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Posted By: Sadathlete Running question - 06/25/18 11:06 AM
I'm newly diagnosed with AS. I have been an avid runner for the past 7 years. Due to AS I have found it difficult to continue running, even though when able to I still try. I have cut back on my distance. I can only run my first mile continuously (sometimes, I'm unable to even do that) and the next mile is broken into 1/2 to 1/4 miles depending on how I feel. I use to be able to run 6 miles without stopping and my speed has greatly suffered. I experience increased pain during running and trying to increase speed obviously worsens pain. I have a passion for running and want to continue. Any suggestions? BTW I use to enter races before my symptoms started getting worse and more frequent and I always placed first or second in the female category...... so as you can see this atrophy in running is very upsetting to me. Now some days I can't run at all due to pain and when I'm able its for short distances at a slow pace.
Posted By: Hill Re: Running question - 07/23/18 05:09 PM
I don't think there's a one size fits all answer - I guess you just have to try stuff and see how you respond and it could be different as it progresses or stops progressing.

For me I was diagnosed in 2011 and I run all the time competitively and found I could back off an all the meds by what seems like stomping out the inflammation with running. I took meloxicam for a few years after DX but decided to stop a while back to see what would happen and I haven't taken any meds for years now and run multiple marathons a year and shorter races often winning my age group with occasional ultramarathons and ironman and it all seems fine to me. Seems like the AS has gone dormant or maybe what I like to think is the constant exercising keeps it under control.
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