For Halloween: Do the Spondy Spasm!!


(to the tune of: The Monster Mash)

I was working at the Spondyville morgue one night,
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight,
A dead Spondy from his slab began to rise,
And suddenly to my surprise ...

He began to spasm,
He did the Spondy Spasm,

The Spondy Spasm,
All that protoplasm,
Doin' the Spondy Spasm,
I mean, it really has 'em,
He does the spasm.
He does the Spondy Spasm,

From the SAA in Sherman Oaks,
To the haunted houses of some Spondyville folks,
Spondy zombies rise from their deadly delusions,
To get their Remicade infusions,

And then they spasm,
They do the Spondy spasm,
The Spondy spasm,
back in that graveyard chasm,
They do the spasm,
It has her and it has 'em,
They twitch and spasm,
They do the Spondy spasm,

While Spondy-zombies were out walking the dead,
The Psoriatics were left scratching their heads,
They were holding a party and invited the 'regs',
The 'undifferentiated' and the 'sero-negs',

The scene was rockin', all were digging the fray,
"Pops" on drums, wearin' his purple beret,
Marie Strumpell and Stiffy sang amidst the gore,
With their backup group, "The Spine-Fuser Four"

They sang "The Spasm",
They sang "The Spondy Spasm",
They twitched and spasmed,
So you'd never razz 'em,
The Spondy spasm,
All that ectoplasm,
The Spondy spasm,

So when you're itchin',
And keep on twitchin',
You're doin' The Spondy Spasm ...