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Posted By: GibsonA3 test - 05/04/06 04:45 PM
sorry, never done this.
Posted By: Janice C. Re: test - 05/07/06 03:50 AM
Don't feel too bad I'm new to this board too!!!!
Keep thinking happy thoughts!!!!
Posted By: Carol Annsie in Dallas Re: test - 05/18/06 08:34 PM
smile I am new at this. Does anyone know of a good AS Dr. in the Dallas Area? (That will actually let me talk & ask questions)..
Posted By: maxwellc Re: test - 05/23/06 05:48 PM
Carol, I live in Lewisville and have tried several rhuematologists. I did not like Dr. Joseph or Dr. Lakhanpal. Dr. Lakhanpal's nurse would never let me talk to him if I called. I am currently seeing Dr. Leyka Barbosa at Dallas Medical Center. She spent 1 1/2 hours with me on my first appointment and will spend all the time you need for subsequent appointments. She is okay but for now she is the only one I have found. If I run across another I will let you know.

Posted By: DeniseM Re: test - 06/16/06 04:02 PM
Good Rhumy in St. Louis is Dr. Benjamin Schwartz at Washington University Medical. Listened, was caring and competent. Takes medicare patients. Willing to prescribe needed painkillers but keen on prevention and treatment.
Bad Rhumy in St. Louis is Dr. Tanpatchitr. (spelling?) One look at his office and we should have known to run. Nurses rude and disorganized, papers piles everywhere, they lost some of our records. He was distracted, hardly took any history, did not even look at you.
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