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TriWest new results.

Posted By: cipher

TriWest new results. - 01/24/20 07:57 PM

I was skeptical about TriWest when I first heard about it. My primary care provider got me an appointment with a nurse practitioner through TriWest who has a great deal of experience with AS. She prescribed Xeljanz, but I thought my chances of being approved were about a negative ten. It was approved yesterday! I am excited to try this new drug because I had no luck with biologics other than Simponi which the VA thought was too expensive.

(The VA has a local clinic, but to see a rheumatologist, I had to travel 170 miles one way to a VA hospital)
Posted By: Ken Delano

Re: TriWest new results. - 01/25/20 01:28 PM

Let us know how the Xeljanz works for you.

I travel right at 100 miles to the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. I receive such great care that in my case it is well worth the drive time. Local CBOC can't do much, but they can do Video Conferencing with the Rheumatologist in Minneapolis. So labs are done local, and then we "meet" a few days later on camera. I've been her patient for 15 years now so unless there is a significant change in my AS this system works great for me.
Posted By: cipher

Re: TriWest new results. - 01/28/20 06:16 PM

I'm glad that it's working out for you. My situation is somewhat different: after treating me for a number of years, the rheumatologist at the VA hospital where I was seen decided that I no longer had AS (I too thought I had good care). So I would no longer be treated there. The only thing I'm going to miss is the margherita pizza at Settebello's.
Posted By: cipher

Re: TriWest new results. - 07/08/20 02:05 PM

Xeljanz (tofacitinib) was not effective for me and didn't relieve my symptoms. And, as it turns out, Xeljanz has a couple of nasty side effects for me. Diarrhea and runny nose. My nose drips without warning and that can be embarrassing. Diarrhea? Well, pretty much,enough said. So, after four months, I threw in the towel.
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