Very excited to announce that we are having a hybrid meeting.

Sunday 2pm - 4pm at SAA office in Encino.

June is the first opportunity for people to meet each other in-person for the Los Angeles group for 3 years. Also the first opportunity for people to see the new SAA office with the much larger conference room.

Grateful that David from the group held group hikes during the pandemic, so local hikers were able to meet at those.

The group has had wonderful meetings each month on Zoom during the pandemic. Zoom allowed people join from all over the world, which is especially helpful when people moved from the LA area to reconnect. I find this group so supportive with great insights from others. I know some people don't 'do zoom', so this is our chance to have local people join in person. Also, some of our helpful presenters will be able to join in person.

I hope to see my old spondy friends and make new spondy friends on Sunday.

Information on the group:


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