after the last 2 years of pain, going through all type of pills that didnt work, having nerve blocks that didnt work, seeing docs that just ignored me when i kept saying "i hurt bad". The kind of hurt you volunteer to undergo any surgery or test to make it go away!

I found a RA specialist in El Paso TX. Never thought AS to be the problem, never even heard of AS. I was sent to her when a blood test showed some abnormality in RA factors.. I met Dr Karen Smith and she did a full bloodwork and put me on methotrexate. the pain is still there, but nothing like it was.. I had the pain at night and in the mornings that i feared going to bed.. She sat me down and talked over my options and long term treatment.. She even explained how i could have triggered it to start..

thank you dr. smith

I personally think doctors should get a refresher on arthritis, all the doctors i saw and none of them saw the signs.. I was in the doctors office every month begging for help..

diagnosed with AS and Polyarteritis nodosa in oct 2010, now diagnosed with ASIA in 2011.. found it was related with anthrax shots i received in the military in nov 98 to 2000. If you think you have AS but the pain is not subsiding, look into your bloodwork to find if you may need chemo to slow your immune system. You may also find that lyrica may help in some AS because it may be some nerve pain too.