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Posted By: MichaelSean Slow Urination - 08/27/18 02:13 PM
I'm very new to this forum so I've got a lot of questions. This one seemed appropriate for the Men's Only forum.

Is slow urination a symptom of AS? I ask because it's something I've been dealing with for a long time - nearly 20 years. And it's gotten even slower as I've grown older. I had a flow test done recently and it was found that my urine flow is about half of what it should be. Based on that test my urologist ordered a cystoscopy (if they tell you it doesn't hurt, don't believe them) and from that and a digital exam I was found to have an enlarged prostate but was told that was common for a lot of men my age (I'm 51).

I was just wondering if a decreased urine flow is something that comes along with AS in some cases or if this is a completely unrelated issue. FYI, I have no trouble getting an erection and, in fact, AFTER I ejaculate my urine flow returns to normal for a brief period of time. Then it's right back to feeling squeezed.
Posted By: ANTISTARCH Re: Slow Urination - 12/28/18 02:36 PM
Sounds to me like you have prostate issues. Take Pygeum it will fix you right up
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