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A new supplement I'm gearing up for is Butyrate. I'm going to be doing high doses of this supplement as it has been very promising for other autoimmune diseases and several other symptoms caused by the autoimmune disease such as depression, anxiety, ulcers, oxidative stress. From what I read like all supplements claim this is the Holy Grail. On a side note 905% of all supplements is a waste of money.

Be VERY careful with Butyrate. I've used it to help my guts too. However, tons of research shows time and again that a little Butyrate is good...and a lot can do much more harm than good and increase intestinal issues. I'd suggest starting low, and building up until you feel good, and stopping there. Propionate is another helpful item. Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are the two classes (at a high level) of bacteria found in the gut. In HLA-B27+ people (such as myself) the ratio of these bacteria is skewed so that the production of butyrate and propionate is skewed in comparison to acetate. It makes perfect sense that too much acetate would be detrimental to the lining of the guts. Without the propionate and butyrate as an energy source for the intestinal cells (crypts etc.) then you will have breakdown. Add acetate in higher concentrations to the mix...and you have a recipe for disaster. Take a look into propionate, too. There a good deal of studies showing the firmicutes/bacteroidetes ratios being out of balance, what each produce and, subsequently, their effects on intestinal health. I found that sometimes taking butyrate can actually make me worse. So, word of caution, as well as a recommendation to check out propionate as well. Good luck!

So, I did what I said what I would do:P

I had success in other areas but it's not sustainable.

I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night. After 2 days I started to flare up. I pushed through it and kept taking but then I had to quickly stop. Besides the flare up I ended up in the hospital as my mucus lining in my large intestine was being stripped away with blood in it. It felt like my appendix was going to explode. They took blood work and came back clean. They did an ultra sound and came back clean but the stool sample was not. It as full of bad bacteria. So what had happened was the butyrate killed off overgrowth bacteria that was an underlying problem I had before. Prior to my taking butyrate I was having some major issues with my gut. Now it's all fixed. It cleared everything up and better than before. It's a shame I can't keep taking it as my AS reacts to it. So it was a win for me! I had a colonoscopy Yesterday and everything came back perfect. All healed up. My symptoms are gone prior to taking Butyrate.