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Dr. Frank Foto, Ossining, NY
Dr. Mariko Ishimori at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. She is a colleague of Dr. Michael Weissman. She is very caring, empathetic and knowledgeable about AS....
Dr. Ahmad at St. Joseph Medical Clinic in Tacoma, WA. She is great...she listens, cares about how you are doing and feeling, and she explains things so that you can understand if you seem confused.
Help...need a good Dr in Alexandria Louisiana, Lafayette, Shreveport, or Monroe.
I would like to recommend Dr Amarilis Torres,Rheumatolgy. She is a collegue of Dr David Sikes. She is located in Florida Medical clinic,Zephyrhills,FL 33541 phone(813) 782-1234

She is very knowledgeable,compassionate and easy to talk to.
Originally posted by rainbowfrost:
As a patient I believe Dr. Jones is Awesome!

Dr. Holly Jones of Houston Arthritis Associates
7515 Main Street Suite 670
Houston, TX 77030

Working in a field that interacts with medical staff daily and now having to be a patient (having been through the referral mill - GP, Gen Ortho, Ortho Specialist, Psychiatrist, etc) I feel that Dr. Jones AND her staff are incredible! They're fast, friendly, efficient, and always return phone calls within a few hours (but more often than not you can talk to a nurse when you first call).

I figured as with most specialists when I got the referral in May that I'd have to wait forever. Nope, in less than two weeks I was sitting in front of her. Again, discouraged with past experiences, I was afraid it would be another I can't help you. We must have met for about an hour, she listened asked questions, and for the first time gave me answers (which of course had to be backed up with xrays/bloodwork, etc). But right from the start she showed concern, understanding and compassion.

I've seen her every 4-6 weeks for follow up and restructuring my plan of care. We always make decisions together because she believes that I own this and deserve a voice in my treatment. When asked questions, she always gives answers and alternatives. And when I'm being stubborn (scared) she always knows how to put into perspective. I believe she really understands this illness and wants to help people LIVE their life not just exist in it.

Just my .02 if you're in (or around) Houston and looking a GOOD rheumatologist.

DR Kage, Manchester CT
Dr. Ann Warner, Kansas City
(She's awesome!)
Dr. Andrew Baldassare
Arthritis Consultants
St. Louis, MO
Hi -

I just found the most amazing doctor... I have had this disease since I was 16, but only in the last 4 years was it diagnosed... Anyway, this is the first doctor of many that I have ever been to that I actually think he can help me.

Hi name is Dr. Arash Horizon in the Los Angeles CA Area.
Dr Neil Birnbaum, rheumatologist, San Francisco, Ca
I see a great doctor in Baton Rouge . Dr Sean Shannon at Oschner on Bluebonnet. laugh
I have a very complex case of AS. I live in San DIego and have the most amazing doctor though. She is truly brilliant and thinks outside the box. She is incredibly understanding and sympathetic. Her name is Dr. Carol Young and her office is in Escondido, California.

Her staff is wonderful too!
Dr. Ananda Walaliyadda in Pocatello, Idaho, is a genius!
Great diagnostition, kind, gentle and patient.
Very helpful with my SSDI and work disability paperwork.
Can't say enough good things about him.
If you need a rheumatoligist in Eastern Idaho, he's the man!
Dr.Dhiman Basu, Rheumatology, Fort Worth, Texas,(TX), North Richland Hills, Texas,(TX)

He listens, cares, kind, patient, and takes time with his patients.


Physical Therapist
Sheri Murrell, PT SporTherapy NW

She has experience with AS patients and knows all about it!
Dr. Jerry Goldberg
Marshfield Clinic
Marshfield Wisconsin

He always listens, he cares about all his patients, and he always makes you feel like your concerns matter
Dr. Roy Kaplan
Encinitas, CA (San Diego)

After too many years of mis-diagnosis he knew within a few minutes what was wrong with me.
Dr. Anita Zachariah is a very good rheumatologist in NW Indiana. She is out of the Hammond Clinic in Munster, IN. She is young but really seems to know what she is doing. She is very kind and concerned. She will actually get on the phone and talk to me when I call with a question or concern. She talked with me for quite some time while in the office and I never felt rushed or like she was not really listening to me. It was actually very strange to me since I do not really have good luck with doctors. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the NW Indiana area.
Dr. Leyka Barbosa, Dallas TX. Located in Medical City Hospital-building C.

She's awesome! Started treating me at age 16, finally able to go back to her when my insurance at my current job switched. Super flexible and willing to work with you to find a treatment plan you are able to adhere to.
Any suggestions for Long Island or NYC
Any good docs in Northern NJ...ty
Any suggestions for New York?
Dr. Harchetan Sing Sandhu is a wonderful Rheumy in Chico, CA. Tel 530-342-1310; Fax 530-342-1327. His name might be hard to pronounce, but he is really great. Fairly young, willing to try the newest and more aggressive meds. He was for starting me on Humira from my first visit, just needed some lab tests, x-rays and a MRI to prove my case to the insurance. He is really nice and he listens to me. I was 69 when I first started seeing him and I expected him to just say I had Ostio and old age. He took me seriously and didn't let something like age affect his DX.
Dr. Stanford Peng, Seattle Washington..Virginia Mason
Dr Christopher Huyck MD Arthritis Care P.C.15th st Troy NY
The man knows is stuff and gives 200%
Dr. Partain - Appleton, WI (yea - go 'sconnies!) He finally diagnosed me eight months after a primary care physician said I had "growing pains."
I have used Dr Gary Botstein in Decatur. For those around Dekalb medical center. I like him alot, I have been to Dr Parris, nice guy as was Dr Hays Wilson in downtown Atlanta. But neither of them seem to be terribly interested in finding what works or the progression or even researching the causes. They treat the symptoms with pain meds and collect the co-pays.

Dr Botstein is constantly documenting every little change, wants to know my diet, my range of motion, my exercises, all my other issues to see if there are connecting points, communicates live while in the office with other Doctors to see if they have commonalities.
I walk out of there thinking, he is truly trying to find the miracle.....I drive 30 miles to see him.
I met with Dr. Christian Dequet in Thousand Oaks CA. I am in this area for a few months and selected him to continue my Remicade treatments at a local hospital.

He is excellent comprehensive and positive. Was impressed.
DR Karen Nepveu, Colchester, VT
I am 57, it has taken me this many years since my early 20's to find the right Rheumatologist. This woman LISTENS! My first visit was almost 2 hours....how many doctors give you that much time? She's wonderful!
Any suggestions for Austin, TX or the vicinity?
Looking for that GREAT DOC!! (Flint,MI)
I live in MI, have traveled to Ann Arbor (U of M) was not happy with the 2- 10 min. visits from the Dr. I saw there. He was very short, left me with sooooo many questions. He didn't listen to me, and acted like I was an inconvience to him.
My first visit was unreal... me: in my "glory" (fully flared) : major pain, couldn't stand, sit, swolled from head to toe, and the big X on the "mark the pain spots picture I filled out; He says to me (with out even reading mine or the referring Dr's notes or examining me) "you need a vacation, splints for carpal tunnel, and maybe massage therepy" "You have text book case of fibromyalgia" Neverminding the cronic iritis I've suffered from, inability to move, years of siatic pain, unable to sleep, and positive blood work. He left the room as quick as he entered, my husband and I looked at eachother in complete dismay. As we left the exam room, (w/o a return appt) stop to pay the co-pay, he comes running up behind me and says maybe an eye dr appt is what you need. Well, needless to say; I let him have it. No issues of iritis at this time ~know what it is and I know what to do when it comes. We did get an order for lower back xray before we left and a "promise he'd call with the results. (the results of the xray didn't show anything... let him have it again) Before next appt, I had complete MRI of the spine... showing many issues, fusion etc. A phone call (8:00pm) from this wonderful man stating " Very important that I see you... come tomorrow am." 100 mi. round trip, but I know I need some relief and a proper dx, I ventured to Ann Arbor. Again 10 min, no exam per say, no questions answered, handed a script for Humira... and this is where I stand.
I'm willing to travel for an understanding, knowledgable Dr. in the Flint, MI area...
Any suggestions????
Have you tried consultants in Arthritis in Flint, Mi? That is where I go. I see Dr Trudell, she's hard to get in to see. Took me a 4-5 month wait. There's also another rheumatologist there, can't remember the name. They are great doctors. My first visit was almost 4 hours. They have their own blood lab, bone density table and xray machines. I was xrayed at all joints and bone density first visit. Dr Trudell spent more than a half hour, maybe 45 minutes with me first visit.

phone number 810 230-2400

I transferred from another rheumy to her. Very satisfied.
Hi to All : )
I am newly diagnosed & need to know if anyone knows of a
good rheumatologist in Oregon?
Any help is much appreciated & Thank You in advance!
Rheumatologist Anas Moureiden in Spring Hill, Fl. diagnosed my AS as soon as I won my SSA case and had insurance to finally see a specialist. I thought I was going crazy with so many complex symptoms that no one else could put a name to.

And the best primary care Dr., Dhammika Ekanayake who manages my care with information supplied by the many specialists I see. He has gone above and beyond to educate himself about my disease and the several complications I have.
Long Island NY or NYC?
I would like to recommend Dr Alan Samuels located in 701 Ostrum st. Bethlehem PA. He is a great rheumatologist and he listens. He spends time with the patients and always has and answer or does his best to find it. He doesn't give up!!
Is that Kansas City in Missouri or Kansas?
I would like to recommend Dr Palella In Des Plaines Il. He spent almost an hour with me my first visit and was able to DX promptly! He returns my calls and is able to do all blood work and ex-rays in the office, saves me time! When I was having severe foot pain he was able to give me the cortisone shot right then! no going to see a podiatrist! He is awesome!
My doctor's name is Dr. Cochinwala and he is located in Cypress, Texas. He was the one who quickly diagnosed me with AS and got me on the right track on my treatments.

Remicade once every 8 weeks
Methotrexate: 6 pills once a week
Folic acid and B-12 everyday
Hi monicaroni,

Have you been able to find a doc in Austin? I have just started looking and was hoping to get some insight.

Thank You!

any suggestions for a good Doc in the state of Iowa??
Dr. Sean McMillan in Salt Lake City Utah. So thorough, thoughtful and helpful.
I am 66 and was recently diagnosed with spondylitis. My symptoms were severe neck pain for most of my life, chronic diahrrea for last 12 years, plantar fasciatis for about 10 years, hip pain for past couple of years but the one thing that got me diagnosed was my swollen toe. I know the second day after taking the anti inflammatory that this was my diagnosis because all of the above symptoms disappeared. I woke in the middle of the night because I did not have neck pain.
My 33 year old son has all the symptoms for psoriatic arthritis and still has not been diagnosed by his managed health care provider. I just did his income tax and he had almost $5000 in premiums, copays, etc. with no diagnosis. I read that there is a genetic connection between spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. I know there is no definitive blood test for these diseases but what tests should we be getting both for me( my doctor has not even taken an x-ray to see if mine is ankylosing) and for my son so he can be given treatment for his symptoms which affect every aspect of his life?
Originally Posted By: barbara66
I am 66 and was recently diagnosed with spondylitis. .........

wow Barbara, a lot of people have been diagnosed after years of symptoms but maybe not as many years as you
women don't always have the classiv symptoms starting with buttock and/or lumbar pain, certainly I had treatment problems in me neck and upper back before the lower back

you and your son both need to see a good rheumatologist
good luck!!
Thank you for the encouragement. Anyone know of a good rheumatologist in area east of Seattle, heck I would even go into Seattle with the $5.00 bridge toll.
I would like to recommend the staff at Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Rheumatology, Dr. Reeti Joshi(Fellow),Dr. Richard Brasington, and Dr. Benjamin Schwartz. Outstanding!!! They take great care and their examinations our so thorough.
For those in Sydney, Australia, Dr Irwin Lim from http://bjchealth.com.au/our-team/our-doctors is a rheumatologist with an active interest in ankylosing spondylitis, and educates others about it. You can read his blog about SA on his website. It was a relief to meet a doctor who treated my symptoms seriously and finally diagnosed what was wrong with me.
Can I Contactt Her Over The Internet..?? If yes Then Plzz Tell Me How to Contact her.....
Can A Person Havin Spondylitis ankylosing for over 40 years be cured..??
There is no unfortunately no cure for AS. It can go into remission and that seems to be more likely early on, but treatment can still help with long standing disease.
Dr. Yaqoot Khan
222 E Main Street
Smithtown, NY

Best Rheumy I've had since dx in 04'. Kind, compassionate, listens! Very knowledgeable.
Stephen Paget,MD New York,New York
Hospital for Special Surgery.

He is kind and compassionate.
Look up Dr. Thomas Adamsom III
If you want to check him out:
AS is passed from mother to son. The most definitive blood test for you both is HLA-B27. 90% positive present with the disease.
It would be interesting if you think back to whether your father had back pain...
I acquired AS @ age 26 (klebsilla bacteria + genetic marker) *works pretty much like being born with a light switch & the environmental factor flips it on.
My 10 yo son complained of back pain while playing on the playground. I had x-rays & bloodwork done & he was diagnosed w/AS (HLA-B27+)
It is a shame your not near the best rheumatologist I've met in 26 years. Unfortunately, he is James Mossell in Tifton, Ga.
Good luck to you & your son.
P.S. I kept his AS in remission thru his teens with the antibiotic Keflex twice a day.
Originally Posted By: Gidget101
AS is passed from mother to son. The most definitive blood test for you both is HLA-B27. 90% positive present with the disease.

Just to clarify:

90 to 95% of Ankylosing Spondylitis patients are HLA-b27+, but less then 1% of HLA-b27+ individuals develop AS.

HLA-b27 is a fairly normal gene shared by approximately 8% of the US population. Very few of those people develop AS.

The ratio of HLA-b27 positivity is lower in patients with related Spondyloarthropathies (Undifferentiated Spondylitis, Psoriatic Spondylitis, Reiter's Syndrome).

Ankylosing Spondylitis is largely a genetic disease, but it is not necessarily passed from mother to son. A child of either sex can inherit the genetic predisposition for the disease from either parent - or from a mixture of genes from both parents.
Dr. DeLo Monroeville, PA
Dr. DeLo Monroeville, PA
Dr Julie Kovacs
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thank you very much for these! I'll be updating the directory soon and will include your recommendations (we do check first to see if they are board certified)
Any suggestions on a great rheumy, that REALLY CARES , in the New Orleans, La. Area????
Dr. Jonathon Kushi at Rheumatic Disease Center in Milwaukee WI. AMAZING!!
Anyone know of a good rheumatalogist in Nebraska or there abouts? One that knows about AS?
After seeing 4 different rheumatologists and over the coarse of 9 years... Dr. Mei An Tonette Ty Arias finally gave me a diagnosis (AS) after years of not knowing what was wrong. She's one of the first who've really listened to me and did the necessary digging to get me a proper diagnosis. She even ultrasounded my hands during the visit and discovered swelling. She's patient, honest, and does her best to balance my physical needs along with my quality of life. I couldn't ask for a better rheumatologist and office!

3030 North St
Ste 450
Beaumont, Texas 77702-1433
Phone: (409) 832-9600
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