Alright- Was stateside- 1st persian gulf veteran- Honorable discharge after 4 years-
Have 2 kids and beautiful wife-
Was diagnosed in 1992 when I got out- filed a claim with VA
Was diagnosed 10 percent service connected and because of uveitis and other problems am 30 percent service connected-
my son is going to California UC with no fees or tuition because I am service connected- I earned it- I served- in the end when you look at all those headstones- they all served- some had opportunities of heroism and some sat in a basement for years filing paperwork- they all served and its not about what you deserve its about you taking care of our lady now she needs to take care of you- get to it!
you are your own best researcher and advocate
And are you kidding me? Sorry for the bluntness but I would rather have been missing a leg than have my AS- although its made me who I am today and would not change that-
Do it for your kids- act as one of them has it -what would you do then? be relentless- I am a fire engineer for over 20 years now- didnt think i would last 5 years- take one day at a time! screw the AS- treat it like a bad neighbor- dont ignore its there, dont think about it all the time, If it bothers you kick the spam out of it! (not really the neighbor but ....)Facebook me-
start with one org and if it doesnt work take sees candy to your county reps secretary-do whatever it takes
the squeaky wheel gets the grease
you are trying to get overworked underpaid people to be motivated and help you- I once bought the guy at the VA hospital lunch and he tipped me to a few secrets i needed to do-