I too was discharged about 3 yrs ago from the US Army with service connected AS. I got a VA disability rating of 10% at time of discharge.
I have been seeing the VA and obtaining my meds through them. I have done a bit of moving around (from Savannah, GA to Raleigh, NC) so as of now I am transitioning from one VA to another. I have a appointment to be screened by a Dr. in Feb.so as of now I am in transition and have no primary care physician..
My AS has gotten worse in the past few years. I have questined the 10% disability rating since I was assigned it.. as it sure does not make sence. I am sure disqualified from more than 10% of the jobs out there! How does the VA justify a 10% rating? I intend to try and get a review of my condition. Hopefuly this will result in a higher disability rating?
I am currently taking the meds: Arthrotec75, Darvocett, Morphine sulifate 15mg.
Feel free to contact me @ SgtYates@msn.com if you should need more info.