Hello everyone - Army 1979 - 1984 - 31S crypto - worked until 2015 but had many problems for years so my VSO had me file for disability which was denied because they said my medical records didn’t indicate I had been seen for the pain but when I got all my records from St. Louis they showed I had been seen in basic training for back and leg pain and my right leg giving out and in every other duty station for the same problems. I was put on restricted duty and bedrest several times. Doctors at Landstuhl Medical Center talked about AS in records. They put me on restricted duty. Hines medical records say major abnormality - saying I have spondylitis along with bulging discs and space narrowing and a vertebrae that has slipped among other things along with a paralyzed sciatic nerve on right side. When I filed NOD I just claimed chronic back pain radiating down both legs but after 393 days I finally see on vets.gov that they have called it AS and the paralyzed sciatic. Both are listed as service connected but shows it is still being reviewed by RO. Is there anything I can do to find out what is going on? Right now I am on Vicodin and gabapentin which is not controlling the pain but does let me get up and move around. Have asked my doctor to evaluate me for different medications but haven’t been scheduled yet. One new symptom is shortness of breath and severe pain when breathing on right side back that radiates to front. Can this be related to the AS and can I claim it as a secondary disability? I was given SSDI on first try in 2016 and they actually used my military records to judge me disabled. Thanks for listening. Great site. I have learned a lot.