I am sorry to hear that Brian! The small token of proof from positive result would have gone a long way. I think talking with a lawyer is a good next step and getting in to see a rheumatologist as well. Since I was pretty progressed when I got my diagnosis (that was found unintentionally when a CT scan was done for something else), I do not have much knowledge about the medical piece of things. However, I can tell you that the Psych eval was not done as well as it could have been. Getting a second psych opinion might be something to discuss with a lawyer - maybe not an eval but longer term observation in sessions that could dispute the conversion disorder diagnosis (of course, that would mean finding someone who knows something about health psychology/chronic medical conditions). The military is hurting in so many ways right now between the number of docs who are deployed to the number of service members malingering to avoid deployments; don't let go of anyone "official" who gets on your side during the long haul you have ahead of you.

Keep us posted,