I did read through a few posts and I'm encouraged to hear that he is taking on such a huge job.

My husband and I have been married for 31 years and he has lived with his disability all that time. We also knew each other before he went to Vietnam so I knew him before his injury. So I really see how his injury has completely changed his life. And I have read so much about current enlisted men particularly the contaminated water and wonder why they are being put this all of this. I also read posts from atomic vets and all their sad stories.

If there is some way for some of us to help also, we would really like to. Thanks to you and all the others who responded to this post. It has been incredibly helpful and the referral to the DAV rep has given my husband renewed hope. It was the DAV rep who said to him "you are really hurt" - brought tears to his eyes after dealing with the VA who only was trying to prove he was exaggerating. Sad situation that we are treating our vets who gave so much this way. Thanks again, Diane