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That time of month

Posted By: Ggable13

That time of month - 08/02/18 04:31 AM

Hello all,

I’m new here and have been following a few threads. I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with AS back in 2009 (although I had symptoms and issues since 2002). I have started to notice a pattern of flares every time my period starts. My rheumatologist thinks it’s not related, which is irritating because every month without fail a flare happens during that one week and 3 days leading up to it. I know there isn’t much to be done about it, but it makes me miserable. Does anyone else notice anything when their monthly flow visits? Oh and I’m on cosentyx right now, which doesn’t really help me, another frustrating thing as I’ve been on them all now. Thanks for your replies.
Posted By: Jalf

Re: That time of month - 11/22/18 06:11 PM

Hi, I don't know much about this topic but from what I've read, Consentyx can aggravate GI issues. Menstrual cramps can also aggravate the GI area, I think because they're right next to each other. Just my logic. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Posted By: Banana

Re: That time of month - 11/29/18 05:42 PM

Hormones are a well known trigger for flares and AS. Many women's first AS symptoms happened during pregnancy and others their AS gets better or worse during pregnancy. Many young people get their first symptoms during puberty. So maybe your rhuemy is "out of touch" with research?

See your Gyno. You might want to get on the pill( or a version) to limit that issue. I was not diagnosed with AS while that age and mild disease would come and go. Mine got much worse during menopause. I was put on a mild version of the pill and WOW oh WOW, I was much better. But, than darn, because I have fibroids all kinds of bleeding issues started. My choice was surgery, which might not be covered because I could stop the hormone pills or just stop the hormone pills. So I stop the hormone treatment. Once I was no longer in perimenopause, my disease did not fluctuate so much---though unfortunately, still severe.

So either get more treatment or see a GYN to limit your hormone fluctuations.

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