My name is Stephen, and I am a Second Class Petty Officer in the United States Navy, currently stationed in Norfolk, VA. Okay, long story short, I had sudden onset of back pain about 12 months ago upon checking onboard a ship for the first time, they have run MRI's , X-ray's, tons of drugs etc, and havent been able to come up with a dignosis, I just had a blood test and my AandA test (nuclear AB) came back positive, my symptoms basically were originally more lower back pain but they are now entirely in my upper and middle back, pain alot of the time, almost always but gets alot worse when standing for periods, and lately it seems like im tired/fatigued alot when i didnt use to be, any ideas?? honestly that Ankylosing spondylitis sounded alot like what ive got, the doctors have no idea etc. so any ideas would be greatly appreciated, also one more thing, i didnt have the problem until i came to the ship, is Ankylosing spondylitis made worse or triggered mabye by being on the ship, mabye because of the steel decks, are there any other conditions that the ship might of triggered or made worse?

Thanks to all, I really, really appreciate it.

PO2 Stephen Katz

p.s. if you could respond to my email as well as the message board id really appreciate it, my email is stephen.m.katz@navy.mil