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Posted By: JTip Experience with this doc in Pomona, CA? - 09/17/19 10:18 PM
My sister is finally ready to see a rheumatologist and got an appointment today for December with Jaafar A Tremazi in Pomona, CA. He's the only one on her insurance, so I'm hoping he has compassion for old, stoic women who fight through symptoms for decades before waving the white flag.
Posted By: jtmak Re: Experience with this doc in Pomona, CA? - 09/22/19 10:01 PM
In case you'd like to consider an option, Shinada MD at USC finally dx me after 30 years. The medical university often takes many insurances so might be an option for your sister.
Posted By: JTip Re: Experience with this doc in Pomona, CA? - 09/26/19 01:22 AM
Thanks, jtmak. I'll forward this on to her. She has worked at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center right off I-10 for nearly 30 years. Nobody there has been able to help her, though she has classic signs of psoriatic arthritis. This doc Tremazi is relatively new in their system, and some of her co-workers have said he's pretty good. It's a real struggle for her at age 64 to work full time with zero treatment. I wish she would go to USC, and maybe she will if this new guy is clueless. You suffered 30 years without answers, so you know the struggle is real. I'm glad you have options now and hopefully a treatment plan that gives you many good days ahead.
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