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Posted By: Soccerdocmom Low resting heart rate? - 08/01/12 05:31 PM
Quick question for the extreme current/former athletes out there...Ry had his 6 month rheumy check up today, and his resting heart rate was 48. Does that seem a bit low for 17 year old? He's elite level soccer player and very fit.
Posted By: JenInCincy Re: Low resting heart rate? - 08/01/12 05:47 PM
Sounds about right to me, esp. if he feels well and has no problems that could be related to his heart. 17 is not quite an adult yet but I've known really good distance runners with RHR in that zone. I only got down to the mid 50s myself, when in my 30s and running .... sigh.

What do the rheumy/pediatrician say?
Posted By: Soccerdocmom Re: Low resting heart rate? - 08/02/12 02:06 AM
Rheumy seemed fine with it, but she is brand new to us and it was literally her first day in the practice so not sure about her just yet. Me and he older son both have MVP and Ryan had a slight murmur when he was little. Most likely me just being a nervous Nellie. :-)
Posted By: Shirley Re: Low resting heart rate? - 08/02/12 06:59 AM
My husband's was down to 35 when he was marathon training and he was really well. doctors sometimes freaked out until we told them it was normal for him
he's now 55 and still fairly fit and it is around 50

Posted By: Hill Re: Low resting heart rate? - 08/03/12 11:40 PM
Mine's in the high 30's when I'm in good marathoning shape - I'm in decent shape now - probably in mid 40s now - haven't checked in a while.
Posted By: Soccerdocmom Re: Low resting heart rate? - 08/04/12 05:54 PM
Thanks for all the feedback. He took a funny turn last night at college scouting camp. He started getting bad stomach cramps and when he finished last night, he spent half the night dry heaving. He admitted he was not as fit as he would like to be for pre-season, but then today was even worse with little exertion. Hoping it's just a bug, but why on earth did it have to hit when he's in front of the scouts??!!
Posted By: onebratt08 Re: Low resting heart rate? - 03/30/19 08:33 PM
Not at all. I’m very fit and am often in the mid to low 40’s.i had to laugh recently because I was having my first nerve block done and I was a little nervous and my heart rate was 50 and my blood pressure was low normal also. (People with slow heart rates live longer!)
Posted By: achala Re: Low resting heart rate? - 05/26/20 02:39 PM
Its an interesting subject. Mine is 43-48 bpm resting. I am not a sportsman, but I do at least 1 hour each day, and on occasions I can push myself to 12 hours fast paced mountain hike.
perhaps some people have it like this as part of physical body energy/personality. I am characterized by high intensity & concentration when needed....
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