hello everyone.

my name is zenab and i ma 18 years old and i was diagnosed with AS when i was 16. i am from london

can you all go on a group that i have made on msn called young people with arthritis and its got a messege board on there and lots of other cool stuff.

heres the link http://uk.msnusers.com/youngpeoplewitharthritis/_whatsnew.msnw

hope u all like the group and i hope it helpes u all.

and u can became a member of the group if u like.

and i have made a messege board just of young people with arthritis i hope you all like the form.

here is the link http://www.gossiping.net/phpBB2/?mforum=youngpeoplewith

and u can sign up to be a member if you like. its just like all the other forms but this one is just for young people with arthritis. hope u all like it.

if anyone needs a friend my email is in my profile