I have had extreme heavy blood loss since I've been on biologics. Did take a six month break and periods lightened. Gyn has suggestion an endometrial ablation. I have had to use Lysteda for the 3.5 years I have been on the biologics then this year had to add cytotec to get it to stop and stay out of ER. The meds work but at my age they are risky due to increased clotting. Just wondered if anyone has had the procedure. How did it work for you?

25 years a pharmacist HLAB27+(thanks dad!)iritis at 17, plantar fasciitis at 22, sacroiliitis at 25,first image at 31,diagnosis of AS at 48(hello medical community!!) it's all been downhill since Taltz, Celebrex,Trazodone,Tramadol,benztropine(antispasmodic), high Omega3,A&D to tame immune system,quercetin,bromelain) previous meds were Enbrel Humira Simponi, biggest issues are subacromial bursitis and weight gain on biologics. As of Nov 2021 seropositive RA