Hello all,
Here's a quick glimpse of my story. After several years of back pain while in the service and nothing was found eventually I was honorable discharged due to weight gain(due to AS). While out of service just like the rest of AS patients pain would come and go in the beginning and as it got worse I was finally diagnosed around the time the Iraq war started. I thought about applying for VA benefits but I honestly felt bad about doing that since we had fellow Vets coming back with lost limbs etc. However know I am in my mid 30's I don't have a fused spine yet but every breath I take hurts(a lot of rib cage pain) It is getting to the point where I think I only have 10 years or less to be able to be the bread winner in my family. I have 5 kids that keep me on my toes. I guess my question is where should I start with the process of applying for benefits? Is one organization better than others in helping you out with the process? Any help appreciated and a thanks in advance.

LR Kelley