniffle sniffle. I had nothing to do with the scared hotline thing. My magic wand broke when I tried to stick it up my nose with the crayon. The back of my skull just wouldn't give and the wand broke right in half. I always get blamed for everything. Someone else is up to no good. Look at all the folks who play innocent and hide. Those are the ones to look out for.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 02:10 AM
Hey, there's a bunch of stuff missing, my chicken's half of a wishbone (the long part I won) my purple lip gloss, course I figure that's been used up, my scrap book with all things purple which I just loaned you so that you could use it as a purple prototype, that was strictly a loaner, no keepers. Sure there's lots of other things so if you are going to return "all my things" where's my Javis's purple velvet pant suit you made for him, and the orange boa that went with it. He had his first picture in that and you said you would treasure it until I needed it for his museum when he was famous, and then we would put it in there. Gone I bet, gone forever, you have no shame I say, no shame. I am indeed, crushed. To think I consider you an ally a friend a purple lover how and where did I go wrong? Only the Master can straighten this out. frown
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 02:19 AM
The master says to stop being a sissy and suck it up Ms. Jay! LOL The velvet suit and boa were loaned to Austin Powers for his next movie. He'll get them right back. The half wish bone was buried with the rest of that poor birds remains. As for the rest of your stuff, I gave it to Laura!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 04:26 AM
Purple...People who love purple...are the luckiest people in the world...so, I'll suck it up, and purple will go on, and be strong, never wrong, and live on,and on, and on a nd o n a n d o n nod nod nod ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 10:49 AM

I turn my back(not!! :p ) for 2 minutes, and all hell breaks loose! Now I think in good counselling practise a bit of mediation is needed. Ms Jay what about Lilac its a lovely CALMING shade, and not so in your face(or as dated as Purple) surely your over that Prince thing by now?? Certainly over here its not very happening to be into a Prince of any description LOLOLO Crusty..... Crusty, after all my nuturing and attention with your babies and latenight feeds, and coaxing you out from under that bed, away from Lindas festering brownies......... eek And you want to give me second hand clothes, remember Ms Jay got all the drag outfits via Ms Turners charity bags.....Im in a huffty now confused Can I please have something new, I'm willing to sing on my loansome in timesquare and get peltered with Big Macs..Please I'd love to be the rebel in soft lemon oh so nice and classy LOL wink
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 08:28 PM
in the mean time i hear the crys of humanity as they are over run by all those purple pretties. which i have been so kind as to drop off during my shopping visits. yes i love purple but i am ingocneto. i use ultra violet laugh no one will know that i colaborated in the spread of all those wonderful little darlngs smile soon the world will be ours smile and i will be able to throw off this cloak of unbearable servitude and take my place w/ the ultra elete purple lovers cool btw way, do these purple things taste good fried? eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 08:58 PM
I don't know Spencer but I bet Purple would be pretty after it was fried. Wonder what color we would get? Oh it couldn't be better than our Present Purple.
Laura, we all know that old mean LEMON is NOMEL traveling under a pseudonym, couldn't he have thought of a better one. He is the enemy I say, plays what he calls music but many others call misery. :rolleyes:
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/16/04 09:49 PM
forgot the warning label:

when wearing ulta violet viewer discretion advised, may not be suitalbe for small children, management not responsible for content, one size fits all, and dry clean only, offer good for a limited time :p

names have been changed to protect the guilty eek
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 01:37 AM
I heard a scratching outside the door and peeked out. There is a line of purple people eaters waiting on my porch! They sniffed their way back home. They have all their teeth now and are hungry. What do I do now? I can't let them in. They'll make a meal out of me. They are chewing the door apart! I found my cloak of invisibility and will be back under the bed if anyone wonders.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 01:39 AM
Don't worry linda. My Bob Seger CD is protected in one of my cloak pockets.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 02:18 AM
Oh Crusty just "took that old record off the shelf" HAHAHAHAHA laugh
Linda and me agree, at least on one thing, right LT?
We like that old time rock and roll...the kind of music just soothes the soul... :p :p
You would have thought Crusty would have come up with at least a spray, if not a vaccine to protect those near and dear from this evil (it seems) procreation...
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 05:14 AM
Welcome to the band Spencer. It's good to have fresh meat....er I mean fresh blood....er new life... awwww forget it.
Glad you're on board.

I've been gone fow a few days and those little critters have grown and are now threatening to eat Crusty? SHEES!!! Just turn the hose on "em Crusty. Then pop them into the fryer and have a nice meal. Then order yourself a new batch of "kids".

You all can fight over the purple and lemon outfits. I'm wearing TEAL! I gotta be ME! LOL

Why did everyone get off the bus again? And where did MsNoah and Linda get off to again? Why does everybody always wander off? I'm gonna get handcuffs for all of you and cuff you to the bus this time.
OK who stole my handcuffs again?

<grumble> <dirty word> <grumble>
Elf :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 06:06 AM
I think you left um home Elf, remembering you carrying them, swinging them and saying getting some m&m's or was that s&m, you was real happy that night on your way home, stopped for a bottle of oil and a bottle of wine and all I know was I don't think you can mix wine and oil, but haven't seen them there cuffs since, but you've been quite jolly, that was the first grumble I have heard from you since that infamous night: confused confused That wuz when we first got back from tour, you remember?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 07:31 AM
Not to worry. I have plenty of handcuffs left over from the good old days. Here you go. Do you want to play with my pepper spray too? I think Linda, Laura, and Ms. Noah went to the dollar store. They needed to pick up some costume stuff and figured old halloween things would be discounted. I will be wearing a special color..are you ready?? It will be BERRY! It isn't Purple at all. It is a totally different shade..of, ahhhhh Purple. So don't go copying me. I finally got the velvet suit back from Austin Powers and you wont believe this! There are stains! My good friend, Monica, is good at stain removal after they have set in so she'll see what she can do. LOL That last one deserves a ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 05:07 PM
I am LMBO (Laughing my butt off)

We'll be a Rainbow band!! Yes, that's it...the Rainbow Fusion Band...good name.

I'm always happy when I have my hardware with me.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/17/04 10:01 PM
I'm not sure about this berry business, and I am just sick about Javis's first suit. To think it is marred by a stain, when we took such care to cover him with purple pajamas on the way to the studio for the pictures, we were even at that time sure he would go down in infamy, but with that old clucking hen he went down all right, but instead of in infamy I'm afraid it will be in flames. If I could get my hands on that purple side-burned hen I would pull all her teeth and then that swan smile they gave her would really be something to see. Monica has opened a boutique and a one hour martinizing among the many other gift shops in the Clinton Library in Little Rock I guess. I believe she is still designing and selling purses, and I am sure she has many in purple, one thing about dark blue and purple, they certainly do show stains. I am not real comfortable about the berry business...I'd like to see it for my approval, I would berry much, uh very much appreciate it. :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/18/04 09:38 AM
Okay, monica got the stains out. Here's that ugly suit Ms. Jay. I only wore it every day before Mr. Powers borrowed it and I never bathed, but it's still in good shape. You can't blame it all on Mrs. Pricilla Cluck Cluck Presley. Eventually you are going to have to accept you daughter in law. She is a woman in love and plans to stay with javis long term. She's been under such stress from you not liking her that she's molting again. Now she will be bald for the winter. I'll have to knit her some clothes.

On a more serious note, I ordered my triassic triops today. Aren't you just so excited you can't sit still?!! cool m
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/18/04 06:23 PM
Oh, I am, I am excited. Now that the suit smells all mouldy and like it has been buried in a chicken coop, sure ole cluckity will just luvvvv Javis in it. Oh I can't talk about it!!!!!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/19/04 05:29 AM
Now where in the name of heavens is Linda? Is she back in rehab? Back on the brownies? Anybody know anything they better fess up and do it now..I have a couple of songs ready for us to try out as duets, see how our voices blend. Her squeal needs something to blend an alto sound so people don't think we are hog calling (don't mention this to her please, she can get irate in a hurry, real defensive, especially if she's been on the brownies). So just ask around, check if anyone has seen her in the local clubs, well you could just drive by if she's singing, you'll hear her, whew, will you hear her. We need her to step up to the mike..so to speak.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/19/04 12:48 PM
MsJay i thought i saw her sleeping of her beng at the park. seemed to have been really friendly w/ one of the ducks... or was it a goose? couldn't tell, it was hard to see in the dark and she wasn't wearing purple. been having trouble w/ my all seeing eye lately. only seems to get channels 6 and 49. will try and pick up linda's tracks later (if i can get this blasted thing the work) pound, rattle rattle, hunk
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/19/04 04:26 PM
Good job, Watson errr I mean, Spencer..stay on the trail..rewards for her return are tremendous!
Oh, anther thing, two minutes in the microwave might hep that eye, and please tell me why you are not in PURPLE? Course, oh Cluckity might be down at the pond visiting with some cousin inbreeds, hope Linda is not in cahoots with her.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/19/04 11:47 PM
MsJAy i'm indignant that you haven't noticed my fine and fabulous ulta violet threads. these are the original hand me downs from philly cheese steak phil! who, if you can't remember was the most popular pimp in broken nose north dakota (population 11 and 1/2, elevation 417 feet above sea level)

however the idea about microwaving my all seeing eye worked out perfectly. i do need some more help though, i'm blind in one ear and can't see with the other. it makes it extremely hard to keep track of the ladies don't ya know?

i most be going. somewhere someone is peeping and i'm sure they need my help.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/22/04 03:57 PM
Ok, first let me say this about that....(wasn't it George W SR who said that?) Crusty is responsible for what has happened to me. He has me under his bed and he only feeds me the magic brownies while he plays Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds over and over and over. It's now imbedded in my brain cells for eternity. I'm absolutely mad. Someone must help me. He's in a drug induced trance right now and it would be a good time for yall to rescue me. I'm telling you....this man needs help. How many brownies can one person ingest? How many times can a person hear Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? eek I guess Crusty will have to answer for that one! Please, hurry before he wakes up......ohhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/22/04 06:32 PM
Watch out Linda, I'm sending the purple elephant to rescue you, stay calm, I'll send his trunk in first, let him kind of smell out the situation, then he can just pick up the bed, and whether Crusty is ready or not, he'll be right out in the open in front of everything and everybody. See how he likes that, shame on him, every time we get him straightened out, down he goes again.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/22/04 08:55 PM

i heard tell that ol' crusty is trying to corner the rabid dust bunny market now that he's had so much trouble w/ the purple munchers. he's also been spotted under the display beds at wal-mart singing luci something or other. i think he's got this idea in his head that he can sooth the savage little beasties with some heart felt yodelling
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/23/04 03:34 AM
Oh, is that what they call that noise? That's a yodel? Hmm, thought some cats were trying to procreate in the neighborhood. In the mountains of Switzerland he aint! That noise should be used to make suspects talk eek Personally I think he passed a mirror :p :p :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/24/04 08:55 PM
Passed a mirror?? You'll never guess..the savage beasties were tamed with music! They start to dance then fall asleep. They seem to enjoy Aerosmith the best, but they multiply when I play it! Maybe because of a common reference in many songs or some kind of alien subliminal message. I will continue my studies. With some music, they all start humming together. Maybe we a can use them as backup singers if we can get control collars on them. May teach them a few moves and pain them gold so they can be our solid gold dancers!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/26/04 08:40 PM
I want to see what you do when them beasties turn on you. You'll be playing "Walk This Way" or "Jamie's Got A Gun" or something and they will decide the message is for them and it's amazing what them little varmints can do when they set your mind to it. You know they all think and understand everything each and everyone of them say or do..it's like a one solo type of thing. They could even line up in the position of a gun or an arrow, you got more nerve than me, trusting them little varmints, just keep them away from me. Did you get the ones I mailed back to you? Had fragile and hazardous material written all over the cage. Fed Ex man held it at arm's length carrying it to his truck.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 11/29/04 03:46 AM
I ' M H O M E!

It was so cold I almost froze my hoo haa's off. I did get to see my baby boy though so it's all good. I got to cook and bake all week, I was in heaven. I go to the ortho surgeon on Tues. Got lots of questions for him. My hip is slipping and sliding around more so I might be having the replacement done sooner than later, but that's good too. Maybe I can dance again...at least in my chair!

What's Crusty up to now??? GOLD HUMMERS??? Now I've heard everything. You've been a bad boy Crusty, hiding Linda under your bed! And who's Lucy?

Ya know, I was up in the iron range, it's known for a lot of UFO sightings. They think because of the amounts of iron in the ground. I kept getting messages from the master through my fillings. I was afraid everyone would think I was a ventriloquist. But it's hard to sleep when he keeps talking all night long and then snoring all day. He must have gotten on that schedule when Javis had his days and nights mixed up. I have to talk to him about turning off the broadcast when he sleeps.

Found us a new bus. I am positive it belonged to the partridge family. It still has some of the old paint showing. It runs but only goes 25 MPH full open. You can watch the highway through the floorboards too. Most of the windows are there and it still has a steering wheel. Best of all, the inside is all painted purple! It'll be great as soon as we find someone to put the roof back on it. laugh

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/01/04 10:53 PM
Where's the band?? Ms. Jay? Linda? Elf? Where has everyone gone. I know the holidays are a lot of stress, but we must stick together.

Hope things are okay with your hip Elf. Let me know how it goes. I have hips that are popping forward and off to the side and it's gotten worse lately. Has me a little worried.

Now, about the "NEW" bus, that doesn't sound NEW to me! We should just stick with the old bus, 1952 Crown, than get caught up in your momento collecting.

Messages in your fillings huh? About a month or so ago, we had a meteor shower here and I was sure I was receiving messages. Very odd. All those weird lights in the sky must have been the master. On a more serious note, I used to work in Southeastern AZ in an area called Texas Canyon or Dragoon. It's a part of AZ that is all flat desert mostly with a few mountain areas. Texas Canyon is a mountainy kind of area and Dragoon is a little town within the canyon that isn't actually a canyon. Go figure why it's called a canyon because it is more of a mountain with an interstate pass through it. People talked all the time of seeing ufos. I and my wife worked out there from 1994 until 1998 during many many late night shifts of nothing to do and staring up at the sky and never saw a thing. They grow a lot of weed in Texas Canyon I've heard.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/02/04 03:51 PM
TEXAS CANYON OR BUST!!!! Yeah, I like that idea a lot. I'm already imagining eating my freshly baked batch of magic brownies, tooling along in our magic purple bus. Oh life will be good...


P.S.- Heard the Master recalled MsJay. Some kind of malfunction of her hypersleep module. Hopefully she will be back soon and ready to roll....to Texas Canyon.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/02/04 04:27 PM
I'm not having surgery, at least for as long as I can. The doc said he prefers for people to keep their own as long as possible, replacements are never as good as the original equipment. Plus I'm not a great candidate for surgery right now. Taking 2 immunosuppressives, being kind-of young (it's a bad thing), my leaky heart valve, my psoriasis and spondylitis, and I still smoke (I know I know). But he would have done it If I had wanted him to. I'm not really excited about another surgery, so I'll modify my lifestyle more, keep taking my meds and use my cane.

Thank you for asking Crusty. My hip does move the wrong way sometimes and it hurts like heck. My sis said it does sound like the joint is getting sloppy from the wearing out of the cartiledge. The ball moves too much the way it's not supposed to move. But I really would rather make my own last as long as possible, plus I'm giving the Remicade more of a chance to help. From what I hear it takes as much as 6 months for it to really help. I'm going to be patient.

I hope your hips will last you a long time too. Just be more careful how you move. NEVER pivot (move your leg before moving your body)or squat. Reduce the pressure on the hip if possible. Don't cross your legs (especially the way men do) too much pressure on the joint.

This has been a public service message LOL LOL LOL

<climbing down from soap box> Tee hee
Posted By: SarahC Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 09:02 PM
I don't really follow this thread much, I'll pop in once in awhile to see how far out you all are (pretty far). But the other day, my three year old Rachel and one year old, Kyle, were playing in their room. When it suddenly got quiet, I went to check on them and Rachel had gotten into her crayons and was coloring on the tile. Kyle, on the other hand was in the corner, eating a purple crayon. I had to laugh.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 10:22 PM
The boy knows his colors!!Purple rulz in our world eek (closest one to purple)
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 10:46 PM
laugh LOL, Out of all the crayons he picked purple! That is funny stuff. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 10:47 PM
Well, now that I have been fine tuned by the Master himself (he's really upset with the way this mission has been progressing)I just want to say that if I am the one who continues to answer to him, better be some shaping up, front and center. Now Elf, glad about the surgery, and it's a no go on that bus deal. Hope you can use it for something, and hope you did not sell our beautifully painted bus. A Fred Flintstone bus is the last thing we spaced out spondys need, what were you thinking? 25MPH??? eek does the bus have AS (Accelerator Scarcity)? Geez, you shop much? Now, the Texas Canyon is no place for someone like Linda who just loves those dang brownies, yeah, them brownies. And who are we going to play to? Be nothing shaking but the leaves on the trees, and they wouldn't be shaking if it weren't for the breeze. Some serious rework to be done, get an ad hoc committee together, come up with something suitable for Master, and soon. This is the first time he has been so upset as to name names, so be very careful, he's paying much closer attention than any of you know. He's seriously thinking of making our sheet music purple, and the notes and scales in purple, then making the words in purple, thinking we might get the idea that he's about had it with us. Now who's scared huh? Thought so, and about time. He means business, and he wants us to be taking care of business, even said if push comes to shove (again) he will recall Javis and miss Pricilla to take over the operation. Javis doesn't speak to me, his own mother since that old cluckity thing got hold of him, her and her half swan makeover, a half a smile, man that's scary. We don't want that now do we? Okay, let's hear some sensible, well thought out, and logical ideas, and soon. Oh, he's on the purple tanslator again, gotta go, that one means he's so mad he's turned colors....later.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 10:54 PM
You see Ms. Jay, I told you everyone knew how important the color purple was, not just us and Oprah! Nice to see you here sarah and thakman. Ms. Jay, we've missed you while you've been gone. I didn't even what to play here I was so sad. Elf and Linda have kept me supported emotionally while you've been away. Hope you found some good replacement parts for our worn out bodies while you were touring the cybernetics (that's a big word. Hope I spelled it right eek ) laboratory at universal studios. We need parts now! I burn my hand on the wood stove this morning so I wont be able to play my rubber bands in band practice for a while. So sorry to let you all down. I wonder if steve tyler (aerosmith) can stick his fist in his mouth. LOL
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 11:01 PM
So you've been sucking up to the big guy again huh? Trying to get us all in trouble? You are such a kiss arse! I thought you were vacationing in california all this time trying to release all the tension that has built up about the bird and your son. As you sit and boil in your maternal misery, think of the grand kids! Emotionally I mean, not their horrific appearance.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 11:20 PM
You perish that thought Crustyhermit, and you perish it now!!!There will be no grandchildren from that union, you hear me? None I say. What a monstrosity that would be, oh dear heavens i can't bear to think of it. Javis promised me before she made him quit talking to me that he would not, I repeat would not procreate with that funky chicken of a thing. Gives me the pure bejeebies to think of such a thought. Only you would even dare think such a thing. Shame for you, shame shame. I will not have my son become part of the paltry poultry parish. He's a man I tell you, and nobody was "squealing" on anyone to the Master. That's your own insecurity speaking to you. He knows it all already, what can I tell him. But i can tell you something. That crazy Pricilla Cluckity Clod is going to be out of Javis's life and soon, and that mister, you can take to the bank. maybe if you get her back, you can use her to produce purple Easter Eggs. The thought, the very thought! OOOH mad mad mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/05/04 11:41 PM
You are too funny. LOL I have a wonderful band idea! Our lead number when we perform should be..ready for it?....drum roll.....COPACABANA! What do you think? I can't do the vocals on that one though. Maybe we should ask Thakman. He's more musically inclined than I. Don't know if he can go up that high though vocally :rolleyes: ..I sincerely hope not! lol
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/06/04 03:46 PM
Purple crayons, purple bus, purple music? What is this world becoming??????? How about some purple brownies? Oh yeah yeah yeah....I'm on the wagon now. frown

MsJay, I see The Master has completed your upgrade and I must say...it's looking good on you! There may, however, be something off-kilter with your sarcasm module. It seems to be in hyper-mode. Then again, maybe it's just my lack of brownies. frown Withdrawals really suck!

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/06/04 04:13 PM
I spent the w/e turning my bus find into a christmas art feature for my front yard. Man, you all are hard to please!

What's the hurry anyway? We never need to get anywhere fast! The OLD bus is reconditioned and ready to go.

Purple and teal go together...so I'm ready!

MsJay, why are you pitching a fit? You know there is nothing you can do about the wedded union. :rolleyes:
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/07/04 08:16 AM
Bus as a Christmas ornament?? NO NO NO!!! It shalt be converted into a tractor pulling rig! NO ARGUMENTS Period.

However it can be purple.
Missy is recovering, with ups and downs.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/07/04 10:00 PM
of course!!... it has to be a trackor puller. i've been told (by sources that may not be named) that crusty's tractor is broken and the only way for him to collect all the rabid dust bunnies is to get something that will pull it. wheels within wheels. there are plots everywhere.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/08/04 04:18 AM
Crusty, Spencer:
You let her keep that Fred Flintstone bus right where it is. What in the name of heavens do we need a tractor pull for. We are a band, not a monster truck or tractor pulling devotees. We are artists, and should think, act, speak and conduct ourselves as such at all times. So, tattoos, ear piercings, nose rings, any other piercings you want on parts unknown to me, just remember, the word for all of them is PURPLE eek I've always had a hankering for an ankle chain myself...just on one ankle now. smile smile smile maybe a purple doo rag too.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/08/04 05:11 AM
You wanna hear a good one?
You all know I live in a rural community. A few blocks off a local lake. We have a lot of "out of state people who bought up property ON the lake for their vacations. (They can pay those taxes..LOL).
Well, a few years back, I was in a walking boot (another story altogether). I took our pickup to the gas station to fill 'er up. I slid outa the truck, and was preparing to get gas. Now this "vacationer" pulls up in his beamer. Takes one look at me in my boot and says, "What happened...you fall outa your tractor?"
I was dumfounded. But had enough sense to answer..."NO, it's from kicking the last dumba$$ who asked me a stupid question."
Bad Elf...Bad Elf...Potty mouth Elf
He He He He
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/08/04 07:41 PM
elf some people can be so stupid. i'll bet he was listening to country/western music and wasn't even wearing purple!! eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/09/04 12:51 AM
Hey Spencer,chances are if he was driving a beemer he WAS a country singer laugh
Master is calming down some, handing the purple reins over to a group of purple purists, pending proper policing procedures. Not sure if it's just purple I like or just PPPPPPP! confused

Missy, Master sends his purple power of pain pacifiers.
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/09/04 01:19 AM
aaaah MsJay the secret is out :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/10/04 08:16 PM
Personally, I prefer positive procedures so purple prevails, pppp's are a poor permission to my passion. confused confused
push me the purple pot pie please laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/10/04 09:56 PM
Down days, up days, down days, up days. Guess what I landed on today? Down day! Holy Cra?! I didn't know it could hurt this bad. I have bawled more this week than I have in years. This joint surgery thing is certainly for no sissies, that's for sure. I'm black and blue from mid thigh to half way down my lower leg. How far can my skin possibly stretch with the swelling I wonder?? The pain is horrible. There! I said it! These are the things you don't normally hear about joint surgery. It hurts like hell even with pain meds. AAAhhhhhh!

I've missed you all and hope I am still a band member despite my absence. laugh M
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/10/04 10:14 PM
Oh Missy, here's my best to you, and sorry you are hurting so badly. Hope it passes soon, or go get something that knocks you silly till it does get better. laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/10/04 10:20 PM
I have some Maker's Mark right here. No one tells you how much these things hurt..maybe because I would have chickened out. It is BAD! Im thinking my joints weren't all that bad to begin with after the pain I've been feeling now. What can we do though? No one ever said these diseases were a cake walk.

So how are you? Care for a drink?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/10/04 11:03 PM
Pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane before I go insane, it's only half past twelve but I don't care, it's five o'clock somewhere, ahhh straight to Missy from Alan himself, oh, and Jimmy too laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 01:53 AM
When you wanted something tall and strong, I began to wonder if you were still thirsty or if I needed to see if any of my male relatives were single yet. It would be wonderful to have you as a relative, don't you think? Don't answer that. I know I can be difficult at times. Either you are going to marry my brother or not, there's no discussion necessary! lol
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 02:24 AM
Your male relatives???You got a screw loose? After you stood up for that nasty old Cluckity Chicken what has ruined my Javis. Sure it was your knee they worked on huh? Well, are ya? My word, the audacity, me and your brother, what a revoltin development this is eek
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 02:48 AM
If it makes the men in my family more interesting, I don't get along with them! When I was born, they realized that they couldn't keep working with the same genetic material. Mistakes were happening. They are always happy to have fresh meat. I am the ugly duckling so to speak. From my point of view, they are the ugly ducklings, or cluckity clucks, or whatever.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 02:56 AM
It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T and I got me a whole bag of rocks you hear...oh sorry, been watching them Mayberry reruns again. I am sure your male relatives do not consider you to be inferior in any way, probably they just feel superior do you think? You know, like I'm not fat, other people are just smaller than me, or I'm not short, other people are just taller than me, that kind of thing. What do you think? Now, do you feel all better? Oh, didn't think you would, Lord knows I try sigh sigh...alas, woe is me, Ernest T. frown
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 05:12 AM
HEY...I'm horizontally challanged! I'm a 6' woman trapped inside a 5'3" body! I roll easily!! I'm not overweight I'm undertall!! LOL

Seriously, I'm so sorry you are in such agony Missy. I wish it were better for you. Each day you will get better and better. I hope you feel better real soon.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 05:38 AM
Thank you elf. Thank you both for saving my very fragile ego also. I'm reading an inspirational book. I'll let you know how it ends. I'm hoping for a tragic ending! :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 06:30 PM
You are reading? What did I tell you? Huh? You about shot the eye for the last time already, only thing tragic is going to be that black eye patch you have to wear, and the most tragic thing is they will not allow it to be purple. The abuse you do to yourself, it's horrid. Have you no self worth? Where did you leave the empowerment I gave you? Probably put it in the same box you sent your self esteem to Martha in, what's a person to do.. confused confused
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 09:27 PM
Hay I've been on a lonesome little tour, just laying low on the morph for a couple of days!Then I was really angry and upset about that crap angelred stuff! it really got me down, real bad, well I wish them Karma and the laws come back 10,000 fold. So heres my little ditty because I was going to leave the site up until last night!
First I was angry
I was mortified
Kept knowing I could ever live
without you my support site
But I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong(AR1)
we grew strong
we learned how to carry on
and so WE'RE all back
from outer space
We just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother us.


How you all doing, missing you x
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 09:36 PM
No purple eye patch? That is just not acceptable! Today I am reading Native American Wisdom. This is what I've learned so far.."It does not require many words to speak the truth." - Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Tribe

Now when I'm telling the truth, you will know because I will answer short, Yes or No:)
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 09:39 PM
Laura, been there myself many times. The title of this thread is the last time it happened. I finally realized that a small group I have really connected with has provided the kind of support I can't leave behind. I just isolate myself from the b.s. as much as I can now. Just stick with us. I'm singing too!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 09:55 PM
failed attempt at posting a cute picture. frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 10:48 PM
Laura H,
Don't feel bad about AR1, dang, I was the one who asked about her and Chris let me send her a message, so how do you think I feel about that now? Pretty stupid huh? She disappeared after a very fitful, painful post where her weight was 85 lbs. and her doctor had given her 27 months or something like that, and like you, I worried and worried about her for month or more, then put a thread to ask if anyone has heard, sooo if you want to be mad at someone, guess I would be part to blame, but I did mean well, just as you did. Personally, I couldn't say the things she did, I would be afraid a thunder bolt would strike me, but there are those with their morbid and maudlin senses of humor that makes our paltry little thread here look like Sesame Street. Glad you decided to come back, and welcome and I was about to ask about you, maybe you got that esup thing going :p :p
Crusty, boy or girl, make up your mind, dearie, sir: mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 11:36 PM
Crusty is sometimes male and sometimes female. It is part of the mystery of my character in this thread. I'll send you pictures so you know which picture should be in your mind when I disclose my gender. Of course then you'll be more horrified by my character than you are now. Btw, you are in no part responsible for what happened with the red thing. It's just one of those things. You just never know what some people will do. Your concern for her in no part puts blame your way but shows that you are a very caring and compassionate person. (words of Missy). No blame for any of us. We are functioning as a support system and that was what you were doing. You can't stop the actions of a hand full of people that make bad choices. You can just do the best you can and seem to be doing a really good job at that.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/11/04 11:41 PM
Hi Everyone, I'm back out from my hidy hole!

Hi Elf, Hi Spencer, Hi Crusty, Hi john, Hi Linda, Hi Sarah(if I've missed anyone, forgive)

Hi Msjay, I was missing you soooooooooo much, in actual fact I thought about you getting damn mad with me, hence I posted lolol,. We're needing to get a new PC at home as Im only online at Neils parents now, they hicked up security at work, so I don't dare go near a forum, so my posting may be a bit eratic for a while...

I've been quite down with the pain recently, just when you think it can't get much worse frown it does, very fatigued etc all I seem to do is eat sleep work, and not always in that order wink I just hate trying to go to bed right now, and dread that hellish time between 3-6am cause its my horrific time! The AS specialist got back to me, Im seeing him in January(yipee)this is the Professor that used to be my Uni lecturer(if I've already told all this please ignore!had a lot of dihydrocodine today)Really have missed you guys big time...But to make up for it I got you all big packets of jumbo purple crayons! Linda Im making you some special muffins(not brownies Im being good to you in the long run)

Anyone got any hugs going free! XX
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 12:30 AM
Free hugs to all. Special hugs set aside just for you laura.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 02:25 AM
That sleeping part is funny, not funny haha, just that I went to pharmacy today to pick up some scripts and my two youngest grandsons accompanied me (if you can call it that). Actually, they like to drove me to violence upon them before we got there and the grocery store, and they bilked me but good, always do. But my funny was that while I was waiting for one prescription to be filled I told them to go look for Christmas cards for my two grandaughters in Michigan (I send them money, they are teens, like who would attempt to buy something for a teenage girl,) and Grant came back with one card, said this is good for mom. All the front said line after line was get up go to work, eat, go to sleep, get up go to work, eat, go to sleep,
and in the inside it says something like "well, that pretty much sums up things with me, how have you been? I said son I don't know that I would get that one for your mom or your dad.... smile smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 07:21 PM
That's funny he would pick that card. Are the grand kids getting excited about Christmas yet? Are the boys teenagers? If the boys are, it may not be cool to be excited anymore. I like it best when kids still belief in santa claus. How old are the boys ms. jay?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 07:33 PM
They are 14, 11 and 9 and the 11 year old is just now kind of "questioning" this Santa business, but the 9 year old, my boy Lukie, who is a little devil and glad to tell you so is dead on sure that Santa is coming. This is a boy who can shoot a 22, a shotgun, a deer rifle, and any other "firearm" his father takes him to try. All of them are fishermen and hunters, like thier father and both grandfathers, it's inbedded to the core, and they can tell me the name of every duck you see, and all they want for Christmas is fishin stuff and huntin stuff and anything from Dan's Comp...that's some online place that sells bike parts and extreme sports fixer uppers (all three are always working on their bikes to make them go faster, jump higher, whatever.) Yes, they do wear helmets, at least in front of me they do, and they promise they don't take them off. Lukie sleeps in my area of the house every weekend, claims it's because I "stay up later" oh well, doesn't matter why, just like that he still wants to be with his gramma... wink All three are still not "embarrassed" to show their enthusiasm for Christmas, plus they have parts in the Church Christmas Eve Mass, and they still like doing that. I have a feeling these three boys are going to be a-okay laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 10:55 PM
All you have said about them, I'm sure they are wonderful boys. No surprise there! They have great roll models including you.

My knee is pretty good today. It's me! The girl crusty. It doesn't hurt so bad today. I just wish I could bend it more. When it was bad, I always bent it to find comfort and now I cant bend it except for just a little bit. Right now, it feels better than before the surgery. Maybe all the pessimism from the doctor was just him not getting my hopes up. my hopes are climbing now that it's improving and not so bad. Soon enough, I'll be driving the bus! I drove a 34' motorhome in an empty parking lot once so I'm sure I can handle the bus as long as no one drives around me. Hope you are doing okay Ms. Jay. How is your sister?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/12/04 11:43 PM
Hey Miss, that's great news, happy to hear you are feeling better, thought you would in given time. Everytime I've had surgery I have sworn never again until I recuperate then I sort of forget how bad it was. Everything but labor pains, no matter what they tell you, don't believe it, you never forget labor pains, never, not if you had four day deliveries like my two were. I still remember it very vividly. Worth every minuted of it though, wouldn't change a thing :p Am I awful mellow today or what? Think somebody snuck something in my food or drink? Man I hope not. eek
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 02:01 AM
MsJay, eating what? brownies, what brownies? laura, welcome back but i have to warn you that crusty has been in the area trying to round up all the rabid dust bunnies. don't be supprised at strange nosies coming from under the bed eek the men in black are trying to track him down but he seems to stay just one step ahead. i think that elf must be helping him avoid the road blocks w/ the magic bus (does anyone remember boris the spider?) never seem to know where he will pop up next.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 02:59 AM
Mo, Spencer, I don't, repeat, don't partake of brownies, regular or funny ones. I just kind of mellowed out a little there for a while and got nervous that I had been slipped something, just not my nature to be mellow, but it's passed, so you want to account for your whereabouts the last few meetings? Roll was called, no Spencer. Laura H sent an envoy, the Crustys sent their purple Butler (very nice man may i add, gave a lovely report on the many reasons purple is so powerful)Linda was out of town, she had an excuse and Elf was busy with the bus thing. But you just slip in and out like you don't have a care in the world. Well mister, that just won't cut it around here. Now, splain yourself! mad
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 03:24 AM
Hey Laura, Welcome back girl!!! Glad to see you, hope you get some decent sleep soon.

Missy, glad you are starting to feel better too. It's no fun worrying about whether they put you back together right.

Crusty, get out from under the bed! I told you we cut the legs off that thing! Go into the closet if you must, there's a nice purple tent in there.

MsJay, good to see you back to your ole feisty self. I was starting to worry you were becoming a woos.

I'm practicing driving the magic bus. It's way cool with all the christmas lights (purple and teal) lit up and rock and roll christmas songs playing from the bose speakers I installed. Yes, I'm quite handy that way. Hooked up all the lights, phones, powerpaks, and the video/TV/Sirrus etc, etc. BUT IT'S MINE....ALL MINE! You didn't want it so I made for me. WAHOO
Elf laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 03:33 AM
Well just have yourself a grand old time riding around all by yourself in that Las Vegas advertisement if that's the way you want to be. Missy is getting ready to drive the bus, got some extra rocket power with that cast on her knee, not always real dependable but we live on the edge you know. You'd get back on board here in a New york minute if you just knew where our next gig is, but that's okay, we'll manage...sniff, we will perservere, so persecute us if you must, but know when the lights go down on that bus which is being held together with rubber bands, paper clips, coat hangers and bungee cords, there's always a place here for you, we are like that, forgive and forget, our motto, never ever bring it up again...gotta go, some things to tell Missy and Linda and a few other poeple....later
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 04:29 AM
You don't love me anymore!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

You made fun of my bus, so I went ahead and fixed it up. Now you're taking off without me... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I'm gonna eat a whole box of purple crayone.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 04:42 AM
We aren't leaving without you. We're coming to get you silly. I don't know exactly how that happened with you having the bus, but it is. Oh, I know, the master made the bus appear in our yard so we could come get you, Ya that's it! Elf, why did you paint over that lovely purple painted room with antique white? Humph!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 05:00 AM
Sniff, Sniff...are you really going to come and get me??? I'd be so lonely without you all.

It wasn't a beautiful purple, it was a sickly medium pinky purple. ACK ACK!! Not a true purple. I would have left it if it had been a beautiful royal purple! Or Teal!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 05:33 AM
Okay Elf, I understand. I have this great idea. Lets go buy a vibrant royal purple! lol I'm filled with great ideas.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 02:56 PM
Sounds great to me. We can black out the windows too and put in a black light, (they really are purple you know?) Make curtains and you could put steel on the ceiling so the sky won't fall.
Hey!!! that's a great idea...steel plat your ceiling! I don't know know why I never thought of it before. You'll never have to go under the bed again, and you'll never smell like your gym socks.

The real reason we had to paint the room is my DH's Aunt has dememtia and she thought spiders were stalking her. She took a spray can of something and went after an imaginary spider. She sprayed the wall, it looked like graffiti. Not sure what she used, it sort of looked like gold paint. We had to use KILZ pirmer/sealer so it wouldn't bleed through. If it wasn't so sad, it would be hilarious.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 04:15 PM
Happy Birthday to ME
Happy Birthday to me
I'm ancient and over the hill(and far away)
But Happy Birthday to me&#8230;.

Here's a slice of virtual cake&#8230;. For all my pals&#8230;.QUICK someone call the fire station! LOL

sorry grabbing the lime light again
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 06:54 PM
Oh, it's your birthday candles!! I thought Rome was burning laugh laugh laugh
Happy Happy birthday Elfis
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 08:56 PM
Another birthday! Happpy birthday. I'd like 2 slices of cake please.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 10:40 PM
Purple Icing, how sweet of you Elf!!! laugh
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/13/04 10:54 PM
laura is that cake fda approved? have you payed the vat (value added tax), are you using ywllow dye #5, did you relize your opening yourself up to law suites for all of us gaining wieght. do you have proper shipping documents for the thing. is your house now on the super fund epa cleanup list? do you have ntsb approval for transfer of cake across states lines? also did you have a fire permit and did you notify the local civil defence you where going to set that thing on fire? looks like and out of control, control burn from here. do you have smoke jumpers on stand-by?

oh, by the way happy birthday smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 12:19 AM
Spencer did it ever occur to you to volunteer to help President Bush by taking the Secretary of Homeland Security Position? Sure he would appreciate it...could you take the heat of the vetting process? OOH..I couldn't eek
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 02:32 AM
nope not me. i'm way to inscure smile besides they have a lot more regulation over there in engalnd and scotland. i just thought that laura would get a kick out of it. after all we have to keep an eye on crusty and those rabid dust bunnies. by the way does anyone have any kind of idea how well elf drives? i don't want that magic bus to just end up any old place. how will the band get to it's next gig if the bus is in a ditch? :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 05:14 AM

That's some great cake! Thank you.

Did you get everything you wished for? I sure hope so.
Have a great day!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 05:23 AM
HEY!!! I'm a safe driver. Only 2 accidents in 37 years and neither of them was my fault!!!

I also drive a full size Tahoe (I call her my HO LOL) all year INCLUDING in the snow! I've driven a full size pick-up pulling a 17'boat, a full size pick-up with a camper (the kind in the PU bed) while pulling a boat. I've driven boats, pontoons, houseboat.

I'm learning to drive a bus on my own personal lawn ornament! I havn't hit anything to speak of, (the neighbors lawn deer didn't say a word and you can't tell they were even moved and the cracks don't show much).

I've had only 2 speeding tickets, one at 16 (% miles over)and one at 28 (7 miles over) (I really had to pee, got the ticket anyway).

So there!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 11:24 AM

Step away from the flames&#8230;.You cheeky monsters! I thought you'd all step to my defense&#8230;.But no right in there feet first as usual&#8230;.I'm awful glad I'm not phobic about getting old and decrepit&#8230;.Well I'm already decrepit anyway LOLOLO&#8230;Spencer I decided to send virtual cake, so at least you could all decide what kind you really wanted&#8230;And didn't want custom freaking out at the icing sugar LOL&#8230;..Crusty two extra big bits for you and Missy were sent, if they didn't arrive that blooming Linda must have mugged the mail man! Sorry(not) that lucky I'd ran right out of Purple icing, so stop that winging MsJay and just eat the blooming cake&#8230;.NO ELF don't, don't ram it in her mouth&#8230;.she can still talk without moving her lips LOLOLOL&#8230;..|I got lots of crayons from the master for my birthday&#8230;..I'm just wondering who I'll share them with! Na na nah nanny!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 03:47 PM

You are only as old as you feel, age is only a number! Be young at heart, doing things like this helps to turn back the clock. Laugh often!

How did you see me "helping" MsJay eat her cake? LOL I thought someone was going to scarf it before she got a chance to eat it.

Hope you had a wonderful day!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 04:21 PM
A person makes one little mistake, mind you, just one tiny slip, saying Elfis instead of Laura, and what do I get, dang purple clown face that does not in any way resemble my purple uniform, smeared my purple glasses up, and now I am stumbling around trying to find a napkin, dang this is one impatient and unrelenting bunch, rather have a herd of locusts descend on me, at least they would probably eat this cake off me, sir, little help, well same to you buddy, no, it's not a gag and I am not trying to pick your pocket was hoping that was a napkin sticking out, didn't know you carry your baby in your back pocket, geez, beter get outta Dodge, and NO, I did not escape from anywhere you idiot, Guess I better play drunk and c r a w l my way to some safe haven, like under a bridge, wait for rain, run out, get clean, start over, and then you can all watch out!!!!!!! mad mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 07:13 PM
Ms. Jay, don't be upset with me. I played no part of it. I have the bus. I'm coming to pick you up. I think I should drive the bus because I have one piece of experience elf doesn't have. I can also ride a motor cycle! I was the one who wrote her those tickets. I remember the evens very clearly. This woman with elf ears exploded out of her car and headed for the bushes. I didn't know what was up so I ordered the swat team to remove her from bushes. Charges were speeding, fleeing from an officer, indecent exposure (I don't want to even give details about what I saw). Now that there are better irritable blatter meds out, she doesn't have so many legal problems. Elf, for you to be the driver is only elfish! I mean selfish! Ms Jay, I'm submitting my resume..with some chocolates wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/14/04 08:06 PM
It's okay Crusty, don't want to scare you any more than you already are. Did you manage to get under the bed, sliding on your belly? Or did you put in the steel plate ceiling as previously suggested by one we won't mention right now. I'm drying off with some rags,well I think they are actually diapers I kinda just picked up from a parked Diaper Dan truck as I was passing it, smell kinda funky don't know but think he might have been on a pickup run instead of delivery. Now, all that makeup got to put back on, all that work, picked up a few things in Wal-Mart, put them in a buggy and strolled right on out, nobody came near me, so I figured I was special, and as we all know I am, I surely am. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/15/04 05:20 PM
We've got some serious business to take care of here;Elf really needs all of us to put our many differences aside and since there is power in numbers, say a great big prayer that everything went good for her and is going good for her and is only going to get better for her (We can live to fight and scratch another day, right? wink
Now all together, here we go smile smile She's going to be good as new I just know it, don't you guys feel it? Huh? Well? laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/15/04 09:37 PM
Yes, elf will be good as new! Absolutely without a doubt! I have installed steel sheets to the ceiling and used the extra pieces to make a safety shelter below the bed. You can never be too careful. I have wheels attached to my shirt so all I have to do is wheel under the bed. I plan to get my wheeled shirt patented. There are so many uses for it. You can never have too many wheels. :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/15/04 10:21 PM
Now Crusty, don't be careening through the house in that shirt with wheels, you will end up hurting Missy!! And don't be over at Elf's "borrowing" the wheels on her bus while she's getting that old bad stuff taken out of her so she can tour with us. The wheels should be a more flourescent purple than other things.
That way they look festive as they go round and round. Pretty nigty if I do have to say so, Crusty. Who would have thought you had such potential, especially after that old egg injection fiasco mad Glad to see you are putting your talent to better use. If anyone talks with Elf, tell her we are all thinking about her and a big (((HUG)))) laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/15/04 11:48 PM
Wheels wheels wheels! I've found websites with all different sizes. How thrilling. I know the egg thing was a fiasco, but it's in the past. Now, I think we should invest all of our master's money into wheel stock. Reasoning? When my wheeled shirts are in full production, the price of wheels will go up and so will the stock value. Oh, I'm so excited! We are going to be rich rich rich! We will no longer have to beg for food from town to town while on tour and wont have to get those free gas vouchers from each city either. Some cities know us on a first name basis and it's just embarrassing. Gonna go count my pennies. 1, 2 ,4,6,2,6,7..where was I? Hugs to elf!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/16/04 11:08 AM
Knock Knock

Elfy you there........Special delivery of extra BIG HUGS and Lots of very special love sent your way..

Laura X
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/16/04 03:37 PM
I'm Here! Thank you one and all for the care, concern and Love!!! You are the BEST!!

Was recuperating after the traumatic experience. The surgery went fine, won't hear for a day or two if they got it all. But OUCH!!! Was 1 1/2 CM X 3 3/4CM Not too big, but it's a hard place to pull together to do stitches. They sting and kind of burn. The doc used a electorcautery-needle to burn the base of the skin where he removed the "C". Then sewed it tofether. Put the medical "super glue" and steri-strips on and that's where I am right now. It was cold that night, but I'm not normally affected by the cold. I was chattering my teeth almost all the way home. It feels better to have that nasty stuff outa me!!! Now, I'll have to be very aware for the rest of my life and watch for more.

On a lighter note, if I have more maybe it'll be like having a "tuck" of sorts. Pulling all the flab together and making a nice taught bod!!! LOL Gotta make lemonade when life hands you lemons!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/16/04 09:51 PM
Man oh Man, that's just super good news, Elf, thank the good Lord. I bet it feels good that it's outta there. And I know about having to git the skin back after surgery, in my case, had quite a bit of uhhh tummy to close up, and they stapled it and i agree, tha incision can be a bigger pain than the procedure. So sincerely glad for you. We all are I am sure. Way to go Elf, whoopee, just wait now for the good news!!!HIP HIP HOORAY laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/17/04 03:10 PM
If it had been on my tummy, I would have encouraged the doc to take more and pull those stitches tighter! LOL I've got plenty of ummmm.....extra to spare.

Hey Crusty...I have a cycle license too! Had my own bike for a time. LOL

I'm thinking of a new name for me...how 'bout Scar?? LOL Scars and stripes??? WooHoo!! I've got my old funny bone back, YIPEE!
Santa's Elf
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/17/04 09:19 PM
elf it sure is good to have you back even though you wheren't gone that long. glad your feeling better. i don't think we can get all of the band on the bike eek but it might be worth a try smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/18/04 01:43 AM
At last, you're back SCAR! The whole board was different while you were gone. Let's see...what did you miss? Linda has been at Fannie Mae, oh wait, I think I mean Betty Ford! lol I've been mailing her brownies so she doesn't get so home sick. Johnnie has been ignoring me again. She's been dating some handsome underwear model! Good for her as long as she remembers all of us little people as she rises to the top of the celebrity circles on her new mans coat tails. I don't think the coat tails is a bad ride as long as the floor isn't wood. It's better than walking! Glad you are back and doing well smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/18/04 08:42 PM
Do underwear models wear coats?? LOL At least it's a floor and not a bannister...
As you slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters always point the right way!

We can try to get us all on a bike Spencer. Might be fun, that is if it's not a crotch rocket!!!

How's Missy doing Crusty? Hope she's getting better, was thinking about her too.

Have a great practice everyone, I'm baking cookies!
Santa's Elf
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/19/04 08:25 PM
What's the matter for you now? Huh? That aint no stoopid underwear model, sniff, must I remind you, the rich and famous, one of which I am, do have what is commonly called "a Butler" "A Chaffeur" a tisket a tasket a green and purple basket hahahahahahahah eek
Glad to have you back, Elf
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/19/04 09:54 PM
i thought they where called maniquins smile if they where female would they be womeniquins?. underwear models, humph. they are more than likely missing a few bits. like arms and legs. maybe even heads. no matter how othen i asked those womeniquins for a date i never got an answer. must be the reaseon i went into the peeping ..... err aah..... i mean spying business. :p

christmas is coming so watch out we have eyes everwhere. we know who has been notty or nice laugh crusty we're watching you. linda we were watching you too but we figured we could slack off a little. after eating those brownies your not going anywhere anyway. eek elf, we also have your complete driving record and i must say it is impressive. i also don't want to leave out MsJay and Jarvis. we are also wathing the both of you too. might be a cold christmas for the whole lot you :p however, i know that you all have tried to do the best you can for the past year so i will put in a good word for you w/ the higher ups (sounds like they may need to be watched too) i will get back to you and let you know what they have to say. smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/19/04 10:49 PM
I personally, would not know, Spencer. I don't deal in plastic, molded figurines, wax figures, anything like that. Now I may have bumped into a mannequin or two and mumbled "scuse me" but other than that I deal in flesh and blood people.
People who need people. We are the greatest people in the world. My butler is not mine, he works somewhere in England, My Chaffeur is not mine, he drives for one of the Rolling Stones, and my hair dresses is Phyllis Diller. Now, there's a person who's for real. laugh She keeps me fine looking, even made a helmet for my tricycle that would make sure my hair would stay where it belonged during my outings. My oh my, everyone should just have it as good as me. I am so well cared for, soooo important, I am just precious, I am, I surely am coolAsk any of them on here, they'll tell ya. I am special, what else can i say, sorry, but the truth is the truth laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/19/04 11:21 PM
Yes, you are special Ms. Jay. I'm thinking that your helmet wont provide any protection if it's working around THAT hairdo. Just don't use extra hold hair spray. You need the hair to bounce and give a little when you fall off your tricycle so you don't get hurt. Could someone please come over and clip my toe nails? Okay, okay, clippers aren't necessary. If someone wants to just chew them off, that's okay too.

Elf, Missy is doing fine. She was able to walk today and took more than just a few steps. She walked back and forth to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. She's wobbling pretty bad but at least she can use it. Before we know it she'll be getting around like normal and i can get some rest.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/20/04 02:21 AM
Puleeze tell me you put that "SP" in a special place, it is special. What if she comes across that special potion that lets her think she can sing? now what are we to do, huh? Since she lost that stinkng pitch pipe, that "potion" has kept her thinking she was singing whereas there was not one word coming from her vocal chords. I get so tird, so very tired, of watching out all of the time, night and day, day and night, for your blunderings, Crusty. As a "PERFECT" Christmas gift to me and the band, please promise you will keep that potion from both Linda and Missy. They could scare a screech owl to death, we have to make sure they think they are singing, when we know, we only care about "the moves" they make on stage, Groovin, on a Sunday Afternoon, you know what I mean, swish and sway, move this way, that kind of thing. Puleeze Crusty, put it away until we leave on tour!
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/20/04 04:38 AM
i think we're all just slip sliding away through a purple haze. we must be 2000 light years from home and can't see a thing because of the smoke on the water. are we on our way to maracash. wait, i think i hear the sound of silence. nope was just the lost chord. maybe i can put the magic bus in my will to my childrens children children.

finailly getting to my theshold of a dream. was pretty close to the edge. thats what happens when you ride my seesaw. uh oh its almost time for my magic carpet ride. i have to go see lady jane. if i miss the carpet ride i can always catch the yellow submarine. it can drop me off by the houses of the holy where i can meet steppenwolf and tommy. the james gang might be there too.

as for crusty every good boy deserves favor and he might bump into the wayward son. maybe he can start collecting iron butterflies. MsJay, do you have it enya it look at the shepard's moons? thier really beautiful over the orinoco flow.

its late and i have to go to bed so, so long and thanks for all the fish. if you have any questions the answer is 41 or is its 42. i can't remember. i know i left some stuff out. good night sleep tight and don't let the beatles bite:)
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/20/04 05:55 AM
Don't worry ms. jay. the potion is hidden where no one can find it. I wrapped it and put it under the tree.

I think spenc has "Music Fever"! Oh no, get me cold damp towels quickly! Ms Jay, I need and IV D5W with ringers lactate, STAT! Now, I'm gonna need some string, a pencil, and a june bug if we are going to save him! Oh Gosh, it isn't june yet! AHHHHHH!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/21/04 04:45 AM
I got the handcuffs to cuff him to a table. We can use the whip to lash him down too.

We'll need the grape juice to sterilize the area. No Crusty, not the stuff that's in your eyes!!

WHEW, I'm glas(glad) I didn't catch that stuff. OMGosh, who knew bad spleling is contageous!
Santa's Elf
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/21/04 02:54 PM
danger will robinson, dandger! did anyone see that ambulance that was chasing me? quick i need another brownie. spining....... we're going down! may the force be with you. i can't hold it (use the force luke, you brainless twit!). i got it. i got it. Noooooooooooo! i don't aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! thump
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/21/04 04:03 PM
And they grabbed spencer...put him in the dungeon...and made him eat WHEAT BREAD!!!
Santa's Elf
Posted By: spencer Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/21/04 11:58 PM
wheat bread!!! at least they could spread alittle arggot on it. by the way where is everyone? it sure is dark in here. where are those dust bunnies i had for crusty? hello, helllooooo. what do you mean please hang up and dial again?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/22/04 04:08 AM
sorry sir, but this is not the person to whom you are currently speaking, please check your microwave setting to defrost, toaster to pastry, and try this channel again in the very near past.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/22/04 10:17 AM
Spencer get ooooooooooffffffffffffff ME, yep its dark,but you didn't need to park you butt on me!I thought it was a total eclipse.... I'd put out the purple candle I'd managed to steel from the Purple Emporium. Now there are some blue moldy chocolate brownies, but you need to share!! Lets just say Linda only left burnt ones!. The mould stuffs rather good, kills the pain quite nicely, thinking of marketing it on the outside perhaps call it "Purple wonder dust" do you think the FDA will mind?

Now if you get bored I've brought my Singing Santa Bear, he's called Harry and he sings "jinglebell rock" quite a soothing mantra, and he's on energizer batteries so he ain't running out anytime soon!

SEE THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD CRACK ME but no, I'm already Mad oooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone, just incase I don't get a chance to be back on before the day itself, that Spencer never thought to bring his Laptop (selfish so and so) I'm having to do this via ESP to the server and now my heads hurting like hell.

All together now: 1,2,3

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell rock
Jingle bell swing and jingle bell ring

Lalalaallaalla that's the Jingle bell rock!
Posted By: MsNoah Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/23/04 03:45 PM
Looky, Looky what I found for us to travel in!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!! WooHoo (pass me another brownie, please).
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/23/04 03:56 PM
Appropriate for this zoo band!! LOL

I'm the head monkey...errr...Elf....whatever!
Samta's Elf
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/23/04 07:48 PM
Will a ladybug do, got tons of them, and ants.
Ants galore, and ladybugs galore, scary and I am dead serious. How's the K-nee miss?
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 01:38 AM
I'm finding all kinds of dead ladybugs around the house. And gots lots of dead hornets too. Didn't get around to getting rid of them, they're in the basement and I don't do basements!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 04:31 AM
I'm sitting here looking at the pile of stuff we have to pack into my truck. I'm beginning to worry that I'll have to ride on the hood as a hood ornament! Might get kinda cold though.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 03:49 PM
Now that Elf is gone and Crusty's evidently hiding under the bed again, I AM IN CHARGE. Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!! MsNoah, I do love our new "vehicle". I think we will all fit in nicely. Wouldn't you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? That IS a balloon isn't it?

Spencer, step A W A Y from the brownies. Boy, you've had way too many. You've far exceeded the recommended daily dosage and it shows. How many fingers am I holding up and what year is this? Now behave yourself or I'll put you under the bed with Crusty and you DON'T want to go there wink

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 06:52 PM
I have on my special purple Santa Claus suit, and now don't get scared because as you read this you will feel something like an electric current go through you. Never fear, it's just my JOY charge for the holidays. Hope they are the best, and greatest ever. Good friends are what keep us going, and I count each and every one of y'all as just exactly that...a good friend, so be merry merry and may God Bless!!!!! laugh smile :p shocked laugh shocked laugh never mind the meaning, I like the colors !!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 07:33 PM
Merry Christmas everybody. I love the colors too. Those colors remind me of "the knee". The colors aren't as dramatic anymore. Too bad. I have lots of pictures I can blow up and put on the wall. I think a nice big print will really pull my living room together. :p
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 09:47 PM
Love You All, including the people with technocoloured bruises, Crusty if you put a picture of Missys knee on here, I'll put a picture of my broken ankle on! promise in fact MsJay would love mine as it was every colour of purple imagenable.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I wish I could see you all just once for a big group hug that would be so fantastic XXXX I think the world of you all
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 11:46 PM
Abra Cadabra! (is that how you spell those magical words?) Here is one of Missy's lovely leg photos. She swelled from thigh to toe. She got it scoped to clean the cartilage out, patella release and a chrondoplasty. I think the repair of the femur cracks fell in the chrondoplasty category.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/24/04 11:56 PM
Oh NO! The picture is bigger than my computer screen! I must have used the wrong magic words!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 12:07 AM
Wow, those magic words are powerful. As you can see, I'm having technical difficulties. Please resume programming on another channel until I get this worked out. I'm going to try to change it to a thumb size photo of Northern AZ. Abra Kadabra!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 01:07 AM
Abra Kadabra! Testing. Test Test.

Okay, I give up. I figured out the signature part. How do I just post a picture? I don't want this black and blue knee picture to always post with me. Any ideas??

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 01:11 AM
maybe this..

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 01:14 AM
Ahhhh, figured it out even though it's super sized. I've tried reducing but am having problems with it. Okay laura, lets see the ankle!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 04:36 AM
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...it makes me hurt to look at it. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!@!!!$@#$*&!@$^
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 04:43 AM
It is pretty painful looking. Maybe now that we know how to post pictures all of us can post pics after surgery. Of course that may scare the newbies. The doc said it shouldn't have bruised like that. Her foot/ankle is messed up still. We see the rheumy on mon. When she takes her ankle brace off, it really hurts to move the foot. Hopefully it is okay. Someone probably tugged on her foot during surgery or to move her without realizing the joint problems. Do you have any gross pics you'd like to show us?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 06:06 AM
Yes, the knee looks horrible! Poor Missy. I know my daughter's knee did not bruise that badly. Yuck yuck yuck.

I have a pretty gross picture of my sister taken a couple of years ago after she was in a car wreck and her air bag deployed....in her face. She was burned pretty badly by it. That year I took a picture of her and me together and named it "Beauty and the Beast". I'm such a wonderful sister laugh

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 06:15 AM
LoL! Brad took pictures of me after I had to get my wisdom teeth hammered out. All 4 were coming in sideways, abscessed and impacted. My whole face was black and blue, big black eyes and bruising down my neck. I was on the cold soup diet for a long time.

The leg bruising is really not too bad now. That pic was a few days after surgery. I have nasty bruising still around my ankle, but the bruising around my knee is brown/yellow with small patches of purple. Most of the swelling has gone down that was up the thigh and down my leg too. My foot still is swollen and my knee. It's really not so bad now. I can gingerly walk with a cane and I can bend it at a 90 degree slowly. I've been doing lots of gentle exercising to loosen it up. I'm having some really good times with it during the day where the pain is much reduced compared to pre surgery. I'm getting excited now, really excited. I'm too scared to get the same thing done with the other joints now. I'll need a while to recover and forget how painful it was and then I'll go at it again. Brad is going to get his knees checked while I'm busy being a coward.
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/25/04 12:18 PM
Ucky! eeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk. Ok I have just informed ones husband to move his butt and come put disgusting pictures of my broken ankle on, its not as graphic as that though, Missy wins, you see I had a cast on so we could only guess at the colours underneath by the shades of my toes.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/30/04 10:32 PM
Happy New Year to all you "cellar dwellers", "out-in-space" just "out there" and any others who have contributed to this ongoing crazy thread. May we stay around to "do it" (that's continue the thread, get yer collective minds out of the gutter) for the new year!!!Happy and best wishes to all of you shocked laugh shocked wink eek frown I still like the colors, but of course, not like I like Purple, don't forget that Javis honey, wherever that poulty reject has you!!confused:
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/31/04 05:22 AM
Ahhh, at last! I'm back. Don't even ask where I've been. It's the makings of a horrible country western song and last I heard we are a rock and roll band. Everything is okay now. The earth's rotation was momentarily interupted by aliens, but I hopped in my hover craft and ran them off. This is our planet! It's ours and we wont let other weird aliens take over without a bitter and painful fight. The sun was shining today, the earth was spinning and the flood waters are draining away from the house so all is well. Anyone know how to bring a laptop computer back to life that has a little bit of water damage and buzzes when I turn it on? I didn't think so. laugh shocked frown smile eek I like all the pretty colors too. I will always be true to purple though. Ms. Jay, I am your son. Luke, I am your father.
Posted By: SarahC Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/31/04 08:34 PM
My sister bought these wonderful sherpa fleece blankets for my kids for Xmas. Jane's fav color is pink, and Rachel's is blue. I told her not to buy Kyle a blue one cuz it would just be a fight over who's is who's. (You know where this is going....) Well, he opened up his package to find a PURPLE blanket. I also didn't mention the time I was cleaning up tons of fisher price little people from the dining room where they were playing, and in the middle of the little people mayhem, was one single purple crayon. Not the one he'd been eating, I threw that one away, but another......strange, very strange.

Happy New Year...and may the force be with you!


PS-this is all true, weird, but true!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 12/31/04 10:14 PM
What's weird about it? The boy is one of us. :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/01/05 04:23 AM
Yes, obviously he's one of us! I think Sarah is in denial still about that though. She doesn't want to face the fact that our alien off spring are everywhere. Her brain chip seems to be working fine still since she doesn't recall her alien abduction. She'll know the truth when he gets his tentacles.

Ms. Jay, what have you been up today? Thank you for what you sent in the mail. How nice of you to think of me. She sent me the most beautiful pitch pipe..purple of course..with a note saying how much she'd love to do a duet with me. I'll have to think about it! Happy New Year! wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/02/05 06:29 PM
Hope you are making some powerful purple pitches with that pitch pipe, since the man selling them, "the pitchman" said it was the best, simply the best, and of course, better than all the rest. Someone sent me an air message, saw Javis, said he looked well, also said that paltry poulty piece of poopoo was perched right there on his shoulder, just like she belonged there,oh what this does to me, none of you can know, it just makes my purple blood run cold...I must go now, I'm in a searing snit! mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/03/05 10:11 AM
Ms. Jay, hope things go well tomorrow. I'm sure they will. I'm absolutely positive of it. I wonder how many children Miss Priss and Javis could have had by now. Hmmmm, I don't want to go dig the chicken book out. I think it is around 28 days. They could have 2 nests of children by now. However, since the father isn't a chicken, the hatching time could be way off. I think we should tranquilize the 2 of them and put birth control under their skin like they do to the monkeys in zoos. They can act like rabbits and never breed like them. I know how much Miss Priss wants a family so if she doesnt have children running around soon, she will move on to the next sorry purple sucker. eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/04/05 01:35 AM
Hey Crusty, all, got the eye surgery over with, now when I can see again, be great, maybe tomorrow will be better, but had to tell you that the surgeon had to zapp it 12 to 15 times, and the numbing is leaving and the pain has started, but I have this real pretty purple, well really more orchid sapphire in that eye, aint I lucky? Tomorrow perhaps, thanks for caring all.
smile MsJay
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/04/05 03:09 AM
Wishing you a speeding recovery and I hope the pain doesn't get too bad. I'm funny about my eyes and don't like them touched so I've been cringing about all this. I hope you can see tomorrow too because the master is making a special trip to your part of the woods to make sure your ocular upgrade, like terminator, works well enough so you can see through walls, clothing, etc laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/04/05 03:31 AM
L U C Y...I'm Home

Back from the frozen north!! YIKES...24 below zero was mighty cold. And Rockhead had to go out at the strangest times. I did take her out a couple of times-looked like that kid on A Christmas Story, had a flashlight and was listening and looking for wolves, freaked myself out. Yes, they are in the area up by our cabin.

Got my stitches out today and the surgeon said I can restart the Remicade in 1 week YIPEE!!!!! I can't wait.

Glad to hear your surgery went well MsJay, hopefully the sight will get better by the day. My DH is freaked out about cataract surgery. He can't see s**t but refuses to go.

That's some picture Crusty and Missy. I can't beat that. All I got is a 3" scar, even the sutures are gone now. It's got a bandaid on it...looks like a boo-boo LOL Missy, you might need that ankle x-ray'd, almost sounds like they dislocated it, at the very least sprained it during surgery.

Sarah must have gotten into the brownies, she's seeing singing purple crayons? You have an adorable little one.

Spencer has definetly gotten into the brownie box.

We sent poor Laura over the edge, poor girl.

And Linda, you are sneaky. Waiting til we were all gone and taking off with the bus...good one! LOL

Wagons ho! Pack 'em up and head 'em out! We're off to see the wizard. Auntie Em Auntie Em
Scar the Elf
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/04/05 05:49 AM
Horay. Elf's stitches are out! I'm glad you are recovering so good. Not to worry about the knee. I saw my rheumy last monday and she said my knee was infected. it was swollen from my thigh to my toes. No wonder it hurt so darn bad. She started me on cipro and today my knee's diameter is 2" less than it was on last monday when I saw the rheumy. Cipro has always worked good on me and fast too. i stay on it another month. I have some healing problems even when not on the meds so it's a precaution. I hear you on dislocating the ankle or a good sprain. My rheumy said that my surgery really messes with the ankle and below the knee because they tug and pull on things to get better access to areas of the knee..resulting in a screwed up ankle. It's improving and I have a very helpful brace. The knee still hurts pretty good, but it isn't the horrible tearful pain of the first three weeks after surgery. I guess things can go good or bad and mine went bad. My knee stopped draining too and I'll start water therapy next week if the incisions are healed up enough. Things are good. I'm glad you are doing so good after the surgery and glad you can start your meds soon. I've been off the main board for so long. Did they get all of it during your surgery? I hope so. Take care Scar, Missy
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/04/05 06:28 PM
WOW, it's good they finally caught the infection. Could have been bad otherwise.

Yes, the surgeon is confident he got it all. The report they got back said it was completely excised. I guess that means clear margins. It was pretty extensive excision. He went through all layers of dermis, even said after surgery that the sutures would stay in 2 weeks maybe longer. I have never had sutures in so long, so I guess it was pretty deep. But it did heal nicely.

I just took off the bandaid he put on after removing the sutures, it looks gooey ICK! Was to leave it on until this AM so the antibiotic ointment had a chance to work. Now I have a bit of an open sore, just on the surface though. I'll let the air get to it and hope it'll be better. I'm pretty lucky, do usually heal fast.

Hope you are up and about soon.
Posted By: Spondy_41 Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/05/05 02:59 AM
Good news for you elf, glad to hear it!

How's the weather up your way? Plenty of that white stuff coming down here. The girls are hoping for no school tomorrow and it looks like they might get their wish. We are forecast to get 15+ inches dring this "major winter storm" which is expected to last some 36 hours. Each time I listen to the weather channel, they keep ^ing the totals. It is my oldest daughters 18th Birthday tomorrow and she's doin' the snow dance.
Take care and stay warm!
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/05/05 04:23 PM
Hi Honey I'm Home(for a while)

Hi guys sorry not been on to often recently, I've been in s**t pain since New Years day, so I've kinda lost my sense of humour, I'm sure this will be a short term thing. I've called my Gp so I hope he'll give me something to see me through till the 18th when I see the Prof. Will let you know, so don't worry if I'm not about to much..my days are a bit of a "Groundhog Day" at the moment and consist of very little but pain.

Love to all X

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/05/05 05:20 PM
I know those days Laura...completely understand. We are here if you need us though, don't go completely into that dark cave. It's not a fun place to be, we'll help keep you outa there. Even if you temporarily lost your sense of humor it's OK, you can use ours. It'll be better soon!

Yes, we got some snow, supposed to get more later today. They are calling it our first "major storm", but we've seen worse. Just put on boots and a heavy coat & gloves, put the truck into 4-wheel drive and get done what needs to be done. We are after all "those rugged northern people" right? LOL We are only supposed to get about 9" or so when it's done, that's not much.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/05/05 07:07 PM
Laura, been where you are, hope you feel better soon. We will be here but I too am laying low cause I have to touch my nose to the monitor right now to see, getting better though.
Elf, glad of your good news and keep getting better, so we can all do some "old time rock and roll"
MsJay laugh
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/06/05 02:39 PM
Thanks to the quick thinking of a someone at Kickas I have persuded the Doc to give me, the magic bullets LOLOL eek Ah I here you wonder?!Diclofenac botty pills hahahaha shocked I can't take the oral formulation cause I do this unique exorcist impersonation projectiling everywhere LOL I think I also remember these making me all dreamy and floaty(fingers crossed anyhow) have been managing(not) on about 4 hours sleep. So will keep you posted, hes giving about 3 weeks supply till I see the Prof, which thank god is only 11 days away now!!!I'M NOT COUNTING honest.

Keep up the mad frolics, in my regal absence from insanty land. I'll be over at a nearby wall bang my head(distractional therapy)

Bye ye'al X cool
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/06/05 02:43 PM
OOPPss forgot to say Elf SO glad your doing better! Its lovely to have you back on board the groovy bus.

MsJaY I hope your not planning on driving the bus like that, you'll scare the passing motorists. And get that Bogey Goo off the screen, I can hardly read your message from here! LOL

Opps ok, I'm mad x laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/07/05 09:23 PM
Laura: Read my lips DIVAS DON'T DRIVE!!!. Hope you are feeling better Laura, and Missy, hope the knee is getting better and you are surviving the snow storm being dumped on you from the looks of the television reports. As you can see, I can see. Not good, but I can see better. We gotta get well guys. The stage won't wait forever! And if Javis had any feelings at all for his dear mother and partially departed father, it would be me he would be helping around during my trying time, not that nasty old chicken of a thing. So soon they forget, sad isn't it? mad confused confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/07/05 09:30 PM
Thank you Laura, I'm doing well all things considered.

Glad you are doing better too MsJay. I had to laugh when Laura said you got boogies on your screen! What a mental picture! Hee Hee

I;m beginning to feel as if I fell into a bottle of Welsh's Grape Juice...everything is purple! I'm rebelling...I'm TEAL! laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/08/05 10:56 PM
Excuse my lisp, Elf, but you are teal purple :p
We need a dog team I think for the Hermits, from
what I can see on the weather reports, they are going to be tunneling out for weeks, and it's still coming down. Everybody in their area, if you are passing through via air, helicopter,
snow mobile, skis, anything, watch for a purple flag please.
It may be Missy's purple underwear, or Crusty's longjohns, could be anything they can use as a flag, but rest assured, it will be purple wink
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/08/05 11:27 PM
Hello everyone! Elf, it's good to see you back and doing well. Laura, I hope you are feeling better. MsJay, I do hope your eye is healing well and that you are on the road to recovery. Speaking of recovery, I have discovered a new way to make my chocolate mint brownies....with purple icing. Quite tasty and so relaxing and mellowing. Here....have some please.
frown frown frown eek

Missy and Crusty, save some snow for me. I think we could make some purple snow ice cream with the right ingredients. frown eek frown eek

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/09/05 02:48 AM
The dogs have been busy in the snow making lemon flavored snow cones if anyone wants one. There is a lot of snow here and I am angry as heck about it. it should be purple, not white! What is mother nature thinking?? I don't know. The wind has been blowing hard and the snow clumps have been falling out of the trees and thumping hard on the roof. It's hard to get sleep. Snow snow snow snow snow.......! I'm sick of it. The purple underwear are being strung up the flag pole as we speak. Santa loaned me his sleigh and I'm putting the jackets on the dogs and horse..all purple of course. I don't think there's room for all of us after the horse sits down, but we'll make it work. She's never been on a sleigh ride before. She pulled a sleigh when she was younger, but now she doesn't like snow on her hooves, especially after a manicure..or is it a horsicure? Don't know but her hooves are purple. Oh no, santa didn't gas the sleigh up ahead of time. Now we'll never make it out. He is just the laziest sometimes. I guess we better get snug as a bug because we are stuck here for a while. Purple margaritas for everyone! smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/09/05 02:52 AM
Jus aint nothin a good margarita won't help! Salt please! No, no, not to remove snow, for my margarita you dufus! Hard to get good help have you noticed?
Posted By: SarahC Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/09/05 07:39 PM
Did they laser that blood out of your eye(s)?
My mother was blind for over a month because of a hemorrhage, they said it would seal off, but it didn't, then of course she had to WAIT. But they went in and got it all and she's been fine. She has diabetes.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/09/05 08:31 PM
They watched the blood behind my eye for several months, hoping it would seal itself off. Course it didn't, so they gave me an IV with a dye and took lots of pictures, told me my urine would be a very lovely neon yellow for a while (I askd for purple). He came in, said he saw where the artery was leaking, made an appt. and went in and sealed off the artery...said it may take months before all the blood behind my eye goes away, must be by osmosis. Thanks for asking, but no, the blood has to dissapate on its own, and I am not diabetic, just had lots of eye surgeries in the past, like eight I think.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/10/05 10:15 PM
Hey MsJay...is your blood purple?? laugh
Elf Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Got my Remicade today, OUCH! My arm didn't like the first spot the tech tried, so he had to try another. I started back on the MTX again. Within 3 hours I had to make an emergency run to the toidy! All solids became liquid! ICK ICK ICK
Better now, at least no headache.

Don't they have snow removal equipment down there Crusty and Missy? We got a ton of snow up here but it's off to the side of the roads already. Most of the roads are clear. I don't need any yellow snow, got lots of that here from Rockhead...and she leaves us some brown snow too!

Spoke too soon, headache soming on now, gotta go lay down.
Elf :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/11/05 08:01 AM
Snow removal equipment? hahahahahaha! You must think I live in the city or in a normal populated area at least. We live very very rurally. The county does plow 12 miles of road for us when they feel like it, but the 2 miles to get out to the 12 is rural unmaintained forest service roads. I have a plow truck, but it is a 1978 dodge and painful to drive and ride in. Our road is very rough this time of year and so is the truck. Once you start plowing, the bumps get even more painful with the sharp movements. I wont endure that pain unless I absolutely have to. So, we like to hide in our ruralness until thing blow over. The weather guy said we got a total of 4' of snow last week. Wonder what tomorrow will bring us. Even though we didn't know the weather could get this bad, we did move here to be isolated and for privacy so bad roads and being snowed in are not a problem. We are always prepared for the possibility of being snowed in for a while and it's no big deal. Plus, we have friends in low places or high places..both actually and they can fly in to save us when we have enough. "The Shining!"

When Missy was on remicade, she always asked them to put it in the top of her hand because it hurt her the least there. Eventually scar tissue built up and the needle would pop going in. Ekkk! When they switched to butterfly needles, it became more painful to have the needle in.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/11/05 08:04 AM
Hope your recovery is going okay ms. jay. Is your improved eye working as it should yet? After the improvements the master has spoken of, I think of the 6 million dollar man when I think of your eye, except female. Remember that sound the show made when he used his special eye? cool
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/11/05 03:49 PM
I know what you mean about those rural roads. Our cabin is on a private road that only gets plowed if someone calls for it to be done by a private contractor. Lots of snowmobile trails close by, they go through the national forest. The bumps in the roads are killers! I thought every bone in my body was going to rattle loose. Funny thing though, when we got the last major storm the day we came home, we saw 4 huge backhoes clearing the WALMART lot! But the streets were a mess. Thought it was funny.

At home here we are rural too, but being a small township they do have their own plows. When it starts snowing we hear them all night long. They even put plows on the road maintenance pick-up trucks. I listen to hear if they have "taken out" out mailbox.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/11/05 09:57 PM
Haven't seen the blood since it's behind my eye, but looking out it is a big black blob.
I do remember that sound when the bionic eye zeroed in, but I don't think I can say I see any improvement yet, just this black blob when you look at anything, worse when you first open your eye, then it kind of starts to fade to a more translucent blob, so that may mean improvement, I am hoping so. Tired of swatting at things that aren't there. Even though they numb the eye, you can feel that laser going through, doesn't hurt, but the brilliance of the colors are unbelievable, and if you couldn't see before, you are really blind after they zap it about 15 times. I really did end up with what looked like a violet star ssapphire in that eye for a couple of days. I am not stumbling around anymore, so now it's a waiting game. Got them to add a little bionics, so I can read the fine print on the the Master Ship without binoculars, they're a pain to carry around laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/12/05 04:13 AM
OK...who's bright idea was it to send me this rain??? HUH??? We got snow, then sub-zero, then more snow...now rain? And right after it rains it's gonna be 6 and then 7 degrees. Then add the wind chill to that and it'll be 15 to 25 below..YIKES!! And at that temp salt won't melt the ice. It's gonna be one giant skating pond.

I wonder if they make skates for my truck...hmmmmm. It is 4 wheel drive, but that's useless on ice. And my DH's Aunt is acting up and I have to drive in tomorrow to find out what she's been up to. She's back to threatening to call the police. I need a vacation! Where's that nice warm deserted island when you need it? Take me away Calgon...oops, wrong commercial.
I'm losing what's left of my mind. eek
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 06:23 AM
Most people don't realize that all of arizona isn't warm. We have had a very hard winter that started in oct. Normally this time of year, we are below zero with the wind chill of course too that makes my skin want to burn off my face. Now it is warmer than normal and all the snow melted fast causing a flooding problem in areas. Our warmer (but not exactly warm) weather will pass in about a week and we'll be back to colder weather. Why people want to come to arizona for the weather I'll never understand. We have our own problems here too. I watched the weather tonight and Chicago was HOTTER than Phoenix..one of the hottest spots in az. This year it's so bad for us because of another el nino weather pattern. Feb and march are usually our worst months so I can't wait to see what they hold. So that will give you an idea of how it's been in the higher elevations to the north. After this year I'm going to have to consider seriously of moving because it is too hard to deal with this weather when I'm not feeling good. The day I moved into this house, which was in the winter, I knew the frozen toilet water was trying to send me a message.

To the rest of you who couldn't give a rats as? about weather, all I have to say is "HICKUP!" It's been snowing for sooo long and sometimes rainy that at this point I no longer care a bit about the weather except for when it will end. I hope it will end soon. smile
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 07:35 AM
Hey Crusty, I realized that, thats why I moved to Florida even after my DR suggested Arizona.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 08:37 AM
Yep, docs are still doing that. I don't know how many people have moved here, including my father, because arizona is better for allergies. Yeah, right! I do consider myself lucky to live here instead of dealing with hurricanes though. Those are too scary for me. We average around 3 tornados a year here (heard it from the weather service guy), but we haven't had a bad one that I ever heard of. I didn't even know we had 3 because they are so insignificant. We have some pretty impressive flooding, the most beautiful and frightening lightning storms, the monsoons, and the nino, nina storms. I wonder how the weather people define gender of a weather storm! eek If the hurricanes are over for a little bit, maybe I should go spend a couple months in florida until all this weather passes. I think disney world is there and you and I could go and kick the crap out of the disney character that was getting touchy with women. That could be fun. Our legs may hurt so we'll have to bring our canes.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 04:58 PM
Crusty, I think that's an excellent idea. DISNEYLAND here we come. Can I drive? I'm an excellent driver, yes I'm an excellent driver. My license is suspended right now. Seems I was driving under the influence of my secret brownies, but I know I can do it. I'm an excellent driver...

P.S. - Did I tell you I'm an excellent driver? laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 05:19 PM
The depressing part is....we'd eventually have to go back home! Unless we run away from home..hey that's the ticket, an E Ticket. (reference to Disneyland). I don't think I could stand really warm weather though. Having my own personal summers, I cannot tell if it's me or the weather.

Yes, Crusty...even we here in WI had 47 degrees yesterday. Rain, fog, slush and it was warm. Our January thaw. But this w/e it's going to be in the -0 category. -7 to -9 during the day and lower at night. With the windchill it'll be colder yet. All the slush turns to bumpy ice. Impossible to walk on and driving...well it's a challenge. At those temps the salt does not melt the ice on the roads.

...Hop on the bus Gus, make a new plan Stan, no need to coy Roy, just listen to me...

Wishing you warm breezes,
Elf (Scar)
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/13/05 10:23 PM
Hey Linda, I am going to make that four brownies on your plate instead of two if you will just calm down until I get a knife. Now, you got four! Hurry, Judge Wapner is coming on...Preview says someone stole Prince's purle cape, which he claims is worth thousands of dollars. That's absurd. Flimsy thing that it is...or so I heard.
And down here in the vounteer state the rain is on it's way, please, hurry and get here. Always gets better after the rain starts, at least for me. Hey Crustys, move down here by me and we can drive around at night and shoot mail boxes, just one of the many things that draws so many here laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 12:28 AM
Shoot mailboxes?? How did you know that was my favorite sport? We can do that a little on our way to disney world. I'll pick up Linda so she can do the driving while we hang out the windows. I'll bring my purple disguise too so no one knows it's me, or rather thinks you did it all Ms. Jay. Linda, a lot of good, honest, drunken people have suspended licenses so I don't feel that's a reason to discriminate. As long as you don't hit the mail boxes because those are for the shootin'!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 01:52 AM
Crusty, thanks as always for being the caring compassionate indiscriminate individual that you are. Have I told you lately that I love you? Ah ha....I didn't think so!!!

In our neighborhood (which I just call "The Hood") they blow up mail boxes. Nice neighborhood, huh?

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 05:23 AM
It's 10 friggin degrees here. The hairs in your nose freeze, OUCH! I need some warm weather...where are you all with that dang bus? Are you lost again? I sent a map, did you make a wrong turn? Don't pick up MsJay first...TN is on the way to FL from here! Don't wanna go wastin gas. I've been standing out front with my bag packed waiting for you. All my nose hairs froze off. My toes have disowned me, my butt....well nevermind. Had to dig out the corkscrew to have a glass of wine and warm up. Now I've got my jammies on cause I figured I wouldn't see you til spring. I heard on the news that a huge purple bus went off the road, down an embankment and got stuck in a snowbank and the wheels kept spinning. The authorities said they think the occupants are unaware they are stuck. They can't reach the doors to check on the occupants, but when a microphone was lowered to the spot, they heard what they described as "bickering" about a plate of brownies and a purple cape.

Happy motoring...LOL
Elf (Scar)
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 05:30 AM
And, while we are driving around, showing them mailboxes who's the boss, drinking our brewskis, we can just peel that label of the beer bottle, and if the poe-lice come sniffing around, and we are wearing them labels on our foreheads, and he says "you folks been drinkin????We can say "Oh no, no sirree Mr. Policeman, we're on the patch!!. frown wink confused shocked shocked :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 04:57 PM
AHHHHH I see MsJay is a bottle baby! LMAO!!!

They don't shoot or blow-up mailboxes around here, they run them over! Rotton kids! Our poor mailbox lists to the left real bad, but still standing. Well sort-of.

I should paint it purple and declare it a national treasure!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 05:14 PM
Ms. Jay, I told you not to hit Scar's mailbox, but you wouldn't listen. She's gonna figure it out now. She's on to us. She said "rotten kids" and that's our middle name! Linda, the road is over here. Watch out for Scar's box, ahhhh! Well, we can at least pick up her mail. Oh, lets go hide in the bushes for a little bit and read her magazines before she realizes we are here. The people at the post office do it so why can't we. Linda, Ms Jay..what's the name of your magazines? Mine has elves all through it. I think it may be an elfin naughty magazine, but I'm not sure.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/14/05 08:28 PM
Man, who would have ever thought an elf could get in THAT position eek eek
Posted By: Patty Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/15/05 02:59 AM
Hey you guys on yalls way down to Florida how bout stopping in Georgia and pickin me up, I'll have a cooler packed full of new patches and more aimo for the mailbox shootin.... maybe couldl bring along a few dozen eggs and see if we's are good enought to hit the house along the way. .....
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/15/05 04:02 AM
Hey guys just so you know the first time I ever saw my mailman he was giving some teenagers hell, all the way down the street. I walked up and asked him what was wrong and I thought he was going to blow a vein on his forehead. He said (with a clear phillipino accent) "Those kids are messing with the mailboxes and breaking them and im going to catch them and then they will be sorry!" The moral of the story? Be careful in Florida the mailmen are crazier then hell. laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/15/05 05:19 PM
I knew it, I knew it it WAS you guys. Darn it all anyway. And you stole my magazines. It was my inagural issue too. My first modeling job.
That wasn't a pose MsJay, I dropped my purple crayon and was trying to pick it up. Darn photographer snapped the pic right then, SHEES, is no one a professional these days?

Patty, if you want to go, sure we'll pick you up.
Not sure about eggin mailboxes though. Crusty might eat the eggs before we can throw them.

Thackman, why do you think the coined the phrase, "going postal"? Not sure why they get so angry though. How many days of vacation do they get a year anyway? Seems like the post office is always closed for something. On rural routes like ours, all the do is ride around in the trucks and shove mail in the boxes.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/17/05 10:19 AM
The mail man wont come to my house. He says it's out too far. The regular ups guy changed routes last year when missy started ordering stuff regularly because he was getting home too late. In the winter, Fedex and UPS deliver to the 3 businesses in the closest town and we drive in when the roads are good enough to pick up our regular mail, fedex and ups. We have big german shepherds too so the delivery guys always get afraid when they see the dogs. Our dogs like men in uniforms. Good dogs! Don't attack the mail man because there could be brownies in the mail!

P.S. I love eggs, the more rotten the better. I color them purple before eating them. The black color doesn't suit me. Hey, have any of you ever seen a rotten duck or goose egg? They have a harder shell so when they have all that rotten egg pressure ready to come out and it hits it's target, it lets out a loud pop. Kinda cool. Don't ever let them go off in your hands though. The real ripe ones are like grenades. I had one blow on me and the smell about never washed off my skin or out of my clothing. We had turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens and other fowl over the years so eggs always get overlooked if the birds hide them. When you find them though, you have a favorable weapon of revenge. Maybe I can supply the US military with some and maybe a dozen will handle this terrorist business! The smell carries. :rolleyes:
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/17/05 04:44 PM

Just to say that its time(tomorrow) for my BIG appointment, i'm quite nervous, but I know I'll be fine once I'm there.

So keep everything shocked crossed for me, I will try and post on Wednesday. I have the full day off work tomorrrow as my appointment is 4 hours long!Neil will be there too.

Love to all

Laura X
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/17/05 09:12 PM
Good luck Laura, hope everything comes out as you wish it too.

Good to see your DH is going along. Sometimes we need that extra set of eyes and ears to help remember.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/18/05 07:52 PM
Hey Crusty, Yes, rotten goose eggs are a lethal weapon. Im not shure which would be worse a hand grenade or a rotten goose egg.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/18/05 09:14 PM
Please don't "egg" him on, Thackman!! laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/18/05 09:23 PM
As all you wired ones know already, tomorrow is my earth birth day. I will be 987 earth years old, which is a mere babe where we come from. Please keep the plans for the partay down and dirty as always. We certainly wouldn't want to lose our edge, or our image. laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/18/05 10:43 PM
Ahhh, another guy who knows about rotten goose eggs. Those who have the most rotten eggs are to be feared! Ms. Jay, I've already ordered the dancers for your party. It was very pricey in earth dollars so good thing the copy machine on the mother ship is working. The toner is always going out. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... Me and Thakman will be working security for your party since we have the eggs. After our last musical tour, you're so popular. The crowd must be controlled at all costs. My gas mask is on. Here's a gas mask Thakman. I have my slingshot to throw the eggs into the crowd.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/18/05 11:01 PM
Did someone say birthday? Yeeeeehaaaaaaw! MsJay, I will get busy making another batch of brownies and, needless to say, I have my song prepared and will sing in my best Marilyn Monroe voice. (no comments on that please) This party will rock!!!!!! The brownies will definitely help us if we plan on doing any dancing. smile

I do hope your birthday is great.


Happy Birthday, MsPresident, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 01:10 AM
Oooh Linda, that will drive the men wild, especially if you sit on the edge of the piano. I really don't think I'm that great that security will be a problem, but if I believe my own press, we'll iron out all the problems laugh laugh Thanks Linda, you are handling this whole diva thing soooo well confused
so, just drag them old records off the shelf!!!! :p
You know Bob as in Bob Seger is going to perform for us, or didn't I tell you?
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 02:59 AM
I dont think I will be very good security. I can stand there and "LooK" intimidating though , but no way no how am I ever going near rotten goose eggs ever again. I learned my lesson when I was a kid and thats one you just dont forget. Like being ran over by trucks and motorcycles those I will never do again along with a long list of other things. One time I unknowingly drove for 6 months all over the place with a half full (or is that empty) 5 gallon bucket of chicken s**t. My friend was a funny guy, I thought it was carpet glue and you can imagine the suprise when it was opened. All kinds of people had used it for the middle van seat, HE HE. Happy Earthbirthday Ms.Jay if thats who you REALLY are.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 03:10 AM
Yes, MsJay, I am THE diva of all times. Don't you forget that. Have I told you I'm an excellent singer? Yes yes yes....I knew about Bob Seger. He's with ME now. Keeps wanting to hold my hand and put his arms around me. I don't know if it's ME he loves or my brownies. Time will tell. We'll see you tomorrow!

Happy Birthday.

P.S. - Have I told you I'm an excellent singer?
Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 02:46 PM
Hi Honey I'm home!

Hope you don't mind just copied my post from Kickas, cause i'm in work.

Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 02:47 PM
Ok the Germlins ate it! try again

Hi Honey I'm home again, after the door banged in my face there!!!

Hello Guys & Gals

Well yesterday went great, the Professor was an absolute Gentleman! Had a very extensive examination, which I'll try and break down for ye all.

First of all the blood test all seem conclusive according to the Prof for Ankylosing Spondylitis (enough for diagnosis)

I am starting on 1gram of Naproxen tonight.
And in a couple of weeks once all my kidney and liver function test are through I will be working my way up to 2.5grams of Sulphasalazine (5 tablets a day).

On examination fusion on L1, L2, L3 and two of my cervical vertibrae, can't remember which ones though.

My right hip is the worst one.

I have Synovial Tendonitis, in both Knees

And Plantar Facitis in my feet.

Also problems with my left Jaw.

My range of motion is a max of 55 degrees

My chest expansion is a max of 3.5--4cm.

He is sure that the X-rays will be conclusive, if not he is not concerned as he said I'd show up on an MRI no problem.

He is also looking at Lupoid like symptoms(been tested neg before).
Also questioning Reynaulds.

So there you go a clear answer at last, he also was very curious about the fact that the Rheumy I saw in October had told me all I needed was a massage and a Chiropracter in fact, although he tried not to laugh his eyes nearly poped out his head!.

So my next appointment is May, but will be well under way with the drugs by then.

A curious thing is I asked him about MTX and he said you don't use it for AS, so that has made me wonder as I know a lot of you are on it!

I in myself feel fine mentally, in fact relieved that I don't need to fight just as hard now with the Doctors as the Diagnosis is now there.

Its the first day of the rest of my life, and I know you guys are always there for support.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 05:15 PM
Great news Laura, you finally got a definitive dx! And the meds you need. Glad to hear. BTW, I'm only on MTX because of the Remicade.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MsJay. 29 is it? LOL Sounds like the bd celebration is well underway.

EW EW EW Crusty is over in the corner eating those rotton eggs! Said they are like alcohol to him!

Sing away Linda!!! And Thackman, be very careful around Crusty and those eggs.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 09:35 PM
(MsJay Enters) AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!Thanks everyone, and so glad for you Laura, love it when people get better news than they expected, so I am giving you all this little ditty, just in case you, Thackman, and others...think I'm not who you think I am or is it who I think I'm not confused Alas, not a word from my Javis frown
Here goes, everybody have a great day and I will enjoy my red and yellow roses..they're beautiful smile
A college student at a recent USC (I suspect this is Southern Cal)
football game challenged a senior citizen sitting next to him, saying it was
impossible for their generation to understand his. "You grew up in a
different world," the student said . loud enough for the whole crowd to
hear. "Today we have television, jet planes, space travel, man has walked on
the Moon, our spaceships have visited Mars, we even have nuclear energy,
electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing ... and

Taking advantage of a pause in the student's litany, the geezer
said, "You're right. We didn't have those things when we were young; so we
invented them, you little twit! What the hell are you doing for the next

I love senior citizens!
laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 09:37 PM
laugh LOL
Posted By: JavandPriss Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 10:15 PM
Mommy! Is it you Mommy? How I've missed you. I know today is your very special day and I couldn't go back to working the egg plant fields or tending to the chickens on our farm without wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I hope you will one day forgive me for my choice in life partners. Miss Pricilla doesn't hold hard feelings against you and I wish you would one day come to accept her as your daughter even if she does have a beak. She's a wonderful kisser you know. So happy birthday and I hope to sneak in disguised at your party tonight so I can at least see you. Priss will be at home tending to the kids. Love you mommy, Jav

Linda, hermit, thakman, laura, elf and the rest of the gang, Priss says cluck cluck. That means hello. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 10:50 PM
I'll never accept that beak freak, you hear me, never never never!!! mad mad mad How dare you humiliate me like this on my birthday, and you better keep that creepy chicken away from me, she might not continue to have a beak, it just might get ripped off!! mad mad
Posted By: JavandPriss Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 11:07 PM
Mommy, I understand your feelings even though I do not agree. I will always love you mommy. You are my precious purple princess although a little pis*y right now. Let the little red faces go and just embrace your loving purple son. Would father want us to be at odds like this? No. I asked him and he said no. I am coming to your party. I'll be in my velvet purple suit and it's pockets are filled with purple crayons just like you used to do for me. Will you color with me? Just you and me with no beaked bird around? I have a coloring book for each of us. eek
Posted By: JavandPriss Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 11:07 PM
Mommy, I understand your feelings even though I do not agree. I will always love you mommy. You are my precious purple princess although a little pis*y right now. Let the little red faces go and just embrace your loving purple son. Would father want us to be at odds like this? No. I asked him and he said no. I am coming to your party. I'll be in my velvet purple suit and it's pockets are filled with purple crayons just like you used to do for me. Will you color with me? Just you and me with no beaked bird around? I have a coloring book for each of us. eek
Posted By: JavandPriss Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/19/05 11:09 PM
I don't know how this posted twice but I think it's good that it's here twice. That way you can hear my plea twice and hear the pain in my words
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/20/05 05:05 PM
Well, i thought this was completely hysterical and am painfully laughing beyond words. Are you speachless Ms. Jay? You have to know that we all adore you enough to find your son for your birthday. The master helped find him. I'm sorry if the reunion didn't go over well but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Must be the meds.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/20/05 07:33 PM
Posted By: av guy Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/20/05 08:29 PM
Man, I'm lost on this one.

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/20/05 10:10 PM
Av Guy,
You have to read the unfolding story from the beginning to understand. It's a hoot, a good read when you need a real laugh!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/21/05 04:28 AM
Wal-mart wine

Some Wal-Mart customers soon will be able to sample a new discount item: Wal-Mart's own brand of wine. The world's largest retail chain is teaming up with E&J Gallo Winery of Modesto,California, to produce the spirits at an affordable price, in the $2-5 range.

"While wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to throw a bottle of Wal-Mart brand wine into their shopping carts, there is a market for cheap wine", said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I.

She said: "The right name is important."

So, here we go: The top 12 suggested names for Wal-Mart Wine:

13. Chateau Traileur Parc
12. White Trashfindel
11. Big Red Gulp
10. Grape Expectations
9. Domaine Wal-Mart "Merde du Pays"
8. NASCARbernet
7. Chef Boyardeaux
6. Peanut Noir
5. Chateau des Moines
4. I Can't Believe It's Not Vinegar!
3. World Championship Riesling
2. Sams Shiraz

And the number 1 name for Wal-Mart Wine .....

1. Nasti Spumante

The beauty of Wal-Mart wine is that it can be served with both white meat (Possum) and red meat (Squirrel).
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/21/05 06:34 AM
I was so excited to watch this play out and enjoy the loving reunion between alien mother and her love child with elvis, but some unexpected events will take me away for a few weeks. Well, not totally unexpected because events have been leading this way for a couple weeks. My dad's health is not so good so I'm going to go spend some time with him. So don't worry if you don't see me around. I'm not hiding under the bed again. Javis has offered to come with me so i'll take him and give him a chance to be away from that crazy bird brain for a little bit. He has been asking questions about divorce. Talk to you all when I get back.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/21/05 04:16 PM
Oh Crusty, I hope your Dad will be OK. I know how hard it is to see your parents ill. I'll say an extra prayer for your Dad to fully recover.
Be safe,
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/22/05 12:13 AM
For anyone who is confused, here is a visual summary of this thread laugh

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/22/05 12:20 AM
Chris, that is hilarious!!! That baboon looks just like the one that attacked me, but I guess they all look the same, right? Anyway, kudos on summarizing the thread.

Posted By: laura h Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/22/05 05:02 PM
Hi Folks

Chris thats brilliant! excelllent, my mother in laws about the only person that kinda understands this crazy thread!!!


Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/22/05 08:28 PM
My, my, Chris, love the graphics for us who sometimes need a more "visual read" on this thread. smile
I've beem asked to work with the "Save the Egg" Foundation. Seems the news of this unholy union has wreaked havoc on U.S. markets. KFC reports major drop in sales, Asian restaurants are saying Chinese Chicken is rarely ordered anymore, and egg foo flung is off most menus. Seems everyone wants their eggs scanned for implants, course that could be a growth industry, but not for the people like Tyson, etc., And, should my Javis see the error of his ways, and rid himself of this poultry reject, there is going to be major uh stuff spread around. Please keep this under your wing, we don't need anymore bad press, Master is most concerned, and certainly does not hold My Javis harmless, but if we can scratch out a victory here, could make us go up a notch on the Master's Apprentice List. :p :p
I am still kind of "vision impaired" but getting there. In the interim I am trying to become more insightful. Man, I just crack my self up laugh Get it ? Egg? Crack? whaddya mean, I'm fried?
Very very seriously, best wishes Brad and Missy and hope everything goes well and will hope and pray for that, and hope you take care of yourselves as well. smile Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, well....most of them confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/23/05 06:09 PM
Way cool Chris. You even got purple on the bus! And the brownies! And the security guard badge LOL. It cracked me up!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/24/05 06:50 PM
Originally posted by IrishElf:
Way cool Chris. You even got purple on the bus! And the brownies! And the security guard badge LOL. It cracked me up!
Glad y'all like it! laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/25/05 06:25 PM

hot off the presses...headline

"Javis, son of legendary singers Elvis and MsJay has filed for annulment from Miss Prissy, a chicken of ill repute says Javis."

The story goes, Javis confronted Miss Priss about the birth of what was supposedly their children. Turns out that the "children" are not the biological children of Javis. Instead after the DNA test was done at Javis request, they were fathered by an unknown travelling minstrel in the swine family. He suspected something was amiss when the "chicken children" began squealing and grew corkscrew tails and would not use the purple crayons he bought them or wear their purple jammies.

Miss Priss has taken up residence at the "Chicken Ranch".

Javis was unavailable for comment, having left LasVegas for parts unknown in Tennessee.

Is Jav home MsJay? Poor kid, must be devastated.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/27/05 06:51 PM

Where the heck did everyone go???

How can I round up this straggly group and get them on the bus if they keep wandering off?

I know Crusty is off taking care of family, but where did the rest of you all get off too?

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/27/05 11:47 PM
I'm here I'm here!! I'm so tiny it's sometimes hard to see me laugh You know, the show MUST go on. We will have to do it alone, but never fear...I am an excellent singer. I have lots of brownies which we won't have to share now. We'll take turns driving and now that Crusty's not along, we can even stop and shop. I'm ready to roll (and rock).

P.S. - Did I tell you I'm an excellent singer?
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/28/05 05:14 AM
Glad to see you Linda, I was worried I lost everyone.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhh shopping!!! We'll find some great chocolate shops. NO brownies if you're gonna drive though. Can't afford to do any creative driving. Since Chris upgraded our bus, (it's really cool isn't it?) we have to take better care of it. Only eat in the kitchen. We had a heck of a time getting the brownie out of the carpet.

Off we go...we'll pick up the stragglers along the way.

Poor MsJay, must be out searching for Jav. Got a lot of comforting to do.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/28/05 06:36 PM
Elf, I don't like to be one who spreads rumors, BUT I believe it was Crusty and MsJay who trashed the bus. I know you and I will take really good care of it, so bring on the chocolates. And, don't forget, we need SHOES SHOES SHOES!!! Yes, I am shoeoholic too. Guess I have many addictions...too many to mention here.

I am SO pumped about this tour. We are not only going to look good, but we are going to feel good. I feeeeeeel goooood, I knew that I would now.....

Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/28/05 11:36 PM
Since Crusty's on family leave I could fill in ...and ,um, I'll work for brownies. wink
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/29/05 01:56 AM
Oh yes yes yes! Come on in, take your shoes off and set (sit?) a spell. I really don't need any spells on me smile Thakman, you are more than welcome to join our band and, since you are a little late getting here, take two brownies. Welcome aboard the bedlam bus.

P.S. - Have I told YOU that I'm an excellent singer?
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/29/05 07:27 PM
Well cool! Im aboard the Bedlam bus? ( some new lyrics) . I heard you were a good singer Linda T. LOL wink
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 01/30/05 04:29 AM
Cool...a new driver!

We can shop til we drop! I have a thing about purses...leather purses. We can stop by the Coach outlet and head down to Stone Mountain GA, great purses and wallets. We'll stop at all the shoe stores on the way and you can sing while trying on shoes.

Thackman can stay with the bus and eat brownies..LOL.

I heard a rumor, there is a crazed woman somewhere in Tenn, running around and snatching the feathers off chickens and mumbling something about purple crayons, she's been seen on video stealing purple material and only the purple crayons out of the boxes in the local Wal-mart stores. You think it could be MsJay? Poor dear.

Where is she anyway???

I'm in the new bus and on my way. Got a new GPS in this beauty. Computer hook-ups too. What a great ride.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 04:13 AM
OK...now what the heck is going on? I've been abandoned! Everyone's gone, they've all disappeared!

Where are you????

Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 07:20 AM
<Crickets chirping>
(fart) :rolleyes:
<Crickets chirping> laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 05:40 PM
OK...Who farted???

SHEES! I make a dramatic plea and Thackman farts!
MEN!!! What's the matter, didn't it pay rent? LOL LOL

Where did our merry band go? Did they all get whisked off to the MS? And why were we left to fend for ourselves? They didn't even leave any purple crayon bits as a trail marker. They must have been really bad and had to be re-programmed. I guess that means we were really good!

Oh wait...here's a brand new box of crayons for us. YIPEE, we got crayons. Color away troops.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 06:41 PM
I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!! Let the games begin. I am beginning to get worried about MsJay. I received a morse code message in one of my fillings yesterday. I'm not sure if I decoded it correctly as I have lost the Master's decoder ring (please don't tell - I can stand no more punishments). Anyway, the message was from MsJay and I think it said "eat mor chiken". Make sense? I know she's upset with Javis, but I'm afraid she's into some big trouble, no thanks to MrJavis. I fear she's done something "bad" to Javis and I don't know how to proceed. frown The MS has not responded to my cries for help and I just don't know what to do. I'm so upset that I just continue to bake and eat THE BROWNIES. Did I tell you I'm an excellent baker? Actually, I'm starting to feel pretty good. Hmmmmm, maybe I'm onto something. Help!!!

P.S. - I am also an excellent singer! laugh
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 07:04 PM
This is definitely off topic but just wanted you all to know I'm a SUPER-STAH" smile I received my Spondylitis Plus magazine a couple of weeks ago and just opened it this week. There was a picture of my daughter and me in San Antonio!!! I couldn't believe it. I guess now you can have something to throw those darts at.

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 09:37 PM
Pretty picture Linda!

Congrats on the pic's in the SaP mag. Always nice to get some notoriety.

I'm worried about MsJay. She hasn't posted since Jan 20th and the emails I sent came back. Even a message is unopened. I sure hope she's OK. I know she had that surgery, man I'm worried!!! She didn't say anything about a vacation did she?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/05/05 10:04 PM
Hi Elf. MsJay is doing fine...just away from the computer for awhile taking care of some family business. I do miss her wit! There's just no one like her....I mean, how does she think of these intricate plots??? smile She's so creative! I can only aspire to be like her. Thanks for asking about her. Hopefully, she will return around the 1st of March.

Take care,
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/06/05 11:12 PM
She is OK though, right?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/07/05 04:25 AM
Yes, to the best of my knowledge and without further independent investigation (can you tell I worked for a lawyer?), she is doing fine, just without an internet connection until March. Hopefully I will hear from her before then. I'll keep you all posted. I know she would be thankful for your concern.

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/07/05 09:48 PM
I got a frantic email from Miss Priss. Could not decifer the chicken scratching, and where is Crusty when I need him. (I know he's doing compassionate work right now, family needs him). I'll have to wait til he gets back.
I cannot read chicken!!!

Apparently, Jav is somewhere in Tenn. MsJay must be extatic! Her baby boy is home where he belongs. Purple crayons in tact.

I'm lost in America. Can't figure out how the GPS works. I keep going back to brownie bakeries, (Linda must have had a hand in programming this thing)and shoe stores. I can't make left turns (must have been Crusty's work) and the radio keeps playing yodeling...YIKES!!! I don't even know where I am. The fuel guage still reads full, even though I must have put on 600 miles just today. And who hung those purple fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror and put the purple fuzzy wheel cover on the steering wheel? I can't find my clothes. Everything I put in the closet turned purple!!! They don't look like my clothes anyway.

The only thing in the fridge is purple crayons! and purple kool-aid. Good thing I like purple kool-aid. I found some purple bread and grape jam, at least I won't starve. You think I should have eaten the purple bread? It wasn't brown or green and no fuzzies either.

Well, back to re-reading the manual. I've got to re-program that GPS. Linda must have eaten all the brownies by now. And Thackman...I wonder if he's still standing at the end of his driveway???
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/08/05 11:13 PM
YYYYYAAAAWWWWNNNNN! <cough, sneeze> Guess who's sick again? <cough, sneeze> At least with my congestion I can't smell thakman's gas. <cough, sneeze, sniff...drip drip drip> anyone have a kleenex. Family stuff is fine so don't worry.

Elf, I translated the mysterious priss message. It turned out to be a personals ad..."single yellow chicken looking for a big purple hunk..." It gets a little to racey for my fragile ears or eyes so I'll end the translation there. FYI..javis was here at my house. Really. Seriously, JavandPriss is a relative of mine that came to stay for a few days before I had the family scare. I don't know if he'll continue to post after he gets back home but I encouraged him too especially since he's showing signs of the family AS curse. I did make sure to tell him how wonderfully supportive you all are along with having terrific personalities and senses of humor:) Just so you know. Wanted to save you all a little time in figuring out if the new character was a pervert or not. Love you all.

Ms. Jay, I can't wait to hear from you again. I miss you and am going through serious jay withdrawls while you are away. Your loving son, brad cool
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/09/05 04:40 AM
Glad to see you and Missy got back. Everything OK at the homestead? Your Dad OK? I sure hope so, it's hard to go through those scares.

Thank you for deciphering the message...I don't really want to know anymore LOL

Tell your relative that what he wrote was a HOOT!!! We loved it. I actually thought at first that it was MsJay...imagine that? I hope he decides to drop back in. He'll add a lot of fun to the message.

It was lonely here for a while. Only Linda, Thankman and me. And my purple crayons and that dang bus! You all might notice a huge gaping hole where the GPS was...err was supposed to be...err used to be. Anyhoo, it's somewhere on the highway, became the victim of an unfortunate accident. It was amazing, my foot actually (accidently)pushed it right smack through the hood! I didn't know a GPS could travel that far.

Glad you made it home OK, sorry you're sick.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/16/05 11:54 PM
Ok, I stood in the water closet on the bus for 8 days waiting for someone to come around. I finally realized it was awfully quiet out there. Where is everybody? The next time you go on a hiatus you should let me know.And where the hell are we? eek laugh
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 03:14 AM
Hiatus? What hiatus??? I have been singing my heart out for 8 days with NO BACKUP! I desperately need some help here folks. I'll get by with a little help from my friends, oh I get high with a little help from my friends. Hmmmmm, I think I'm onto something here...

Thakman, by the way, I haven't heard water closet since I peed in the men's restroom in Venice. I THOUGHT it was rather disgusting to expect a woman to pee standing up anyway!!!!! smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 04:03 AM
Linda, I had a female dog what would pee standing up and lift one leg a little. You may try that next time you are in Italy. Might need a towel to keep the legs dry. ...i'll get by with a little help from my friends, ohhhhh....

Oh, here's my bag of candy. <crunch, crunch, crunch>

Wait a minute! Water closet? I thought that had something to do with water fountain. Can I get a drink in there? Maybe I'm thinking of those funny foreign toilets. They never seem to spray high enough and it hurts to bend over.

Did I tell you I have high cholesterol? <putting my candy down and eating a carrot> It was scary high a couple weeks ago, 320. I got it checked today and it's down to 265. I hope I can get it down some more so I don't have to go on meds. I found the butter and orange juice that reduces cholesterol with the soy stuff. Oh gosh, now I'm stressing again. Point being my cholesterol is down 55 if I can still manage to do my math right. HORAY!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 04:22 AM
Send up flares...I'll be there...I'll be there...whenever you need me I'll be there...

Dang bus, I couldn't find the gas tank. So I just poured it all over hoping it would seep in somehow.

I'm on my way???

PS, I'm never gonna drive this thing again!!!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 04:59 AM
Almost forgot, I won't be on tomorrow. My puter is sick and needs minor surgery. My internal cd-writer broke and it needs to go see the Geek Squad. Yes, that's what they are called, the Geek Squad! Should only take one day, I hope.
I'm already having withdrawl pains!
Elf <sigh>
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 05:01 AM
EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT. BILL COSBY COULDN'T FIND THE WHERE TO PUT THE GAS IN ON HIS COBRA AND SO HE POURED IT ALL OVER THE CAR AND HOPED IT SEEPED IN. He should have watched his money more back then to help pay for his current legal fees. Not saying he did it or not, just saying it's expensive. Bet the cobra's up for sale.

I was at Ms Jay's house making sure she wasn't hiding under the bed in her absence and discovered something under a big camo tarp. It was a brand new Blue Bird bus purple in color that looks like a motor coach inside. There is room for us all to be comfortable even if I want to bring the horse again and no one needs to ride outside. It's in such good condition that we wont need the horse to power our bus like Barney and Fred powered their cars. No legs needed. You all decide..the Piece of ? the elf's driving or the bus I just stole and put good plates on. Thakman, I'm out front. Are you coming. This one has a water closet with a bidet decorated in ancient Venetian. :p
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 03:27 PM
Oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Crusty, I hope you are feeling better. You sure seem to be more like your ole self again, whatever that was. I'm aboard the new bus and it's exquisite. The bidet reminds me of the one in Paris......but that's for another board laugh

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 03:55 PM
Just enough time to sneak in a message before my puter's off to get "fixed".

This bus is not the original bus...or maybe it is. MsJay must have pulled the old switcheroo on me while I wasn't looking. It was supposed to be the bus that Chris found for us...remember?? Dang it, I knew there was something wrong. She took the new bus and hid it at her house while she was gone so we wouldn't leave without her! She left me with the old rickety one she painted to look new. DANG DANG DANG!

I'm still not driving!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/17/05 09:35 PM

That was quick! The Geek Squad did a good job. Did it while I waited too! Now my puter feels all better.

Oh yeah...I drive the old rickety bus to the local quarrey and sent her flying! No more old bus. It's sleeping with the fishes.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/18/05 06:41 PM
Welcome back, Elf! We really really really missed you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. In fact, I wrote a song about you. It goes something like this..."you know I can't live without you, can't breathe without you, I can't laugh and I can't sing, I'm finding hard to do anything." I think it will be a hit, don't you? I'm thinking of getting Barry Manilow to sing it. What do you think? I could persuade him with brownies

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/19/05 05:26 AM
I tried so hard to find a picture of a bidet running to use as my avatar (am I spelling that right). No luck. It's ruined my day. Now I'll have to go stuff my face with brownies:) I'm always looking for a reason. It's raining again here. It was flooding before this storm so now it's really flooding. I parked the bus 2 miles out my mud bogging road for anyone to pick up. I have to stay home for a week to make sure my horse doesn't drown. I have to be ready to put her swim rings on at a moments notice! Or maybe you all wouldn't mind the smell too much if she came along with the band again. Being into green leafy stuff, my horse will love your brownies linda.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 12:03 AM
Here you go crusty, take your pick or pic.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 12:44 AM
Thanks Thakman! I love it. None of them are just perfect. I want one running but not necessarity being used.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 02:06 AM
Yes the couple using one for a water fountain is funny. LOL
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 02:36 AM
Crusty, I have a picture of one that is not being used if you would like to use that one. I thought I was so original when I used mine to soothe my aching feet. Seems that I'm not that original and that makes me very sad. frown So sad, in fact, that I'm gonna have to eat some more brownies.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 04:21 AM
Linda, do you have a bidet? eek Momma always told me it was good to keep things clean! Thought it would be better if I wrote this than Brad. Love and Kisses, Missy
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 04:27 AM
Man o' man...it's a good thing I'm not into brownies. Haven't touched one since the unfortunate incident when I was young. I didn't know they were "enhanced" with extra roughage and ate 4!!! OMGosh OMGosh...I was found lying on the front lawn looking at the pretty stars! I could not get up, my arms and legs felt like rubber.

Rotton trick to pull on someone huh? No brownies for this camper! Nope, no way no how!!!

Nice song Linda..great lyrics, but Barry Manilow? I'm impressed...a song just for me! Thank you thank you.

Crusty, no horse. We had enough of that horse "stuff" last time. We could not get the smell outa the carpet. We'll come back and get you. You didn't leave the keys in it did you? I swear MsJay is sneaking around looking for that dang bus.

I gotta go look at Thackmans' commode link now.

CYA later,
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/20/05 04:24 PM
Elf, since I wrote the song for you, it is only appropriate that you sing it. Hmmmm, I thought you couldn't sing. Of course, in OUR band, everyone sings perfectly and never has pain.

Crusty, I don't own a bidet but we just usually use the garden hose laugh (don't even go there!!) Everywhere I traveled in Europe did have a bidet. If a girl kept peeing in the men's bathroom standing up, she would really need one!!! In Paris, I could sit on the toilet and put my feet in the bidet.....very soothing after a day of walking.

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/21/05 04:05 PM
I don't have my own personal bidet either. First time I ran across one was at a place called the Sybaris. It's a sort-of retreat for married couples. It's a self-contained room with waterbeds, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, TV, fireplace, no windows and no phone! Only a red button on the wall to summon help in an emergency. They advertise..."It's the only place you don't have to pack to go there". Now I had never used a bidet before and only thing I can tell you is "turn it on BEFORE you sit down, adjust the temp and pressure FIRST!!!" LOL LOL I thought I was gonna be plastered on the ceiling! WOOHOO
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/22/05 01:22 AM
Well, I only have a couple of minutes, so maybe I can set you guys straight on a couple of well, uh, shall we say "inconsistent information" floating around. First of all,I did not steal no stinking bus. Javis come driving up in it and I had to hide it to keep that nasty old chicken from finding it. Javis is in debriefing and it's taking much longer than expected, man that chick messed him up good. He's morose, maudlin, and extremely confused, keeps talking to his shoulder, making this clicking noises. I have been encouraging him to meditate, and I got him into that paint by number, but he just marks out all the numbers, makes them all sevens. Course seven is the purple parts. Wakes me up at the crack of dawn, crowing, what to do, what to do. But I will continue to work with my Javis, nothing is too much for my sweet boy who just had his innocence snatched away by that old chicken and there will be some flogging going on if she gets near my baby again. Got to get back to him, needs constant reassurance that he's still spam of the walk, so thanks for missing me (bunch of fibbers) and when I run across another computer that is vacant I will try to steal a few minutes. Went back to eye doctor for checkup yesterday and he was very very pleased, said the blood was almost gone from behind my eye, much faster than he expected..ooh gotta go, somebody is running toward me saying "get off of there!!!" he's huge so I can outrun him, back in a few days. laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/22/05 04:23 PM
MSJAY!!! Glad to see you. We've been worried about you. Glad to see Jav made it home, but that little stinker stole the bus! (Sorry I accused you). Bad Elf.

I heard that Miss Priss won't be bothering Jav anymore...she's living at the "chicken ranch" in NV. She kept "flying off the handle" so they put her in a rubber coop with a padlock. She's been put on egg detail. Thus ends the story of Miss Priss.

Gotta go, making eggs...I'm hungry LOL
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 02/28/05 08:51 PM
OK...where did you all get to again?
You hiding under the bed again with Crusty?

Come out, come out where ever you are?
Ollie ollie oxen free...
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/01/05 10:37 AM
Hi Elf,
I've been busy with my new low cholesterol diet. I just cant.....!! Help! Is there such a thing as cholesterol withdrawls? I think so. What I would do for a big grease burger or even better a steak. But, life is no longer meat and potatoes. I'm sad. Very very sad. Yes, I'm under the bed. My loved ones have been slipping Heart Wise juice and Smart Start cereal with skim milk under the bed so I don't starve. I did get some good news today. Benecol, the maker of an alternative butter that reduces cholesterol, also makes chocolate and caramel candies! The candies also reduce cholesterol! laugh I've almost completely weaned myself off the brownies. Doctors orders of course. I insisted that the brownies could be made with Splenda instead of real sugar and still have the mellowing qualities from the special ingredient resulting in low blood pressure and a calmer me. mad Some doctors just dont' listen. I would really like to think of something witty right now or tease Linda some more about the bidet but the sharp drop in cholesterol and fat in my diet has left me fragile with a broken funny bone. confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/01/05 04:25 PM
Oh Crusty...I know how hard it is. I'm half trying to lose some poundage myself. I say half cause it's an uphill battle without being able to exercise.
Some days (once in a blue moon)I just give up and go buy a pint of Edy's and scarf the whole thing. I sit like a satisfied little piggy and just smile! No I don't ever feel guilty about satisfying a craving. It may not be good for the body but it's oh so good for the soul. I might switch to sorbet though....YUMMMMMM. Wonder if they have purple?

I also live vicariously through my DH. He can eat just about anything and does not gain weight. Has low bP, low cholesterol, high good cholesterol...I hate that! It's genetic in him...even worse...ACK!!!

I've gathered some nice big purple crayons and a purple crayon colering book for you to play with. Also sending a new purple cape and purple hood for you. I even found some purple pointy shoes on ebay...man the bidding was fierce but I won! You'll be stylin'!!!

Keep up the good work Crusty. We're pulling for you!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/01/05 11:51 PM
Hello all my bizarre buddies laugh Back for a day or so, got to get some re-painting or re-carpeting done. I specified to them carpeting to be deep purple, walls to be a ligher lavender type purple, goes so well with the green appliances. Wish you all could see it you would be proud of Jav's decorating skills, oh also on the subject of Javis, he told me he heard via the chicken wire that ole Priss had took up with Super Rooster, no not Rooster Cogburn, a real rooster who claims to be the male model for all the KFC ads. Who knows, but one can only hope....later, yall write now. :p
Oh yeah, a bunch of carnival "people" needed a ride and was glad to drive the bus back , so watch for it Elf...I'm sure they will take the best of care of it :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/02/05 08:29 PM
Welcome back MsJay. Hope all is well, we missed you lots. Sounds like Jav is settling in well. He'll like the purple carpets.

Rumor mill is wrong, Miss Priss is under lock and key at the chicken ranch. She's working in the kitchen on egg duty. I feel sorry for her.

We don't mind loaning out the bus when we're not using it. No one is ready for a tour, 'cept Linda, she's been tuning the ole pipes on a regular basis.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/04/05 01:25 AM
Ms. Jay, Hug Hug Kiss Kiss! Are you back for good? We've all missed you very much. I must say that I've missed you the most and hope there is a special surprise for me since I've suffered so. Make sure it's low cholesterol please. Have you told everyone the real reason you've been gone? I'll tell them..her left antenna started growning through her synthetic human epidermis. She had to go in and get her antenna cut off (don't worry it will grow back) and some hair plugs to cover the hole on her head. She's very sensative about it so please don't tease her or tell her I told you. Hey, could someone let me know when it's safe to go and browse the main board again? I was there a few days ago and it was a blasting zone again. Let me know if the white flags have come out yet. Nevermind. I'm going to go play with the lint between my toes instead. cool
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/04/05 06:41 PM
Ahhh, Crusty, did you have to go and tell everybody? Then say you missed me, kiss kiss? If I didn't know you better I'd say you were just a plain, ordinary earthling, with the same foibles. Jav says hi and wanted to know if you plan to hatch again soon?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/04/05 09:01 PM
I'm sorry. Being a blabber mouth is one of my foibles. So is chocolate. Stay strong crusty, stay strong. My emotions are such an open book. Gush, Emote. <thesaurus and dictionary back on the shelf> I don't know if I'll be hatching anything new soon. Genetic research and testing is beginning to bore me. I think I'll just go to the feed store this april and pick out some average chicks. These chicks are very plain looking but if I sew them some snazzy cloths and put some lip stick on their "lips", they'll look good. :rolleyes:
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/05/05 04:41 AM
CRUSTY...put down the seed catalogue and back away from those chicks! No more accidents..you hear me??? My poor heart can't take anymore soap operas.

GOOD NEWS...my spring bulbs came today! Just in time for another snow fall. YIKES!!! Hope to be planting late April. I can't wait for Spring.

MsJay, we all knew already. That hat you've been wearing gave it away. A purple fedora on you, is not a fashion statement. We figured it was one of Jav's old hats you threw on. Next time, wear that wide brimmed sun hat with the royal purple polka dot sash, now that's a statement. Besides...master is kinda gossipy ya know. He let it slip at the last meeting.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/05/05 05:18 AM
Back on that Jupiter juice I guess...oh well, he's the boss, can drink whatever he likes, it won't be me crossing him not again..ever...learned my lesson I did i did frown
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/05/05 11:47 AM
Juniper Juice? Now it all makes sense. I have a large juniper tree out front. I've seen the master picking the berries up off the ground and mumbling something about bathtub gin. After what's happened to ms jay, I too am afraid to cross the master so I'll have to make sure others get blamed for my actions. I am a master of disguise. I've been watching Linda's house while she's on her African Safari. The ups guy and the milk man both called my Linda. I hope she doesn't return right away. Her bathtub is in use indefinitely. wink Hickup
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/06/05 12:47 AM
Yep, Crusty, when the Master says "GIN" he don't mean he won the card game laugh That explains the name, "Gin Rummy" huh? :p
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/06/05 03:44 PM
African safari? Now who told you that???? I was in Paris pricing bidets. Think I have just the perfect one picked out now. smile

Let me make one thing perfectly clear....I have NOT had anything to do with the milkman. The UPS man is another story for another day however.

I'm so glad everyone is back and ready to roll. Elf, Thakman and I have had a hard time keeping this thing going in yall's absence. I would like to point out that we've had 3 hit singles since yall left. It's time to buckle down and practice practice practice. How about a Screaming Banana Banshee? Yummmmmmmm! You really must try it. It's good for the bones....and whatever else ails you. To heck with jennifer juniper, or whatever that was.

Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/07/05 07:36 PM
LOL, The UPS man?? There always in such a hurry.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/07/05 08:15 PM
UPS...FedEx...DHL...my dog hates them all!
You should see my miniblinds on the front windows! They're missing some pieces from Rockhead trying to get at the delivery people!
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 07:39 AM
MY PUPS LOVE THE FED EX LADY, SHE FEEDS THEM DOG BISQUITS.Tiger has learned a new trick, she chews up medical bills, now if I can find my electric bill everything will be ok.
Mike smile
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 03:38 PM
Mike, welcome to our little piece of insanity. Can you sing? Makes no difference really, as everyone in our world sings like an angel. I heard a quote once that went something like this "if only the birds with perfect voices sang, the forests would be silent." I always remind my family of that one when I sing smile Don't get me wrong, I'm an excellent singer (have I told YOU that?) laugh

Since no one wanted the Screaming Banana Banshees, I had to drink them all. It helped with my pain a LOT....hmmmmmmm, I think I'm onto something. Let's roll.

Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 03:38 PM
Mike, welcome to our little piece of insanity. Can you sing? Makes no difference really, as everyone in our world sings like an angel. I heard a quote once that went something like this "if only the birds with perfect voices sang, the forests would be silent." I always remind my family of that one when I sing smile Don't get me wrong, I'm an excellent singer (have I told YOU that?) laugh

Since no one wanted the Screaming Banana Banshees, I had to drink them all. It helped with my pain a LOT....hmmmmmmm, I think I'm onto something. Let's roll.

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 04:03 PM
Everybody watch out when Linda says the scary words:" Now let me make one thing perfectly clear" run, man run..well run if the brownies don't have you listless or you're not on juniper, jupiter juice, or on, over or under your bidet...whatevah laugh
And here I had to crawl over boxes to warn al of ya. eek
MsJay tired...yawn, nod, zzzzzzzzzzz confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 05:55 PM
Are you sure Tiger and Roxy weren't seperated at birth? Roxy has an affinity to paper. She thinks paper was meant just for her, whatever is is. She freaked out the vet one time when the vet grabbed some paper towels to clean up some meds he spilled next to her. She snap-snapped and he quickly withdrew his arm thinking she was snapping at him. I laughed and told him she does that when we have paper towels, kleenex, or toidy paper. She loves the stuff! Never eats it, just shreds it.
I just found a book on the floor, it was on the desk in my room. She "found" it and dragged it into the hallway. At least she's not grabbing the t-paper and running through the house un-rolling it anymore. The first time she did that, I could only laugh, I thought it was really funny.
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 08:49 PM
Tig is my house dog, she even goes to dr appointments with me up to 200 miles away.
Rocko and Skeeter are my yard children,
we like to get out at night and howl at the local Coyotes. We can all sing and talk to some degree.
And we are house broken. LOL
Mike smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 09:42 PM
Good thing! Housebroken I mean...ROFLMBO!
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/08/05 09:51 PM
Linda those screaming Bannana Banshees have you stuttering. Just like I always say. No I DO NOT have Drain Bamage.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/10/05 07:51 PM
Hey Mike,
You ever howl at the moon, I howl at all four of them, all directions, course I have a gift as you know laugh

I am getting very very nervous...when Crusty disappears, and then Linda, can only mean one thing, with a capital (T). Course they could be getting antennae adjustments too..never know, what with the Master now nipping a bit wink
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/11/05 04:41 AM
Yes of course ,I like to wait till those nights when a light fog rolls in from the bay,a fine mist is in the air;it is then when I howl at a full moon.Man lives in big cities but it is Nature that makes us alive.
Be good, Mike smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/11/05 04:59 AM
Who took the bus?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/11/05 05:31 PM
Ms. Jay, capital "T"? Haven't figured that one out yet but I do have my next sinus infection so bare with me and give me some clues. Whatever is going on with my frequent disappearances, I am not playing tether ball, not turtle turning or on a train trip and I haven't seen linda lately but I did get a message that only my secret decoder ring can decipher. I never know what that stupid rings translation means because it's in our old native language so I just make up something good. Anyway, the ring says that linda was scooped up by the mother ship and was impregnated with a litter of alien offspring. At least we can cound on her to help our race grow. Gonna go watch Sky Captain.

No worries when I disappear. Just been enduring the last few months of winter and it's hard to sit in this computer chair for long. Did I tell you I fried my laptop with a glass of water? I'm so mad at myself. mad I could take that laptop everywhere around the house and try to get comfortable. Sigh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/11/05 05:33 PM
Mike, when the mist rolls in and the moon is full, do you notice your hair, claws and teeth growing? I hope that's not too personal a question.
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/11/05 10:39 PM
Howl!!!!!!!!! Yes thats when I get a headache
and transform into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
My Dogs still accept me with unconditional love.
Mabey its because I feed them.Confucious say;
don,t bite the hand that feeds you.
Hey its Friday. Mike smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/12/05 12:58 AM
I think I heard that howl all the way over here. Let me listen again.....YES! I did hear a howl. Now we don't have to use our phones and can eliminate a phone bill. Everyone climb (I know, just pretend) to the tallest mountain, light a fire for smoke signals in case the howling line is tied up and howl your messages. eek The little purple face is because I ran out of air.
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/12/05 05:07 PM
We could have a dog team to pull the bus and save on the high gas prices .Just put Rudolph in front of Rocko, Skeeter and Tiger and we will go 90 miles an hour. YEHAW!!!!!!!!!! smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/13/05 08:36 PM
I was wondering where everyone went so I checked the other board and surprise surprise. It's a blasting zone again so I guess the band is over there watching. Don't worry! Soon they will get scared and run back home to the off topic. I choose not to participate in all that madness! And they think we are mad for pretending we are in a band and singing. I'm going to hang out here where it's safe. ..tapping of fingers, tap tap tap tap...

..humming a jingle, hum hum hummmm....

Hellooooo? Anyone there?

I think the dog team is a great idea. sleepy now, so sleepy, zzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:01 PM
sniff, sniff, sniff! THAKMAN! You did it again didn't you?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:05 PM
I'm all alone again! frown Guess you are all busy in your real lives. I guess I'll go participate in my life for a little while too. There's 8 inches of snow on the ground out front. There's 5 inches out back. The master does wonderous things. Maybe I'll go outside and make a little snowman. Just a small one so I don't have to move from where I sit. Oh, did I tell anyone that I've had the most horrible nerve zaps down my leg for the past week? Ouch. Enough about me. I'm so tired of talking about myself and with myself. Adios! Gonna go make some yellow snow. :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:07 PM
No crusty, please don't go. I'll talk with you.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:10 PM
Crusty, you can send me a PM or e-mail anytime you want to talk. SEE YOU, Thakman
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:13 PM
You will? I've been alone for soooo long. The band knows what happens when I'm alone and the doctor warned them to never leave me unattended. Sigh. The doctor said there could be serious emotional consequences if left alone...such as the development of multiple personalities in order to keep myself company. I understand Ms. Jay and Linda being gone. They were going to go to a spring break activity in Mexico and see if that guy who makes those videos would take any pictures of them (girls gone wild I think). They should be back soon so lets not get afraid, no, lets not. Don't even think about being afraid. I'm sure that elf, thakman, mike and anyone else that has participated at some point will be back to check and see if I have food and water.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:14 PM
okay thakman. I'm done here. Talk with you by email.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:33 PM
Crusty, please calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. Now again. Isn't that better? I've also started adding valium to my brownies and life is good now. Here, take two...there's small.

Sorry to not respond to you in a timely fashion. If I had known how much you needed me, I would be here for you in a flash. You know that don't you? You are my world, my existence, my reason for being. You.....complete me. Without you, I'm nothing, nada, zip. You are the only reason I did this whole band thing (although I AM an excellent singer). It was ALL for you. Now eat your brownie and chill out.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 06:57 PM
..eating brownie quickly while silently humming...shutting up now:)
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 08:22 PM
Crusty...Buddy!!! I'm so sorry I've been absent. Been shopping, WOOHOO nothing beats shopping from my chair!

Eat the brownies, you'll feel better. Here...have some purple kool-aid.
Pat...Pat...Pat We still Love you Crusty!
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/14/05 10:20 PM
I think a round of brownies is in order for everyone can I get mine no wheat,au natural with a candy cherry on top or one of those big red gel filled pills that seem to work so good for pain. Crusty and all you guys have my e-mail and I am awake usually 20 hrs a day so I am around if you want to talk. We can get an aol IM chat going or whatever. You guys keep coming back and checking in. You see what happens when an Alien thinks their all alone :rolleyes: laugh . Big AL says all is well on earth-
Take care friends, Thakman
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/15/05 12:43 AM
Yeah! You see what happens to aliens when they think they are alone! <sobbing> Not really laugh but I will if pushed. I'm very fragile as only linda knows. Where are you Ms. Jay? I've sent you more emails than I can count (sorry, I was lonely).

I'm with Thakman. Email me anytime you like and we all should chat sometime. I'm not sure I've I could get a word in though. All these women talk so much. They never listen to me. I'm sure you understand. I bet I'm all alone again. I can say just about anything and not get yelled at...within reason and the saa rules of course. I think I need another brownie.

Talk with you all later. Went shopping today before the snow melts and my back is killing me. Did find a good sale on salmon and a few other things. I had a 10% off coupon too! Now I understand what my wife gets all excited about when she finds a good deal. I don't think I'll be cutting coupons soon (let Missy do that) but it was exciting to walk in with so much money expecting to spend it all and only spending half. Very, very exciting. Lets all go out to dinner on me! Ouch my back. :rolleyes:
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/15/05 03:25 AM
Msjays antennae is broke she probably does'nt know she got them yet,lol. Hmmm 10% off Salmon? There is just something fishy about that.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/15/05 04:03 AM
I'm all for a chat sometime. I'm an excellent typist too! Don't forget me me me me me. It IS all about me, right???

I have a confession to make here, but I'd like to keep it private please. I ate too many brownies today. I feel very mellow now and I'm thinking of writing a new song for us entitled "Mellow Yellow". What do you think?

Also, I'm up for dinner anytime too. I'm an excellent eater too. smile

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/16/05 12:43 AM
Not just 10% off the salmon. The salmon were marked down $3 per package and the 10% was off all the groceries. I think I'm in touch with my feminine side right now. It doesn't feel right.

Did I tell anyone how good Linda is at everything? She never boasts. It's just so plainly obvious. She raises the bar on what's expected of the rest of us by her talent. The only one I know that sings or does things better than her is ME. ME ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEE. It's all about me:) Whoops! Where'd that come from.

To all those who were so worried about me when my dish channels weren't functioning properly problem solved. I have my channels back...huff, huff, huff (hyperventilating). You know who did it don't you? Ms. Jay! She likes to pick on me. The mother ship passed over and blocked my satelite signal! Her broken antenna must be healing just fine!

Has anyone seen Ms. Jay? I'm not worried. i know how wild she can be and she is a Ms/Miss. She expressed some interest in being a teaching coach to the Chippendale dancers for a week or 2. She got really good at the oriental computerized dance machine that is like a combination of Twister and Simon Says with music and dancing. She is the envy of the dance world. Broadway has been calling her since Linda turned them down.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/16/05 04:56 AM
Crusty..Crusty You have to stop these tantrums. Just because your satellite quit working you think the whole world is out to get you.
Now now, sit down, eat your brownies and drink your kool-aid. You can go take a nap after under your bed. We made you a nice little nest there. Got your fav comics, twinkies, jammies laid out and your woobie. We sprayed your whole room with "moster-go-away" spray, and put the tin foil on the windows just like you like it. (Keeps the master from reading your thoughts ya know). Missy has your fav book and said she would read to you til you fall asleep. (You don't need your depends anymore do you?) I know, I know, it was master that caused that to happen. Playing tricks on you, putting your hand in warm water while you slept. All the while MsJay giggled. Linda and I told him to stop doing that, he's sorry he tricked you.

Gotta go clean Rockhead's ears. She's got ICKY stuff in there EWWWWWW
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/17/05 02:11 AM
I thought I was pretty good at some stuff till I met LindaT :rolleyes:
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/17/05 09:09 PM
Well well well....it's good that I'm FINALLY getting the praise I deserve. Yes, I DO know everything and can DO everything, much better than anyone else. I even once did brain surgery. I'm an excellent neurosurgeon too (have I told you that?). Please please please do not think that because I'm talented and intelligent that I am any better than you. I'm not prejudiced in any way, and I hate people that are. laugh

Now I don't want to be one to spread rumors.....BUT I recently saw MsJay on a "Girls Gone Wild - Spring Break 2005" video. I would be very surprised if she showed her face (or whatever) here for awhile.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/18/05 02:14 AM
Not prejudiced but maybe something else. Hmmmmm.

Conceit n. 1. an exaggerated estimate of one's own ability, importance, etc. 2. an elaborate, fanciful metaphor in poetry

Linda, You can't be the first definition with your natural, unique talent. I've decided you are an elaborate, fanciful metaphor in poetry. I mean that as a compliment. You are poetry to my ears my dear fanciful metaphor. wink I'm not sure this means anything! Metaphor to what? Well, Linda is perfect at everything. Maybe to say that Linda is a diamond..perfection in every way. That would be a metaphoric statement, right. Okay, nap time again. Sorry about the deep thought. I'll try not to do it again. I'm out of brownies. How many brownies will this post buy? I think this is a very valuable post and is at least worth 20 brownies, maybe 30. Not that I was sucking up or anything but Elf seems to get all the brownies all the time and I'm tired of it!

Hey Thakman, we are planning a short, very short little weekend type vacation. 3 maybe 4 days and are considering Florida. What's a good time of year to visit and avoid the hurricanes? Any suggestions on things to do that would be AS friendly? I know you aren't doing well and probably don't get out so much when you feel like crud, but maybe you've heard of something? cool

One more thing..my Girls Gone Wild tape arrived today and yes, I did see Ms. Jay's performance. :rolleyes: Ms. Jay's performance really was the best on the whole tape. I'm an expert on everything as long as linda hasn't claimed this right too. Did you all see Selma H. in Dusk til Dawn doing her dance with the snake? Sorta like that. :rolleyes:
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/18/05 03:30 PM
Hey Crusty...I don't eat the brownies, I'm the distributor, errrr I hand them out. Remember, I had an unfortunate incident back in the day with brownies.

CRUSTY???? Are you wearing GREEN???? He He He

I'm not the talented one, I'm happy to stay in the background soaking up everyone elses' limelight. I'm a grunt with handcuffs and a whip. LOL Got my security shirt too!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/18/05 05:53 PM
Crusty, it appears from your post yesterday that you had WAY too many brownies. I humbly accept your compliments however smile You are now entitled to a life-long supply of my magic brownies. I do have a kind heart....have I told you that??? smile

I do wish MsJay would return. I'm thinking of jumping off the nearest bridge (hmmmm, not a very big one at the corner culvert) if she does not return soon. You know, I can't live without her, can't breathe without her, I can't laugh and I can't sing, I'm finding it hard to do anything....

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/18/05 08:49 PM
singing to Ms. Jay "I can't liiiivvveee, if liking is without you oooo uuuuu! I can't lllliiiivveeee, I can't live life alone oooooooooo." I've sent her emails, and private mails through the site. Soooo soooo many of them. I'm sad. Very sad. Back to singing.

Life long brownies? Wow! I'll have to make sure I live a long life an don't out live Linda. Don't jump off the bridge without me. There's a little pot hole filled with water in the driveway. Since I don't have a bridge, I will jump in the pot hole and exactly the same time as you leap from the small bridge. hey, maybe we can get some news people to cover it so Ms. Jay sees whats happening while she's away. I'm going to call the Tennessee news people right now. If that guy can jump off niagra falls, I think I may survive my jump into the 6" of water in the pot hole. I'll have to make sure my swim rings are on just in case. My toes are already webbed so swimming is a cinch. Linda, you have the kindest heart on the planet..the same heart as me in fact. As a baby, you're heart broke and I gave you 2 extra ventricles of my own. How giving of me. We are going to be okay until Ms. Jay returns. Here, breath into the paper bag like I do.

EEELLLLFFFF! ha ha ha Yes, I am wearing green. I plan to all week. Maybe I should mail that nasty joke to everyone so they know where the green is. Clue..streak, smear or skid in a hidden place laugh I have pictures everyone. :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/19/05 04:12 AM
I am here! So Thack thinks I don'tknow my antennae were fixed? Shows what he knows, ask him who blew their horn at him and said "get outta the way, don't you know I own this town!" (Seniors in Sun City can do that laugh )
I've had the most earthly problems possible, this mickey mouse internet provider I tried, now I see why it was so cheap!!!!!!!!!So, I invented my own, took me a while but good to know you missed me. Crusty, hope the Sinuses are cleared, Linda, I know you are excellent (can I say more eek ) Now that I have established a connection with my co-inhabitors in this lost part of the universe, I am promptly going to bed!
That's one earthly habit I just can't break. Hey Elf, put some peroxide in your dog's ears, watch him do the "unhappy dance" :p Seeya, wouldn't mind a huge online chat, we could vent!
Now there's a brilliant thought, even for me eek Don't you know that you are a s h o o t i n g star, don't you know? Good to be back ladies, gentlemen, and all others. Thanks for missing me@-__-@
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/19/05 05:18 AM
MS JAY! I've been so lonely without you. I'm glad you are back. I was getting ready for bed, all tucked in with my teddy, and decided to come look and see if you had posted. It's like our minds are connected or something. :rolleyes: It's me you really want to chat with huh? I knew it. I could use a good vent too. AHHHHHH! Blasted gas prices, have a current itchy rash, need to do some laundry after the mess I made on st pats day! There. I vented anyway and feel so much better. Going to go lay down and see how many hours it takes me to sleep. I'm betting 5. Nighty night. smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/19/05 05:27 AM
I think that since I just checked the main board and Ms. Jay was there, I can officially announce that I am psychic! My calendar is completely open. First patient? No no, don't tell me. I already know who it is! :rolleyes:
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/19/05 05:46 PM
Crusty, you KNOW I'd be your first patient, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am the picture of health (is that lightning?).

MSjay, so happy you are back. Now Crusty and I don't have to do our scheduled "jump".

Now Thakman, where are you???? Have I told you I'm in excellent health?

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/19/05 06:30 PM
I may be in a tad bit of trouble, probably nothing, any of "us" lawyers? (scary thought :p ) Man this government is picky picky picky...don't take one bit kindly to personal launching of satellites, oh well, just have to wait and see, but my internet is so much better,
Probably got complaints of a purple flying saucer, something like that, maybe it will blow over laugh Hope everybody is having a decent day smile
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/20/05 06:59 PM
Well I am really grumpy. LindaT did I mention Im a really good grump? Im going to go kick a cat or something eek wink laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 12:05 AM
Did you all know Thackman is a grump? He's an excellent Grump, in fact, if he were female they would call him "Granny Grump". I don't want to go without mentioning that Thackman is an excellent grump, and I think he deserves accolades from all of us for his ability to be not only a grump, but grumpier than any of us, such an excellent grump, he should at least get the Forrest Grump award, I know I will be voting for him!! :p
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 12:23 AM
Msjay if I was a woman there would be a different word for me and it rhymes with "Itchy". :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 01:58 AM
Oh, got it...witchy, among a few others laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:05 AM
Did someone call my name? :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:20 AM
Nah, nobody mentioned you Crusty, go back to bed, just your usual "paranoia", but never fear I am here, watching over you my dear (so cute! so clever!) :p I jus nevah cease to amaze myself laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:35 AM
You are always a source of wonder and amazement for me Ms. Jay. How are things going in the new pad? Are you having a house warming party? I've already told EVERYONE you are! The party favors have been purchased..purple ones. We all sat on a street corner until we sold all of Linda's brownies. When the police finally realized what was up the last of our brownies had been sold and linda was licking the display case.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:38 AM
Oh dear, I forgot to assure you I am an excellent watchdog, only bark when I am barked at, only eat people food, house broken (well, most of the time, but if there is a crisis, I've been known to "lose control".So, just remember, I am a Jack Russell of all trades, and my work is excellent, did I tell you that? Excellent..like every other watchdog is sooooo jealous, too bad, I'm the best, better than all the best, better than anyone..oops got into a little Tina Turner there. Just remember you are in good paws with this set of steel jaws! :rolleyes: :p laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:51 AM
I feel so safe with you! frown You know how frightened I get. I guess carpet will wear no more under the bed. I'm still going to keep my flashlight handy though because you never know when people or things are sneaking up to be mean. Just never know! (biting nails) I'm having flash backs about those purple people eaters again.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:52 AM
Oh yeah, crusty, we are going to pahtay...just have to slide a few things out of the way...some bodies someone left here, little things like that, no problemo...can't wait, Jav will be sooo happy to be reunited with you again, and if we could, please, we won't mention that "little chicken incident" Think we could do that? Might have to watch Linda and Thackman on the "brownie" intake, now Javis sticks strictly to grape kool-aid, says it reminds him of something, I do my best not to question the child, you know: shocked
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 05:58 AM
That's a good thing, the flashlight. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are NOT after you...beddy bye time...kiss your friendly poochy watchdog goodnight and know you are in the best of paws, so sleep safe. smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 06:03 AM
I got a good deal on 9 lives pahtay (or is it pate?). I got it on sale, 10/$1.00. I'll bring it to the pahtay. It'll be nice to see Jav too. Nighty Night. Here, you can sleep with my bear tonight. Don't get too friendly with Him though. He'll tell me if you do :rolleyes: Bye
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 06:52 PM
I can "bearly" thank you for the sleep companion, not sure I like your insinuations there, shame on you, and stop believing all those nasty things you hear about dogs, aint I your best friend? When I'm sick don't you feel my nose? Well, I enjoyed being a dog for a while, but I have plans, big plans for the "warming" or should that be "warning? laugh
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 06:57 PM
MsJay, don't go acting like a goody two-shoes now. We have ALL seen you on the Girls Gone Wild video and we KNOW what you've done! The Master is none too pleased with you and has hinted that He will be making me Director of Nonhuman Resources, not to mention Chairman of the Recreation Committee. Yes, I'm an excellent candidate!!!!!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 07:28 PM
I see everyone is in rare form today!

Might have to dig out the whip and handcuffs after all. Got my Security t-shirt on, baton at my side, ready to kick some... well you know.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 07:55 PM
Ah, the Master does a lot of "hinting" and rarely is it more than just that...trying to pacify a person who is perfect in everyway, Linda, that's all. He knows you are "an excellent" candidate but the job is filled, so now, you got that? Huh? I might remind you when we were in the islands and that little costume "oops" which was not an "oops" at all, planned by you and executed by you. Just always trying to usurp my authority. Maybe Elf will need her handcuffs, hope she's still in shape for this job of security, could get dangerous at the housewarming, or in this case...apartment..you say tomato I say tomatah...actually grew up calling them maters laugh :p cool Again, Master is taking no applications for any positions right now, all are filled with good qualified uhh persons. smile
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/21/05 09:40 PM
Now see this is why I run around the house in nothing but a aluminium foil helmet.(and a brownie) :rolleyes: laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/22/05 02:11 AM
Please be careful with that aluminum helmet; what with some of our newer satellites, the aluminum is causing some antenna problems, in fact you may have experienced it already. Seems it's something to do with static and molecular distortions, but Master is working on a Patch. Be ready soon. Thought you (as well as other "foilers") might want this information in case you've been receiving mixed signals. Might me good to know it's not "us". I upgraded already, with a temporary fix, since I am the Master's right hand aide, as you know. laugh :rolleyes:
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/22/05 03:16 PM
I always wondered why my Grandparents talked the way they did, must be a regional thing. They said maters too! I could never get enough of listening to them talk. When we spent the summers with them "up north" (regional speak here) I usually came home talking just like them. I pick up accents quite easily. Drove me Mom crazy...warsh the clothes, chocklit (chocolate)pail (pal) of course I could not hear any difference. I ended up going to speech therapy because I talked funny! SHEES!!! If I only knew then what I know now, it wasn't me it was the rest of the world!!! He he he
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/22/05 06:58 PM
aint it the truth, Elf! Plum pitiful how people make fun of us, huh, we don't have accents, they do! laugh
Hope you are keeping that "Security Guard Body" in shape, could get rough here in the next few weeks, lordy, who knows? :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/22/05 09:13 PM
I may be little, but I've got a huge voice...

and carry a BIG stick!

Besides...if anyone gets lippy with me, I'll sit on 'em.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/22/05 10:14 PM
MsJay, aide, schmaid, whatever!! The important thing is that the Master knows my position (hmmmmmmm, did I say position?). It's apparent that I am his favorite and there's no point in contesting this with the Master. He says I'm an excellent leader with a remarkable memory. Did I tell you that I have an excellent memory? Must be those darn brownies, but I'm feeling good today. Yes, life is good....
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/23/05 05:40 AM
aide? schmaide? You just go right on eating those brownies Linda, honey, and life will continue to be good, man even awesome laugh Master and I love it when you get on your high uhhh horse that is....What's your frequency, Kenneth wink D r e a m, dream, dream dream. Oh Linda, did anyone tell you that you make the best brownies? You are indeed an excellent brownie maker, and I love how you always taste them first,sometimes even second and third, so wanting them to be excellent bfore you offer them to others. Such an excellent baker, probably candle stick maker too. You have so many attributes I admire :p Did I tell you what an admirable person you are? Oh, and excellent baker too!! Did I tell you that, huh? huh? confused
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/23/05 05:53 AM
Things are getting so lovey and gross around here. Everyone knows that Linda doesn't taste test, she lick tests because she doesn't want to short anyone on there brownie. That's what makes the tops of them shiny. Yes, linda is good at most things, maybe even everything but why are so many people sucking up to her. Maybe she is the master's second hand gal. I'm not saying she's come from a second hand store in that comment, or used in the slightest. No, not saying that at all despite what happened on the last tour when she disappeared and then showed up with no clothing on except elfs cuffs. Not saying a word about the smut I know. shocked

Ms. Jay, I am A.G.A.P. Pull out your secret decoder ring for translation. Not the red candy one, the red plastic one!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/23/05 06:59 PM
Man, don't tell me I ate the wrong ring, geez, confused somedays it don't pay to get out of the haze, know what I mean, huh? huh? Going through junk door of used "parts", maybe I can find an older model, they change the codes so darn much! mad
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/23/05 07:02 PM
LindaT Hmmmmm? Why do think Im wearing an aluninium foil helmet.
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/23/05 07:02 PM
LindaT Hmmmmm? Why do think Im wearing foil helmet.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/25/05 04:19 AM
Why do I have this nagging feeling that Linda T is doing something on the "QT". Maybe setting up some kind of franchise for her famous brownies, you know, kind of like Famous Amos and his chocolate cookies. Now, if she could do that, and we all benefited you know what I mean, it would be well okay I guess, but I think she is going to just forsake all of us if it "goes", she'll be walking around the New York Stock Exchange, serving up brownies and what; milk I guess. Now if this happens, is she going to follow Fusion's Mission Statement which is "all for one and two, three and we're all up". I have a feeling we'll see her being chauffered around via purple limo with Linda's little motto on the side..."Want a little more Browine for your Buck?! Insist on Linda's Brownies, nobody does brownies like Linda, a brownie to enda and menda all your problems". If she does that, she's a dirty dog and not a true friend. Friends stick together, well, I know fusing helps us stick more, and I hope she knows she can't get away with leaving us behind. Lord I hope I am wrong, but I have strong vibes re this, very very strong, oh, it's the smell of brownies, I should have known the nose knows! frown mad confused
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/25/05 05:56 PM
Wow MsJay! Thanks for the great advertising tips. I can almost picture myself on Wall Street. But, as you know, my life is dedicated to The Band. All I do is for The Band. My mission is life is the success of The Band. I eat, sleep and drink for The Band (especially the eat part). My brownies are for OUR pain, not Wall Street's. Now settle down and eat a brownie (or two). Life is good....

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/25/05 11:06 PM
Hello. I've been thinking about thakmans aluminum foil hat. I have a true story..really, this aint made up one bit. Back in my working days (back when I had the attractive nickname of "the fuzz") I went down an interstate on-ramp only to find a man barely clothed, at least under the rain coat, who had an aluminum foil helmet/crown. It covered like a helmet and had this high peaks on it like a crown. He obviously put a lot of work into it. He looked like Jesus with his long hair and underwear tied together from an old sheet. He was swinging his rain coat open while people drove by. You already know what the crown was for..keep out the signals. So, I met Jesus and he had a sheet, rain coat and aluminum helmet/crown on. If it was Jesus, then maybe all of us should consider rain coats and aluminum foil crowns just to be on the safe side. laugh
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/25/05 11:20 PM
God dangit Crusty, I told you I was'nt going to do this but that is too funny. You must have been an officer out west or something. LOL laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/25/05 11:42 PM
I have other great stories that define out society. Out west, yes. Arizona and I was 2 hours from Tombstone about an hour from Old Tucson. All these odd hippies hang out around Tombstone. Not the kind of clean-ish modern hippies. I'm talking the real kind of hippie that believes his delusions and hasn't had a bath in over a year. He was on more than just brownies. Did I mention he was heading to the grand canyon on foot to see if he could fly? Okay, I made that part up
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/26/05 08:53 PM
Oh heavens, Crusty, no wonder you spend so much of your time under the bed now...bet it's in the fetal position too..poor thing. laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/26/05 09:12 PM
Hi Ms. Jay. I have this years vacation all planned now. I'm going to Powell, Houston, and Florida. Make up my bed everyone. I was considering going to Wisconsin too but since Elf hasn't been checking on me when I'm under the bed, I just don't know. Just don't know at all. I'm raising another batch of purple people eaters. They are trained to sniff out elf and bring her home. Those little guys are so unpredictable. Maybe I should warn her. I can't though because I can't get out from under the bed. Linda fed me too many brownies and now my gut is too big to squeeze under the frame ends. I'm trapped.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/27/05 02:37 AM
For Pete's sakes, your're not trapped, just your paranoia once again. And if you truly are trapped, yell for help, let someone prick your tummy and when all that hot air comes shooshing out, you'll be able to crawl out, but I think it's just a "mind thing" maybe "lack of mind thing". Call me if things don't get better in a few days, see what I can do :rolleyes:
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/27/05 04:32 AM
I'm here! I've had the week from H**L!

Visit to ob/gyn last Friday (Whoopee)!, 5 hours with DH's Aunt in ER Monday, mammogram tues( Oh Joy), 2 hours in the dentist chair for crown prep wed (great fun), Derm appt thu, grocery shopping fri, today 5 hours running around for DH's Aunt moving her temporarily to nursing home! Seeing some purple people eaters would be anti-climactic!

Move over Crusty...I'm going to hide under your bed with you! I've got twinkies!
PS: You could come on up to WI, but why??? It's cold and icky here. Nothing is green yet, still got piles and piles of dirty snow. I don't even want to be here!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/27/05 05:37 PM
Hey Elf, I was a hopin you might have some time to help me unpack, just a few little boxes, you know, taking the things out, oohing and ahhing cause I forgot I had them, then of course we have to take 2$% years of buildup off of them. But, I don't know how your schedule is, so would you let me know...We need to get this done for the "warming" wink
Seriously, this will get better, always does but I'm worn out from your week and going to rest now, thank you for giving me an excuse laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/28/05 03:59 PM
OOOOOOOOOOH sounds like Christmas morning! (Without the dust that is LOL)

I'm naming my dust bunnies and dust kitties! They have become pets. I'm gonna send a huge box of them to Crusty so he won't be alone under the bed. I won't miss them because mine keep having more babies! I can also knit more puppies from the dog hair Rockhead is shedding. (She gets upset if we vacuum them up). She hates the vacuum, tries to bite it. We can't open the closet without her "going at" it. We could put little faces on the dust bunnies and kitties and dye them purple.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/29/05 12:49 AM
Hey Elf,
Maybe Rockhead could get some counseling, along with that old mean sweeper, so she can learn that the vacuum is her friend, the vacuum is why she's allowed to be inside, just how much that vacuum does for her, least she could do is respect it. Most likely something this simple take only one, two, three at the most as far as sessions. She could probably even go with Crusty so he believes, it's okay to get out of not the bed ,of course, but from beneath it, brownies are tasty, make you feel good, then put the big "panic" like "oooh, they're out there, just waiting for me". Got to go I have scared myself, maybe two or three of me eek eek smile I could be declared legally incompetent any day now, I know they're after me, bring um on! confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/29/05 04:36 PM
The brownies are stalking you???? He he he

Rockhead is really stubborn! Not like her Mistress at all!!! Don't know where she got it from...NOT ME!!

The killer Robin is back! (That's what my DH named it). Stupid bird jumps up on the porch and pimps the dog. Stands there, out in the open and then jumps up and down. Then ...chirp, chirp, chirp's. The dog goes balistic...rams the door, jumps at the glass trying to get at the bird. It's a yearly fight, nature at it's best. I'm gonna give the killer Robin directions to Crusty's house.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/29/05 08:22 PM
Pimps the dog?? eek My dog wants to know how much your dog costs. Wait a couple days on sending the pimping robin please. I'm recovering from a painful doc visit
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/30/05 05:24 AM
I guess it's a local thing.

Being pimped=it's a teasing or taunting sort of thing. Or a "neener neener na na" thing.
As in, "You got up outa your chair and left the room, now the chairs mine...pimped you!" Or "I gave you a huge wedgie...pimped you"

And NO CRUSTY! My dog is not a hoochie poochie! Bad Crusty! calling my pup a tart! HARUMPH!

Seriously, you OK buddy? Are you not doing well? Just worried.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/31/05 12:07 AM
Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for asking. I found out on Monday that I have a quad tear above my knee on the right side from another fall. Also my left shin area has a compression fracture from rickets. It's been hard to get outside this winter. Then the AS limits it quite a bit also. The worst news is that I'm being sent to see a cardiologist for some heart related symtoms. I'm a little worried (afraid actually) about the heart stuff. Several of my aunts and uncles have died from heart stuff. One uncle died from a heart attack when he was 37. I'm 37. I just have to stop thinking about this so I don't worry. Good news is I've been on a really good diet since Feb that would be mostly vegetarian. I have salmon and sometimes chicken breast. My apologies to you wonderful dog. I've never seen her on the naughty side of town (not that I ever shop there) so I know she's a good dog. smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 03/31/05 04:23 PM
I'm sorry to hear you are having such problems Crusty. You don't need any more!

Why the cardiologist? Are you having problems? Do they think it's the aortic heart valve related to AS? Get all the testing done you need to find out what's wrong.
I had numerous EKG's, an ultrasound, a doppler and I have a functional aortic regurgitation. (Sounds icky huh?) Bottom line is I've had it for years. With medications it's holding it's own. My family is riddled with heart disease, but I see my doc regularly and take my meds. I've been doing OK for 25 years now.
I'm sending good thoughts and healing prayers your way!

PS: It's OK about Rockhead. Who knows, she may have run over to "that" side of town to see what it's all about. Nosey little brat that she is! LOL
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/01/05 04:39 PM
Ahh, Crusty is going to be fine, done talked to the Master abut it. smile
Elf, Rockhead is no different than any other dogs, got to get out and sow a few pieces of chow now and then laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/01/05 05:36 PM
Rockhead is an IT dog. Had her playground blacktopped at 5 months. No playpen there anymore.

She's kinda like those "really old men" on Viagra...doesn't know what to do EVEN if presented with an opportunity! LOL LMAO!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/02/05 03:07 AM
Like the two old geezers sitting on a park bench, gorgeous girl rides by on a bike, one says, "I'd like to kiss her", so the other one says, "well, I'd like to hug her", so the first old geezer, not to be outdone said, well, I would like to kiss her, and hug her and uh, now what else was it we used to do?" laugh
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/02/05 03:51 AM
I would like to just be able to go to the park and sit on the bench .
Michaelangelo April 1st 05 smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/02/05 09:56 PM
Could someone please suck the vertigo out of my ear please? I'm getting a little tired of my head spinning and thinking the floor is a wall.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/02/05 11:01 PM
Stop the world, Missy wants to get off!!! confused I hate that dizziness, don't get it as much as I used to, just now and then, but as I think it was W.C. Fields who said, "as long as you can lay on the floor without falling off, you're not drunk" or in your case Missy, you just got your ups and downs mixed up :p Seriously, could your blood sugar have dropped?
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/03/05 01:50 AM
It could be blood sugar. I frequently have to get up in the middle of the night and eat something because I feel funny. When I get out of bed to go into the kitchen, my head and neck fill with a pressure feeling, my head starts spinning (not like exorcist, well, not all the time) and I feel a heart beat in my head and neck. Strange. I usually feel better after eating. Maybe I need a brownie.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/03/05 04:58 AM
With all the talk lately about carbs, I thought I'd give no starch a whirl.

Instead of whirling, I almost hurled. I got weak, woozie, unsteady on my feet and felt sick. I ate a nice sandwich and was all better.

Next day, stayed away from starch again, same thing. I don't know why but unless I eat some kind of complex carb, I feel bad. Oh Well!

Hope you are feeling better Missy. I hate that woozie feeling.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/03/05 06:28 AM
Don't worry Elf. Many of my symptoms sound like brownie deprivation. Actually, I went into the kitchen and had some orange juice and an apple and I'm feeling good now. My dad has hypoglycemia. My sister and I had problems with it in our teen years but seemed to grow out of it as we got older. We always ate healthier than him too. But now, even though I'm eating healthy I forgot to have a little sugar. I have a hard time eating sugar because my mom always said that with the hypo we should never have sugar. No wonder I was sick during my teen years. That's an important food group as a teen. So I checked out a website and it said to handle low blood sugar from hypo with carbs, juice, candy, brownies, brownies, brownies! wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/04/05 02:06 AM
Sugar is DEFINITELY needed for the brain, well for those who came equipped with them, not for us given those little purple crayon -looking digital data processors which record our every move and know if we lay it down and walk away from it, starts yelling like a person who's been robbed...they're just a total purple pain Get bettter Miss, before you get switched over confused
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/04/05 02:02 PM
Thank you Ms. Jay. I'm feeling much better now. I was surprised how much better I felt after a little juice and an apple. It's hard to find a happy medium sometimes because a candy bar could make me sick as a dog one day, then the next week I'm okay with hogging it all down. It's weird and I don't fully understand it. I'm making an appt tomorrow, wait it's monday! I'm making an appt with my endocrinologist today to get my thyroid checked. Hopefully it wont take a month (or 3) to see him. I'll ask him about my sugar problems while I'm there. I guess he'll make me drink a glass of sugar water. A friend a while back told me about that. Yuck. I guess I'll have a headache all that day. Enough about Me Me Me. You see how early I'm posting don't you? It's the only time I can get the computer all to myself! Brad takes it over for his stuff. I guess he says the same thing about me. I talk with my sister a lot by email. I think I may have forgotten to tell you but Brad's last cholesterol test (total cholesterol) is down to 160 or 163, can't remember off hand. Horay! Maybe he posted that. I don't know. A few months ago when we started the diet he was 320 so it's about cut in half. I'm so excited. Poor guy has been mostly vegetarian. I make a mean strawberry/banana smoothy though. He guzzles them. I've had to get him some extra magazines for his office. Can't complain because the seats always warm. Did you get that? ha ha ha Even sleep deprived I find myself incredibly entertaining. I'm starting to sound a little like Linda. laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/04/05 06:35 PM
Sounds like you are doing what you are supposed to Missy. My younger sis and I both figure we have a hypoglycemic type thing too. If either of us goes too long without eating something we both feel really ill, light-headed, weak, wobbly and shaky. I've also begun to get a sick stomach from eating chocolate lately candy.

Tell Crusty I'm proud of him getting his cholesterol down like he has. That's a big accomplishment! Something to be proud of!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/05/05 02:18 AM
There's somethiing I don't understand, well there's lots of things, but this one thing is why does cholesterol go along fine for years and then bingo, shoots up. My Family Physician told me mine was a little high last year after my physical, I told her I would take care of it, dang, did everything I was supposed to and went back in three months and it had went up twennty points (overall). My HDL has always been very high, which is good, but I guess the triglycerides are just as important or now they say that, who knows. Maybe our liver gets crazy with all the meds we have to take you think? I don't know but she put me on lipitor and it came right down, called me and told me it was great, so that was one more pill I have to remember, but what's one more. At least you get to take it at night when you are going to sleep, so if it has any side effects (which I have never noticed) I must sleep through them, what with taking my ambien at the same time confused
And I used to have panic attacks after I got hypoglycemia, always scared it was going to "hit me when I was out some place" and they stayed with me even after the low blood sugar got corrected. But I didn't know it was panic attacks because the symptoms of both of them are just so very similar, almost identical. Better start on another box...be time to move again when I get done unpacking laugh Get better Missy, Brad, Elf, well just all of you, and that's an order (like anybody listens) frown
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/05/05 05:16 AM
Brad says thank you elf. Your sister and you both have it too? That's the only health problem I and my sister got from my dad. My mother's genes passed on the rest to my sister and I resulting in a nice autoimmune mess to sort out.

Ms Jay, I always listen to you, always. I write down your profound thoughts in a notebook and when I feel deprived of your deep thinking, I reflect upon my notebook. I came up with that right off the top of my head. My sugar must be okay, or maybe NOT! eek I know what you mean about the panic attacks. I didn't know they were part of the hypoglycemia though. I get really crabby sometimes, very moody, then get really scared. I've know for a long time that the mood swings were sugar related but thought the panic attacks were from the pain. It makes sense with the hypo because I had one yesterday shortly after I told you I wasn't feeling well. Now I'm back to my old calm self. Don't be afraid. Scary missy is gone now. I did the shopping today and made sure to grab some meat and cheese for something easy to pop in my mouth when it comes. Here..Ms. Jay, Elf, everyone, have some meat and cheese. NOOO, don't eat it. Save it for when I start to act like a crazy woman. It wont go bad if you just keep it in your pocket. Pocket fuzz is fiber.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/06/05 03:14 PM
LOL Missy...gotta love that pocket fuzz!!

The only time I got a panic attack is when I had to go to court to evict a deadbeat tenant from my Mom's business rental prop. I really have a hard time with public speaking (hence the "I DON'T SING").

MsJay, it's a proven fact that some of the meds we take DO raise our cholesterol. I guess that's why my doc isn't too concerned about mine. It's only a little smidge over 200 anyway. Otherwise, we eat healthy, we grow our own veggies, eat fruits, steer clear of fried, cut down on red meat.

Oh well, just another reason to kvetch huh?
Good luck with your un-packing!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/06/05 04:42 PM
Well, I'm all alone again. My baby boy (my wealy wealy baby boy), and my granddaughter went home so I am sad, woe is MsJay frown , but alas I will see them again in June, my granddaughter comes every summer...every summer her parents say she isn't, she says she is, so far she's been right.
I was with her constantly until I moved back down here after disability retirement, she stayed with me every weekend, and my son is well, just a prize, like my daughter. He got hooks on the back of my doors (that was driving me crrazzy) soap dish, towel rings, pictures, and asked me if anybody ever told me I was a pain in the patootie, and I said, "why no, son. nobody's ever said that to me." He said "well, let me be the first" He was joking of course. Jav steered clear of him, not knowing what to think, eyes darting left and right, lip snarling, I just explained he was a distant cousin who needed a place for a few days...I had to lie, don't you just hate that? shocked Glad you are becoming Missy again, Missy, and Elf, do you grow zucchini? That's my almost favorite veg, got about three excellent recipes for them, when they are all different sizes...Oh, and Missy, went to my endocrinologist yesterday, don't have to go back for a year!!Yea smile ...he said he will miss seeing me, told ya laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 01:14 AM
We must have the same doc Ms. Jay! It's a guy, he enjoys us and misses us when we are gone. Yes must be the same doc for sure. I'm sorry your guests are leaving but you have other "mothership" things you must do. I'm glad you had a chance to visit your grand daughter. Are you going to bring her into the band? Don't worry. She'll be back soon. Here, have some ham and cheese to fill the empty spot inside.

Elf, I never liked court things either but got used to them enough for the nerves to not show. It's like doing a speech in front of a group. I took a speech communication and non-verbal communication class in college and they both really helped. Superior court stuff made me real nervous. It was a much more professional environment (had to be good and no joking in the halls). The worst was for a drunk guy who killed one guy, paralyzed another, and permanently disabled another - all with his mercedes. It was very stressful. Felt like I had to do everything perfect because I did. Guilty by the way. I'm so glad we can talk about panic attacks openly. So many people are goofy about this kind of stuff that doesn't help those who are silent about it talk. I had bad ones when my thyroid problems began. I had the nervous emotional symtoms and honestly thought I was going to die or shake out of my skin from my thyroid. I'd wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack scared to death that my health problems would kill me. I'm okay with this now but some other cause now to work on. I'm sure my favorite endocrinologist (who likes me better than Ms. Jay because he recently asked me to come twice a year just to visit)will solve all my problems. I think it's 3 or 4 days now without any problems but I've been very good with the right balance of protein and sugar. Can't just eat brownies all the time. Maybe we should add some meat and cheese to them so people with sugar problems do better. A little extra cocoa powder will mask the taste. Ms Jay I love zuccini, grow zuccini, cook with zuccini. I've started my plants so in no time at all I'll have them growning out my ears. I'd be happy to mail you your favorite veggie. Maybe we could cut out the center of a book and slip the zuccini in to mail. We'd get book rate on postage and Dept of Ag wouldn't knock at my door demanding some zuccini for their supper!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 02:06 AM
Well Missy, don't think I have a recipe for a zucchini book sandwich confused Perhaps I should just give you my recipes you make it and then send it to me, sounds fair to me, how about it? I know you would just love it, Javis likes them split open, like a cucumber, and smothered with peanut butter, some banana, and voila! he's got him a sandwich. I couldn't handle that I don't think, geez, cucumber seeds in your teeth eek Oh, my endocrinologist said he would be giving me a call in six months, so there laugh
Elf, my daughter has a garden, we can hot sauce and things it's hard to find in grocery stores, when the only way you've ever seen it is homeade. Hope you are feeling better too, . We got things to do and places to go, so Crusty, you better straighten up and fly right too laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 02:21 AM
Hello. Crusty is over there crunching on Crunch n Munch. He didn't even offer to share either. Maybe that's good?! I have a box of mangos in the kitchen that are slowly ripening up. OHHHH! I can't wait. speaking of hot sauce, I've made some homemade sauce myself. I love cilantro in it! Yummy. Did I tell you my garden will have everything this year? It will be a garden of gardens, the largest ever and...and..and.. Okay, maybe I'll go plant some seeds. After all, I have a whole ship, or bus or whatever to feed. Why I would love to make you something with the zuccini or zucchini, whatever. I'll stay up all night cooking, and cleaning, and ironing your clothes then send the laundry with the food (unwrapped). Should look and taste good after our postal service has their way with the box. Oh, I hope it doesn't smell. I'll put a stick-up in there just in case.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 03:03 AM
WELL! If I can't be part of their coffee clutch, I'll start my own and they aren't invited! Take that! Everyone is included except those who are already members in another coffee clutch that has limited membership. I don't want to be mean but membership in clubs that restrict membership is wrong and discriminatory. Look at that big impressive word! Okay, who's joining..flipping through my membership cards..guess what? Everyone I know and like is a member! Some I don't like too who are good people and have good ethics are members as well. After all, personalities will conflict but we can all still play nice, right. I will be making the membership cards to my UN-exclusive coffee clutch right away and email them. The band will have to wait so we can follow through with all of my hair brained ideas! okay everyone??? Oh no! My blood sugar has dropped and I didn't notice. I'm sad you left me here all alone again ms. jay. I'm going to go steal the crunch and munch! Actually I think I'll give him the computer back and I'll take his warm chair by the tv.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 05:03 AM
I've had a bunch of ideas while watching tv. I do believe anyone can join as long as they pass a rigorous screening process and they might have to eat a few things. Nevermind that for now. Like the faternal order of water buffalo, we must elect a President or Presidents. I believe there should be 5 to 10 presidents unless our members increase. Then we will have more because everyone should be president at least once in their lives! As founder, I will not self appt to a position of power but am looking for a nomination. Now when we fill out resumes it will look like we are very active in our communities. We are in a coffee clutch, we are members of the mother ship and we belong to a band. Very impressive. Maybe we should rename coffee clutch to purple punch since purple sticky punch is what we drink. As of yet I cannot confess the coffee clutch that I was denied membership too. It still leaves me silent. But you know me..always proactive toward my own best interest. :p
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 02:19 PM
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/07/05 04:46 PM
Hi Elf. Thanks for the nomination. Hope you are well this morning. Mornings are always so hard to get going. I have all my gardening seeds out and am counting the zuccini seeds. I will plant as many as possible and then take pictures of the great harvest to show everyone...especially Ms. Jay since she loves them. I have a wickedness about me. I'm just so jealous of her relationship with our doctor that I must bond with the zuccini right now. Don't read too much into that, okay? eek
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/08/05 02:07 AM
Ahhh, don't be mad Miss...and don't be sad...be glad! When he sends me a note in six months it might be from Thailand, or Warsaw, who knows. He's one of us, and it would be naive of us to think our little sneaky endo likes to "talk" to just us, he probably has been told by the master to check on all of "us"..make sure implants are in place, we are hiding nothing, and that we are following the orders as given to us. How can you clutch coffee? Must be some kind of cold coffee or you wear "special gloves" oh oh, maybe that's why all those rich women are never seen without matching gloves (no sily, not two alike, two that match their entire attire, oh that's cute). You know those zucchini that get huge like overnight...well don't throw them away, they are very good for something (shame on you). You slice them in half, longways, scoop out the "meat" of the zucchini, but not to close to the skin. You mix hamburger, browned and drained which has onion, garlic, and oregano, any other spices you like, take it and mix it with the meat of the zucchini you sccoped out, salt and pepper, return them to the two slices of zucchini, pour a little ragu or ketchup, whatever you got on top,mozzerella cheese is good, put them on a baking sheet and let them cook, 25 to 30 minutes or al dente...yum, yep, yum, all that can be said. Then you serve it sliced, at your coffee cluth, or tea brunch, or whatever we are going to become...good question, what will become of us? laugh I SECOND THAT VOTE ON THE CRUSTIES, THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST LIVING ROOM AND THE MOST TEA/COFFEE MUGS! smile (Stolen from some of the most famous places in the world right crusty? :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/08/05 03:52 AM
Oh, wanted to ask, what does anyone know about Texas, especially the Houston area...Just wonderng if it could be warm enough for golf courses to be open and those young pros to be giving their spring lessons. Just scared that our Linda may have "enticed" one you know...what with those fine brownies of her's...she's somewhere, cause everybody got to be somewhere, my mama told me that. You know with those few "accident/incidents" Ms. Linda had on our last tour...just got to keep an eye on her. Hope she shows up soon, fit as a fiddle, and feeling like Rocky Balboa, "gonna fly now"....
you know she is an excellent golfer, did she tell you that? Well she is, an excellent golfer, Lnda is. wink Exellent I say, just ask that young pro? Come on Linda, can't hide him forever laugh Well, maybe we could, for a price wink
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/08/05 05:13 PM
Hmmmmmmm, bond with the zucchini??? Shame shame shame! Am I taking that the wrong way, Missy??? I'm assuming Missy wrote that, would HATE to think of Brad bonding with zucchini (ouch)!! Don't know why I fixated on that. Actually I think it has to do with a dream I had about hubby last night....NOT a good one and when I talk to him today he's gonna hear about that one. A word to the wise should be sufficient. Did you hear about the woman who cut off her boyfriend's "pride and joy" (if you get my drift) and flushed it down the toilet?

The weather in Houston has been remarkable this week. Picture perfect! I'm sad to report that I am not an excellent golfer frown I just can't see the thrill of golfing. I mean, anyone can hit a little ball with a club, right? Of course, if I DID golf, I would be an excellent golfer, right?

Crusty, glad the cholesterol is down down down! Great news....now have a brownie. It's my new special recipe that is cholesterol-free but flavorful. I did add a wee bit more of my secret ingredient, so be careful not to overindulge. Have I told you I'm an excellent baker? smile

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/08/05 09:45 PM
How very witty of you linda! Yes, the message was from me (Missy) and the underlining humor was properly interpreted. When you are gone my manners go out the window and I'm very naughty. You are such a proper young lady and are a good influence on me (not counting the brownie incident for which I have pictures). It would be funny though if Brad took the blame for it though. Gross, but funny. Don't worry if you act out on your dreams..sleep walking with a knife I mean. Docs can sew it back on and the guy who's wee wee ended up tossed out the car window went on to have a temporarily successful career in porn since his implant was installed. I didn't hear about the woman who cut it off and flushed it. Was her name linda? eek

You are an excellent baker. Brad's on the floor enjoying the tin of brownies right now. They mellow him so much. He hasn't been under the bed all day. Good thing. I'm getting tired of having to wash the carpet under the bed after his accidents.

I'm glad to see you here. I think about you often and hope you are doing okay. Our weather was 65 yesterday and then today it's in the low 40's with a chance of snow. This weather is really slowing down my garden plans. It was below freezing a few nights ago and I think mother nature wants me to put plants out so she can trick me and kill them all. xxoo
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 02:37 AM
Yep, Missy, Linda's all that...and more, much much more, just an absolutely excellent person to be around, brownies or no brownies, so I think she should be the primo as far as the prez goes in our Coffee/Tea/or Me/Clutch, Club, clicque, klatch, or whatever. She will do an excellent job. I myself must decline had you been thinking of including me as one of the presidents. What with all the work I do for the Master, and all my charitable work and benefit shows, just doubt I could do the job justice right now. But I am sure I could spend some time, say breakfast meetings, to offer my expertise, Lordy I do know the color of money :p
I have several different kinds of coffee I have purchased over the years off the net, and they are beans, so age should just make them better, like it has me, wouldn't you think? So start spreading the news....and don't think that's all we will be spreading laugh laugh How good of you to come up with this idea, Missy!! It's gonna be full of fun, and the cream will rise to the top and the sugar and brownies will flow, oh I'm so excited!!! smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 05:18 AM
I think Linda should be president. I don't want to either and I was going to nominate you but wanted to discuss it privately first to see what you'd give me for my vote. My thoughts on the coffee click were more of an attempt at unacceptable satire. But, my bad behavior has seemed to catch on as a good idea since you have expired beans. Oh, I can't wait to try them.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 03:26 PM
Why what the heck, Missy,them old beans may have aged beautifully (as have I) and who knows what powers they may hold, having been aged for a long length of time, why we might have wine in a capsule form, who knows, and when dissolved in water, may make us very very lively. That would be mahvelous my darlink, just mahvelous laugh You know, an alternative to those who cannot handle the brownies, I don't think Linda would mind, heavens she may even like it too, along with the brownies. One can hope. I totally agree that Linda be the one to get this project started, you know, won't be long we will have to start rehearsing for our summer tour. Javis has practiced to the extent he almost has me disliking his daddy. But he sings fine, mighty fine.. and he's got the moves...things are defintely on the upswing! :p
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 07:02 PM
I must respectfully decline the nomination as President due to conflict of interest. I don't like coffee. Yes!!! I've said it....I hate coffee. I do, however, love ice tea. I drink it 24/7 and can't live without it. Yes, I'm a tea addict. That's what we do in Texas, you know. Sometimes George will call me up and say "why don't you come on up to the ranch and have some ice tea with me and Laura?" Need I say more?

Of course, I do think I would make an excellent president if you could include the words "tea" in there somewhere. Yes, you are right...I would make an excellent president!

Now, as to all my prior statements that "I am an excellent driver", please delete all those words in this thread and insert the words "I am an excellent speeder." frown
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 07:02 PM
I must respectfully decline the nomination as President due to conflict of interest. I don't like coffee. Yes!!! I've said it....I hate coffee. I do, however, love ice tea. I drink it 24/7 and can't live without it. Yes, I'm a tea addict. That's what we do in Texas, you know. Sometimes George will call me up and say "why don't you come on up to the ranch and have some ice tea with me and Laura?" Need I say more?

Of course, I do think I would make an excellent president if you could include the words "tea" in there somewhere. Yes, you are right...I would make an excellent president!

Now, as to all my prior statements that "I am an excellent driver", please delete all those words in this thread and insert the words "I am an excellent speeder." frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/09/05 07:50 PM
Linda, Linda,
In an earlier post I SAID coffee/tea/or me...personally tea reminds me of medicine, but then, I hold no prejudice against those who prefer it over the drink I consider to be "precious"...el cafe!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/10/05 02:02 PM
I too have a confession. I don't drink coffee or tea. I like them both but since my brain is normally bouncing off the walls it's better I avoid them. It's horrible to be hyper in a broken body. So, I stick with strawberry/banana smoothies. Brad got tired of my moo milk allergy so I make it with soy milk. It's pretty good. Yesterday I used frozen berries and it turned out like a slushy. I put about 20 strawberries, 1 banana, and some milk in it and I had to use a spoon to eat it. Now I must have one. Anyone joining me? I have plenty of berries to go around.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/10/05 02:05 PM
Linda, you are an excellent speeder as is brad. Oh how I wish I had connections like you see on all those tv dramas. I'd make a few calls, pull some strings and the ticket would go away. Might I suggest mailing the judge some brownies. No NO! Don't listen to that, make it chocolates. Yes! I'm not sure it would help with a Texas judge but it would sway my opinion that's for sure.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/10/05 08:12 PM
You know Crusty Miss I almost live on something similar to that...seriously. I get these cravings, and they will last for two or three months, sometimes longer, and I will just have to have them every day. For about 3 months it was brussel sprouts (yum,still sound good) then I went on to Cottage Cheese and pineapple chunks, still eating them, but I have added strawberries and low-fat various flavors of yogurt. It's quite a conglomeration in the bowl but it is delicious, my grandson looks at it and goes ooh, and with the brussel sprouts he said "what is that terrible stench?"..He's nine.
Not smell mind you, the gall to call my food "stench". I went through orange juice, cranberry juice, no telling what it will be next, but I have surely cut down on my starches and rarely have anything that tastes like bread, and man is that hard to pass up. But you know me, solid as a rock, capable of most all things, this too, oh heavens I am just too pleased with myself laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/11/05 07:57 PM
Okay you grumps, don't want to play, just be that way, I'll be on my way, maybe see you another day, anyway I got lots of dragons I got to slay! mad

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.... laugh laugh
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/11/05 11:29 PM
Who's a grump???? I KNOW you are not talking about me me me. No that is just not possible. I'm in an excellent mood....have I told you that lately?

As for cravings, I'm afraid mine lately has been Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (not diet). I am not human until I have one in the morning.

Where's the Crusties? Where's Elf? What happened to our band? I've been practicing a new number I'd like to try on the next roadtrip. It's a Stevie Nicks type song and I've bought a few dresses, scarves, boots, and cocaine, so I'm just about ready to go. Who's up for the trip?

Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/12/05 03:44 AM
ilovecoffeedhwantedanewkindsoiboughtstarbucks espressoandididntnoticeanythingdifferentdoyou noticeanydifferenceidontthinkthereis anthingdifferent!

Wind her up and let her go! Man I never thought that there would be any difference...WOOHOO!!!

Now DH wants a coffee his buddy told im about, called something like "smack you in the face". OH MY Gosh! Like I need that!

My garlic is coming up nicely in my garden. They are poking their little heads up through the straw. Gonna go tomorrow and "rip-off" some pussy willows. (they are growing in a wildlife area next to the road) I'll root them and plant them. I planted my Calla lillies this w/e, also transplanted my daylillies, and planted some new Iris bulbs. Busy, busy, busy.

Had to go to the ER yesterday. My BIL had emergency surgery. Had an anurism on the stomach aorta. Also a blockage of the vena-cavous. He's doing well, recovering nicely. This is the hubby of my DH's PITA sister. I rose above it all and was there to support family. Maybe one of these years, they'll "get it" and start acting like rational human beings.

Well, I gotta go to bed. Had a couple of strawberry margaritas and I'm kinda loopy. Haven't had a drink for almost 2 months and these went to my head. WOOHOO! Whatta way to go.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/12/05 04:23 PM
well, little miss Linda aka Srevie Nixx wannabe, if she remarks fit, I cannot aquit laugh Man when you get supplies, you really get "supplies" but be sure you still have ALL of them when we geb in the tour..I've been working on some oldie but goodies too...like Patsy Cline stuff, brouht back to life of course by LeAnn Rimes (sp)....good old sad songs, which we will need to bring us down after your supplies and Elf's coffie whichItoohavegottahavewhenISourcoffeeklatchk,whenandwhere. Oh, sorry...I like pina caladas and stawberry daiquis (sp)but usualy settle for a light beer now and then...meds you know...bummer.
Take us on out Linda, beerthirty is over, and if need be, just go to sleep in your chair, reason no. 672 why i love this jar (moonshine in the daytme) laugh
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/12/05 08:12 PM
LOL @(with) Linda T!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/12/05 09:42 PM
Just ask Michael Jackson or Richard Pryor, some do it for pepsi, some do it for coke laugh

Do I smell smoke?, fire!!!!!!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 06:34 AM
Has anyone seen crusty? Haven't seen him in some time. Wonder where he's wondered off to :rolleyes:
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 03:29 PM
Ms. Jay, are you here? I must tell you my shoe story and NO I didn't step in anything this time!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 03:36 PM
I'm here for you, Miss, always, you know that...haven't seen Crusty, what's wrong, did he run off in your shoes? The dirty shoenapper, never knew that was another one of his fetishes laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 03:37 PM
Here it is..we both got new shoes on Monday. My feet hurt worse than ever. When I looked at the bottoms they were very worn on the outsides like I walk on the edges of my foot. They are less than a year old but i guess I needed new ones. My knees aren't so bad. Not counting the surgical disaster, my knees are pretty good. Last time it took my feet about a month to stop hurting so bad. The same thing happened to us with glasses. My eyes kept swelling and every time I got new glasses they didn't work out. How can you get the right prescription if your eyes are always swollen and it affects vision? So, I finally refilled the old prescription and my eyes eased up so much. I'm down to one or two couple day flare ups a month instead of constantly. I'm going to have my eyes looked at this week and try a new prescription. In all my ramplings I guess the point is that if your shoes or glasses wear out, it can cause problems. I guess I should pay more attention.

I see my asthma/allergy doc today. He's almost as nice as the endo. My endo no longer comes to Arizona by the way! I'm so upset. I guess I'll have to hop in the bus and drive to Colorado Springs to see him. Oh, wont he be so surprised!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 03:38 PM
You know Mr. Crusty so well. He does have a thing for my shoes and it upsets me so when he borrows them and doesn't return them
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 03:45 PM
I forgot to add that my old glasses were very scratched so my eyes had to strain to use them. The new old ones work great but I can tell I need a new script
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 04:09 PM
You know Missy, I have about 6 or 8 pairs of various sneakers (who am I to call them running shoes? laugh One old white pair are almost threadbare, and I keep washing them and hoping a hole doesn't develop, because they are my mainstay. Well, I prefer to go barefoot and do inside all the time (my upbringing down here you know)but I sure dread having to break in a another pair. I try every few days, but end up going back to the old faithfuls. That Crusty, just never ceases to amaze me, just when I think I got him figured out...oops, there he goes again eek Just don't join up with the group "Stomp" anytime soon wink later
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 04:23 PM
You're right Ms. Jay. I am amazing. laugh Missy spends a lot of time in flip flops or bare foot too. She has the roughest feet I've ever seen or felt. In the winter she lives in fuzzy slippers. She has several pair and I do admit to stealing those. Who wouldn't? There's enough to go around. Miss must have told you we snowed over the weekend. I'll send you a picture. It's beautiful. I'm glad we are warming up though. It should get up to the mid 60's today but I'm still wrapped up in Missy's fleece electric blanket. Yes, I steal blankets too. I'm glad your little plant is coming up. We should get some stuff started indoors so we can put it out in another couple weeks and have a head start. Missy wants to do some canning this year if we get the garden big enough. She's already pulled out her big book, the Encyclopedia of Country Living, that tells her how to do everything she can think of. It's the ultimate do it yourself book for living rurally or for people who want to be self sufficient.

Hey Thakman, nice to see you. I've been meaning to right and will soon. Hope you are doing okay.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 04:48 PM
Crusty!!!Wow, you're back!!!How I have missed you, and I tell everyone that everyday, and don't you believe a word of anything else they say! We've had 80's and today it's storming and I need to go out, get my couch cushions, just wasn't made for that sit on the floor and feel the beat you know..I love to rap withcha, can we do it in chairs though, although it does take something away from the bongos laugh I am counting on you to see that there is a sufficient crop of zucchini, no matter what her book says...they are very versatile, not like Linda's brownies or Elf's coffee, but they are yum, delish, whatevah laugh , later my friend, take care.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 05:27 PM
Now MsJay, don't be dissing Elf's coffee or my brownies. They've gotten you through many a night, haven't they?

You know I didn't want to mention it, but when the discussion came up about Mr Crusty wearing MsCrusty's shoes, well I just have to tell you. Let's just keep this amongst ourselves, can we? Mr Crusty would be so embarrassed if he knew we knew. I saw him wearing my underwear one night. Not just the plain ole everyday stuff either. You know, the stuff you put on for "special" occasions. I'm beginning to wonder about him. Missy, maybe you better stop production of the zucchinis for awhile. smile

P.S. - Have I told you all lately that I'm an excellent singer??????????????
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/13/05 05:36 PM
As long as I dont get in a strong breeze and blow away I will be fine. Just being anti-social as always. Man you guys all trying to keep weight down and Im about ready to start drinking bacon grease to put on some weight. I look like a crackhead, Bummer.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 12:17 AM
Yes Linda. I do have a thing for special pretty undies. I can't help it. It's from my old dancing days. The sparklier the better. Ahhh, the good old days. I was something special. Maybe I could do an act while the band performs when we go on tour. Oh, I must go shop for costumes..a new one every 5 minutes like the big shot performers do.

Thakman, anti-social is okay. I've been complimented with that title myself. Who can blame us though. There aren't a whole heck of a lot of people who can put their important lives aside so people like us can go in a door ahead of them. Instead they dart around us about knocking us over or tap their foot and tail gate us until they can rush around. Sorry, I had to take missy to the doctor this morning and unfortunately dealt with some very selfish and self centered people. Doc said her breathing is below normal again and she needs a ct of her sinuses to see why they keep swelling without filling up. They re-look at her sinuses every year and each year are puzzled. Good doctor but wasting time when all she wanted was for her sinus headaches to go away. I don't know how many times it has felt like one or the other of us was a science project of weirdness to a doctor. We should go to doc visits with a freak show sticker on our heads. Ahhh Well. At least there was a good Car and Driver magazine in the waiting room I ripped off. Current issue too.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 02:52 AM
My heavens Linda, shame on you, again...I wasn't dissing your brownies or Elf's coffee...just saying the zucchini may not have that something like "special after effects" when you eat it but it is good. I knew about the undies, understand?
Looks like we'll have to hire another person just to keep Crusty's wardrobe ready at all times, another mouth to uh feed, drink, hope we can find one with some talent...would be good if I had someone to sing backup, but will be difficult to match my singing voice as you all know. smile My brother made me this tape, thought it would be baad, him and his classical stuff, but there was an 8 minute piece with Gene Krupa playing drums and he never stopped once, eight minutes of solid sticks that would make "Wipeout" sound like a love song. Wow,I don't remember him, but had a huge crush on Sal Mineo who played him in a movie (which I have never seen) but unfortunately I found out later Sal was of the other persuasion, oh well, he was a very talented actor that we lost way too soon...quick change; why is it when you know you cannot eat or drink because you have to go for fasting blood work that you think literally you are going to die of thirst, if you don't starve to death first. All in my head, I say, no chance of me starving, I wish I had a wee bit of Thackman's problem, but not that way, think that's an huge oxymoron but my brain is deprived tonight. Pray tell how I am going to last until 9:30 tomorrow morning. Think I'll pack a few things for on the way home after all, it's at least 5 to 10 minute drive laugh Drats I say! mad Maybe I should lie down, I feel faint confused
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 05:06 PM
Ms. Jay, are you okay? LINDA..I need an IV, D5W TKO STAT! I loved that show EMERGENCY, didn't you all? That's where I've gained the vast medical knowledge I apply to emergencies today. Now linda, where do we stick the needle for her IV? I'm thinking one of those big temple veins that bulge when I have a migraine. That way the hydration goes right to the important stuff. Wait, if we stick her there will it go right to her brain? Or is it leading way? I'll go look in the mirror and see which direction the blood is flowing.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 08:43 PM
Yes yes yes! I love ER. I watch the reruns on TNT every morning for 2 hours. In fact, have I told you I'm an excellent brain surgeon???? I owe it all to ER. Chem 7, CBC and get MsJay to radiology STAT. I'm afraid she may need brain surgery. Don't worry MsJay, you are in competent hands. Just lay back and have a few bites of my extra potent brownie concoction I've prepared just for this occasion.

Crusty, get those shoes and undies off and get in here and scrub in!!!!
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 08:47 PM
Oh yes, Thakman, I've got an answer for you on the thin thing. I've discovered a new procedure which I have named "Fattiosisplasmaphoresis". We can do it on an out-patient basis, so need for concern about hospital stays, insurance, etc. I'm the only surgeon in the U.S. who performs this procedure, so don't spread it around. I sure don't need my 15 minutes of fame to be on 60 Minutes Sunday night....please.

Seriously, wish I could help you. If you lived close, I could sure make some killer brownies for you. Sure helps the appetite too.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/14/05 10:17 PM
Thanks all of you for your caring and quick support, and the IV must have been what got me through it. The fluid in it (whatever it was) was not a deterent to my blood tests this morning. My daughter, bless her little pea picking heart, helped me in, and of course they were standing at the door waiting for me (we walked out one and a half hours later), guess they wanted to make sure I would be okay after the vast amount of blood they took. Lucky I didn't bleed to death, should have seen the cotton ball on my needle mark when I got home, had blotch of blood as big as the top of a thumb tack, I'm tellin ya, it was a close call, and I owe my quick recovery to your stat, "giterdone" care. How can I thank you, let me see, how about free tickets to see Milli Vanilli, course it is in sign language, best I can do right now.
Oh, and Linda, you know what you haven't told us lately? Huh? Do Ya? How much you luuuvvvvv us!
Has to be pure unadulterated love for y'all to do what you did for me in my terrible state. Oh, have I told you guys lately, I luvvvv u, I weally do luv U 2...I think I should go now, don't want to sound "gushy" but those close calls seem to really "ground" you laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/15/05 04:13 PM
That was a fun emergency. Oh, the excitement of it all got my blood boiling and my hands washed for once. We must do it again. I think Thakman needs surgery next. He's the only one here that hasn't claimed to be a surgeon also so he's the next victim. I only occasionally watched ER. I'll always love Emergency better. "Engine 51, Squad 51, we've got a man down, 22nd and Tulip Drive handle code 3!" ER would not be what it is today if not for Emergency. I guess I should have watched ER to update my medical knowledge out of the dark ages but I was lazy. I'm going to go watch some surgeries on Discovery Health to update my techniques. I'm not just a brain surgeon, I do surgery on everything. I dont' do sex changes though. Too complicated. Ms. Jay, thank you for your heart felt appreciation. I love you too and am glad you survived the surgery. I forgot to wash the surgical tools so it was a little touch and go with the crusty flakes falling everywhere making it hard to see. Stay on those antibiotics, okay? cool
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 12:53 AM
And I thought them was frosted flakes!!!Ewwwwwww,enough to cause a backset,I say.
But I know last thing on your mind is clean hands when you are saving a life laugh I have three dahlias poking through their little heads, still nothing in the other pot, starting to worry, maybe I got the wrong seed uh you know, like that one that goes in some brownies and such, might just be that, since they are g r o w i n g s o s l o w. confused Pot, yep, that's what they're in, pot. laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 01:08 AM
Leaving me in stitches again Ms. Jay. I went to the hospital today to get my head scanned. The tech said I was the best patient he ever had and that I didn't freak or scream at all when he about landed the CT machine on my head. I told him I knew he was trying to crush me but I kept my eyes closed so it would be a surprise when it actually happened. He saw me to the exit and invited me back soon. He looked like Herman Munster, Fred Gwynne, without all the makeup. So, again I was the perfect patient and favorite at the hospital. Maybe they'll give me a special name tag or something or even better a free pass to the cafeteria whenever I want. That would be nice. Find out in a couple days if anything is there that shouldn't be. He was kind enough to tell me that my implant was fine although I had been rejecting it some so I may need to go in for maintenace.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 03:18 AM
Always something you know...new one on me today, just when you think nothing else can be wrong. Came home from my daughter's house and had a message on my phone from the doctor's office where we went and got all the blood drained couple of days ago. She did a full panel (didnt get it when I went in for physical, it was way up in the afternoon, so I had ate, done all that. Anyway, Tony from the Lab said my doctor wanted him to call and tell me I have to come back in and give some more red stuff (no, not blue) because everything looked good except my sodium level was too low. Never heard of that, and if anything would think it would be good. I'm not big on salt and not into chips and that for snacks, just once in a great while i will get a taste for something salty, usually eat a pickle. So, hear I've been reading about it all night and it's scary. Siezures, liver disease course she checked my liver I'm sure since I am on lipitor, chronic conditions, thyroid, man, too much fluid, geez, can't win. Told me to drink gatoraid (yuk) these days until I come back in for my blood test next Thursday. Oh well, just one more little thing I guess, but honestly, first time I ever heard of it. Now I have a headache, guess i better eat a tablespoon of salt huh? When will you find out what's in your head? I didn't say what's in your mind, notice laugh I hope I sleep tonight, and sooo glad they treated you with such dignity and respect, probably in awe since that excellent job you did on me, your past heroics preceded you smile Daughter finally got in the pain clinic, going back next Wednesday, going to sedate her and give her one of those shots while she's in a cat scan or something, into the spine, depo medrol. Can't do anything for 36 to 48 hours afterwards, makes one wonder huh? I hope it goes well, that's scary too..just way too much scary stuff...later, keep your flashlight handly eek
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 04:37 PM
My flashlight is in my hand and I'm surely up to no good! I'll have to get a new battery pack for my old maglight. I used to love working with that flashlight. It was as bright as a spotlight and stayed powered like the energizer bunny. It will come in handy with my late night adventures with Mr. Redcorn. He's going to show me some of their ritual dances soon. Brad's no dancer so he will supervise. haw yaw yaw yaw. Practicing. Can't wait to start. I find out about my head in a few days. My doc said he'd call as soon as he gets it. I'm thinking that where they are looking isn't the root of the migraines. I think it's my jaw or my neck. When I sometimes move my neck, my head feels like it fills up with pressure then a headache comes. But when i hurt, I clinch my jaw too. Wish I could stop that but its hard to stop something thats a spontaneous reaction to pain. The bottom of my neck is super painful but where it connects to my head is worse and making all kinds of noise. We'll find out soon enough. I was hoping to have some fun when it warmed up but so far I've been to busy trouble shooting my body. I'm sure whatever the problem is will be nothing that a little paste cant fix. Not worried at all. Just need a break from the migraines sometimes. Talk to you later. I'm gonna go read up on Mr. Redcorn's heritage smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 08:05 PM
Well, first of all, it should be purple corn! Aint you learnt nothin yet? You're supposed to listen to me, I am the smart one, remember, I got all the way through "The Little Red Hen" book, and days before any of you laugh Not to brag of course. I gotta go out and get some gatorade, seems I have this sodium business confused with salt intake, when in fact it has more to do with electrolytes, etc., since I quit eating white stuff, well most white stuff, I must hve screwed up something else. My daughter did say ther is one out now, a new one that is not so bad that you can't keep it down, something lime and black cherry....sounds wonderful... eek I'll give it a try, my eating the teaspoon of salt won't do the trick I guess. While I'm out, shall I pick up corn seed? Oh Linda, you just can't be that busy baking...need to know how your tests are going. I am always serious about others and their new, or old problems, so never take me lightly when I ask about things like that. My humor gets me in a world of hurt already, as you well know, gotta temper it with some whining or something. I know, I'll go put on an Allan Jackson CD with Remember When, and Pop Another Top, and There goes the Little Man.....that should put me in my place. Laughing just hides crying anyway, right?
Latah, got some emotional re-arrangements to make, and Elf better show herself, she calls herself "Security" Hhrummp, we could all be dead, what would she know? laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 09:39 PM
Yes, where is security? I think I have a stalker. Could someone please pull this knife out of my back? Security wasn't here to take the stalker down for me and now I'm uncomfortable..and of course SCARED! But I'm always scared. Nevermind elf. I've already bled to death and am dead. Now I'll be a martyr. From the smell and amount of bloating, I'd say I've been dead about a week. Okay, okay, purple corn it is. I do have some indian corn seed but it's not purple. I'm sure it has purple in it though. I like fruit punch gatorade. The green stuff is nasty. Now I'll have to unwrap the salt lick I was going to mail you. I got it for my horse but with the seriousness of low sodium I was going to send it to you. Good thing I don't have to mail it. It's heavy. I don't like the regular brown and white salt/mineral licks. i like the sweet ones that have the fly killer in them. That way I dont attract flies, especially now that I'm dead.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/16/05 09:43 PM
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/17/05 02:18 AM
Wow, you know you just might have something with them salt licks. I remember them from when my parents had a cow (one they milked) and my SIL takes them up to his deer camp, along with apples, and all kinds of yum things. Now if you could make one on a stick like an "all day sucker" like we used to get, might just work for salt lovers, and the flies staying away, well, that's just a plus. That with my different flavored water tablets for all those people walking around with water bottles could be packaged together like, buy this, get this free (but it wouldn't be free, you know..business. Why am I talking to you, your dead! mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/17/05 03:48 AM
You told me you loved me before you found out I was decomposing! What is going to be put in your daughters back for her test? Is it dye? I've only had the dye injected in my arm for stuff. I'm a little afraid of needles put in my back. I know it will be an inevitable step in the future but I'm in no rush at all. The thought of it, "OUCH!" Guess what I did earlier? I planted some stuff outside. Onions, garlic, asparagus, strawberries, and rhubbarb. The asparagus and rhubbarb are more of an experiment since I've never grown them before. The onion (sweet ones) bulbs were already sprouting so I planted them so they were just poking out of the ground. That way I don't have to wait to get excited. Oh Ms. Jay, I'm so excited! My onions or poking out of the ground! laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/17/05 04:05 PM
So...didn't hear a word about the most important thing, that being, in case you have forgotten, is ZUCCHINI!! And, for that matter, when I ran out to check my dahlias this morning all four smiled at me, and lo and behold I rubbed my magic hands over them whatever Frussia or something that are supposed to smell so good and found three or four starting to stick out their little heads, so bashful they are ! smile Anyhow, I know you are just trying to make me jealous and it aint working I say, it aint (be right back, got to see if mine have grown anymore).
Now on a serious subject, none that get much more serious, no it isn't a dye, it's depo medrol, they are going to sedate her, put her under some type of scan so they can see where the needle is going and inject it into the lowest area , base I suppose of her spine. It is their contention that if they can get it into that area it will travel up her spine into her thoracic/cervical area which, like me, gives her fits. She rarely sleeps more than three or four hours, and the pain makes her miserable and she in turns snaps at her husband and boys (but the worst is at ME) and then beats herself up over it. She too is very soft hearted,but she's starting to "toughen up" and she does a good job with the pain, I know in 92 when mine went up my spine like The Roadrunner (18 mos. to bend me over) and I used to sleep in the recliner if I slept at all, get in my car and sit and cry before I drove home at night from work, and missed one day in three years, and see how much it was appreciated, they are now out of business (just couldn't get along without me laugh ) I think that is why this Pain Clinic doctor is so mad at our Rheum. because he's been treating her kind of like an "emotional child" but he didn't know me when I was going through what she is. Pain Clinic said he should be doing blood work, different tests, heck she couldn't get him to let her have the MRI which showed nothing, but our family doctor (and she is a jewel) made the arrangements for it. I sort of understand the doing nothing for 36 to 48 hours, after all that is your spine, and I agree, OUCH frown
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/17/05 06:20 PM
I checked my plants this morning and am so happy. They are still alive. The birds didn't dig things up and the cats didn't either. I planted in an area the cats like to sun themselves so I thought they might get a little huffy with me. Cats are so temperamental. Can't live without them though with the mouse population in the forest. It's been so wet that the little gray boogers are thriving. My poor neighbors that don't have cats have a horrible gray mouse infestation! :rolleyes:

Your poor daughter! I guess you told me about depo medrol before but you know me. Have to tell me stuff twice, sometimes 3 times on sundays. My brain is resting. I hope the med works for her. I understand doing nothing after that too. I get the pain grouchies too and get all nasty with those around me..then feel bad later. With family around that has the same health problem, I'm always easily forgiven. It's the healthy ones in my family that hold grudges! I think I'll go outside and look at my little plants again. The nights are up to 30 degrees so I may plant some seeds while I'm outside. Days are up to 65 now. It's very nice to sit in the sun and get rid of my pasty pale complexion. Don't want to end up with rickets too.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/17/05 07:00 PM
We had rain earlier part of the week but in high 70's and I think we hit 80 yesterday, but was 49 this morning..still too nippy for me. I like to wake up to about 70 degrees. Today is my oldest grandson's birthday, he is 15, unbelievable! Going over later for cake and ice cream. His father took him turkey hunting, that's what he wanted for his birthday...they are all fishing/hunting crazy I tell you. From the grandfathers (both sides) to the father, to the sons. Seems like I am always "hold this" or "hold that" while they work on fishing gear.
Guess, well, sure there are much worse habits laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/18/05 02:03 PM
I'm Here! Quit fussing!! Remember...I'm only security when the band is on the road!

Crusty...that was not a knife, it was a mosquito! Just relax, SHEES!!!

It was a busy week for me. The hornets (NO not Charlotte's) have woke up from hybernation and have found their way into the house again. Had to go out and spray, spray, spray. Don't know why they like my house, but so do the boxelder bugs!
DH was dumping the straw from the garlic and had a tick in his jeans. He found it Sunday AM and did the work Sat. I hate those little critters! Why were they created anyway??? And for that matter why were mosquito's created? Little blood-suckers!

We also started the monstrous task of cleaning out our garage. YIKES!!!!! I think we found Jimmy Hoffa! Poor garbage man is gonna have a hernia. Next is our basement...looks like a very old junk shop! I think we have a little problem...can you say packrat??? DH was shocked...I kept saying "throw it away", he had a hard time parting with his "treasures".

I gotta go in to see my doc in 2 weeks, I think I have a torn rotator in my left shoulder. SHOOT!!! Started when I got a flu shot, had some swelling and probably impingement caused it to tear. I'm bummed!!! Hurts when I try reaching out for stuff. More like a burning ache. Guess I'll be going for another MRI, I hate those things!

Hope everything goes well for your Daughter MsJay. Hope they find a reason for your problems Missy.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/18/05 04:16 PM
Thanks, Elf, and sure glad you're okay and Crusty just let his mind run away with him, again, one of these days, it's gonna run away and maybe not come back, you know, like when your mother would tell you your face would "freeze like that"...Are boxelder bugs the same as ladybugs (sorry, I'm an idiot about plants and bugs and everything except mice snakes ticks and lizards, thank goodness I can feel a tick the minute it starts crawling on me.) eek
The reason I ask about ladybugs, them little critters with black spots on them, we have had a run on them all winter long, and I know I swept up a thousand when I lived at my daughter's, My son-in-law says they love warm walls to climb on. I haven't seen any here yet, thankfully, but I truly believe one crawled in my ear. I told my daughter when one dropped down in my drink that I was going to put cottong in my ears and she laughed at me. Well, my left ear has been giving me a fair fit for months, thought there was water in it, put alcohol, ear drops, antibiotic cream, everything in it, guess I will have to have the doctor take a look see. Not that painful, but annoying as all getout. Later all, if you find any good stuff in all that stuff Elf, I'll take it, don't have enough laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/18/05 06:30 PM
BoxElder bugs are black long oval bugs with a 2 red curved stripes down the back. They fly and like to live on the warm, sun soaked side of the buildings they inhabit, usualy number in the hundreds. They will come in the house, but pose no threat, they are just a pain! If you have them you know there is a boxelder tree somewhere nearby. BTW, they crunch when you step on them LOL!

Know what you mean MsJay...we clean up an area, look at the empty expanse and say, "We don't have enough stuff! Lets go shopping!!!" I have been on a campaign for 5 months now..."Chuck it out!" Got rid of a huge garbage bag full of "ouchy" shoes. Showed DH the bag and his eyes got really big. He couldn't believe I took that many shoes outa my closet. Finished cleaning out the closet of different sized clothes, you know, the ones that are either fat or skinny clothes that you can't wear right now. Next is the "stored" summer clothes and the boxes and boxes of stuff that I still have in the basement that were my Mom's stuff. (Heck, she only passed away 9 years ago) I kept waiting for my older Sis to come back home and go through them with my other Sis and I. I'm giving up! DH and I decided we are going to have a "dreaded" rummage sale...YIKES!!! Told him, "you better help!" I almost fell over when he said he would. I'm not a rummage-er, don't like rummage sales. I feel like I'm looking in someone's medicine cabinet. I'll try it once.

Elf's ad..."Come see my CARP, I don't want it, but pay me big money and I'll let you take it home, Oh, BTW, I'm not gonna clean it either! No extra charge for the bits of ICK!"

Now, that oughta bring 'em running huh?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 02:06 AM
Well, I have two big black plastic bags of clothes that were taken from my closet as "current" wearing clothes, had them laid on a rack, Haven't been in either one and it's been like over a month. I did look for one flannel shirt one day when it was cold, and couldn't find it, think it is in one of them. My daughter said I should not look in the bags (she helped put them in, the wanted the racks) but I just can't do it, gotta go through them first. Where are all the Hermits and everyone tonight? Guess they all hit the hay early. as am I. Have a good evenng, and don't dispose if you suppose. any chance, JK laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 02:10 PM
I used to do that MsJay, put stuff away and keep it to go through later. It just made a huge pile of stuff "to go through later". I never seemed to be able to get rid of anything. I come by it quite naturally though. My Mother was quite the pack rat, and my DH seems to be of the pack rat persuasion. I've turned over a new leaf. Gonna change my bad habits, my hard and fast rule is, "If I haven't used it or worn it in a year (unless it's a true treasure or used only once a year)...get rid of it". Watching Clean House has rubbed off on me. I'm so tired of the CLUTTER I could scream!

It is liberating to de-clutter.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 08:53 PM
I will confess what I've been thinking that may describe just how severe my clutter sickness is..I was thinking that there should be a yard sale online site where we could trade old clutter for someone elses clutter. Could be fun to trade my bottle collection for someones box of old scrap paper. Must go play with my clutter. Just want to run my hands through it a bit! Ahhhhh! :rolleyes:
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 09:19 PM
Crusty, you may want to take a look in our attic. My husband never throws away anything!! He found an 8-track tape player up there recently, brand new-in the box. He insisted on keeping it.

All this talk of cleaning yards, garages, houses, etc. has me feeling depressed. Cease and desist, please!!

Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 10:59 PM
I say we lay down and take a little nap before I have to go baby-sit...more like monster sit laugh Not long just a quick "power nap" nod nod snooze, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/19/05 11:03 PM
WAKE ME WHEN IT'S OVAH! Actually I just wanted to be message mumber 900 wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/20/05 02:51 AM
If I didn't know better, I'd swear Elf just had the audacity to "lecture" me. MOI? laugh
I'm a going to get right into those bags Elf, promise, as soon as I get everything I like to do done smile Will that work or is that like saying the 12TH of Never? confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/20/05 01:32 PM
No lecture MsJay! Just my own personal feeling about it.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/20/05 03:01 PM
But the bad part is you're right Elf. Can't start today, no really, I'm at my daughter's, remember, but I am going to finish that, it's not nearly as bad as I've had in past moves, I must have lost some things, or gave them away sometime or another smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/20/05 11:51 PM
Lecture? Where? I thought I was the one who gave lectures. I just ate the most delicious thing. I had a piece of fresh french bread and dipped it in hickory bbq sauce. Heaven!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/21/05 02:17 AM
You kow we have an Italian restaurant in Knoxville (big city) called Carabas. It may be a chain like The Olive Garden, I don't know, but while your waiting for your food they bring this great Italian bread and a bowl of olive oil, garlic, other spices, they won't tell and you can fill up on that. In fact we get an order to go a lot of times, back in the good old days..when I could eat bread. Ooh,makes me hungry!
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/21/05 09:52 PM
That sounds so good. Last night missy took some of her sour dough starter and made a french bread loaf. The whole house still smells like fresh bread.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/21/05 10:02 PM
Oh yipppppeeeee! Bread at the Crusty's!!!! I do love bread so much. MsJay, we have several Carrabba's here in Houston and it's one of my favorite restaurants, just because of the bread before the meal. Well, that's just great....now I'm hungry.....again.

Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/21/05 11:06 PM
I'm cutting the loaf of bread into 3 large pieces. One for you linda, one for me and one for Ms. Jay. Brad's out wandering the yard so he'll miss out again. I have my bbq sauce ready for dipping. mmmm
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/22/05 03:08 AM
Hey, it says page 34 but I aint seeing it. Getting a tad scary here. Dark again, and I'm cold...Crusty, did you sneak someting in that bread, maybe it just picked up something on the way. I need answers...to enbrel or not to enbrel, what with the fever and cold...come on, never been basful before....Does Spot have a sister? laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/22/05 03:42 AM
Spot is an only child. I think she looks like the cow on that milk commercial that goes "MOOO!" But she's a horse, of course of course. haha No enbrel is what I say. Horsey is looking for a new home and she says she wants to come live with you. She doesn't take up much room. She'd enjoy apartment life and poo over the balcony. She may eat the plants though. Truthfully, I'd tried to find Star a home but I'm too attached to her and no home is good enough. She loves me. How can I take myself away from her? I'm attached too. She's a horse like no other. She gently sniffs down my face and then down to my toes and occasionally licks my face or hands with that giant tongue. A little gross, but I'm starting to enjoy it.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/22/05 04:09 AM
Well, I could probably pass her off as a relative, we do resemble each other, but oh no, not my pretty plants, which, as sick as I am, mind you, I went out and checked today, and they are just smiling and growing and I will be having blooms before you know it. The licking and that sounds like my daughter's chocolate lab, she wants to give me a bath everytime I go there, goes crazy, guess she wonders where I have been off to so much. Bedtime for Bonzo, and me too.
I've about slept all day, now try the night. smile
Nytol...hmmm, did they take that off the market, never hear about it anymore. Oh well good night! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/22/05 08:37 PM
May be the work of the Master, never know about him, but I planted, or we though we planted four (4) dahlia bulbs. I hae six (6) standing up smiling and tall..how can this be? Flowers lovers, is this a mutation or one bulb or two had twins, I really don't care, can't wait to show you pictures when they are in full bloom. Also, now no doubt five fressia plants are up. We are supposed to get a temp like 31 at night over the weekend. I will drag them into my kithen if need be, course those meteorologists can change their minds several times between now and tomorrow night....supposed to have bad storms today, got a little dark sky an some drizzle, but then, the day isn't over. What is it they say, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes smile I can't wait for my flowers to bloom, I'm just so excited, my brother thinks I have lost my mind, he's so used to just planting things and watching them grow. Oh well, I will get there....maybe..but, can't imagine not being excited laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/22/05 10:52 PM
YIKES!!! We are supposed to go to our cabin next w/e. Dh is there this w/e and when I talked to him he said it, "35 degrees and snowing! and the power went out as usual" YIKES!!! I may be staying home..jk, gotta see my baby boy. I don't care what the temp is, I miss my boy!

I was trying to weed my flower bed in the front (HAH! my weed bed more like it), I got side tracked by my arbovitae's. They were hanging down too far, interfering with my weeding, so I started "pruning" them. I got carried away! Looks like a 6 yr old got at them with a scissors, LOL.
I'm beginning to like my yard again. Except for the hornets that is. For some stupid reason they like to hang around my house...dang bugs! I got out the Raid hornet spray and blew 2 cans on the buggers!

My crop of dandelions are healthy and strong. Poor DH tries every year to eradicate them, but the neighbors have a dandelion yard...I swear! A virtual sea of yellow, then white. Poor hubby!

I'm wondering why I got this purple ear growing out my neck? Anyone else got one? Luckily my hair covers it, so no one is on to me yet. And I can hear aircraft chatter with it, and police calls. When did we get them?

Rockhead gave up landscaping for lent. SHHHHHH I didn't tell her lent is over and we're not catholic. Don't anyone let on, OK? We filled in her "artistic holes" so Mommy won't break something. And too away the rocks she so artfully placed in the grass. (WE had a little fight about that).

Gotta go, dinner won't make itself...DARN!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 05:05 AM
Oh lucky you, Elf, you've been fitted with one of the newest GPS/Eye Identificatin via some new laser, the Mster was showing them to me when I was there get refurbished, but I only half listened *ssh, read this silently as he can probably hear us af norml go
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 01:51 PM
Your Dahlia bulbs...2 must have had 2 "noses" (what you call it when there are 2 flower within one bulb). Next year you'll probably have even more. That's how they propagate. The "mother bulb" has baby bulbs that stay attached to Mom.

The EYE knows LOL
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 04:07 PM
As well as "the ear, Elf wink Bro was over this morning, stopped at the pharmacy and picked up my medicine for this cold/sinus/cough, also looked at my flowers, said they are fine, the pot can handle them, just have to fertilize a bit more.
He slso brought chains so I can reach my lights and ceiling fans without risking beaking my neck, the one in the kitchen has like a clear dolphin on the bottom, very cute, the other one for the bedroom is like a pearl, and the other is like a round wood sort of like a buckeye. Nice to be able to turn on the fan and not the light, or vice versa, also same in my kitchen, course bulb was blown in my stove hood (leave it on to keep "dahlia stealers" or slayers laugh Actually it makes me feel safer, still getting used to living alone, and liking it more all of the time. Have a good day folks, i should go to sleep anytime now, took my cough medicine, it said "may cause drowsiness" if that's like most I've had I will be out in half an hour. Everyone enjoy your day, and think of me when I am dragging my flower pots into my kitchen tonight, unless weatheman changes his mind, happens a lot around here, talked to my son in Michigan this morning, it was snowing and they are expecting 12 to 14 inches....OUCH! mad
Posted By: Thakman Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 05:03 PM
Ahhhh, Nyquil, The coughing , achy , stuffy head,fever, how did I get on the kitchen floor in my underwear medicine. LOL laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 06:32 PM
Precisely Thackman laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/23/05 06:51 PM
You know Thackman,that brings up another point (doesn't everything with me, what I pain! I know I am I am) I've been waiting on all the following:

Clairol to "take me away"
Oatmeal to make me "go like sixty"
Caress to "take me away"
Dove body bath "make me like silk"
Calgon to "take me away"
Loreal: Because I'm worth it? What's it?
Yopait: For that little bitty tiny winy yellow polka dot binki...which I'm waiting to wear my first day, some day.

Oh what's the use probably none of them going to do what they say anymore than the banana is going t peel itself..I think I've been duped, big time!]
Oh yeah, and that "inuition razor" oh yeah, lotta good it done! mad
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 02:55 AM
I've heard from Ms. Jay. I have no idea what she was trying to say but I could hear some hickups. Based on the hickups, she sounded fine. A good friend would have shared that cough syrup! mad
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 04:27 AM
Geez, Crusty, gotta have everything I get? I told you is was just a small bottle...24 oz. I think. confused
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 04:25 PM
Whew I came flying out of that bed..well not flying, for me, moving is flying, looking for my combivent inhaler. I guess I slept too long and a lot of stuff had a chance to gather in the chest area. Feeling better now, might just go take a shower, wow that's pretty bold laugh I got a heater in the ceiling that will keep you very warm, so, since it's been two days, could be I am getting pretty gamey, so...might just be a good idea. I can alwys sit down in the tub should I feel faint or get the vapors...what will it be today, calgon, caress, dove, decisions decisions, rarely is it a good one confused Do they have shower services? Okay, okay, just asking shocked
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 09:13 PM
P.U.! I thought the smell was just me..or more so linda. I hope you are all freshened up now. Glad you were up to getting out of bed. 24 oz could probably help with that. Do you have refills?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 09:15 PM
Now look at them...all mad at me..just because I didn't share my cough medicine. Now they're not going to talk to me, but that's okay, see if I care,
hello....HELLO....ANYBODY, well, back to the radio, buncha petty petty people round here, all I got to say abut that. frown
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/25/05 09:45 PM
I'm sorry Ms. Jay. I posted then ran off to watch another support group bite the dust. Must be a painful day on some boards. I'm back now so calm yourself. It's okay about the cough syrup. I'm over it. How are your plants today? We've been raining and snowing for 3 days now. Good thing I put the seeds out when I did. There is still the possibility that they all washed away. frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/26/05 02:05 AM
Oh Crusty, they are just coming along so good. Had to cover them two nights, but only getting down to 50 tonight and my brother said rain, and that would be good for them. Now that I know, thanks to Elf, that dahlias can make babies right in the ground, I'm really excited, I may have a deck full before it is over and done with laugh Those fressias are taking their own sweet time, only got about four up out of twenty five busbs (very small bulbs I might add)but the longer it takes for them to get here, the longer they will stay, right? Gotta go for an appointment about my Tenncare tomorrow. That's our insurance here in Tennesse and as I suppose you have read it is in a world of hurt. I can't worry about it, since my medicine cost about twice my monthly income, they can give it to me or I guess I will croak, long, slow one, no pulling the plug, want to show them HMO's and doctors :p Seriously, what can I do but take them what they asked for and let them decide. I believe it is the chronically ill and disabled he is planning on giving the boot, but one thing about it, our governor was put in office to initiate a state income tax, and scaring sick people is his best route, but I hope he only planned on one term smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/26/05 04:19 AM
I hope everything goes okay with your healthcare. I sure do worry about stuff like that. I'm glad the little children you have in planters are okay. Mine are doing fine too. They are enjoying all the moisture..smiling everyday at me. I sure do hope this garden works out this year. I was once a fantastic gardener but the last few years it's been really hard to keep up with things. I have help this year though. My garden is so big that canning will be necessary. I've always wanted to grow enough stuff to can. Self sufficiency is a dream of mine. I didnt' realize how much work it was. Like I said though..I have help this year so maybe I'll be successful. The zuccini say hi. I talk to my plants even the veggies. I've told them all about their Auntie Jay. At first they were immediately in love with you. Then I told them that you eat zuccini and how you cook them and they screamed in terror and shiver everytime I say your name! ha
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/26/05 07:59 PM
Crusty, why'd you have to go and do that! Did you tell the rest of them what you plan to do with them? Or did you say, while MsJay is cooking your friends, we'll be going to the fair and seeing which is the fairest...or I'm never going to do that to you cause I love you and so I am going to just let the fall frost come and kill you, sweeties....that was just plain mean you old hateful woman! Just mad cause my plants are doing better than yours, just be honest, it will make yu feel a lot better, not near as witchy frown course I know you like that witchy feeling and that laugh oooo, sends chills up one's back! Good thing I'm you friend or I would just tell you off!
So there! eek
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/27/05 03:44 PM
You all know I've been doing research into my family tree. Well, guess what I found????

I'm decended from ROYALTY!!! My ancestral line is through King Kenneth I MacAlpin, King of Alba. He was the King of Scotland. Of what become the Clan MacGregor. King Kenneth I united Scotland.

You may bow now and kiss my ring. LOL He He He
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/28/05 12:32 AM
Ms. Jay, how'd you know EXACTLY what I've been telling my plants? I better go check for bugs of the electronic kind. Wonder if raid will work on those. I'm glad you didn't tell me off. I'm so fragile you know :p

Elf, royalty huh? That's neat. I've been doing some geneology stuff but easily loose focus since the women on my dad's side found it necessary to have 12 children each! Plus, I have strong German roots and their beliefs are questionable to acceptable society. They'd think skin heads are good folks. I've become concerned about finding out who I could be related to. eek Allied Forces I hope and not the other side but you never know. Can't pick your family.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/28/05 02:55 PM
AWWWW Crusty....(patting Crusty's head) no one is going to yell at you. We all know your propensity to hide from loud noises. The underside of your bed is beginning to smell of dirty socks now and we don't want you going back there, at least 'til it's aired out.

I have German in my ancestry too, not a lot but farther back, they settled in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area (you know, the Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutch) were actually German not Dutch). We have Barrons and Esquires there too though. I wonder what happened when they all came here?? Got some French and French Canadian too. Australian, English, Irish-Scotch.

My Momma always said our nationality was Heinz 57 vairety, now I truly believe it.

I just was stunned that I traced our family ancestry back to about 100AD in Ancient Ireland. My Gosh, that's almost 2000 years!!! One of my cousins must be the one who posted all that info. I knew they had been keeping the family tree for a long time. It's just interesting to see it in print. And then being able to do a search on one of my ancestors and having it show up. NEAT!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/28/05 03:47 PM
Sniff, pull riding gloves on a little tighter and with as much condescending air as I can muster, will inform you all. My maiden name was Arthur.
Perhaps you have heard of my great great grandfather, twelve times removed...He was known as King Arthur...no no curtsy is not required, but you better bow down baby! laugh laugh Course there is some Irish in that side, but my mother was German if there ever was a German, but she didn't know it, neither of my parents knew anyone who came here from anywhere. Now my children's father he knew most well what he was, His mother came from Italy at around 13, Father came from Spain at 25. His father' father came along, got off the boat at Ellis Island, looked around, said don't think so (I'm assuming) got on a boat and went right back to Spain.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/28/05 05:19 PM
Good one MsJay...riding gloves no less. Got your whip too? He he he

King Arthur huh? Can you control the weather too? Well, send some sunshine here will ya? I'm soooooo tried of the cold weather, ready for Spring and some nice warm sun.

My poor baby bulbs are in the ground and the stupid jet stream has been sending us a lot of 40 degree weather. They are hiding just like Crusty. Heck, they may be under my bed by now, I'm afraid to look. Those dust bunnies may have grown teeth over the winter.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 02:05 AM
You know me, Elf, far be it for me to be a name dropper (who would I get to bend over and pick it up! laugh ) I am of english descent and maiden name was Arthur..that part is true.
Now, this low blood sodium, sarting to bug me, (that's worry to some people). I went back for the second test last Friday, got a call on Wednesday, after drinking that awful gatorade, and eating plain tablesalt (yuk) got a call yesterday that it had dropped three more points, and to come in to give a urine specimen. Said toay they wanted to check the "gravity level" think that was what they said, well they made me wait until they called back this morning and told me to take my lasix, so seemed like the gravity was working pretty good. Pharmacist has never heard of it and like me, thought it would be a good thing. Now they are talking bout limiting my fluid intate....please say a prayer that it was just smething to do with this zpak I just finished for sinuses/cough or the cough medicine or the the cortisone shot I got in my shouder, or the not taking enbrel last week, and funning a fever and oh well, I', gonna just go to sleep and pretend it's just a bad dream. Like enough already....whine, whine, whine, I do it so fine....probably that old mean Crusty, jealous as she is about my flowers and mad cause I didn't share my cough medicine put some kind of hex on me, you know whe can be mean and laugh that witch's laugh while she's doing it. Kind of think she may be in a tad of trouble from the last one. Got her whole coven in an uproar, what to do with crazy Crusty? Oh well, napy time (got my paciier, silver bullet , and and a bulb of garlic that would choke a horse, one like Star, maybe? confused
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 04:29 AM
You are threatening my horse aren't you? I use a horse in place of a broom you know. I warn you..my coven is bigger than yours so lets bicker, oh, I mean not bicker. One of my favorite movies is Hocus Pocus. I have the biggest cauldren (or caldren..webster spells it both ways) I've ever seen. It's big enough for you to sit in it comfortably Ms. Jay. Go on, climb on in to that warm water, a little salt and pepper for taste, a bay leaf, some chicken feet and eye of newt and lunch is done. <cackle> laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 06:11 PM
How's Spot feeling today? Does his breath smell like you passed Georgio's Garlic Grotto? Won't have to worry about distemper for a while. No no, not my temper, his oh, that's a dog's disease isn't it? Thought I would be kind and ask, when I flew over on my new Oreck, thought I saw him lying in a rather odd position...or was that you? Have to watch over my friends...what then may I ask is a cauldron? Take care, very good care, my dearest friend wink
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 07:48 PM
I know what you mean MsJay. I take HCTZ and my potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium are all low. My doc's office called the other day and I now have to take 60mg of potassium (K-dur) a day for the next 2 weeks.

It's because of the diuretic (HCTZ). It's not a potassium, sodium, etc sparing diuretic. Gotta take 4 pills because of taking one. GRRRRRRRR

Maybe I should take to swilling gatorade too, HUH? I'm sooo tired of taking pills. And those K-dur are HUGE! I choke and gag on them everyday.

I went to the desert on a horse with no name,
it felt good to be out of the rain.
In the desert you can't remember your name,
Cause there aint no one for to give you no pain,
La La La La La La La La
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 09:11 PM
Cauldron! Amazing how I can be looking right at the dictionary and still spell something wrong. Cauldron or caldron but not caldren or cauldren. I hate it when I make mistakes. I'm perfect with everything else. This is my first mistake. Let me sit down and catch my breath. I'm okay now. A Cauldron is a big cast iron hot tub! Jump on in everybody and no peeing in the water. Don't the soup to make anyone sick.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 09:18 PM
Elf, sounds like that pill is more of a "horse" pill. I've never had to give my horse a giant pill but I did have to do it with a goat. I've had to put a pill in the back end once but that's a totally different story. It ain't easy trying to convince an animal with a grass diet to swallow a pill..especially when they have teeth. There's this thing that's like a giant straw where you load the pill in one end and blow hard to shoot it to the back of the animal's throat. We could use this method on you if need be, but I'm so concerned about choking. confused
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 09:51 PM
Thanks Elf, more good news today mad Now I'm going to see a Nephrologist on May 10th at 10:00 A.M.. Got the call on my answering machine, thinking, what next? Not woe is me type what's next. like I just had a physical the 4th, gave them urine specimen, went back a few days later and gave them a fasting blood for tests (my physical was at 1:30 that day). From low blood sodium, a blood test, to a week of gatoraide, more table salt, go back and it's went down three points. Pharmacists (two dfferet ones,)have never heard of it, web talks more to overall blood and what it should be. Now I am off to read about blood sodium and proper levels, hope it's not really serious, I need, like most on these boards, one more problem smile
Ms Whine Box laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/29/05 10:44 PM
Just wondering about something...have they compared a few years of previous tests of yours? I was thinking that maybe these tests might be within the normal range for YOU???

I have found that while my BUN and Creatinine levels are within normal limits, the BC ratio is on the high side of normal, sometimes slipping over high by a point or 2. The history for these tests show this is normal for me.

Makes me wonder sometimes where they came up with the "norm" limits??? Like why 98.6 degrees of temp being normal? Mine is around 96.8-97. So when I have a temp at 100. they do not see it as running a temp, when it is for me. (Shakes head)
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/30/05 11:32 PM
I posted over on the "real board", thought maybe someone knowledgeable could help me. I have researched this subject until I am blue in the face, oh no, that's blueberry jelly. I gave them a urine test the first day, I still don't understand why, oh why there was nothing there then, but instead it's in the blood tests and I am going to see a kidney doctor, round the world and back. I know there is an explanation,but to say she wants yoou in to see a "nephro" ASAP and it Friday afternoon just kinda irritates me, that's not how my doctor works, she is a sweetheart and would not want to worry someone all weekend because they were not giving adequate explanations. That's my story and I'ma stickin to it! :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 04/30/05 11:34 PM
I may have the answer, you think since it has rained here 8 days out of 7 I could have gotten hold of some acid rain? Just a thought....I've had crazier ones laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/01/05 04:47 PM
Hey Crusty
How's Star? A falling star, that's what you are,
the twinkle in your eye came from the sky...
you must have fell from the Milky Way,
A fallen star, that's what you are....
Just checking in... wink
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 02:10 AM
Hello Ms. Jay. I've missed you while Missy's been dominating the computer. My eyes have been bad lately and the computer screen aggravates the problem so I've let her go with her impulse to not share for a few weeks. Enough is enough though. The computer is mine now! MINE I SAY! Besides, I'm so much nicer to talk to. Star is fine, my best black and white daughter. I know she whinnies but she's still my daughter on 4 legs, with a tail, and a mane, and hooves. It's been raining and snowing here some this week and she all clean now. She really is a striking horse when she's clean. I drove 30 miles again today for my ding dongs. They have 240 mg of sodium and I'm trying to get my daily intake so I don't run into your problem. Isn't a nephrologist a kidney doc? Any new news I should know about? Would you like me to take you on your next doc visit? I'd love to put some miles on that saturn of yours. I wont go TOOOO fast, I promise. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 02:42 AM
Yeah be a shame for the dang car to die of old age and be so young. I've heard of being road hard and put awy wet, but being put away dry and wiped down everyday is not what a vehcle is for.
Should see all the letters I get from the dealer, what they aren't going to take care of etc...I just write back and tell them I just found out last month how to put gas in it.. that's not far from the truth since it probably has only had gas put in it about ten times, and mostly then by my daughter. Fine looking car sitting out there laugh Didn't have purple so I got the next best thing, cranberry. Sorry about your eyes, and yes I listened to the phone message again today and the girl said he was a nephro..like I said somewhere, I could have misunderstood that to be nympho...kidding of course. Guess I will break down and give them a call tomorrow since I am as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers (chairs that is).My dahlias and my freesia are standing tall and smiling and I am gonna have flowers before you know it! so you just let miss Missy know that! Later, my friend, good to hear from ya,
That hi-tech redneck, what the heck... laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 02:58 AM
Thanks for clarifying the "rockers" as chairs. I was picturing Steve Tyler and Thakman in a room with a bunch of cats and was confused. I told her about your flowers and told her how much prettier yours are than hers. She's so jealous. She went out the front door with a flashlight to go see how big her onions are. Assuming you aren't going to a nephro, I suppose the person the girl on the phone is referring you too will be your next favorite doctor and an enjoyable experience?! :rolleyes:
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 03:04 AM
Lordy Lordy, never get me in the door. His name is Gary Wells, he's in Oak Ridge, makes it easier to get the stuff to put in your veins to show up in HD, and he is supposedly a well respected kidney specialist. Now, if I only knew what I was going for...well, that would help. Don't even get to drive my poor car down there, my bro insists on taking me! Poor Baby, I will drive her around the parking lot
tomorrow, and practice parking laugh
Miss Daisy
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 03:26 AM
Oh, I thought all this time you sounded familiar Ms. Jay (Daisy). Which brother is taking you to the doctor? Bo or Luke?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 03:45 AM
Oh the General Lee don't Leave without both Bo and Duke, and...when I'm lucky me...
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 01:46 PM
You haven't lived 'til you've had a "voiding cyctogram". You lay on a table in a pretty hospital gown, they have a x-ray type machine above your abdomen, they use a tube and fill-up your bladder, they take pretty pictures while you hold "your water". Then they pack towels all around you and tell you "OK, let it gooooo". You empty your bladder out right there on the table while they take pretty pictures. ICK ICK ICK...I pee'd myself.

I sure hope it's nothing other than the side effects of the lasix MsJay! I'm wondering if you diluted everything from all the liquids you drank? That's what happened to me one time. I sure hope it's just that!

I'm wondering if that warm weather we had last week was our summer for this year??? We didn't have a summer last year, did I miss this one?

I'm scheduled for my infusion Wed. and boy can I tell it's time. I feel like I got run over by a big bus, then backed up and drove over me again! Crusty?? were you out driving the bus? And just where did that bus go anyway? Who's got it?? Has it become someone's home?? Is Lucky living in it now?

We are leaving for the first w/e at our cabin this Thu. Will be back Mon. I GET TO SEE MY BABY BOY!!!!!! Not that I'm excited or anything!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 03:11 PM
Oh we see you aren't "excited" Elf, hey somebody grab her off that ceiling!
I had one of those one times years ago Elf, and I think if I remember they called it something like a nephrtomagram(sp)but they did several test ended up stretching my uretha tube, that was fun too, bet that's changed a lot, think that was in late 70's or early 80's long before I knew I had the big AS..That test is probably ancient now, like I mentioned a BMR to an endo, and he didn't know what it was...Dr. Hamburger (rue name)gave me one of those about the same time, Basil Metabolism Rate...was the test to have at the time. Oh well, life goes on, things change, some for the better, some for the better
yet smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/02/05 04:10 PM
You must feel like I do...a guinea pig! I wonder how we survived being poked and prodded all those years ago! Makes me wonder.

I see my PCP tomorrow. Gotta ask about PT and my stupid shoulder. I'm disgusted that it does not want to work now. Got too much to do and it's not co-operating. Bad shoulder...need a new one.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 06:04 AM
I could trade my bum shoulder and you could use it until the cortisone wears off wink Just wanted to tell Crusty that they had the Purple Fuzzies cereal on sale today, buy one get one free, so I loaded up on it since it's doing such a good job on his cholesterol. Gotta give me shipping instructions...no thanks needed, my pleasure.. smile And who said I couldn't be nice? See, I'm working on it. :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 07:19 AM
Ewww! Purple fuzzies! EWWWW!
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 12:57 PM
Hey Crusty...I hear Gnomes like purple fuzzie cereal. You could use it to set a trap for them.

Where do you think they get all those Gnomes for lawn ornaments anyway??? They trap them and they stand VERWEEEEEY still. You could go into the Gnome business! LMAO

Gotta go shower, got a doc appt this AM. It is always better to shower I've found. Doctors frown on stanky patients.

Shoot! I've got a mouse in my kitchen. Just heard the bugger gnawing on the cupboards. SHOOT! Gotta get me some traps today. I hate those critters. Dang meeses.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 04:42 PM
Them miserable meeses..don't keep saying, shoot, just do it! laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 05:44 PM
Yes Elf, get the gun..shotgun with buck and you're bound to hit the little booger. It may take out all your cabinets but we have to do what we have to do. He's gonna chew them all up anyway.

Does anyone smell something campy in here? Oh, nevermind. I was just elf. eek
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 06:59 PM
Wow....it's been so long since I've been on here I'm totally lost. Purple fuzzies? Gnomes? Mice? Caldrons? It just doesn't take long to lag behind. I'm still trying to absorb it all. Of course, you all know I have an excellent memory smile

Elf, I have to take K-dur and I hate it. Gags me everytime. No comments on that statement, please, or is it just me with the mind in the gutter?

Crusty, maybe I can bring Baby over to eat your mice. EEEEEEEK!!!! She's almost forgiven me for having her womanhood ripped from her.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 07:11 PM
Ha HA! Your memory has failed my dear linda! It is elf with a mouse in her house. Unless you are talking about those pesky mices I deposited for my neighbors. :rolleyes: We haven't seen any mice, that are live anyway, since Princess and Gray Kitty are on duty outside. Good girls they are. Those field mice almost took over the house when we first moved here. I should have realized what was up with the case of DECON as a house warming present from the seller. So, I adopted kitties and no problems since. They do sometimes deposit stuff by the front door. Gifts for me I guess. One time I found a chewed off rabbit's foot. I know, I know. I should have kept it for luck, but it was gross. I have one indoor kitty too but she doesn't have to do anything with the girls outside doing all the work. Sometimes Gray Kitty will come in the house to visit but Princess refuses. They both choose to sleep in the shed on top of the hay rather than in the warm house. They have a special "kitty only" access so they can hide in there at night from things bigger than them. You should see little Princess. She is siamese. When the dogs bark, she comes trotting around the house growling like she's gonna take care of whatever the problem is. She acts like a dog most of the time. What I can't figure out is why both outside kitties roll in the pile of horse poo! Even the horse rolls in the horse poo! Why? Maybe I should go outside and give it a try to see what all the fuss is about.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 08:23 PM
Just got back from the doc...#$&$*#&$%#&$*#^$*&@##%^^^%%$

That's just my way of cussing, don't mind me. I had x-rays of my left shoulder. Doc gave me orders for PT IF the x-rays are OK.
BUT (what the cussing was all about) my CRP sensitive is way up. (That's the indicator of inflammation and possible cardiac problems he said). Gotta have a new cholesterol panel tomorrow with my reg tests before the Remicade infusion. He also talked about the south beach diet. I'm gonna give it a go. May reduce the cardiac CRP levels and cholesterol. He also said from the indicators that I'm addicted to starch, so the SBD should be Oh So Much FUN!!! OH MY GOSH....1 cup of coffee a day!! I can drink the sissy stuff (decaf) but I LOVE MY COFFEE!!! @#$%#@$$##&%$#
I'm cheap, downloaded excerpts from the net. I may have to breakdown and buy the book later, but I got a lot of info on the net. I think enough to start anyway.
Gonna tell my DH...hey My diet says I should eat Lobster so.... he he he ( insert evil laugh here).

I really really hate my body today. I'm mad at it, gonna punish it starting tomorrow. NO BREAD (YIKES), NO POTATOES (YIKES), NO CAKE OR COOKIES (that won't bother me) no sweets OK, but NO FRIUT FOR 2 weeks??? I'll die! I think I'll sleep a lot.

Wonder if I can eat mice???
Posted By: jennyintexas Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 09:02 PM

Good luck with the south beach diet. My husband and I started that last month. He's lost 25 lbs!!!!! He's eating good or I'd be a little nervous about that number. I lost 12 so far, but since I've been sick, I've been cheating. I need my comfort foods, you know? I was a nazi the first 12 days and then relaxed. He's done great, especially considering the last couple of weeks he's cheated some, but I think that helps you keep from burning out so soon. But the first couple of weeks is crucial because it kick starts your metabolism or something.

I can't wait to hear about how well your doing. At least they don't try to starve you like some diets do!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 09:09 PM
na na na na na nah...Linda's not excellent, Linda's not excellent, she made a mistake,let's all take full delight in it...I think a party is in order...maybe chicken chow mein and fried mice err rice.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 10:57 PM
Well, yall didn't waste any time pointing out my ONE mistake!!!!!!! I had an excellent memory until about age 35. Now I can't remember a thing about what I did the day before. Obviously can't remember posts very well either. Must be the drugs...

Elf, good luck with the South Beach diet. That is you, isn't it??? smile Jenny, congrats on your weight loss. Would any of you like a brownie??

MsJay and Crusty, thank you both for correcting my mistake. How would I live without you?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/03/05 11:40 PM
You wouldn't. Now, got to leave all you loverly people. My daughter goes for her final cortisone injection tomorrow, so I get the pleasure of getting my three lovely gransons off to school, oh no, make that two, one's on a school trip to Falls Church, Va. Miss me, oh please miss me.
Miss Me laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 02:11 AM
Look at all this chatter I've missed today. I have another one of my migraines, coming and going and right now going. Wont stay gone for long though I bet. Reflect upon the picture with the ice pack around my head and ice pack eye goggles for reference to what my days been like. Ms. Jay, I'm so sorry I missed your goodbye and yes I will miss you as always. Back to my ice packs.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 02:16 AM
MsJay, it won't be the same without YOU. I live and breathe for the moment you return. Crusty, hope you feel better.

By the way, if you go to the Spondylitis.org homepage, my daughter's picture is on the far left, first pic. It shows her then switches to a man and child. Anyway, that's my younger daughter. She's famous! We're going to HOLLYWOOD.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 03:35 AM
Geeez, I just went dowm the road about five miles. Remind me not to plead to be missed so much next time. Oh Linda, they're gonna put her in the movies, they're gonna make a big star of her , and all she's got to do is act naturally....old Buck Owens...way back hee haw!!!! laugh Going to bed, the two little boys will be telling ME to "rise and shine gramma, rise and shine" Can you believe I have them so spoiled they tell me what to bring for them to drink when I wake them up. Of course, I always ask, Chocolate milk, Sunny D, OJ..They have metabolisms off the charts, burn you up with the heat from their bodies, eat and drink constantly and skinny....could just slap um, but I won't laugh My daughter said if she would have had a girl she would have taken after us and been a porker...that would have been okay..her brothers would have run it off her.
Say goodnight Gracie...
good night smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 02:01 PM
Well, any of you people gonna get up today or are you going to let this most beautiful day (at least here) go to waist (by eating bacon eggs and biscuits with gravy) or rise and shine, and say GOOD MORNING WORLD, WATCH OUT, HERE I COME!!!
See what two young kids can do to ya...gotta go lay down now. later.
MsPhonyBaloney confused
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 08:56 PM
Thank you all for the support on my new diet!
It was nice to hear of yours and your DH's success Jenny. I sure could use the 25 lb loss. Dh can lose 5 lbs by skipping lunch, GRRRRRRRR. I can watch him eat cake and gain 5 lbs. GRRRRRRRRR

MsJay, I was up early and gone by 8AM. Had my infusion today. Boy was that an experience. Not the infusion, but I had to go in fasting and they forgot to feed me. I only had one cup of coffee and a bottle of water. The nurses aid was trying to give me something, but all they had was graham crackers and soda. I made it to noon and ate a bit. But all they had I could eat was turkey and spincah and decaf coffee. Luckily it was enough.
I think I can do this, it's just gonna be hard because my DH is not on the diet too. I have to make real food for him. The hardest will be the fruit and potatoes.

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies to take with this w/e, but it doesn't bother me, not yet anyway. I ate some raw veggies for a snack so I feel OK.

Don't think I'll have to eat mice...not yet anyway. I really can eat a lot of things, and the veggies make me happy. I did get some sissy coffee, (decaf) so I'll survive.

I'll check in tomorrow AM before we leave.

Have a good w/e everyone.
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/04/05 10:21 PM
MsJay, I'm not a morning person. Yes, another fault. So gloat if you must. I do hope your daughter is doing okay. Have the injections helped any?

Elf, I went to Walmart today and I was just wandering through the frozen food section because I was hungry. They have South Beach Diet frozen dinners. Even had pizza and it looked pretty darn good. It looked like they had a pretty good variety there too.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/05/05 05:32 AM
Elf, have a great week end! Lind!shame on you!When did I ever gloat? Okay, pain has left most of my daughter's bottom,lower back and she has one like nerve path that has been giving her fits right by her left shulder blade, and I think that's what they worked on today. I think she's done for a while, man I hope so. The devil could not get along with that girl right now, she does not respond well to steroids, if the devil saw her coming, he'd take off the opposite way. I try and be as understanding as possible, but man, I've been there, road the mechanical bull, got the tee shirt and now use it for dusting, so I get impatient when she starts snapping at the kids, and me. Whoa, who's the momma....she's not the momma not the momma laugh I got her house all clean today, laundry done, etc., and got the heck out of Dodge before she got home :p My momma didn't raise no fools wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/05/05 12:24 PM
Take a fuzzy blanket for your baby....and Stay out of them cookies..have a great time! laugh Oh, and take your long underwear too. smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/05/05 01:39 PM
Man, I know that feeling MsJay. Steroids are wayyyy too much for me. I'm hyper-seneitive too! Can't stand them. Just told me doc again that very thing. I hope your daughter does better now. Poor girl!

I didn't snitch any cookies, didn't even bother me that they were there. At least they didn't away my salt! Can still eat olives! WOOHOO!! And 20 peanuts! LOL DH was laughing at me for actually counting them out. He teased about whether I counted the halves as 1, I bopped him for that crack!

It's supposed to be fairly mild up there while we're there. In the high 60's, low 70's, but I never count on it. I pack for polar winds as well as tropical, you never know.

Take care everyone,
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/05/05 05:20 PM
Now...if I could just find someone to clean my house today, well, just touch it up, I wayyy overdid it...ouch...groan mercy me.. frown
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/06/05 12:34 PM
I think I had a bug yesterday, layed around all day. My grandson Clay came over, spent the night with me and went grocery shopping with me. It was like I was opening my refrigerator and thinking "Lord I've gone blind!" He's my oldest grandson and we lay in bed looking at my high school albums, seems one of my fellow classmates now a vey prominent and well know attorney in this little area and into a lot of things, has a son who is one of Clay's teachers. So we were both sluggish when I had to get him up this morning, and he can catch a bus right at the entrance to my apartment complex. He was hugging me goodbye and we were laughing, he said "hey gramma, remember this time last year we were the same height,"now my head is a tad above his belly button. Talking about a growth spurt, I told him, get on out of here, before I shrink away in front of your very eyes laugh Fifteen years old and looks like a young Tom Cruise(only cuter) and still not embarrassed to go shopping with his old granny, I just think that is so cool smile I'll quit bragging now., and try to stay away from mirrors laugh Have a good day! Oh, the fact I let him drive most of the way home moved we way up on his list I'm sure wink
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/07/05 05:03 AM
Well,did anybody "bother" to get out of bed today?

Becaue if you didn't you sure missed a nice day
if you were anywhere ner me. Started out like an old rainy day, dried right up and sun come shining through. I know my happiness must bug some of you, but if you can hide from a daughter on steroids all day, man, you gotta appreciate this that I have done. Only twwo phone calls from her and I managed to keep them civil...So bad as I hate to ask, I have to please!! Precisely how long will it take go see my "real" daughter again? )clearss throat, adds better be damn "soon". I am a long suffering good hearted, slow to anger, look for the best....the whole nine yards, but hot dam, I just want my daughter back...how come that does not happen to me????
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/08/05 02:59 AM
I think everyone is different so she'll come around in time. Don't worry. I can't give you an exact amount of time that it will take because I don't know.

I've noticed you here talking to yourself. You are just like Javis, or he's like you. He just sits and keeps himself company taking care of both sides of the conversation until someone shows up to keep him company. I think I do that too.

I have radishes and carrots coming up. We rained yesterday and will rain again in a few days so I have only had to water once. Actually, when the rain was falling a couple days ago, it turned into snow for a little while. Our night time temps this next few days are in the 20s so I hope the little plants will be okay. They are barely out of the ground..just far enough to see the smiles on their faces. Watch out little carrots, watch out. Ms. Jay will eat you first chance she gets! They get the most horribly frightful looks on their faces! So sad, like a bunch of singing, dancing flowers that suddenly choke on a bee. Where've I seen those dancing, singing flowers before? Hmmmm smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/08/05 04:03 AM
You got it sistah! The name MsJay strikes fear in the hearts of many things, specially little things like artichoke hearts. You could learn something from these little innocent beings. Javis has multiple personality disorder and he aint talking to himself,just another one of himself's, so let's get that straight while we're at it laugh Go out there and let them little babies sing happy mother's day to you first thing in the morning....well, anytime after midnight, you got a flashlight,Iknow that cause Brad told me!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/08/05 03:55 PM
Whether your children be two legged, four legged six legged or plain old centipedes, well they could be worms and crawl on the ground, but whatever I speak for all of them HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!With two exceptions...no happy mother's day for no stinkin snakes or miserable meeses or slithery lizards! Oh tht's three exceptions, sorry
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/08/05 11:23 PM
I was up early yesterday watching cartoons and thought of something. This thread, when we are playing, reminds me of interaction on bugs bunny, daffy duck cartoons. On this particular cartoon, if you were wondering, daffy was running a business to get rid of ghosts. Bugs would walk though a haunted house playing and not even notice it was haunted. Anyway, we play like the old cartoons from when we were kids. We must have learned a few things from the cartoons because I remember some ghost busting skills if anyone would like to hire me. I must warn you though - I am much like bugs bunny and will sing and be distracted while working getting nothing done smile I'm gonna get me some rabbit ears. Not the TV kind! The fuzzy ones. Happy Mothers Day.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/09/05 02:09 AM
Little joke for ya...the zoo keeper hand an annual softball gme, for which the various animals worked and strive to be their very best. They flipped a coin to begin who got on which team. Course elephant always got picked first, then the kangaroo cause he could hid the ball and funr so well, and finally his teams were asembled, and he gave the go ahead for the game to begin....well of course, monkey gets the ball, throws it to the elephant and boom, he rumbles down the field carrying half the team and scores. And so it goes. Coach is getting very upset, when the score was like 31 to 0 out the centipede walks up and says "how's it going coach?: Coach about has a cow and says "where in the name of heavens have you been?" It's damn near halftime...you see that score!"centipede said "well, I had to tie my shoes"..................................don't kill me, not today, it's mother's day
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/10/05 12:13 AM
Ha ha ha ha! I love your joke. If a centipede is all feet, how does he tie his shoe laces? With his toes? Do they have toes?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/10/05 02:39 AM
Had company Friday afternoon, and he must have thought about this later;
My nephew, the banker called me last night from his mom's to tell me that. I thought it was hilarious, all those little feet, all those little shoes, then tying them all. He's been down lookng at homes and property for when his wife retires, and thinks he may have found a retirement home and it has a lot next to it he plans to build a vacation home on it until his wife retires. I guess when he got rich enough, or got what he needed he just sort of quit, sets up some foreign banks and such out of his home now I think, but his wife will have some time to go to retire i would think, know she is 10 15 years younger than me, she's a liason between pharmauceuticals and doctors I wish them the best, they have nothing to do with the problems we face with drugs and pharmacy prodcuts today. Would love them to live nearer, and would be great for my sister now that she's a widow. Other than that, I guess I will go to bed, and think long and hard before my next joke!!!It will have to be a doozy laugh
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/10/05 03:55 AM
I was so grumpy today and your wonderful joke brightened my day. Can't wait for the next one. laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/10/05 03:18 PM
LUCY.....I'm HOME!!!

Got back yesterday. Was a really nice w/e. Got to see my BABY!!! Great Mothers day for me!

I was really good on my diet and stuck to it, although the scale does not show it right now. Everytime I go away my whole system gets messed up. I tend to retain water and UMMMMMMMM how can I put this delicatly??? "There is NO JOY in the toidy for me". All the solids I eat stay put, at least til I get home and resume my REGULAR routine. So it'll be a day or 2 before I know exactly how I did on my diet. I'm retaining water too, can tell because my rings are really tight and leave an indention in my fingers when I take them off. Lots of temptations but I did not crack.

Anyhoo, first thing Rockhead did when we got there was jump in the lake and would not come out. It was so cute. She does not like to swim, just goes as far as she can touch the bottom and turns around. We brought her in and all she did was whine at the door, wanted more "swimming". We had kinda-nice weather. I didn't care, I got to see my boy!!! That was a joy for me.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/11/05 02:01 AM
Glad you had a good visit, you sound very upbeat, that's a good sign. Man, the time flew, even for me, and I didn't go anyplace confused did I?
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/11/05 02:40 PM
Well....I cracked last night, I coulnd't help myself. Had an ooey gooey peice of hot fudge chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It was sooooo good! I do not feel guilty and I'm resuming the SBD today. I'm not discouraged because I stumbled, the doc who wrote the book even addresses that in the book, people can stumble on his diet and get right back on it.

I don't think you went anywhere MsJay, at least not in body anyhoo. Your mind may have wandered, but your body stayed home. My mind is way too little to be out alone on the other hand. I never let it wander, might get hit by a truck ya know. And one little brain cell gets lonely being out alone.

Where did everyone go? Have we been abandoned again?
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/13/05 09:24 PM
Elf, you have to splurge occasionally. Easy for me to say after gorging on Mexican food today!! I do hope the diet is working well for you.

Can you believe we are on 988 posts on this thread, page 38 or so?????? Wow! WHO started this? Not sure but it must be a very remarkable, intelligent, personable, energetic, fun loving, popular, ambitious, spontaneous and talented person. Kudos to you!!!!!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/14/05 02:40 AM
Well, well, well, I guess it's time for a reunion of the fusion band....sort of like the eagles, and bad company and halls and oates, or is it oates and Halls, whatever. Thing being..it's election time. We need to make some rather tough decisions in these rough and tumble musical economic times...Do we continue as usual..our freak show, or do we go stright, and let Linda lead the "high notes" sort of the Diana Ross of the Supremes while the rest of us are the Florence Ballards. and Cindy Songbird, oops meant Cindy Birdsong, questions, questions, we need answers people. Jav is ready and able, he watched his daddy on tv and cried like a baby, said "mamma, I wanna be jus like him, and I said, why honey you are, don't you know that? he said HUH? I said tcb and he said did you say tv...oh lord, is there any help for the boy, except that fine fine singing voice and them looks, lawdy lawdy lawdy miss claudy.....oh back to to original post. Pleae put on your thinking hats, give me your best ideas, should we go solo, should we go nono, sould we go mono..you see what I mean. Band's been drifting apart, so lets either get in gear and go like we are all for one and one for all , or either put it in neutral and let it roll along to it's demise...oh lord, that would be a sad day...I aint sure I could take it...oh forgive me, got to go now, hard to type with the tears falling and the ears calling, and the band falling...and Jav needs a towel...his bath is over.
Think it ovah!
MsJay aka Javis's mother, the only true heir to be the Presley son....how sweet it is...un huh.
yeeeahh....lordy, I'm all shook up!
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/14/05 03:03 AM
Ms Jay ,you ought to open up a school on how to talk to annoying telemarketers on the telephone,
I need some ideas on how to say no, and no means no.And still be nice!!!!!!!!!
Have a good weekend, Mike smile
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/14/05 03:18 AM
The best way I've found to deal with telemarketers is to have an answering machine on. It's the only way other than saying "no thanks" really fast followed by a speedy hang up. Oh, and always request to be put on their do not call list. When I've said "no thanks, please put me on your DO NOT CALL LIST", I've had them listen the first time on occasion.

Ms. Jay, I'm ready to vote or do whatever needs to be done. I'm interviewing new lead singers (don't tell linda). One is the blonde cousin off the Adam's Family who could sing several notes all at once and could do a cool shreak. Your tears falling from your ears reminded me of a Saturday Night Live rerun from this morning. They were making fun of Joan Rivers (all the plastic surgery) and Joan began to cry and water started running from her forehead. lol She said we should see where she has to blow her nose from. rofl

I found out some news about my medical insurance subsidy from the state today. The bill did pass but the amounts are limited and it's all in legal jargon so who knows what it means. I'll have to call on monday for a translation. Now I get to think (worry) about it all weekend and what it means.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/14/05 05:55 AM
Hey, sounds great...we need some new blood, or young blood, (hopefully with a good dose of sodium)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...
tomorrow, tomorrow, it's already tomorrow..g'nite girl....
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/15/05 04:41 AM
Oh fine! Say g'nite to her but not me. You like her more don't you? Actually, her eyes are too swollen to tolerate a screen right now. We were having computer problems when she was using the computer but things are all better now thanks to ME! laugh <checking over my shoulder to make sure she isn't reading> Well, someones got to take the blame. I'd never blame myself. I've been interviewing singers and think I have one. I didn't notice her at first because she's been a canine companion for years. Then I heard her howl. It was music to my ears. She will work for food and pets also. Went fishing today. Nothing worth noting. One more thing about the singing dog, she may be pregnant. So please understand if she's a little emotional right now. She's 6 years old and refused to be bred. I got her and a male years ago with great predigrees. I planned to do some dog showing and then the health crisis started happening and plans were put on hold. So, she changed her mind about refusing and puppies may be on the way soon enough. I hope so.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/15/05 08:07 PM
Dare I enter...you ovr your little ego pain there Hermit? I'm had more trouble than a tribe of blind monkeys...oh heavens, guess you haven;t missed me much...I got so mad I cancelled my
server, she wanted to "work with me" I told her "I'm not going back near that damn computer anytime soon, to do so would require me to carry a ball bat, and I have no money for another one.
Even a FREE month (whoopee) wouldn't interest me.
Now I got to see if I can even find my son and daughter email addresses...I've been working on this sucker since Saturday morning, and I might add no help at all...and I did not get one offer.......You "people" like me supposed to know these things.
Please tell Miss Missy my grandsons and I went over to my "homeplace" which is now known as my brother's house, took pictures of all the flowers and the surroundings, and I even had Clay take a picture of that Saturn that I might get 15 thousand miles on before they take my license laugh
Got pictures of all the flowers and the beautiful mountains,...well, you'll see, there is one rather uh "provacative" one of me..have to see when my daughter emails them to me, she has all that stuff, not a piece of junk like me. If I had REAL friends they would take up a collection and buy a computer for the bestest friend they've ever had, but nooooooooooooooooooo mad Not sure I like this carrier yet...will let yall know...Write...via carrier pigeon if need be laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/16/05 05:59 AM
Must still be "all puffed up" or out of town or
maybe Missy's eyes again. Gees,what I've been doing for this gang, But can't you write a little note, of couse not....and where is the new Diana Ross? She's suspiciously missing too...did you guys take off without me, did ya, huh, didya?
Ahhh the gall. Oh Harbor Master, you seen a rickety old boat...yeah could be that one, sounds like them..oh..purple bus too...hmmmmguess I got my answer. Thank you harbor master, no thank you, I don't swim with strangers...mess with me you be swimming with the fishes....
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/16/05 04:14 PM
Ms JAY, Hermit is probably still trying to catch
that fish that broke his line.Or he may be scouting for elk .He will eventually come dragging home . :p
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/17/05 02:44 AM
Yeah Mike, with all fisherman's luck...weta@@ and a hungry gut? Is that the one...used to be when we sat on the creek bank all day for nuttin...
take care,
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/17/05 03:25 AM
My post didn't post, Mike, so if this shows up later don't think much about it, we got some screaming demons in this group as you know. If he is like we were when we were growing up here in Tennessee,he'll come home with the "fisherman's luck" wet a$$ and a hungry gut.
Been there, done that...spent a lot of time on creek banks. Had us a great swimming hole, built us a dam...places were even "over my head" like that's deep laugh Then some ole mean older kids would
come along and decide to undo our hard work...they were what the northern folks deal with with beavers I suppose. have a decent one.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/17/05 09:17 PM
Probably fishes like I do...."Here Fishy, fishy, fishy, jump in da boat so I don't have to take you off the hook."

Who's using the bus as a boat? HMMMMMM might work 'cept the last time we were in a boat, seems to me it was more like "The Minnow", Gilligan style. Don't wanna go there again!

Where did the Crusty's get off to again. For that matter, where did everyone else go? I think we lost most of them after the boat fiasco. What happened to the band? Has anyone started their vocal warm-ups yet? Gotta get out my security T-shirt and my handcuffs. HMMMM where did I leave them? Or who borrowed them?? UT OH...did Linda get hold of them again? Maybe that's what happened to Crusty! He's handcuffed to a Gnome. Or did he turn into a Gnome? Poor Missy...married to a Gnome, a smelly feet crusty 'ole Gnome.

Gotta go stir the Jambalaya, rice is gonna stick.
C Ya later

P.S. How do you like my Elf?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/17/05 10:17 PM
Hey Elf....as Toby Keith would ssy,
Posted By: mont974x4 Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/17/05 11:30 PM
hmmm what does an Irish Elf from Wisconsin know about Jambalaya? laugh

I was stationed with a friend from New Orleans and we'd make it every so often. We do 1 real pot and 1 pot for the newbies. LOL Didn't want to hurt anybody.

It is good stuff I can already taste it.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 01:21 AM
Jay, haven't you heard? Elf knows everything about everything! That's why she's head of security. Here's your cuffs back elf. I see you've got your wings now. Very nice. Are you setting up extra places for all of us to come to dinner? My neighbor (few miles away) grew up on a Louisiana plantation type farm. He's an old timer with lots of stories. We go over to eat at his house every so often. His idea of barbeque compared to an Arizona barbeque are 2 different things. Both very good though. Couple years ago, he stocked me up with Cajun spices. Elf, if you send me your address, i'll send you the spices. Just kidding. I do use them from time to time. I learned a few cooking tips from him while he sampled my home made wine. laugh
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 02:29 AM
what was that song? bitter wine, get thatgirl, bitterwine, get that girl..something like that, about the time of the gotta have awoman gotta have a woman...her name was bertha..bertha butt, one of the butt sistahs....and she oh baaaaaby, my sweet baaaaby... oh forget it, I'mm just too old and too knowledgeable for you guys laugh
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 03:09 PM
Jay...I love to cook and read recipe books, watch the greats on TV and then experiment. I can usually re-create a recipe by tasting something. A while back I got a taste of some good Jambalaya and was able to make it myself. Not too spicy but it does have a kick.

Crusty....that's not me it's Linda that knows everything. I'm the one who can find out anything. Here is was all set to send you my snail mail addy for some spices. Bummer, you were fooling me! It's OK. I do have lots and lots of spices in my cupboard anyway. As I said, LOVE to cook.
Got a good birds eye view from up here and can drop things on people too, just like a bird. WHEEEEEEEEEE...I'm flying

Keep warming up those pipes MsJay. As soon as we can get the gang together, we'll be ...
On the Road again, just can't wait to get on the road again, making music with my friends, I can't wait to get on the road again.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 04:07 PM
Mow Now, Linda never said she knows everything, just that she is uh "excellent" at several things.
like baking, driving, singing, teaching sex by braille...things like that laugh

Why my godness we are both "excellent" singers, but do we brag? Us? nevah let a brag pass these lips... :rolleyes:
Posted By: mont974x4 Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 05:37 PM
teaching sex by braille...what a marvelous hobby laugh
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/18/05 05:47 PM
Yes, Jay, I do have some excellent hobbies smile Have I told YOU that I'm an excellent singer? It's bad enough that all the women hate me because I'm beautiful - they are also jealous of my excellent abilities. Such a burden for me....

It's not easy to be me me me me me me me
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 12:58 AM
and even harder to be you you you, hey Linda, how are ya
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 01:02 AM
Where in the name of things I hold dear is our Crustys? Not only that, where is the Hermits,nono, not Herman and the hermits...our Hermits....get in here and now...that's an order from HQ...move it
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 01:08 AM
Is it just a co-incidental happening or did they disappear about the time I had to go to the "nephro". They don't need to go into hiding, I've had several offers should I need a kidney..javis is chomping at the bit then there is both George....and Laura...mot like I'm gonna have to go out and beat the Bushes...should it come to me needing another kidney, man, how many can a person use...already got five or six, not sure :rolleyes:
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 02:45 AM
I had all kinds of things to say here but once I read "teaching sex by braille" I lost all train of thought! ROFL

Elf, you're right. Linda knows everything. Someone has to fill in for her while she's away and if you can cook by taste, then you fill the spot. I can barely cook to begin with. Cook by taste? That's talent. You can have my spices if you like. I lied and said I use them so you would think I know how to cook. They all have dust. He tried to teach me to cook but I'm a poor student. I guess I was sampling too much of my strawberry wine. Why do I need to learn how to cook cajun style if my neighbor already knows and will do it for me? I like to make my life easy. If you are serious, here's what I have..Cajun Gumbo mix, Crab Boil, and Etouffee Readi-mix. Seasonings I have are Gumbo File, Creole Seasoning, and an open bottle of Louisiana Supreme Hot Sauce only used once. HOOTT! Probably a bad idea to ship it since it's been opened, but I can wrap it up good if you like. All yours for the taking if you want them. Now I must go wash the dust from my hands.
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 02:49 AM
For Sale, Kidney, cheap. May or may not be human.
Posted By: mont974x4 Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 02:59 AM
hmmm hermitcrab kidney for sale? man you can get anything these days between wallyworld and e-bay.
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 03:09 AM
All right Hermit, you have been gone for 3 days and so has Rocko, he came dragging back home this morning, he,s been cruising for chicks. He has a girlfriend, my neighbor has a minature dashound
and Rocko is about 80 pounds.
Where is the fish? My buddy called and said one broke his line last night.
Gone fishing,Mike :p
Posted By: crustyhermit Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 03:55 AM
Yes! Hermit crab kidney for sale. Didn't think of that. It's a little small but fully functional.

Mike, I caught one that was this long <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------> laugh Broke his line huh? I hate it when that happens. Rocko is a busy boy. I used to raise mini dachshunds. Those puppies could be interesting. Could you picture the torso of an 80 pound dog with the stubby legs of a 10 pound dog? Best wishes to the lovely couple and their children.

Thinking about fishing,
Posted By: LindaT Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 09:42 PM
I've had several offers should I need a kidney..javis is chomping at the bit then there is both George....and Laura...mot like I'm gonna have to go out and beat the Bushes
Oh MsJay, that is too funny!!! I would definitely give you a kidney, but mine are not such excellent organs. Yes, another fault of mine. I am an organ donor, have been for about 30 years. Now I'm wondering what part is worth anything at this point.
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/19/05 10:03 PM
I don't know about talent, I just really like cooking and I am pretty good at it. My DH insists I'm a Gourmet, I call myself a "down-home cook". I taught my son to cook, so he wouldn't have to get married to leave home...I kept saying "HINT, HINT!" Now his fiancee and his friends keep telling him he should become a chef.
I find it soothing to create something, I also make up my own recipes. I'm pretty much self-taight since my Mom hated cooking and NEVER baked, (unless you count those rolls in the package you pop in the oven for 10 minutes.
I've seriously entertained the idea of entering the Pillsbury Bake-Off, might do it sometime.

Linda DOES know everything! She so smart, so talented, so beautiful...how can we mere mortals compare?

I'd give you a kidney too MsJay! But you won't need one, yours will keep on ticking for a long time to come. (Or keep doing something)

I was only kidding Crusty. Keep your spices, I've got lots. You might need them sometime soon. There really is nothing to making any of the Cajun or Creole dishes though. Not hard to do. I agree though, if your neighbor will do it, why not let him?
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 03:25 AM
Great big humongous wasp got me twice yesterday, in the back of the leg where the knee bends...didn't know he was there or I wouldn't have him, guess I squeezed him, hurt like everything, and I've been sick all day today, like chills, naseua, just hurting all over more than anywhere else. Think I caught something in the dr's office or it's the wasp bites, or both, or nothing, or something, whatever...answer quick, I got to get back in bed...I fell this morning too..out of the clear blue, I got up turned around and boom, I was on the floor, now I know what the doc meant about extra "padding" laugh
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 04:06 AM
You know what they say Ms. Jay,talking about alternative treatments, that bee stings help some peoples arthritis, mabey it is distraction therapy.ouch smile
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 02:04 PM
Well Mike,with missing my enbrel, the spider bite didn't come close to helping as much. I still feel like I've been run over by a Mack truck that backed up over me to see what they hit, and said ah nothing, and run over me agaim!
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 02:32 PM
The wasp got me on Thursday, sorry...and then yesterday morning I started to get up from my computer and boom, next thing I know I was in the floor...hurt like heck. No clue I was going to fall. My doctor added cymbalta to my three pages of medicines, I read on line it could cause dizziness, but this was more like whizziness, man down like a log. Laid there for a few moments, decided nothing was broken, started working my way up, which aint easy with nothing to hold on to, and have felt bad ever since. You know I am never one to complain :rolleyes: but I am hobbling today....can't see the part of uh my anatomy that took the biggest beating...boy, thank God for what that doctor told me about "extra padding" came in handy yesterday..scares the pee water out of me though, like when will it happen the next time and what will I hit when I fall. Bad part was no warning.
And I was sober as a judge, honest injun...wouldn't lie, not my style, beer for breakfast,never now Kahlua in my coffee..tempting..nope, just kidding...scary things are't that funny.
Posted By: MsJay Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 02:49 PM
Guess I'll crawl to the bed, and try to think of good things and not pain. Woe msjay, she's in a bad way...not a bit of sympathy coming her way, alas, where are your friends when you need them.
Why fishing of course mad
Posted By: MIKWONDO Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 02:52 PM
Ms. Jay we know you were sober. I try to keep some benedryl around the house for allergic reactions. Several years ago we had a well known local business man die from a sting. He was highly allergic and even kept a special kit
with epinephrine , decadrone and whatever else is in the kit and his wife administered the shot to him. I have found with myself if I will take a benadryl soon it usually doesn,t get too bad.
But anyone with severe allegies should have one of those kits especially if they live 30 minutes from a hospital like me.
On the dizziness ,when I was on Neurontin, I had problems with that.
Hope you get to feeling better, Mike smile
Posted By: IrishElf Re: Goodbye Everyone continues - 05/21/05 03:50 PM
I hate those little critters. You don't need to do anything for them to sting! I was painting my back door last year. One came up from the basement (remember they were getting in through the foundation) and it landed on my neck. I didn't know it was there and went to brush away my hair. WHAM...it stung me. It hurt really bad! I spilt the pain all over me and the floor. I whapped the stupid critter and killed him. I got a knife and scraped it across the sting, not knowing if the stinger was still in there or not. I got ice and held it on my neck. It swelled up pretty good and got all red and ugly. Hurt like the dickens. Rotton little buggers!

MsJay, call your pharmacist and ask if your symptoms are a reaction to the new meds. You might be having a bad reaction and may need to stop before you really hurt yourself. Also check the interactive www.drkoop.com drug interaction checker. You can type in the meds you are taking and see if they are reacting to each other. Also it tells what or how serious the side effects are. (Dr. Koop was our former surgeon general and has his own web site).

Also call your doc and let them know of this recent symptom. Your blood pressure might be way too low and getting up from lying down or being seated might be causing you BP to plummet making you sort-of pass out. Try getting up more slowly. And HANG ON TO SOMETHING!!!

One tequilla, two tequilla, three tequilla, floor.
I love that T-shirt logo!

Hey! just stay on the floor, you won't fall as far! j/k My SIL is doing the same thing, falling down a lot. Her doc says her BP is too low and gets lower when she gets up. But anytime they mess with your meds and something new happens, I'd first suspect the new meds!

Keep your feet on the floor!