If you're on a soap box, I'll join you. I think education in this country is in a sad state. That's not to say that ALL school districts are crumbling, but it's enough to be alarming.

My best friend teaches at a Cleveland High School, on the East Side (for those who don't know, that's the "bad" part of town.) My older brother has taught honors biology at a local suburban high school for over 30 years. The stories I hear truly make my heart sad.

Yes, there are good students and teachers, but I'm afraid the bad or complacent/indifferent ones outnumber them now. Even in my daughter's grade school I see things that would be unthinkable just a decade ago, or less.

OK, getting off my soap box now, too. I think teaching is a truly noble profession and not nearly enough good ones are out there. Charlie, you have my deepest admiration. Hope the rest of the marking goes quickly for you.


My opinion is strictly that, mine. However, if I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. ;-)