I know it has been a while since my last post but, I am finaly getting off the proverbial couch and submitting my appeal paperwork with the DAV.
I sent LTC Parker my DA Form 199 a while back. On the form it stated VA codes 5099 & 5002 recomended disability percentage of 20%.
Am I to understand this correctly to mean that I should try and have this ammended? Or do I just need to get a review done through the DAV / VA to upgrade my disability percentage? (Am I coded correctly?)

The VA says I have a 10% disability, and on my DA form 199 it states 20%.. Why the discrepency?

My condition has gotten progressively worse over the years since my medical seperation. I am on constant pain pills. However I consider myself lucky to be able to lead a somewhat "normal" lifestyly. Allthough when I realy exert myself physicaly I find myself "paying for it" dearly the next day..
I drive a tractor trailer pulling a step deck trailer now, traveling all over the country. I understand this is not the ideal job for someone in my predictament but, it is the job that keeps the lights turned on and the morgage paid..
Having this condition sure as heck disqualifies me from more than 10% or even 20% of the jobs out there.
I wish I could have stayed in the military. I so deeply wanted to stay.. but, it was not ment to be I guess. Hooah, OOOH RAAH, and Semper Fi!