Hi Dwight,

Thanks for the information, you are right about all the side effects of the drug. I have gone over all of it and I have gone over the future effects of AS with my doctor.

You over looked a few things though. My cry for help was pointed towards staying in the Military and living my life. I'm not worried about the side effects at all for the most part. With out the drug there would be a possibility of hurting my self further and being depressed. I have already gone through the depression and being scared of the unknown part of "What is causing the pain" and test after tests, after tests.

My goal right now is to take what already know, add more from everyone here and adapt to make a new life for myself.

If I have to change drugs I will, if I can't then I can't but there is no point in letting the pain get to me.

Once again thanks for the advice.