My decision on the last VA exam in 2000 said "chronic lumbosacral strain, with spondylolisthsis and bilateral spondylolysis which is 40% disabling under diagnostic code 5292 because there is evidence showing severe limitation of motion of the lumbar spine. The VA examination showed that the veteran has restriction of the lumbar spine limited to 10 to 12 degrees."

It also said "Consideration was given to possible entitlement to an extraschedular evaluation for this condition. This is not warranted as there is no evidence that the current case presents such an exceptional or unusual disability picture as to render impractical the application of the regular schedular standards." I really don't understand what all that means.

This was at the 2000 c&p exam and I was so thrilled to get it upped to 40% I didn't really absorb the whole three page report.

I'm trying to get my percentage above that because it has become so disabling for me. I have worked for myself for the past 30 years building furniture and I could take the time off whenever I needed to. If I had to hold a job, my boss would have never been able to put up with my time away from the job. So I'm waiting for my appointment with the DAV rep and see what he thinks of all this. I have not recovered from the rough handling at the c&p exam in February and that has set me way back. I am so discouraged that a PA at the Veterans Hospital would do that. Thanks for all your help, John