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I haven't been diagnosed yet but I'm sure I have A.S. I can't seem to find a doctor who will listen to me and take me seriously. I've had CEBV for 20 years-Adenovirus got my uterus...does anyone else have this combination? I feel like it's eating me from the inside out and I'm desparate for answers! Thanks
Dr. Beth Jonas at UNC-CH
Sue, you'll get more responses if you post again on the main discussion forum. Many people don't look at this one since we hopefully have a good doctor already.

Good luck.


My reply isn't very timely, but if you are still searching for a great rheumatologist in Raleigh . . . I'd strongly recommend Dr. Suzanne Zorn. She's located on Six Forks Road - a brillant practitioner and is blessed with a wonderful staff. Her nurse, Cindy, is the best. Dr. Zorn also has an infusion lounge on site.
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