Well, I was browsing the net today and found this site. I have Psoriatic Arthritis - Seronegative Sponyloarthropathy. It took about five years to get a diagnosis and I have been in disabilty for over ten.

I HAD been on massive pain meds, and disabled for years and it ost me my long term marriage as well. After 20+ years, married we divorced last year.

Recently, in additon to my other pains, I have been experiencing penile pain (I have always had testicular pain - radiates from S.I. joints/hips), but this one is new. It is sharp and stabbing, left sided only, near th base/groin and not the head.

Anybody know if problems in the Thoracic spine can cause this?

I know it is not prostate, bladder infection, or other "typical" things.


Oh, the ONLY med I take is Enbrel (50,mg weekly). I have been off ALL pain meds now for three years!!!! I do use meditation, relaxation, and rest to control my pain. I could elaborate, but this would be off topic - here anyway!


Does anybody else get these and what do you do about it?