There have been many different "takes" on my original post. I'd like to comment in general on what I've seen. I haven't been online for a while, haven't felt like it. I want everybody to know that I appreciate everyone's comments. It's nice to find both people who sympathize as well as people who offer a "kick in the butt", as I'm sure all of you know, both are important. It's far easier to take a well-meant "stop whining about what you've lost and dwell on what you have" from someone who knows what it's like. This is the only place I can get those well needed kicks from someone who deals with the same thing. (I was told once by a well-meaning coworker that if I just improved my diet, both the pain and the disfigurement would be gone. I wonder if she has told the researchers this.)
I just wanted everyone to know that there isn't really a wrong way to respond to what I originally wrote. Since people here know what I'm faced with, both the sympathetic ear and the kick in the butt are needed. Thank you all for your comments.

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