I recently went to a Neurologist to have an EMG done for tingling and knumbness in my arms (mainly right side) and spasms in right leg. The EMG came out normal. The doc reviewed MRIs I had done about a month ago. The tech noted possible AS but couldn't give details. I am to see a Rheumo again for blood test results and review of MRIs. I had X-rays done back in SEP '05. It indicated mild facet hypertropy and sclerosis at L5-S1. It also showed mild sclerosis and early erosions about both sacroiliac joints. I have spurring at C5-6 and C6-7. The general impression was cervical spondylosis and facet disease at L5-S1 (no spondylolisthesis noted). I want to wait until I see the Rheumo before I go back to my Army doc. I'm trying to find out if this these things happen over a period of time and if they could be connected to my service-related fibromyalgia or if they are a completely seperate issue. I do know that I have "shrunk" an inch in the past two years (now 5'3"). I'm also trying to decide if I should get into the VA medical system and have them check me out also.