Hopefully one of you guys will be able to help me on this.

Somewhere I have read that a soldier in the National Guard could take "leave" - up to 18 months. With permission from his unit.

I have missed 4 drills due to my condition. It seems like I spend more time in bed(in serious pain) than out of it. There are days that the fever, dizziness/headaches, arms/hands going numb, lower back & legs hurting than I can count.

I truly want to be at drill, I love my job and the people!!

My condition has affected my cervical spine (severe), and the middle & lumbar, my rib cage also hurts like (&$@%+). I also have arthritis in the SI joints, knees, heck all of my joints.

My doctor(VA) is having an EMG test done, before he sends all of the info to the surgereon. He is certain that the surgereon will want to fuse C4-C7. And then more further down, possibly the SI joints.

Anyway, I don't want to get in trouble with my command, but I don't know from one day to the next how much pain I will be in.

The doctor gave me a note excusing me from PT and any exertional activity.

I'm just wondering if I can take a FMLA type of leave until this gets resolved. I'm 49 almost 50, and yes I will be requesting a medical discharge.

I know that my days are numbered and that I'm not doing the unit any good in my current condition. And it's only going to get worse as time goes by. I think that's why he's waiting on the surgery, knowing that there will be more to do!
Any advice/help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated!!