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Posted By: jenny5 Any great docs in Southeastern Michigan? - 09/24/06 03:21 PM
Can anyone recommend a good rheumatologist in Southeastern Michigan? Do any specialize in AS?
What part of SE Michigan? Do you live close enough to Ann Arbor to go there? I just moved from Michigan to Ohio. I was seeing a great rheumatologist through the U of M health system. If Ann Arbor is doable for you, I can give you his name and contact info. He doesn't specialize in AS, but is a wonderful, caring rheumie. He had retired, but came back because he missed seeing patients so much. He is older, but is very current with the latest research. He also said my previous rheumies diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was ridiculous. He was the first to ask about my back. I kept saying, "oh the back's bothered me for years, I'm worried about these new pains". I had no idea that my long standing lower back pain was the key!!
Posted By: jenny5 Re: Any great docs in Southeastern Michigan? - 10/11/06 12:00 AM
I would love the name. Ann Arbor is not far at all. Thanks!
Jenny, I'm so sorry you're just getting this message. I haven't checked back on this thread in a week or so...

The doctor's name is Pietre Vreede. He's a U of M rheumatologist that works out of the Briarwood satellite by Briarwood Mall. He's wonderful! He was retired but came back on as the hospital was short rheumies. Although he's older, he's still up to date on the latest info. For my new patient appm't he gave me a VERY through exam and history (it lasted 2 hours). He's very easy to talk to and shares info with you instead of playing "Dr. God"!! I left every appm't with copies of my lab and x-ray reports and even the letters that he sent to my primary doctor. Here's the contact info:

Pieter D. Vreede
Briarwood Health Assoc
Rheumatology Clinic
Building #5
325 Briarwood Circle
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 647-9000

Best of luck!
Also Dr. Garber in Ann Arbor is wonderful,
he's off Hogback Rd (by Carpenter and 23). Earlier this year I was crawling on the floor, really couldn't even walk (and I used to run marathons!). Since he diagnosed me and gave me meds, I've been well again...I ran another marathon!

His (office) number is 734-477-1211
sorry, i meant 477-0211
Posted By: Jake Re: Any great docs in Southeastern Michigan? - 11/30/06 04:19 AM
I would highly reccommend Dr. Alan Morton in Roseville, 14 mile and Something. Off of 696. He was my rhuemy for over 10 years! Awesome!

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