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Posted By: SoreOne Suggestions for Bend, Oregon? - 09/07/12 08:38 PM
I just moved into Bend and I'm in search of a new rheumotologist. Can anyone suggest a good one for AS patient?
Posted By: JamesChoi Re: Suggestions for Bend, Oregon? - 09/13/12 08:00 PM
Hey SoreOne,

You could ask the Portland support group leader for any advice or leads. Her contact information is her:

hope you find one soon,

Posted By: Bec624 Re: Suggestions for Bend, Oregon? - 09/24/12 02:25 AM
Hey, I know this is around four to five hours from you! I go to Doctor Peacock at Columbia Rheumatology in Kennewick WA. 509-783-2000. He is considered a leading expert on A.S. Recently vacationed in sunriver right by Bend what an awesome place to live!!

Posted By: bizzylizzy Re: Suggestions for Bend, Oregon? - 10/29/19 03:13 AM
Did you ever find a physician you are happy with in Bend?
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