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Remicade vs Cosentyx

Posted By: AllieG

Remicade vs Cosentyx - 04/15/17 07:46 AM

I've been on remicade for about three years, but it and methotrexate together are not cutting it. My rheumy says Cosentyx is next, but I can never go back to remicade. My next infusion is the 25th. Y'all have any advice on whether switching is worth it?
Posted By: RAHMBA

Re: Remicade vs Cosentyx - 06/19/17 05:32 PM

Hi AllieG,

I didn't see a reply to your question. Like TNFs, I've heard very positive experiences from Cosentyx. There is a new (last week) published medical journal paper on a Cosentyx that included people with AS that switched from TNFs. you can find it through a browser search for "EULAR: IV Golimumab AS". also I tweeted a link on my personal twitter RichAHoward. Hope that helps.

What ever you decide, I hope the treatment plan is effective.

Kindest Regards,
(not a women, but didn't want your issue to go unanswered)
Posted By: Jean55

Re: Remicade vs Cosentyx - 07/19/17 01:21 PM

I did try Cosentyx. It did not work for me. I had been on Enbrel for years and it quit being effective. I had bad reaction to Remicade. Still hoping to find something. I have to be careful of effects of meds on liver and kidneys so that has eliminated NSAIDs and methotrexate. So tired of hurting. Do not want to get addicted to painkillers, but take Tramdrol occasionally.
Posted By: Sunnyday

Re: Remicade vs Cosentyx - 07/22/17 01:58 AM

I tried Cosentyx for about three months- I had breakthrough iritis while on it, but also diarrhea for about three days after each injection. I just felt bloated and gross. I'm allergic to all nsaids, have used and eventually lost efficacy on humira, Enbrel, Simponi (my favorite), then had a big reaction to Cimzia. I am now on Remicade after my brief stint on Cosentyx. I would ask for Simponi because the injections are easy, painfree, monthly, and it worked great for about three years.
Posted By: magistra

Re: Remicade vs Cosentyx - 05/05/19 09:21 PM

I was discontinued from Cosentyx, because it didn't work even a little bit for me after 12 weeks. Since then, I found a study that said men with AS have more IL-17 in their blood than women, so I'm not too surprised the Cosentyx didn't work.

(Now I'm trying Enbrel, but expect to be taken off of it due to side effects.)
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