I have difficulty getting in and out of my bed due to it being a very high frame. My husband is making a stool that I will be able to slide out from under the bed in order to step on.

I have difficulty standing for any length of time so I make sure that there is always something close by to sit or lean on. I have also purchased more expensive tennis shoes to wear that are made to absorb shock.

I also have difficulty sitting for too long. I usually just keep shifting in my seat in order to alleviate some of the pain. When it gets to be too much to handle, I will get up and walk around or attempt to stretch.

I too have difficulty with doing household chores (cleaning floors, doing laundry, or anything that requires scrubbing, etc.) My house just does not get cleaned as often as it should, because I have not found ways to get around these things. I, too, need to have a housekeeper! Wouldn't that be nice? wink

I also have trouble picking up items off of the floor. I usually squat down (for now I am still able to do this) in order to get items.

I have become very dependent on my husband to do things for me that I just don't seem to be able to do anymore. I really don't like to be so dependent on another person and I don't like placing that burden on him, but that seems to be one of my only options.