Hi Rach,
My Rheumatologist has been adjusting my Remicade and I do admit that I have had some relief over the last few months or so. He wants me to try Arava in conjunction with the Remicade which I have decided to do when I see him next month. The only problem I have had with Remicade is extreem nasua for several days after the infusion but I can live with it for a little relief. The seating and breaks at work haven't really been an issue with my employer and they have been good to me. The problems I have really had in regards to work has been the hours it takes me to be able to move in the mornings mean I get up 3 to 4 hours before I start my 12 hour shift and the sleepless nights. Hopefully the ambian will help me get better sleep. This has caused me to miss a lot of work and as everybody suffering with A/S knows the pain continues. My next step at work is a change to a lower paying position and maybe reduced hrs. But after that who knows. But I will drive on best I can, play my guitar and hold my beautiful wife cause that's what gives me peace. Everything else will fall where it may. God bless you all and thanks for letting me take up some space on the message board smile