Greetings fellas!

I am a 29 year old suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was diagnosed at 19 but was too ignorant to begin treatment until 26 or so. This resulted in the automatic fusion of my sacroilliac joints, along with three of my lower vertibrae.

My girlfriend injects me intra-muscularly with .5cc of Methotrexate weekly in an effort to stop the progression of the disease, and I will soon be switching to Enbrel or Remicade (still evaluating which).

On to my (current) problem:

Because of my posture, I lean forward quite a bit, as I am sure many of you do. On days where I am doing alot of leaning over a table, I get a burning pain over my right lower ribcage. It feels like a muscle pull, but it's not being pulled, it's being rolled and compressed by my leaning. It isn't all of the time that I get the rib pain, only under certain conditions in which I lean for a prolonged period. I often get muscle pains in my back which are typically more severe than the bone pain (although not the morning pain, which is VIOLENT), but not in the chest.

The question: Does anyone else experience muscle pain anywhere in the front of your body, rather than the back?

It's good to know there are others out there that are helpful. Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to sharing experiences. Already, just reading a few posts, I see common things in my life that the rest of you all have to deal with as well.