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Posted By: Britefutr Bursitis - 07/06/18 04:58 AM
Hello everyone. I haven’t been around much lately, but I definitely see familiar names. I’m rely glad to discover this new thread.
I have become riddled with bursitis in the last few years. AS can be the underlying cause for bursitis, so I’ve been told that in my case treating the bursitis means controlling my AS. Humph! Easier said than done.

I’ve had injections in the past, but they weren’t effective for more than a few weeks. Now I am no longer allowed steroids. frown

Let me know your experience, any advice is appreciated.
Posted By: 997C4S Re: Bursitis - 07/07/18 07:56 PM
Did you try a TNF alpha blocker before considering the IL-17 blocker Cosentyx? I ask because Costenyx should be used with caution in someone with IBS.
A member of our support group had to stop Cosentyx secondary to a major increase in IBS symptoms starting almost immediately after his first dose.
Posted By: achala Re: Bursitis - 08/20/18 03:10 PM
I am going to try shock wave therapy (ESWT) for my left Achilles Bursitis tomorrow...
by the way apart from swelling, and discomfort while walking can this lead to Achilles rupture?
Posted By: Banana Re: Bursitis - 09/03/18 01:04 PM
You are not taking or can't take an TNF alpha blocker? I had terrible bursitis until I went on Humira which cleared it up complete. Steriod shots did not help both shoulders.

If you tried one, try more.

Posted By: achala Re: Bursitis - 09/29/18 05:35 PM
How long you we t on Humira ? Still on it? I must Complete three months on the sulfasalazine before my rheumatologist considers biologic. Until Today I am 4 weeks on Sulfasalazine.
Posted By: Rach Re: Bursitis - 02/02/19 03:08 PM
Sulfasalazine helps my bursitis (hips).
Also simple stretches as recommended by PT are surprisingly helpful. Also reducing pressure on the affected area at night - I try not to sleep on the worst side.
Hope you get some relief soon

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