Dr.Dhiman Basu, Rheumatology, Fort Worth, Texas,(TX), North Richland Hills, Texas,(TX)

He listens, cares, kind, patient, and takes time with his patients.


Physical Therapist
Sheri Murrell, PT – SporTherapy NW

She has experience with AS patients and knows all about it!

Small business owner, 53 / mother of 5, Fort Worth, Texas
Remicade, Seroquel, Folic Acid, MTX
Undifferented spondylopathy HLA-B27+ (onset 2007- DXed 2008) with associated uveitis, psoriasis
EPI and IBS - gastritis due to NSAIDs
Right Hip replacement 2017 with subsequent 4" heterotopic ossification (removed 2019)