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Pain Through Chest

Posted By: wrensnest

Pain Through Chest - 10/20/14 01:19 PM

Hi all,

I'm new here. I suppose I am in search of finding those with similar issues. Someone to talk to. I find many people just don't understand the discomfort and the disease.

I am 31 diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 10 years ago. The discomfort began in my SI joints but now I am in constant frustrating discomfort in my upper back thoracic spine region. My shoulder right by my shoulder blade in particular these days. I get this crushing/stabbing/hard to describe pain that goes right through my chest from my mid-back to my sternum. Has anyone had this experience? Does anyone have suggestions on how they have been dealing with the discomfort.

Currently on MTX 25mg/wk, Naproxen 500mg BI, Tylenol #1 as needed, massage once a month and Chiro twice a month.

Thanks in Advance.

Posted By: WhiteCell

Re: Pain Through Chest - 10/26/14 03:35 PM

Yes to your questions. Do your currently see a Rheumatologist?
Posted By: wrensnest

Re: Pain Through Chest - 11/03/14 05:05 PM

Yes I do. Have been every 6 months since I was diagnosed. It has become terribly uncomfortable and will be mentioning it at my next appointment next month. My chiro didn't seem to provide any sort of insight or seemed all that concerned.
Posted By: WhiteCell

Re: Pain Through Chest - 11/03/14 10:56 PM

In times of low pain are you able to stretch that area and mobilize it some to relieve the tightness? Does anything work to relieve the pain?
Posted By: wrensnest

Re: Pain Through Chest - 11/04/14 02:32 PM

Very Rarely does stretching or mobilization relieve it. I get the sense that if I can move the right way it will dissipate the pain but I can never seem to accomplish that nor with the help of my partner.
Posted By: WhiteCell

Re: Pain Through Chest - 11/04/14 02:41 PM

I used to experience this type of deep pain in my sternum prior to being on Remicade. It would come and go. That said I would ask for a CT to determine if there is any abnormality which would explain the pain. If not, I would ask your MD if the medications (biologics) would be appropriate and if so would begin one. I remember that type of pain and it was so very hard to deal with.
Posted By: Zeus

Re: Pain Through Chest - 09/23/16 12:48 AM

I have that pain if I do a lot of movement with my arms. I used to work for the number one company the delivers potato chips to grocery stores and even though they are not heavy all the repetitive movement stocking shelves would just about kill me.
Posted By: quick

Re: Pain Through Chest - 08/29/17 06:23 PM

I have similar pains. I'd mention to your rheumalogist. Mine suggested working more on shoulder/upper chest/upper back muscle strengthening but I still get it regardless. In regards to the sternum area pain that usually refers down from the shoulders and around from the back, I'd get checked out for a hernia or some other abnormality in the sternum area but if those are ruled out and other conditions are ruled out, it seems like no amount of stretching relives it completely.
Posted By: kenmare

Re: Pain Through Chest - 08/29/17 06:50 PM

I just posted something similar, I have AS and was just told my chest pain comes from something called Costochondritis. Please look it up to see if your symptoms fit.
Posted By: WeatherGeek

Re: Pain Through Chest - 09/16/17 09:39 PM

I have had severe chest pain since I was in my late teens and was told then that it was indigestion. When I think back the pain was so bad it would knock the breath out of me and I could barely breath. I endured this pain for many years as I was not properly diagnosed with AS until 2008 (I am now 55 y/o). From that time I have been properly treated so I do not endure this pain nearly as often, however, it does hit me once in a blue moon. I noted that it is more likely to occur whenever I am doing something that requires me to use my arms a great deal. Its just one of those things that makes me want a really strong cocktail.
Posted By: Tim_K

Re: Pain Through Chest - 01/19/18 09:01 AM

I don’t have this kind of chest pain, but I know someone who does and he recently just made the connection that the pain occurs when he’s dehydrated, like after a lot of activity on a hot day or on days he wakes up with a hangover. I don’t know if drinking more water will work for anyone else, but I figured that I’d mention it on the off chance that it does.
Posted By: Imnotsure

Re: Pain Through Chest - 07/03/19 04:27 PM

I had all those symptoms that you had and I figure it out the cause.

For me mainly was potassium. Bananas would cause extreme sternum pain and chest pain to the point I could not move. I suspected it was the high potassium so I purchased potassium supplements and after my pain subsided I took the supplement and was in severe pain within an hour for days.
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