Hi- they did a MRI of my lower back/pelvis and now they told me I have:
Fluid in my Pelvis
Cyst on my ovary
Change in artists in my lower back but SI joint looked normal and no inflammation.

I am not sure if anyone else have these issues. This was just the RA doctor telling me I have to go back to my primary now.

Bobbie 40 wife and mother of 3 and Nana to a 1 month old little boy.

Still waiting a complete DX other than I have Fibro and arthritis.

Arthritis in back
Fibromyalgia 3/14

Hysinglga ER 40mg, Fiorcet 50-300, Zanaflex 4,
Cymbalta 90mg, Synthroid 25mcg,
Vitamin D-2 50K units, Voltaren Gel, Lyrica 150mg, +
Over the Counter
Super B 12, Multi Vit, Vit D, Biotin, Sress Formula w/iron, Estroven, Allergy Relief,