I need help. I started a claim & get the feeling I may be getting screwed if I don't do the exact right things......

I've been working this whole year on getting my increased problems documented in the VA system but things go from bad to worse in that area of finding a competent doctor or rheumy.Recent Rheumy keeps saying I have only unspecified back pain and my initial diagnosis of spondylitis 12 yrs ago was incorrect, even though my symptoms are worse.

I even transferred to a clinic 2 hrs away to have her tell me she highly regards my last doc (the rheumy). But after I tell her I'm in so much pain I contemplate suicide.. she looked at me & said "you know, what you've got ONLY gets worse..."

I'm going thru the DAV but received a huge packet of paperwork from the Dpt of Vet's Affairs that is freaking me out a bit. It looks like they worded everything wrong. I asked for an re-eval on my disability condition. The DAV Service Officer asked what has changed & I said my spine pain is worse and now includes my hips & I have neck pain so bad I get headaches daily.

This paperwork says:

"We are working on your application for service-connected compensation for spine condition, hips, and chronic headaches from neck pain and an increased evaluation for inflammatory spondyloarthritis with history, stress fracture right pubic ramus and sacroiliac joint sclerosis. "


I need evidence showing the spine condition, hips & chronic headaches from neck pain existed from military service to the present time....

WTH?! Obviously something got lost in translation of paperwork.

I'm rated at 20% for "inflammatory spondyloarthritis with history, stress fracture right pubic ramus and sacroiliac joint sclerosis."

I also want to know if statements from witnesses is effective at all in increasing disability.

I don't know what to do right now... any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. My DAV Service Officer is across the state & I will try to get a hold of him this week.

~ Trudi
35 yo mum to 5 kids!
dx with 'probable AS' in the middle of 1995 in the Navy. positive inflammatory spondyloarthritis dx by the end of that year. no meds really work yet. am trying sulfasalazine plus a lot of alternative therapies.