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Posted By: DanceAthlete Any dancers here? - 04/06/09 06:16 PM

I am new to the community and just wanted to introduce myself. I currently compete in dancesport in amateur division. Have been diagnosed with AS 2 years ago and worked thorough a lot of issues discussed in this forum. I have been very inspired by reading about other athletes with AS who managed to be successful in their chosen sports and that prompted me to keep going. I have also found for myself that moderate and regular excersize helps me manage my condition and continuously improve.

Are there any other dancers here?


Posted By: auntiecole Re: Any dancers here? - 07/10/09 10:18 PM
used to dance, LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! since all my AS issues (starting around age 15) haven't been able to dance since around age 23...
Posted By: NWbrooktrout Re: Any dancers here? - 07/14/09 03:09 AM
Hmmmmm. well depends on WHAT kinda dancing. great slow dancer...... the shuffle...... yoga helps a wee bit to keep stiffness from overtaking. Cant do it all for sure but streaching dillengently helps alot to keep being active in even the little things. Camping, walking, gardening, fishing....
Posted By: auntiecole Re: Any dancers here? - 07/14/09 04:29 PM
by dancing i personally meant ballet, jazz, tap...now i can't do those anymore but i can do low impact dancing
Posted By: TinyDancer Re: Any dancers here? - 06/12/12 12:23 AM
Hello, I was just diagnosed with AS and I am a dancer. I was wondering if you could give me any information on living with AS as a dancer? Before I was diagnosed I was working towards a professional dance career in the contemporary jazz field. Could you give me any insight from personal experience? Thank you.
Posted By: winelover Re: Any dancers here? - 06/12/12 05:15 AM
AS is a very variable disease, it is completely debilitating for some, and mild for others, there have been several professional athletes with AS, look at this guy:
Posted By: jamielynn182 Re: Any dancers here? - 06/16/12 07:16 AM
Before I started experiencing the aches and pains of AS, I used to love doing dancing and dance areobics. Since my diagnosis, I had to give up high impact activities such as dance areobics. I was devastated at first, but there is a reason (it is for my safety and comfort). I now walk and swim.

Diagnosed in September 2010 with AS. On Remicade once every eight weeks, folic acid and vitamin B 12 everyday.
Posted By: JiveAlive Re: Any dancers here? - 12/15/12 03:05 AM

Should you re-visit this post anytime soon, I'd like to say hello. I have been dancing on & off since 2nd grade. I was just diagnosed with spondyloarthritis this year, after 15 years of being treated for dance injuries from coast to coast. I have always been wiling to spend the time & money it took to get me back into the studio. Now that I know what I have been fighting all along, I am seriously questioning if this is a battle I want to keep fighting. I already avoid many other activities due to pain (yoga, gymnastics, long hikes, etc.). But considering quitting jazz dancing is bringing me tremendous sadness as I have always said that dancing is the love of my life. Would be nice to know someone who can relate.
Posted By: TinyDancer Re: Any dancers here? - 04/16/13 05:16 AM
Hi! I'm not DanceAthlete, but I am a dancer and I would love to discuss how you've been dealing with this as a dancer. I was diagnosed last year and it's been a rocky year, especially in terms of not being able to dance as much as I want. I am still pursuing a career in dance, currently teaching and performing when I can, but still want to keep the possibility of dancing with a company open, although at this point I'm not sure my body can handle it. I agree, it would be very helpful to discuss these things with someone who can relate to this in the dance field.
Posted By: TinyDancer Re: Any dancers here? - 04/16/13 05:17 AM
That post above was directed to JiveAlive's post above smile
Posted By: GoGirl Re: Any dancers here? - 06/20/13 09:38 PM
I'm neither an athlete nor a skilled dancer, but like JiveAlive I'm extremely saddened by the prospect of never dancing again. I'm 57 and just diagnosed a few weeks ago. After years of being way too sedentary (afraid of worsening the pain or rupturing a disk), I'm trying to get moving again. Started with a week of water aerobics and was hoping to add things like zumba and jazzercise. I took one zumba class and loved it - so excited to go back again - but the hip pain now has me wondering if that was a huge mistake. And if I should even try to dance at my 40th high school reunion next month, much less add other low-impact dance to my weekly routine. If that's not too far off topic here, I'd love your advice and exercise suggestions for this dance-loving geezer.
Posted By: MizQue Re: Any dancers here? - 06/25/13 03:02 AM
Hi GoGirl,

I will never forget the day I tried zumba for the first time last year. I felt just fine after the class, but the next morning I couldn't get out of bed. I ended up with the worst flare that I have ever had! My hips and SI joint flared for the next 2 months, and then continued to give me moderate pain for another 6 months. What made it weird to me was that I have been exercising and quite active for the last 6 years, so it wasn't due to over-doing it. I had to stop tap dancing about 4 years ago because of the joint pain, so it looks like for me, dancing is not something I can continue with.

Everyone is different, so be careful with the activities you choose. You may find that zumba and jazzercise work for you. I am sad I can't dance anymore, but at least I am still able to remain active in other ways (recumbent bike, gardening, pilates).

Miz Que
Posted By: GoGirl Re: Any dancers here? - 06/27/13 07:51 PM
Thanks, Miz Que. Very helpful to know. I'm glad to hear you can do pilates and will try that cautiously when this calms down. Gardening is another pleasure I hope to return to one day. If anyone can refer me to info that will explain the SI issues commonly associated with these illnesses, I'd appreciate it. I'm still confused about which pain is which and how to respond.
Posted By: MizQue Re: Any dancers here? - 07/05/13 08:03 PM

I questioned myself for years about which pain is which and how to deal with each type of pain. Last year, I finally managed to get to my orthopedist during a severe left SI flare (after that darn Zumba class). I had to see the on-call doctor because mine was out of town. When I told him I thought the pain was my SI joint, he acted like I had no idea what I was talking about and told me that it was probably actually a slipped disc. He had me lay on my back and he bent my left leg and placed my left foot into my right knee. Then he slightly pushed down on my left knee. I about jumped off the table by that point because even getting into that position was hard enough without him pushing on my knee. He response was "Huh. It really is SI joint pain." I am not sure why he was surprised by that. But, because of that visit, I now know for certain which pain is the SI joint pain.

I have learned through trial and error what I can and cannot do. In my experience, I can work through most pain and keep on going. However, this is not true for me with SI joint pain. I have to stop all workouts and any kind of physical activity until I can bend forward or the pain continually worsens (this includes not even walking unless absolutely necessary). Once I am able to bend forward, I know that I can resume working out and I won't make the pain worse even if my SI joint is still painful. It has taken me years to figure this out.

As far as my hip pain, I have learned that shortening my stride and walking slower helps considerably. In general, I also move very slowly and carefully when I feel that a possible flare is coming on. I make sure to make no sudden movements.

I don't know where there may be info regarding the SI issues associated with spondylarthropathies and how to respond to them. I tend to muddle through on my own and will sometimes ask my physical therapist and doctors what physical activity I can do when I am flaring. It's been a long road, to say the least!

Miz Que
Posted By: GoGirl Re: Any dancers here? - 07/31/13 04:34 PM
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing all that, Miz Que. My hip pain is so different from the other symptoms, in so many odd ways, and my confusion about it has been really discouraging. But your experience sounds very similar to mine, which is reassuring. Thanks so much. (Apologies for my delayed reply - been away for a couple of weeks.)

What a great community. I'm so glad to have found you all.
Posted By: Philage Re: Any dancers here? - 12/28/13 10:51 PM
I love Locking. The movements are big and expressive. But they hurt. When I can't dance I feel sad. I used to play basketball and loved jumping around. All that has stopped. But the desire too hasn't.
I still dance though.
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