I am new here. I am a VietNam vet with 40% disability for Spondylolisthesis discharged with that medical condition early in May '71.

I always thought that Ankylosing Spondylolisthesis was different from just Spondylolisthesis - more severe. But from reading the first post, the VA is considering both the same? I'm not sure if I understood that.

Also, I understand that unless my x-rays show some serious slippage of vertebraes, I'm at the top of my rating scale and can't receive any higher percentage.

When I went for my C&P exam, the PA who examined me had me lay down and then proceeded to force my knee up to my chest. I guess he didn't believe me when I told him I couldn't stand to have him push it any harder. My wife was present in the room when this happened and I did file a complaint with the Patient Advocate at the VA Hospital but unfortunately for me she is also a patient of the PA (unbelieveable).

Tomorrow I am going to my own Orthopedic Surgeon to have him take a look at my back and my x-rays (unfortunately for me all my previous x-rays were destroyed so there is nothing to compare them to). I have not been able to work and before my exam I was working on a very limited basis.

I am looking for advice about if I am eligible for a higher percentage - what I have to show that my pain has increased - any advice you can give me. Thanks, John